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Breaking News: Magic, Suns Agree to Monster Vince Carter Trade

To quote a text from one of our boys just now, “Holy NBA trade!” The Orlando Magic, already rumored for the last few days to be close to swapping Gilbert Arenas for Rashard Lewis, have apparently decided to really shake up their roster. It is being reported that the Magic and Suns have agreed to a six-player deal built around Vince Carter going to Phoenix. Here is what is being reported right now:

Orlando sends Vince, Marcin Gortat, Mickael Pietrus, their 2011 first round pick, and cash considerations to Phoenix in exchange for Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson and Earl Clark.

The Suns definitely benefit from the deal, as they get Vince’s expiring deal, a mobile big man in Gortat, and they rid themselves of Turkoglu (who has been a non-factor all season) and Earl Clark (who looked like he was likely to never, ever get off the bench).

Orlando clearly thinks/hopes Turkoglu can revert to the Hedo who helped them get to the Finals a few years ago and J-Rich, an explosive perimeter scorer. If they pull off the Arenas deal? Factor in Jameer Nelson and J.J. Redick; there are lot of guys who need to get their shots.

What do you think of the deal? Who is the winner?

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  • Fabian


  • Tizzy

    Phx won, but you can understand Orl reasoning behind it

  • Carl

    Vinsanity will become revitalized in Phoenix. Look at Grant Hill and even Shaq 2 years ago. He has enough left in the tank and Nash will make him better, Jameer sucks. J Rich cannot create his own shot and Turkoglu is done. Gilbert will futch up and Bulls will win the east

  • Bizz

    Well the rumor is that the Lewis/Arenas deal is nearly done too, I’d still say Orlando made out like bandits on this deal. Despite the contract lengths, they got players that are still attempting to give effort despite their contract size. Hedo may attempt to be good again in Orlando as well.

  • nola

    Orlando is the second if not first best team in the league provided their players gel even 60% of their potential.

  • Josiah

    This deal is incredible. This is more about Orlando trying to get rid of Carter. You can tell by them sending cash as well. Earl Clark won’t play with Orlando, he will move to reserves. You now have Hedo back with Lewis. I think they will let them play a couple games together hoping this might bring both players to the dynamic duo they were those few years ago. The only problem is part of what made Hedo and Lewis so good together was Pietrus stretching the floor. They wont get that with Richardson. Instead he will try to cut for the pass and work inside with Howard. This will be the same problem that Shaq and Lebron faced when they were teammates. If they get Arenas, this team won’t have a chance in the playoffs. It will no longer be a superstar team and become a collection of superstars. We saw what happens when you completely rewrite the roster in the beginning part of the Heat season. Magic will not have time to find a good balance among the players by the time playoffs come. I give them the 2nd round and done. This was a loss for them and PHX have come out ahead with more money, an ending contract in Carter, Gortat who is a great off the bench inside player. As well as Pietrus who is still a great supporting player with his range. This deal would have been good if done in the summer with time to find balance. Magic need some magic now if they hope to do good this later half the season.

  • Ivan

    and Steve nash will be gone at the end of the season!

  • Crew Dizzy

    I like what Otis Smith is doing, clearly the Magic would’ve be the third best team in the East at best so why not try and switch things up. I’m skeptical about a Jameer and Gilbert backcourt though, with all these shooters I hope Stan Van understands they need to feed Dwight first and not letting all the new perimeter guys jack up threes.

  • nizzio

    Stan Van Gundy is gonna get a heart attack. How is he gonna manage two score-first point guards? Hes gonna have to do so much shit. The Magic should have gotten rid of Nelson. I could see him do some damage in Charlotte

  • Josiah

    There best season, they rarely used Dwight for more than rebounds and bad match-ups. They bring Hedo back to get that deep three. Arenas and Jameer are both perimeter shooters. Richardson and Dwight will both be around the box waiting for the feed to work inside. They will average about 13 attempts inside each. I see this team going back to being a 3-point team. I just don’t see them being as good as they were then.

  • TIP

    NBA.com says Arenas for Lewis is Official!

  • Buckets

    This trade does nothing for me. Unless the Magic get “Agent 0″ this trade is a wash. If people thought Vince was on the perimeter too much they are going to love JRich. Is it me, or does that Rashard Lewis contract look even worse w/ the Wizards? The Suns might be able to make a push w/ the parts they received. Can’t believe the Magic gave them Gortat.

  • Nautic

    Assuming both trades work, Orlando loses in the deal. Dwight gets into too much foul trouble so they need a strong post defender and Gortat was one of the top backup Centres in the league. Pietrus was their best perimeter defender and then Carter, and they traded both of them away to get Jason Richardson, Gilbert Arenas, Turkoglu, and Earl Clark. Assuming Orlando plays an uptempo game, Turkoglu, Arenas, and J-Rich will be deadly in the open court. Their is no way however that Gilbert, J-Rich, or Turkoglu can slow down strong perimeter or hybrid forward players at all. It also makes the free agent signing of Duhon useless now too. They should Trade Turkoglu and Duhon or Reddick or anyone to get Stephen Jackson or Gerald Wallace to keep a strong perimeter defender. Without that, Orlando will not be able to stop or slow down teams, but they should be able to outscore them.

