Smack / Dec 2, 2010 / 3:13 am

Battier bests Kobe to keep L.A. losing streak alive

The Houston broadcast guys put it best: “Shane Battier looks like Kobe Bryant.” Four games, four losses in a row for the Lakers, and now the NBA’s preeminent nice guy is playing like the NBA’s preeminent assassin. Battier (17 pts, 4 threes) took over the fourth quarter last night in Houston, leading a 22-6 charge to end the game and give the Rockets a 109-99 win over the Lakers … Unable to shake the feisty Rockets through the first three quarters, it all unraveled in the last few minutes for the defending champs. After Kobe (27 pts) hit an impossible jumper over Battier to put L.A. up by six, Battier hit back-to-back corner threes and beat Kobe for a one-dribble pull-up J as Houston built a five-point cushion. The Lakers missed their last eight shots of the game, a lot of them long treys, as they lost their fourth straight game for the first time since April 2007 (pre-Pau Gasol) … Speaking of, Gasol needs the rock. He only got 8 shot attempts on the night, and finished with 8 points. Any time Pau Gasol and Chuck Hayes are even-up in scoring, something is wrong. We saw this small Houston lineup when they played the Knicks at MSG recently, and the Knicks had the right idea by constantly attacking the rim and working the ball inside. Gasol should have had at least 25 points … Phil Jackson on watching LeBron James return to Cleveland: “That’s not of interest to me. I hate to listen to the Cleveland broadcast. Their announcers are so loud on the court. It’s just an obnoxious place.” You could call it bulletin board material, but it’s not like the Lakers have to worry about the Cavs anymore … At this point, doesn’t it seem silly that Russell Westbrook almost didn’t make the USA World Championship squad? With Kevin Durant in a suit on the bench, Westbrook was again dominant last night, putting up an obscene 38 points, 15 rebounds and 9 assists in OKC’s triple-overtime win at New Jersey … After Anthony Morrow‘s off-balance, buzzer-beating three tied it at the end of the fourth quarter, the Nets jumped out to early leads in the first two OT sessions. Not trying climb uphill in the third OT, Westbrook took over. He scored all 13 of the Thunder’s points in the last overtime, including a putback of his own miss where he got the rebound over Kris Humphries, then a drive past Travis Outlaw where he muscled in a layup and-one over Brook Lopez. Westbrook also came up with huge steal down the stretch … Apparently Derek Fisher Syndrome is contagious, because Westbrook did most of his damage against former Laker Jordan Farmar. He was filling in for the injured Devin Harris

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  • K Dizzle

    Lil bit sick today, but at least the Clips represented lol
    Houston been ownin us forever anyways…

  • Arno

    What about Noah catching 0 (zero !) boards vs DH ??!!

  • john

    Blake Griffin is amazing , the guys that do highlights videos of his dunks are working 24/7


    Reign Man > Blake Griffin

  • QQ

    Well I keep talking shit bout the Heat, but damn, what’s happening to the Lakers? Seriously… Didn’t watch the game but when I saw it’s 4 straight losses, isn’t it a little troubling?

    Well, the Lakers doesnt have a celebration in the preseason with their stars acting like douchebags who already won 8 chips to warrant the same hate, and the Lakers are THE champs, but still…. I’m a semi Lakers fan, and this troubles me quite a bit.

  • ab40

    Derek Fisher had more shots than pau gasol… how is that even possible dude is one of the if not the best post player in the game today and you only get him eight shots?!?

    And the bulls rebounding was terrible they grabbed 21 as a team. Re-read that again and you’ll find that amazing as well Noah had 0 rebounds.

    And letting BD come off the bench for the foreseeable future is a good thing. If only he had his hops imagine the highlights if this were charlotte baron davis with blake griffin and eric gordon.


    All of Cleveland is gonna yell, “Delonte! Delonte! Delonte.”

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    another prerequisite for laker fans that comes in handy

    ..a titanium stomach : to keep from thowing up so much during the regular season. I can’t even speak right now. Smh.

