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Top 5 Destinations for Chauncey Billups

Is everybody on the Nuggets on the trading block? Looks that way. After an offseason in which Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith each had more trade rumors attached to their person than tattoos, now Chauncey Billups‘ name has surfaced as a player Denver may be looking to deal.

Billups is 34 years old, he makes $13 million this season, and he’s struggling early (13.8 ppg, 4.7 apg, 34% FG) as the Nuggets have been unimpressive at 7-6 while the constant ‘Melo trade talk seems to sap the team’s morale. Whether they trade ‘Melo soon or let him leave in free agency in 2011, the Nuggets are looking poised for rebuilding — a plan in which Billups wouldn’t fit. So which teams could benefit the most from landing Chauncey?

1. L.A. Clippers
The deal: Billups for Baron Davis
Clearly the Clippers have talent; they just need a leader to guide them in the right direction and maximize that talent’s strengths. Chauncey can bring out the best in Blake Griffin, Chris Kaman, Eric Gordon and Al-Farouq Aminu, and Eric Bledsoe would be a good backup for him similar to Ty Lawson in Denver. Baron Davis has already worn out his welcome in his hometown. Running a track meet in Denver for a fake contender with minimal expectations? Right up his alley.

2. New York Knicks
The deal: Billups for Eddy Curry and Wilson Chandler
This is as good as the Knicks could hope to get for Curry’s contract, and they have Landry Fields waiting in the wings to do a lot of what Chandler does for them now. Adding Chauncey to the mix with Amar’e Stoudemire automatically makes the Knicks a playoff team in the East. The Nuggets get a big expiring contract and a future fill-in for ‘Melo.

3. L.A. Lakers
The deal: Billups for Andrew Bynum
The defending champs are already stomping everybody without Bynum, so is he really untouchable? If you have a chance to upgrade at PG from Derek Fisher to Billups and secure another one or two more championships now at the expense of losing Bynum, who maybe will be a franchise player later, don’t you have to do it? The Nuggets get a young potential star who they can develop and gives fans something to be optimistic about.

4. Detroit Pistons
The deal: Billups for Rodney Stuckey and Ben Gordon
“Let’s just make it like it was. Let’s be a family. Let’s make it like it was. F*** them cars and them b****** and all that s***! F*** that s***! Let’s do us, me and you. Let’s be a family again.”

5. Orlando Magic
The deal: Billups for Jameer Nelson and Marcin Gortat
Jameer is good, but Chauncey is better and he gives the Magic a better shot at a championship in 2011. Orlando can afford to part with Gortat since they have Brandon Bass to help out Dwight Howard in the middle. Jameer — something of a poor man’s Chauncey — would be a solid PG for Denver, and Gortat provides depth for their injury-depleted front line.

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  • S-SiN

    Knicks scenario? really?

  • JBaller

    I agree with you #1 that the Knicks scenario seems dubious, but I would love to see Chauncey at MSG. That’s exactly what they need, a floor general. Unfortunately for me and the rest of the Knicks fans, it seems pretty damn unlikely that the Nuggets would even consider it. Why would they? Curry is a fat piece of shit and Chandler is mediocre at best.

  • Zippy

    not sure if Chauncey is better than Jammy. Maybe last year, but not this season. the other scenarios are interesting though

  • Vinny

    Man the knicks are cool with Felton, that would be an unnecessary move. Oh and Chandler is beter than mediocre#2

  • APE

    @ vinny

    The Knicks are 6-8 w-L ryt now. You’d rather have Felton than CB? What the hell are you smoking man?

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Billups to Detroit makes no sense except showing how much the Detroit dynasty has grown old.

  • Tim

    No Billups to Detroit makes soo much sense. Automatically, their jumbled up shooting guard problem is much easier. And they can have some semblance of a team again. As far as I’m concerned, the team is going nowhere as is. Bring him back, after all, I’m pretty sure most Pistons fan will tell you he’ll always be a Piston to us.

    Although I’d rather ship of Villanueva than Ben Gordon.

  • Jota Jota

    Billups for Bynum!!!!!! REALLY??????? LOL you funny!!

  • neoy

    billups for Bynum… are u kidding me? that must be a joke

    Billups for stuckey and gordon? LOL


  • DarkHorse

    Chauncey Billups on the Clippers actually makes the most sense, because the Clippers have all the horses in place, but just need that leader to make it all fit. But holy shit, Chauncey Billups on the Lakers would be ridiculous! Billups would be like Derek Fisher/Steve Blake on steroids. All he’ll have to do is feed the ball to Kobe and Pau, provide some leadership and hit some timely open 3s. He’ll be everything D-Fish is, but better. As Greg Oden has showed us, maybe it’ll be better to put the idea that Drew Bynum is a future franchise center to rest and just sell high while other teams still sip the kool-aid that Bynum can be that franchise center. Drew Bynum is valuable, no doubt. Bynum provides the Lakers with 6 fouls at the very least, and a physical presence in the middle that Pau and Lamar Odom just do not. And no doubt, Drew was a very vaulable player to the Laker’s championship run last year. However, Drew’s injury history has been iffy, and Greg Oden and Yao Ming’s injury problems have scared the bejeesus out of me. As Austin said, maybe trading a potential future all star to get a legit player like Billups and setting yourself up in a better position to win the chip is better than hoping for dividends in the future. The Celtics were sitting on Al Jefferson, but they mortgaged away their future by trading for KG to win now. They may never win another chip, but I bet you a Boston fan would take that chip over the potential championships Al Jefferson may win any day, even if KG somehow blows out his knee and the Celtics never win a championship again.