  • Chaos

    The only thing orlando really loses is gortat off the bench because orton isn’t ready.gortat Will automatically start in place of lopez. Vince and j-rich is a wash and one off season w/ phx medical staff anf vinmce will fly again

  • Rizwan

    Yes! Turkoglu has gone! Never should have been brought in but at least we are not saddled with that contract any longer. I have never seen a player deteriorate so fast. I mean, he wasnt Kobe or anything but he was very good on that Magic, clutch scorer and filled the stat sheet. But hugely overpaid.

    A bit sad Jason Richardson has left, he was a great fit next to Two-Time but he was a FA at the end of the season anyway so he may left. He was good for the Suns.

    Earl Clark? Dont know what to say, I think he could have been decent for us but I dont know what happened there. Maybe SVG gets something form him.

    As for the incoming, a great deal for us. VC has a expiring, Gortat is a good defensive big man and Pietrus fills a role. Draft pick is great. All in all, a terrific deal for the Suns. Only question, what is going to happen with Robin Lopez?

    Magic? Great if it works out but at the moment it seems like a massive risk. They traded for two massive contracts. Rashard Lewis is another massively on the decline but they replaced with another player headed the same way. I love Arenas but his contract is brutal. Agree with the perosn who said, they could be the best team in the league but highly combustible.

  • Money

    Vince for Jrich is a wash. pietrus is a better fit than turkuglu, who can’t do jack anymore. gortat is way more talented than earl clark. I don’t see Orlando getting better from this trade

    I do like the trade of lewis for arenas. Lewis was a huge offensive matchup problem during Orlando’s run to the finals, but the guy just doesn’t play with heart anymore, and I think arenas may be more productive, although the crowded backcourt is an issue…

    i really don’t know what orlando’s doing. I thought on paper, they had one of the best lineups in the league, all they needed was al ittle tweaking, not a blow-up

  • NYKsalman

    I hope Nash and Carter gel and Carter gets better because of Nash, as this is seemingly his last chance to prove himself. Not a bad deal for the Suns, as the only productive player they lost is Jrich, and in return they get VC, gortat, and petrius (who many articles fail to mention as a threat) but i think he can thrive in the PHX system.

  • Rainman

    LEts go SUNS!

  • Crew Dizzy

    Orlando had to do something to show Dwight they’re committed to winning, they weren’t going to win as constructed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    I love that the Suns fans are pointing out that VC is an expiring contract before they are mentioning him as a contributing player…

    This only PROVES that Miami has Orlando SHOOK. Even the front office is trying to pull off 2k11 trades to get over the hump. Not going to work.


  • edmundo

    with this trade the suns will definitely make a top see. vince carter and j rich are playing very similar, but the suns basicxally acquired pietrus and gortat for turkoglu and clark has been a disappointment. the fountain of youth is located in phx so you can expect carter to return to his all star form.

  • Rafa23

    yeah right logan, its only Miami. doesnt have anything to do with Boston dominating the east so far or Orlando really struggling the last few weeks.
    what a fucking idiot

  • Chaos

    Whoa, really, arenas for rashad? Thas no good at all. They need an extra big man unless they develop clark and orton properly which I doubt. Too many people need the ball in their hands to be effective. Jameer, arenas, j-rich and hedo? That’s overkill. That’s gonna stifle dwight severely

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    @Rafa23 – It has EVERYTHING to do with Miami. The big 3 in Boston have this year and MAYBE next as a contender. Miami is built for the future. Orlando knows that this is going to be their window. They have to make a push this year to get to the finals and obviously they didn’t think they had the “gusto.”

    It’s about the future my man.

    But you’re right. I’m probably just a fucking idiot.


  • S.A.C.

    It’s official; Rashard Lewis traded for Gilbert Arenas.

    The Magic aren’t playing (whether they know what they’re doing or not)!!

  • mo.B.bad

    putting all trades into one point and analysing them as they should be:

    I like getting Arenas, that’s a big upgrade on VC. +1

    I like getting rid of ‘Shard, he’s soft, inconsistent and a choker. but replacing him with Hedo is a bit of a wash unless the turk turns back the clock. 0

    I like getting J-Rich, that’s an upgrade on Pietrus. +2

    I don’t like losing Gortat, he was a solid backup. Earl Clark could be good, but he’s not ready yet. -1.

    final score? +1. so a small improvement, but not majorly.

    and then you wonder how the rotation is gonna work. Jameer, Arenas, JJ and J-Rich? that’s a crowded back-court, although I guess J-Rich could play the 3? I dunno.

    getting rid of ‘Shard, though, beautiful.

  • Leeroy Jenkins

    It has just as much to do with Dwight Howard as it does with the Heat. The Magic need to find a winning combination of players that can persuade Howard to stay in Orlando beyond next year.