    Great game houston. You deserved it. On to the next one.

  • the cynic

    wow the corpse of Baron Davis appears!

    Another spot on analysis by Phil Jackson, the Cavs announcers suck

    I’m more pumped for the Cavs/Heat pregame than the actually game itself. I’ve got money on Lebron throwing chalk before tip-off, he has never had to change for anyone else his entire life and no way Bron starts now

  • Soopa

    All-Monster Team:


    I know Durant isnt a true SG and isnt a monster the same way the four others are, but theres no denying the Durantula!

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    * throwing up *

    they should just be deathly quiet. Turn their proverbial back on him too plus I think it would be therapuetic for them.

    can you imagine if he’d got even one chip to cleveland tho. He could do lines of coke in the middle of the freeway, while jacking himself off, on Monday morning , with kids watching and nobody woulda said shit..

  • miami

    whew westbrook is blowing me away with his stats.

  • QQ

    @ 11:

    Cosign. A chip would’ve change anything.

    Haters like me wouldnt exist if there’s ONE chip.

  • yoda

    whats going on with the lakers? it seems they are not listening to pj. he keeps telling them to feed the post, but it seems its better for us to keep jacking 3’s. one would think that we have reggie and mullin on our team as a starting backcourt and glen rice is 6th man on this team :S

  • morgan

    It’s official: Marquis Daniels is old and slow.

  • uqk

    gasol: only 8shots vs chuckhayes/bradmiller

  • alf (from melmak)

    Battling sore eyes right now and it sucks. Although it gives me a reason to wear sunglasses and act like I am the coolest dude alive. Hope you guys will cut me some slack for that statement.

    I will be having Burger King Double Whopper (free advertising) later when Miami plays Cleveland. How about you guys? What will you be eating while watching the game?

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    32. Remember what Magic Johnson did for the Los Angeles Lakers?

  • sh!tfaced

    I’d rather listen to them loud Cleveland announcers than those boring-ass sleeping pill charisma of the Laker announcers….

  • common sense

    @soopa, wade should make the monster team, hes a 6-4 beast, dont forget wade regularly crams and swats 7footers. and Rose is more of a beast than westbrook, only slightly though…

  • That’s What’s Up

    @alf… was that before or after Magic came back and played with Aids?

    Beast Griffin singlehandedly took down the Spurs. Props to that kid


    the Lakers are slacking, started the season going through Pau and beasted everyone, then the perimeter guys started getting cocky and they’ve slipped. Brown, Barnes and Fisher should not be taking the same amount of shots as Pau. The Rockets are better than their record tho, not hugely talented but solid enough to hang with any team.

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ That’s What’s Up

    Who among you guys gave that one vote to DeMarcus Cousins in the Dime Poll today? I would love to read that person’s reasoning.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    LA loses 4 games in a row. Damn.

    Wtf happened to Gasol? No way in hell should he not be getting 15 shots a game. Oh well you win some you lose some I guess. But its only regular season folks.

    Celtics are finally rolling now. and I can now appreciate how deep this team is. Someone always shows up and tonight the Truth took over.

    Game of the Year alert tonight as Lebron puts his life on the line to play Cleveland. Cannot wait to see what happens.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    I think Cousins deserves a vote after putting up with Tyreke ball hogging jacker ass for 2 weeks without clocking him. Or something like that.

  • JAY

    Any minute now Dime will post their LBJ knob-slobbering article previewing tonights game….. any guesses on the writer??

