NBA / Nov 4, 2010 / 3:00 pm

Top 5 NBA Players Who Deserve More Burn

Lou Williams

Landing a glamor job in professional sports is a numbers game. With so many talented athletes, so many great players just do not receive the opportunities to shine at the highest level. Every year on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” we see examples of deserving players lose their jobs due to lack of roster space, even if they might be pound-for-pound better than another guy on the same team who plays a different position.

Even those who do earn jobs often times are not utilized the best ways to show just how good they are. Tracy McGrady did not get a lot of playing time while he was in Toronto. Dorell Wright was on the pine a lot before he started to blow up this season in Golden State. Rajon Rondo was an afterthought before he got his shot to start in Boston three years ago.

So far this season there are a lot of players who deserve more time on the floor than they are getting. These players put up the numbers and played their roles and are instead looked over despite their contributions. Here are five players who deserve more burn:

KEVIN LOVE, Wolves — Much has been made about Kevin’s relationship with Minnesota coach Kurt Rambis. Rambis benched Love during crunch time of the Timberwolves’ season opener, which lead to Love leaving the locker room that night without speaking to the media. Love says the incident was blown way out of proportion, but with Love posting a double-double (16.8 ppg and 10.8 rpg) and only receiving 26.4 minutes a night, something doesn’t add up to me.

JASON THOMPSON, Kings — This skilled big man has yet to disappoint in the front line for the Kings. During his first two seasons Jason put up 11.8 points and 7.9 rebounds in 29.7 minutes a contest. However, over the summer the Kings drafted DeMarcus Cousins and traded for Samuel Dalembert and now Jason has found himself lost in the rotation. So far this season Thompson has only received 15.4 minutes a night. There are reports the Kings are working on moving him to the small forward spot. Hopefully Jason will earn his time that way.

C.J. MILES, Jazz — Miles has developed nicely under Jerry Sloan in Utah. He has improved every year and performed nicely last post season. Sloan decided to start Andrei Kirilenko over Miles at the three, and yet Miles’ numbers are just a shade below AK-47’s. So far Kirilenko is posting 12.5 points, 3.0 rebounds and 3.8 assist in 29 minutes a night, while Miles is not far behind with 11 point, 2.5 rebounds, and 2 assist in 19.8 minutes a contest. C.J. deserves a crack at the starting lineup this season.

DAHNTAY JONES, Pacers — Defense wins games, but Jones has only been on the floor 11 minutes total this season. Jones was picked up by Indiana after he displayed his fierce on-ball defense for the Nuggets in the ’09 playoffs. Now he can barely get garbage time on a young inexperienced Pacers squad. Jones has only removed his warm up suit once this season because of his non-existent jump shot. Despite the handicap, Dahntay still manages to average 10.2 points a game last season in 24.9 minutes a night. Where is the love?

LOU WILLIAMS, 76ers — He can flat-out score. He has consistently produced buckets for the 76ers his whole career. During his six-year run, Sweet Lou has only started 38 games despite his big-time scoring ability. This season Doug Collins has only given Williams 26 minutes a night and he still tied for the team lead in scoring with 18 points per game. Williams needs more minutes for Philly to win.

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  • control

    That is one of the worst pictures I’ve seen on Dime. Where’d you guys find this pic? 4chan boards under a request for pics for people who have “girls with headphone” fetishes?

  • Justin

    I’d add Goran Dragic to this list, as well. He’s had an excellent season thus far, in limited minutes.

  • quest???

    The problem with Lou William is that he is me first, me second, and me third. He plays only for himself and takes too many bad shots.

  • Isaac

    CJ has the quality to be a starter,and his numbers are in fact similar to those of AK. I even think that, because of his range and better 3pt shooting, CJ might be a better offensive player than AK. THe problem is that AK is twice as better as CJ on defense. He has more size, is a better defender, and gets more blocks,steals and defensive rebounds than CJ does. Also, while he can’t stop them, AK can make a difference against guys like Durant, Carmelo and LeBron. So, for now, CJ is better off as the primary backup for the SG/SF positions.

  • Fan

    Def honorable mention or add to list

    Goran Dragic

  • http://www.twitter.com/patmuldowney Patrick

    Ryan Anderson. Got the start last night, produced. Started last year when Rashard was suspended, produced. He’s averaging 12 points & 4.5 boards in 16 minutes a night right now while adding another legitimate 3 point threat to Orlando’s lineup.

  • b

    nice list. Jordan Hill too, he’s the only guy the Rockets have who can play above the rim

    how about the guys getting too much burn?

    darko, luther head, battier, cardinal

  • Tim


  • J

    Love didn’t play the 4th of the opening not because he sucked, but that Tolliver has been playing superb that game and his defensive presence were more valuable to the team in the final phase of the game when it was still a 50/50 game. Love in general is a 30 min max player. Anymore and you can see him struggling as he does not possess the conditioning to log that many minutes and maintain the consistent numbers he is supposedly capable of putting up. 3 of the 5 games the Twolves played thus far have been blowouts as well, no point putting in one of your better players to the risk of sustaining an injury.

  • ronnation

    cj can bring more energy off the bench than ak

  • Jjizzle

    Lou Williams= gay Ron artest

  • nizzio