  • slickyrickyross

    No way the Lakers trade a young big ( even an injury prone one) for Billups.
    Billups for B. Davis makes a lot of sense though as a veteran clutch shooter is what they really need

  • DVS

    Billips to Detroit?? man, this is stupid.

  • http://www.dimemag.com jesse

    chauncey for stuckey and ben gordon that would be a stupid trade im a huge pistons fan and i love to get billups back but hell no

  • Duncanrules

    Billups for George Hill? I like Hill, but if we are talking about now, the Spurs get another classy dude who can shoot the 3 ball and D-up, and the Nuggets get a PG with some upside potential.

    I bet Miami would take him in a heartbeat.

  • OneZero

    yep, I actually thought Chauncey will be a good fit for the Heat, but who knows.

  • yoda

    cb to clipers makes sense, but no way any team in nba would take baron for that kind of money he makes. he is done (for that price tag). billups to lal is bad move. he might be better than fish, but is he really that better? to trade young big guy for him, when you have serviciable starting pg in dfish and good backup in blake. lakers already have great chemistry and i don’t think kobe would like to loose fish (not sure would fish like to be second or third pg on this roster).
    trade amar’e for billups. amar’e is a bum and knicks could use a winner who knows what team is!

  • johnny

    I vote for the Pistons trade as a Pistons fan.

    The Clippers and Knicks trades don’t make any sense to me for Denver.

  • imungloloupaw

    the clippers would be NASTY with billups. Imagine griffin, gordon, jordan, aminu and bledsoe with a veteran leader and closer? CRAZY. Don’t know why the nuggets would take the trade though.

  • jdstorm

    Both Sides would get better value in Billups to Atlanta for Bibby and Crawford.

    Billups elevates atlanta to being a contender, while bibby and lawson split minutes in denver. having jamal crawford allows Denver to send out JR smith in a package for something and not loose depth at the 2.

  • KB8toSG8

    LA one sucks…..LA would be giving up too much size and trading big for small. NEVER NEVER do it unless you’re sure he’s a young superstar phenom. Billups clearly isn’t that.

  • Gnasche

    Duncanrules, George Hill makes $854k. Chauncey Billups makes $13m. So, the question is, are you throwing in Manu or Tony with that trade? If you want to figure out workable options, use the NBA Trade Machine:

  • bandolero

    Billups/Carmelo/Jr Smith to Knicks
    Curry/Felton/Chandler/2rnd pick trade for Tony Douglas to Denver.
    NY DunkFEST 2011!!!!

    Disclaimer: All this trades will be eligible after Dec 15. Go KNICKas!!!!

  • nizzio

    Trade to ATL makes the most sense, but not LA or Detroit or NY. Dude who wrote this article fails

  • Eric

    Most all of the options presented fall short on several levels:

    1) Chauncey wants to go to a contender (not weak playoff contender, but legit contender); thus eliminating the Clippers, Knicks, and Pistons.

    2) Anyone who’s a contender is going to have to give something of value back, because the Nuggets can simply buy Billups out for ~3.5 million after this season. Simple salary dump isn’t going to get it done. Would orlando of the Lakers consider the above offers? Likely not, but that’s the level they’d need to consider.

    3) As for other options: Atlanta – Bibby and Crawford? Hell no. Nuggets don’t need more shoot-first guards. They’re deep and talented with AAA, JR, Lawson, and Forbes. As for the Heat, what do the Heat have that the Nuggets want? Nothing.

  • krush

    Lakers dont need him…if he was to be traded to one of the elite teams, it should be a deal to send him to Miami. Thats right, Miami. They are in desperate need at the true point position. Trade him for Bosh and Arroyo or Bosh and House. Miami gives up about 20mil in salary and get the leadership in the floor they lack. Denver would get help at the injury plagued 4 position and maybe another big name would be enough to keep Melo.Im just saying…….

  • Detroit Dave

    SMH at Trade #4 Ben Gordon, Rodney Stuckey, JR, Smith and Melo all on the same team? This would only work if it was 4 on 4 Tournament.

  • Duck

    Doc, for Friday who should I bench? (Choose three)

    SJax vs Houston
    Marc Gasol vs Golden State
    Luol Deng vs Denver
    Stuckey vs Mil
    AK47 vs Lakers
    Green vs Indiana

  • Duck

    Oops how embarrassing. Wrong tab.