  • bookkwormmaster

    My Hawks represented last night with a great win over a scrappy Grizzlies team after finding out we’re gonna be without our best player(?) over the next 4-6 weeks. It was just a great TEAM performance as we racked up 20 assists at the half and finished with 33 for the game. Also a wild finish as the Grizz tried to steal this one in the closing minutes until Big Shot Bibby canned one of his three dagger 3s to help keep the opponent at bay (that last one in the corner was SICK! He was left WIDE OPEN and dropped it straight through the net). Also Big AL and J-Smoove came through with clutch offensive boards as well. And a good job by Marvin Williams on the inbounding as he kept inbounding it quickly to our best free throw shooter. Especially liked when he looked off a wide open J-Smoove after Rudy Gay knocked in that 3 (he had went to the free throw line prior and made the first and then shoot the second like the game was over. Didn’t like that). Jamal Crawford and Josh Powell also played brilliant especially Powell with his scoring and Crawford dishing out 8 ASSISTS. 1-0 without JJ. Let’s get it cracking.

    Blake Griffin is a FUCKING BEAST!!! No more need be said

    Great game between NJ and OKC but NJ shoulda won that. Jordan Farmer filled in admirably for Devin Harris but he showed why he isn’t a starting caliber point guard. He was making bad decisions with the ball that kept OKC in it all through the OTs. Also Russell Westbrook was a beast but he was straight ball-hogging through those OTs as well. He was looking to score everytime he had the ball but he had a teammate in Jeff Green that was balling just as good (definitely more efficiently) as he was and he wasn’t looking for him at all

  • JAY

    @BRUCE, Re: Reign > Griffin
    It’s too early bud. If we’re looking at what they’ve done during their first year though, Griffin > Kemp. Blake is straight up dominating his defender. Kemp didn’t… just the dunks.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    I def agree on the Westbrook part, dude straight looked off open teammates to go get his. He had 9 assists to end regulation and 3 OT’s later hadn’t dished out a single one. Green was on fire as well. But who am i to nit pick dude was balling as well. I may sense a problem one of these days between Durant and him if Westbrook gets the taste of a number 1 option stuck in his mouth.\

    Blake is amazing. But every time he goes up i get scared hes gonna kill himself. Dude needs to calm down man. Still the number one beast in the league though.

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ Stunnaboy2K11

    Aha! It was you?

    If only Cousins ended up on a team with a coach whose authority he would respect, he would be a far more productive player. The talent is definitely there.

  • b

    the AP report said Pau has a tight hamstring that should get better with rest

    the rox had five players in double figures and four had 8. battier has had his best games while guarding kd and kobe. but seriously, battier is wide open pretty much all game every game.

    and whats up with darren collison this yr? thought he would break out like westbrook did last season but he’s losing crunch time minutes to tj ford

  • S.A.C.

    Couple of things Dime you forgot to mention on the OKC, NJ game to give it context

    1)Westbrook was having a horrible shooting game and only had about 13 points in regular playing time, before he went off in the overtimes. Westbrook played great later. But Jeff Green was the one who carry the team with 35 points up until Westbrook’s Superman Overtime routine. Did you give him his props in place of Durant?

    2) The Nets should of won the game in the second over time, but some bonehead Net fouled Jeff Green behind the 3 point line (when the Nets had a three point lead with a precious few seconds left). And of course he hit all three free throws, putting the game into a 3rd overtime and losing of course. Dumb Nets. Seem like bad teams will always be bad teams.

    Not surprised about the Lakers and Rockets, actually told Laker fans “watch it, if you don’t come with your A game Lakers will lose against Houston” yesterday here. They did!

    Interesting Stat: Phil Jackson has not won a championship any year his team has lost 4 games in a row! Take that however you like and for what it’s worth.

    Damn! You think Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah wish he went back to the side lines? A thirty point loss, no rebounds for Noah and 15 point on 30%shooting for Rose. Orlando just loves to beat up on teams when they have the advantage boy! Bullies!

    Too many games last night to talk about.

  • S.A.C.

    Oh yeah, and I agree with Phil Jackson to. The Cavs announcers do suck, are too loud and know nothing about basketball, but think they do.

    I didn’t think I’d say this, but Baron Davis was actually good for the Clippers last night and of course Blake did work and they beat the then 14-2 Spurs. Kudos to the Clips!

