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Westbrook beats CP3 in OKC; LeBron and Miami show some fight

Russell Westbrook (photo. Jeff Forney)

Russell Westbrook (photo. Jeff Forney)

It’s officially Back to the Future time for the Hornets. After starting the season winning 11 of their first 12 games and eliminating all of the persistent rumors about Chris Paul leaving, they’ve since lost four out of five and reality is beginning to set in. Last night in Oklahoma City — 24 hours after blowing a 17-point lead in a loss to the Spurs — the Hornets led for much of the second half until a flurry of OKC awesomeness sent N.O. home with another loss … Late in the fourth quarter, the Hornets were up by four before Russell Westbrook (25 pts, 11 asts) hit a foul-line jumper. Then Kevin Durant (26 pts, 11 rebs) snuffed Emeka Okafor at the rim, leading to a fast break where Westbrook lost CP3 on a ridiculous in-and-out, was fouled, and made both freebies to tie it up. Next, a bad Hornets possession turned into a steal for Thabo Sefolosha, resulting in the go-ahead free throws for Jeff Green. And while Paul had a big night (17 pts, 14 asts, 5 stls), Westbrook ripped the game away from him in the end with a blow-by floater off the glass, then a trey from the top of the key after he sized up Paul and dropped the thunder on is head to cap an 11-0 run … People don’t give Jeff Green credit as a big-time athlete, but he made one of the best defensive plays we’ve seen all year when he caught CP3 from about 15 feet away to swat him at the rim in the second half … In an easy win over Washington, Miami got a huge first half from LeBron James (who finished with 30 points), a huge second half from Dwyane Wade (who finished with 26 points) and another 20-point effort from Chris Bosh. In other words, Miami did what they have proven to be good at — beating up on bad teams … After conflicting rumor/reports from Monday said LeBron was either leading a revolt against Erik Spoelstra or campaigning for Spoelstra for Coach of the Year, the Heat played with a lot more energy and fire and looked like a group that has each other’s backs. Juwan Howard was sent to the showers when he shoved Hilton Armstrong for Armstrong’s flagrant foul on Joel Anthony, and later on, James Jones got into a scuffle with Kirk Hinrich … Meanwhile, Spoelstra notched his 100th win as an NBA head coach. Wonder if anyone threw him a party. Do you think he’ll hit 150 this season? …

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  • porkpiehat

    The Heat have played 18 games. They would have to go 50 and 4 the rest of the way for Spo to get to 150 this season. Not gonna happen.

    Cousins is a knucklehead but Westphal and/or Petrie gotta go. A tiny front office (staff-wise). A lot of questionable signings. Trying to fit square pegs in round holes by playing Thompson at the three and Evans at the one. Different lineups and rotations every game. These are the hallmarks of over-matched coaches and GM’s. The sadder thing is that the Kings are likely headed out of town, so all the suffering fans don’t have a lot of positive news on the horizon.

  • jay

    @porkpiehat, correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you mean 50 and 14, since there’s 82 games in a season?
    It’s a lot more attainable than 50-4.

  • Young Gunner

    Shame on Armstrong to try and save face by IMMEDIATELY trying to help Anthony up but if he hadnt push him to the groun, Anthony wouldve proly missed that dunk anyways

  • spit hot fiyah

    proof read

  • ab40

    he made one of the best defensive players we’ve seen all year

    haha you guys are stupid

    yeah the heat but the beatdown on another bad team. They must be back on track. Dumb folks at nba dot com


    I told you monkeys Cousins is a bust! Dude ain’t nothing but a huge body and the brain of a Homosapien. Where are the Derrick Coleman comparisons now?

  • J-Lod

    Cousins will have a forgotten career in the NBA..he will be known mostly for boneheaded situations he get himself into like the one mentioned above..

  • john

    @ post 1 by porkpiehat :

    Get your math right, 54 + 18 = 72 . They will play 82 games. So the Heat must go for a 50 – 14 record for Spo 150 victory. That could happen if they play like a team.

