• Alex “Robocop” Murphy

    I think people forget he had a triple double in three games in a row. (He really helped my fantasy team back then.) The last triple double was discounted by the league because of a Ricky Davis move by grabbing a rebound off his own intentional miss in the final seconds of a game.


  • richyrich13

    I loved Sura back in the day. One of the better role guards to play for the rockets. i remember how well he balanced the offense by involving a lot of people, and he wasnt afraid to knock down a big shot

  • Diego

    Yeah, I was at that game where he tried to Ricky Davis a triple double. (I recall, I believe (I may be mistaken), that he even tried to do the rebound on the defensive end!) Make no mistake, his bogus rebound was as purposeful as Davis’s–it was hilarious seeing him try to pull that one over on the NBA.

    That was the year the Hawks tried to tank by pretty much giving away Rasheed Wallace (or was it Shareef that year?). But then Jason Terry, Stephen Jackson and Sura when bananas the last third or so of the season and beat up on a lot of quality teams (including the Lakers, with Shaq) at home, with a ridiculous (and successful) run and jacking of 3s offense. Poor record that season (but they did well enough to hurt the lottery odds) but a hell of a lot of fun for the hometown fans.