  • QQ

    @ 25:

    Already up, brother. HAHA. And damn, you got me there with ‘guess the writer’. WHo else? hahahahaha

  • S.A.C.


    I think the Lakers fell in love with the three, and believed that the 65% number they were shooting earlier this year was real and gonna stay that way, as opposed to the 21-33% number they’ve been shooting their last several games. Every one knew that Shannon Brown, Fisher, Odom, Kobe and Matt Barnes weren’t going to keep shooting like that from 3 point land. It was bound to come down and the Lakers were going to lose games when they did.

    But I guess no one gave their guards, small and power forwards the memo? Cause they still shooting it!

    They’ll figure it out soon enough.

  • http://google.com Chicagorilla

    Blake almost made T.Splitter gag on him like the russian from NY. He missed the dunk though lol. @Joakim Noah lovers. Again, i dont hate the dude, but this is the ish im talking about from him. His lack of being able to rebound in traffic kills the team because we rely too much on him. 0 flucking rebounds is BS though. Dwight completely dominates the Bulls every time we play them and we got no chance at ever getting past them if we dont get a real big man and stop pretending that Noah is a starting center. And Boozer….wtf was that? What was the point? $85Mill.

  • S.A.C.


    I didn’t think that the Celtics really came to play. And unlike Cleveland, Rondo stayed in the offensive flow and didn’t try to bail them out (till he, Paul and Ray did at the end). I guess cause they were at home. I know it was a ugly game, with a lot of fouls called and no real offensive flow. But still, the Celtics should of won that game by 20 in the fourth quarter and not 6. But who cares they still won. Good for them!

    You know as bad as Cousins was, at least he admitted to his mistakes and owned up to them as a man as far as I heard from him. That’s enough for me.


    What’s the likely hood that a lottery team is going to get a coach a top draft pick should respect? Lol. But I don’t think that should be even the case with Cousins, cause he should know that he’s already on thin ICE from his draft position cause of his supposed attitude.


    Cosign on Russell Westbrook. Wrote about that on my above post, but hadn’t read yours at the time. Kudos on your Hawks winning with out Joe Johnson against a talented team in Memphis as well.


    I’m glad you recognized that Durant is not a monster like the other guys. Lol. Yeah. Wade could of been on there.

  • Ian

    I don’t think you remember kemp if you think he only dunked and didn’t dominate his defender. Ask rodman after the 96 finals.

    Comon that game was a once in a lifetime thing for him with zero boards hell imagine if that woulda been amare he gets negative rebounds in that game.

    Why so happy about our loss I thought laker fans didn’t care about seeding or records.

    So last night they showed that only three teams have started the season 9-0 on the road and all three won the championship those seasons. Spurs lost what coulda been their 9th win is that a bad sign?

  • S.A.C.


    Noah and Boozer don’t get a pass for this game? It was Noah’s first no rebound game and Boozers first game this season period!

    Now I can see you being worried if Noah starts grabbing less rebound with Booozer out there, and if Boozer becomes a perpetual no-show like he was yesterday. But it’s so soon.

    But I know. That’s the White Sox, South Sider in you (that you talked about) coming out right? Lol

  • Ian

    If you start a bench for that team can we put blair in it?

  • BostonGuy


    You saw that stat above also?

    No Phil Jackson team has won the NBA title, when they’ve lost 4 games in a row during the regular season.

    Like homeboy said, “take that for what it’s worth”.

  • Ian

    Kinda weird that both things happened to the two best west teams on the same night.

  • mo.B.bad

    so Howard destroys the Bulls (his performance was better than his numbers made you believe) and limits them to 21 team rebounds and 0 total for Noah (who’s averaging 13.3 for the season) and all you’ve got is a sentence for it? c’mon Dime, don’t be so stingy! Magic shut ‘em down.

    D-Rose played like a monster (he’s so good) but that got him into foul trouble early. needs to learn to scale it back at times.

    Brandon Bass = most underrated big man in the L?