  • rob g

    Top 5 M.V.P candidates up to this point:Rose, Deron Williams, CP3, Dirk Diggler and Dwight Howard. Honorable mention Rondo and Westbrook, man thats 5 point guards in the top 7, good luck with the all star voting for the pg spot.

  • neoy

    lol @ post 1… IDIOT

  • ManilaFTW

    @BRUCE: uhm. aren’t we all Homo Sapiens? unless I’m talking to someone that has a higher species classification.

  • Soopa

    The Thunder are gonna be gooooood when Durant finally breaks out of his shooting slump. Ive seen all Thunder games this season and he hasnt had a good shooting night yet!

    Durants shooting 41% from 2 and (yikes) 27% from 3. Other then his shooting numbers all other stats are up – but not by much.

    I dont know but i dont think anyone predicted this many struggles from Durant.

    Maybe teams are focusing so much on Durant that Westbrook has the room to put up numbers. If Russ keeps this up, maybe that’ll change during the season.

  • Soopa

    Durant has had “good” shooting games vs Boston and Portland but thats only 50% vs Boston and slightly higher vs Portland. I stand corrected :P

  • rob g

    @Soopa I agree thats exactly what teams are gameplanning, crowding Durant and forcing Westbrook to beat them off the dribble in the half court. I’ve seen CP3 struggle against two top tier point guards this week in Deron Williams and Westbrook so that wide margin that people proclaim that Chris Paul has as the best pg in the game is not so big.His offensive game has to increase so that his counterparts have to worry about stopping him from scoring

  • nola

    some dumbass posts today huh? first a fail at simple math and the other using words he doesnt know the definition of… dime’s lack of proofreading brings out the best in us.

  • http://dimemag.com Chicagorilla

    As much as i would like to brag about being right about DMC im gonna pass. I actually feel bad for the kid and hope he gets it together and proves me wrong.

  • Borgs

    I viewed Fox Wisconsin’s coverage in Utah, so I’ve no idea to whom you refer. My best guess is Matt Harpring – now the Jazz’s color guy – whom has quickly settled in to the role of the type of delusional, myopic home-town commentator made famous by Sean Elliot in San Antonio. (Do these networks really believe people will switch off unless they’re hearing the biased view of the local guy, rather than impartial expertise and description?) Nonetheless, “whomever” has a point, though poorly made, about the continuance and importance of Kirilenko’s efficacy, regardless of the standard of opposition.

  • Patrick

    I’m not much of a jazz fan, but if your 4th or 5th best player is putting up 13 and 8 and helping protect the rim you probably have a shot.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Nice to see AK you know, try to justify his contract size. Its a good looks for the guy.

    The Heat are always going to beat up on shit teams and lose to good ones. That’s the trademark of a good bad team. Now if they can start beating some +0.500 teams…

    I’m out like Derek Anderson.

  • Craig

    no one is talking about the dunk of the night!!

  • http://hibachisabas.blogspot.com/ Sabas Hibachi

    @Craig, you doing it wrong:


  • JAY

    No way in fuckin hell the Heat can give Spoelstra 150 wins this season. I read someone post “they can if they play like a team”… you might want to add “…and if they play sub 500 teams for the rest of the season” to that sentence.
    They play a bunch of very, very good teams so there’s no chance.

    My preseason prediction was that they’d win 58 games. I’d like to drop that to 49. I think their final record will be 49-33.

  • retards

    You guys are leaving out playoff victories as well. 4 rounds of playoffs = 16 more possible wins if they win the championship. (12 if they make the finals, 8 if they make conference finals, etc. ) So assuming they at least make the conference finals they only need 42 more wins in the regular season, which translates to a record of 42-22 (about .66 winning percentage)

  • Craig

    @ Sabas
    Yeah i was following that trend, that vid is of my brother, and i want to embarass him and get the vid up to 1000 views by christmas. if you clicked on it, that sucks. it sucks a little less around the 1:54 mark

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    Lol @ BRUCE for making the wrong point, and #11 for correcting his simpleton self…

  • JAY

    @BRUCE: “Where are the Derrick Coleman comparisons now?”

