NBA, Video / Dec 2, 2010 / 4:30 pm

Blake Griffin Tried To Murder Tiago Splitter Too

The cops are on to him. First, Blake Griffin attempted to murder Rodney Stuckey with a dunk. Then he went South. Check out Blakezilla’s ridiculous dunk attempt on Tiago Splitter last night.

What do you think?

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  • Brett

    If he keeps trying to do that shit, the only person he will murder is himself.. oh and the clippers franchise

  • Shot In Ya Face

    Anyone think Blake “Alfred E Neuman” is a top-5 athlete in the NBA?

  • stefan

    this young dude just brought the fun back to the NBA. Amare is spectacular, howard started working on his hook stuff and he forgot about the fun part. but for some fans, like me, this is what makes boring regular season games watchable. griffin and guys like jr smith, warrick, gerald green(sign him please), even Price from utah. they always try to get in the highlights, that for me is love for the game, risking your body, like the first comment suggests, but making fans happy, and gettin respect for that!
    btw, he only missed this one cause he was too high, but otherwise he would have thrown it in like on the knicks

  • WinDelRoj

    I just dont know how many guys play harder than him…. still waiting for him to jump over someone cause you know thats next

  • DNice

    Human highlight reel Part 2

  • me

    My first thought? He won’t last the season doing that shit.

    Vinny needs to reign his ass in. It looks cool, but stuff like that is the difference between a long, productive career like Garnett/Duncan career and an injury filled, “once he gets healthy, he’s gonna be a beast” career like, say, Andrew Bynum and Greg Oden. He’s gotta do his thing while protecting himself.

  • control

    It’s pretty sad that a month into this guy’s career, he has MISSED dunks that are better than most player’s entire highlight reel…

    Guy has to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself though, kid is reckless!

  • Average Jose

    Fo Reels

  • jace

    damn i might need to take this site off my google reader. doesn’t show a picture or clip in the preview. so everytime i see something about blake griffin.. its always “blake griffin murdered _________” and for a split second im always like.. damnnn. did they arrest him?

  • sunni

    haha jace..nice….

    blake is sickk..he wont get injured doing dunks..hes built for that shit..he’ll get injured if someone like deandre jordan lands on his ankle

    how does 7 compare this guy to oden and bynum..no comparison

  • Chaos

    i like how dude goes hard but he needs to keep himself in check…sometimes getting the 2pts and finishing the game is better than the highlight and possibly blowing otu a ligament

  • OverPowered

    @7…um Oden and Bynum injure themselves just walking and they’re nowhere near Griffin in athleticism. Before he broke his knee what injury history did he have? I think this just shows the confidence he has in his knee and that he’s healed up. He shouldn’t stop playing hard because he’s been hurt before…that would just make him the next Vince Carter

  • Krayzie

    Blake has the same problem Amare did a couple years ago…..after getting the pass on a fast break or off a pick and roll he takes off from where he catches the ball and tries to dunk it no matter how far he is from the rim. This leads to charging calls and missed dunks, he need to learn to take one dribble to the left or right then explode and cram it. Amare learned it, Blake has too as well!

    But dude is still a freak!

  • kyballer

    Blake, or my name for him “Menace to Society” is just sick…he has TWO attempted murder charges now…LOL…he is the ONLY reason the Clip get a TV game and people tune in to see just what he is doing…DUNKING ON PEOPLE…no one cares if they win or lose they just want to say, “did you see Menace to Society dunk on *__________!” True he could re-injure himself but hopefully he stays healthy long enuff to get the “F” out of LA to at least a contender.

  • Big T

    Agreed with post #1. Trying this highlight reel dunk shit is going to end his career at some point. He needs to chill out and pick his spots better.

  • Mike “Yahoo! Exclusive” Mihalow

    You put up a video of a MISSED dunk? But why?

  • Kudabeen

    I think people are missing the point…This is the way this guy plays…yes he had some injuries but that is what it is…The comment about long productive careers isn’t viable…The comparison to Kevin Garnett is crazy…Do people even remember who KG was coming in…He was so frail looking, yet so aggressive going to the rim. He would come down awkwardly all the time…Over and through people…

    Griffin needs to focus on being conditioned to play his game. I think he is. They should focus on his landings, but not his launch. He has had MCL issues and that broken kneecap (which is a non issue now). Also it is his coming out party. He needs to go as hard as he can go to get the respect that will set him up to have that long career. To keep the KG comparison…KG’s early destruction of the rim made it so guys wouldn’t even think to contest him in the paint very often, so his finesse moves were freed up to the point he could gain confidence and mastery before being discouraged by stronger defenders…

    Also we have seen that Griffin has more to his game than get it and go up…The Knicks game alone feature a number of off the dribble moves and maneuvers he have in his game to avoid defenders and get clean shots.

    He is building up his Pro Rep…give him time and just enjoy his athleticism… Go back and watch Dominque, Jordan, Shaq, Kemp, or any freak athletes…they all look like they are going to kill themselves to people that don’t know what it is to do what they do…Enjoy it.