  • nizzio

    Jeff Green was beastin! I guess that proves that he is productive when he gets the ball. Don’t worry about the Lakers. They have proven themselves enough for us to know they are still going all the way this season. Props to Battier! Not only is he a great perimeter player, but he can drop them big buckets! I can’t wait to see LeBron get booed. it should be a fun matchup!

  • CoolBreeze


    I thought it was a great match up , between Orlando and Chicago (especially it being the first game of Boozer), but I guess Dime didn’t care or watch it?

  • s.bucketz

    fuuuuuuuuckkk…triple-overtime???i bought 2 lower level tix for 5 dollars each and was at the POOdential center(cuz that place is straight doo doo) and i ended up gettin drunk and bouncin durin like 3rd quater…fuck man nets games are jus plain wack

  • S.A.C.


    I’d like to apologize to Rondo and The Celtics.

    I heard he wasn’t even going to play last night, if Nate wasn’t banged up and his hamstrings are still hurting along with his feet. He’s aware he can get injured again,he says. But if that’s how he feels, he should sit his ass down and rest!!

    I guess Friday will be interesting with D.Rose and Chicago coming to town and Boston’s two point guards being banged up? Chicago lost by 30 to Orlando at home last night.

  • Claw

    @ Jay #25 – If on cue not one but two articles on the Queen’s arrival – and that fans should show love. RU F*ing Serious!?#@!

    Austin’s breath must smell like ass since he’s got his nose so far up Lebron’s ass.

    I hope fans go off with Quitness, Queen, and Delonte West references but stay classy with no debri thrown or a drunken idiot running on the floor. They should charge $100 a beer.

  • Claw

    Blake reminds me of Amare before his various surgeries and ailments, just plain trying to dunk on everybody and HARD!

  • bookkwormmaster


    I agree to a certain extent. I think Westbrook understands that is Durant’s team and he is the franchise guy plus they’re good friends so I think he’ll stay in his place. However, like you said once he gets a taste of that number 1 option in his mouth and if injuries continue to plague Durant the rest of the year I can definitely see it being a problem. He played the same way in that game they won against Boston without Durant looking off teammates and putting up ill advised/selfish shots because he feels like he’s the best option they have without Durant


    Appreciate the love bro. It’s gonna be tough without JJ. Even though he was injured and not his usual effective self at the end of the day every team that plays us still focused their defenses on stopping him primarily and now with him out its gonna change. It’s gonna be on us to continue that team play we displayed against Memphis for us to win games. I’m expecting Josh Smith, Al Horford, and Jamal Crawford to step their games up automatically but I wanna see Marvin Williams take advantage of this oppurtunity and show us something. I think this is also gonna open up some playing time for Jordan Crawford to crack the rotation and make some contributions too

  • Dave

    nobody deserves Boozer more than the Bulls, cept maybe the Heat.

  • sh!tfaced

    ^^^^^ at least Boozer would be a damn whole lot of upgrade than Chris “soft as diarrhea shit” Bosh….

  • Spur-Antonio

    @ Dave

    I take that as not a complement!?

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    If only Baron would wakeup and realize he has the ability to run the point on a good team. he should be getting crazy assist numbers with Gordon and Griffin playing the way they are.

  • JAY

    Of course I remember Kemp. When I said he only dunked, I was talking about his 1st year. Kemp didn’t dominate AS A ROOKIE like Griffin is. I think he averaged like 7 pts?? Not exactly on Griffin’s level at the same point in their careers. The majority of the people in here are in agreement that Griffin is THE beast in the league right now, again, as a frikkin rookie! Kemp as a rookie? Not so much. I may be wrong but I don’t even think Kemp started as a rookie.

  • Claw

    You can’t really compare the two because of their ages when coming in the league, Kemp I think was 19 and skinny and didn’t start right away. Griffin played his college ball and has a NBA body but is putting up crazy numbers for a first year NBA player. It took Kemp about 5 years until coming into his own then another 5 to outgrow his body and become Krispy Kreme Kemp.