    Right here–> Cousins is like Derrick Coleman. There, I said it. What’s so different between them that you have to point it out? They’re both supremely talented and both are supreme knuckleheads. Coleman was consistantly late for practice, he was fined a $1000 everytime. He got so fed at being fined, instead of making an effort to get to practice on time, he gave them $5000 and said, “Don’t bother me for the next 4 times I’m late.”

    I can’t help you if you don’t see the comparison.

    Signing off,
    your neighborhood homo sapien.

  • Ian

    Why is it that everytime someone makes a mistake and is corrected some other dude always comes up and posts the same thing?? (Post 8 lookin at you)comon man funk dat!!!

  • nizzio

    @retards Miami to the conference finals? Really? I doubt they’ll get past the second round

  • the truth

    “cousins has the intelligence of a homo sapien” probably a top 5 fav comment i’ve ever seen on dime lol

  • MattO


    getting past the 2nd round = conference finals.

    you’re making it sound like they’re different things.

  • RikkJames

    lmao…….we’re out like @BRUCE

  • Claw

    I like how the Heat beat the Wiz and they are now alright and “dominated” the Wizards. Its the Wizards, enough.

  • top_gun

    Point Guards are taking over the league. Rondo, Westbrook, Rose, Wall, D-Will, and Chris Paul. All their teams are succesfull except for Wall, but then again he’s a rookie.

    I’ve always liked Chris Paul, but in my opinion, Deron will always be better. Westbrook is better than Rondo offensively and defensively, but Rondo has the edge on passing. Rose > Tyreke, simply because Reke can’t hold Rose down.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Although I’m on the side that believes DMC will not have anything better than an average career, I do think it’s too soon to write him off. I also thought the same thing about Beasley but he seems to have found his niche. A good player on a terrible team. Someday DMC will have his chance to be a good player on a terrible team as well.

  • S.A.C.

    I’m sure N.Orleans fans are not happy with this game and how The way they lost it. They went stone cold in the 4th quarter and David West was finally human (or you can say that OKC finally decided to play some good D).

    I the game from beginning to end. I love Russell Westbrook. And though Westbrook had scored those point in the 4th quarter(and got the headlines), I was still more impressed with CP3’s overall floor game. If you watch the game closely, you can tell that CP3 is the real/traditional point guard and Westbrook was the converted one.

    CP3’s command, control, trickery, fakes, subtleties, etc.of the point guard position are just so far a head of Westbrook at this point (which probably has something to do with Westbrook’s 8 turnovers), though OKC won and Westbrook had more points. If you actually watched the game, you were still impressed with CP3. But hail to Westbrook and the outcome, who’s having a excellent year.

    Unfortunately (for NO), the Hornets and David West went totally cold down the stretch. It happens.

    Real talk, Monty Williams let Cp3 rest too long when OKC was coming back, or took him out too early when N.Orleans had a 6 point lead in the 4th quarter. He should of know OKC was gonna finally play defense.

  • Ian

    Top guns there’s a pg in san antonio that’s kinda ok also.

  • S.A.C.


    Great game from Lebron, Wade and the Heat, but it was against Washington, so let’s see.

    If I was Spoelstra, I’d try to find a way to implement and offense that speeds up the tempo, increases the spacing and gets Wade, Bosh and Lebron the most efficient shops (though they lack a true point guard and low post threat).

    I guess I just said the obvious, huh? Lol.

    But more importantly, he needs to worry about his offense first, before his defense. I mean, this was the guy that couldn’t find a way to get Michael Beasley more than 14 points a game. If they’re gonna play great defense, they better get turnovers and speed up the tempo and score more. Cause if I’m Wade, Lebron and Bosh, and I’m losing, then the least I should be able to do is get my damn average!!!!!

    I hope Coach Spo figues that out?

  • QQ

    Westbrook taking over at the offensive end to seal the game.

    Then. Durant goes on to be a defensive force, sealing David West in the final minutes. I completely enjoyed how a superstar could play defense to help his team, not just an ego thing where it’s ‘I can guard your ass’. No, it’s I will guard you cause I want my team to win. I LOVE THAT.

    That’s what you want in your superstars.

  • Spur-Antonio


    I think there’s a good guard in San Antonio to.
    I agree.

    I love Tony, Rondo, CP3, Deron and Rose

    And I certainly don’t think Westbrook is better than Rondo defensively, certainly not passing wise (maybe even offensively, though you can give him that if you want) and overall point guard skill level. He’s not!

    Westbrook just has the green light. But he makes a lot of dumb plays and shoots OKC out of many games. We only go crazy when he has the good ones.

    His control of the game and point guard sensibilities go in and out and are not always consistent (like his shot).

    Enough of the point guards, we know who’s the best team in the West now, don’t we?

  • Miami Maven

    To be fair to the Heat DIME, keep in mind that the Lakers (Yes it’s true) only have one win vs a 500+ team.

    So let’s kool it on the Heat. They know they need to improve and get better. Give them time.

    Let’s see how the Lakers perform in Memphis tonight and see how Pau likes going up against Zach Randolf?

    Memphis is similar to Indiana, except that Mark Gasol is a athletic stiff compared to Roy Hibbert.

  • JAY

    @Miami Maven: “To be fair to the Heat DIME, keep in mind that the Lakers (Yes it’s true) only have one win vs a 500+ team.”
    That’s true if you look at the standings TODAY. But not at the time of the wins. Nobody’s worried about the Lakers anyway. We all know they’ll be fine. The Heat, on the other hand, are going through some shit right now. Lol.

  • That’s What’s Up

    fuck CP3 – his whiny bitch ass will either be acquired by another team by the end of this week or he will start whining again and be moved by the all-star break.

  • M

    It’s annoying watching biased commentators who look at things blindly. Kirk obviously only got angry once Jones snuck in a right hand backhanded punch to Kirk’s Stomach.

    Jones is in fact the one who couldn’t keep his cool from when Kirk was able to get the ball out of his sideline defense.

  • Miami Maven


    Funny. Yeah. Miami is going through some stuff indeed. Lol

    @That’s what’s up

    Yeah. CP3 is a dirty, whiny competitive mofo!

  • Miami Maven

    @M Says

    Didn’t the League Pass feed have the local and Road team Broadcast?

  • QQ

    Just read the ‘homo sapiens’ comment, and DAAAAMN, I’m pissing AND shitting myself right now. THAT WAS GOLD.

    For get top 5 dime all time.

    That comment may be top 5 unintentionally moronic comments… EVER, IN ANY BOARD/FORUM IN THE NET.

  • control


    Yeah, wasn’t that funny man.

  • S.A.C.


    I didn’t see what was so funny in the first place either.

    I was thinking he was trying to say “Homo Sapien Sapien”, which is what we are and anthropologically correct.

    But if he meant “Homo Sapien” (the species before Sapien Sapien, yeah that’s not funny either). It’s too close to “Sapien Sapien”.

    How about “Homo Erectus or Habilis” instead? Just saying?

    Maybe we just get off the “homo” moniker period, and get into Cro-Magnum, etc. instead? Yes it all corny and gay!

    Bottom line bad choice of words for DeMarcus and not funny or creative either.

  • nola


    (awkward silence)

  • I am a bitch



  • LakeShow84

    @ Miami Haven

    You reachin bruh..

    we the 2 time defending CHAMPIONS..

    U ni$$as cant even hold our jock strap at this point.. and i mean that in the full sense of the phrase..

  • QQ

    Seriously yall don’t get it?

    He was trying to say Cousins is a dumbass and tried to use a taxonomic classification indicating a less advanced species, but actually used “Homo Sapiens”, which is technically the classification of EVERYONE.

    @ SAC:

    He should’ve used ‘Homo Erectus’?


    That’s why I said ‘unintentional’, the fact the he DIDN’T used Homo Erectus IS the unintentional funny moment. COME ON CATS! HUSTLE!


  • s