  • Bakedbeing

    How is nobody mentioning that j rich is a 41% 3 pt shooter! All rashard did was jack 3s, now you’ve got a guy who can replace any perimeter shooting and slash his ass to the hoop and finish. Lewis was scared of the hoop. Upgraded!

  • Jay10do

    I’m shocked i didn’t see this coming

  • the cynic

    WOW! I really don’t understand the logic of Orlando in this trade. I guess Orton could play the backup center minutes, start Bass and let Anderson be the stretch 4 while Earl Clark is the 5th big. Turk is probably the starting SF again with J-Rich and Q as back-up3s. It gets really tricky in the back court; do you start J-Rich at the 2 or Arenas? and what happens to Redick? Is Arenas now the backup 1? Do they already have a plan to ditch Duhon?

    Orlando just became a whole lot more interesting to watch that’s for certain

  • Jay10do

    @Carl the Bulls will when the East!!! Lmao….

  • Dagger

    I hate this deal for the Magic. They give up a ton of size by trading away Lewis and Gortat. In return they get a player in Arenas who will likely enter into a PG controversy with Nelson. If they play him at the 2 they will likely move Richardson to the 3, which renders them small and defenseless. Arenas is also injury prone and anything but an efficient scorer, and that’s before his attitude problems. Neither Arenas nor Richardson are good passers and both are big scorers, which is not necessarily a good thing when the ball needs to be funnelled to Howard. You might say Turk will give them some more size and playmaking, but let’s face it: he’s washed up. Meanwhile, one of their main advantages over the Heat and Bulls was the long-term continuity of their roster, which they’ve clearly lost. Yuck. I don’t view them as a contender in the East after this, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong.

    For the Suns I think this was a pretty solid trade, given the young talent and size they’re getting with Carter. Lewis is also a pretty good fit in Washington, while Arenas clearly was not after Wall’s arrival. Good trades for those two teams.

  • bookkwormmaster

    Wow! Didn’t see any of this coming. What is Orlando thinking making a major trade thi early in the season. Phoenix CLEARLY got the better of this deal.

    Getting rid of Rashard Lewis and that albatross contract is the only positive thing Orlando managed with these trades. Did anyone forget what Dwight Howard said not too long ago about this team. That the wings weren’t doing a good job of playing defense and now they’re probaby gonna be even worse off defensively than they were before. None of the players they are getting back are really known for playing defense or at least being good at it. Not to mention the backcourt has really been reduced in size with Nelson, Duhon, Redick, and Arenas as well as the C spot with Gortat gone. Also who is gonna start alongside Dwight? SVG said Brandon Bass is gonna be a starter for the forseeable future at the PF spot, Nelson is the starting PG, so who gonna start at the 2 and 3 spots between J-Rich, Arenas, and Turkoglu?

  • Dagger

    *in addition to Carter.

  • sonic

    starting lineup will be


    remember rashard was playing PF for the magic and same with Hedo for phoenix, so really no suprise here magic will start another hybrid forward. I think Hedo will play a little better in orlando, but arenas will really experience a rebirth. Like mentioned he’s only 28 and if he can get his shit together he can be the go-to guy that orlando’s been missing.

  • Hydroo

    You’re wrong about that starting lineup dude. J rich at the 3? What are you smoking???

    Arenas will slowly move into nelson’s role most likely, or be an incredible 6th man… and I suspect Bass will start at the 4, not turkoglu.

  • bookkwormmaster

    Orlando vs Boston

    dwight vs perkins/shaq
    hedo vs kevin garnett
    jrich vs paul pierce
    arenas vs ray allen
    nelson vs rajon rondo

    Orlando vs Miami

    dwight vs joel anthony/zydrunas ilgauskas
    hedo vs chris bosh
    jrich vs lebron james
    arenas vs dwyane wade
    nelson vs mario chalmers

    Orlando vs Los Angeles

    dwight vs andrew bynum
    hedo vs pau gasol
    jrich vs ron artest
    arenas vs kobe bryant
    nelson vs derek fisher

    I know the game is played on the hardwood but just by looking at the matchups they don’t favor Orlando AT ALL. And that’s just the starters the bench notwithstanding

  • Hydroo

    Why is everyone assuming j rich is gonna start at the three? You remember they have quentin richardson right? Or why are you assuming turk is the starting PF? Brandon Brass is way better than turkoglu.

  • the cynic

    lol at people who think Turk will be the starting 4 just because Phoenix tried to play him there

  • matt

    horrible 4 magic. i think they have to trade nelson if they can find a very good stretch 4. Hedo has to play the 3. Phx still has 5 wings that need minutes. is nash gonna go?Overall, magic lost even more size somehow. orlando will lose in East semi finals. Washington saves a lot of $$$ and adds a big

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    @ loganlight
    yo vince only has got interesting with his expiring contract.for real. orlando giving up peitrus and gortat… double fail.them dudes was productive and played like they gave a fuck ! still jrich for vince is about equal.
    hoping turk reverts back to all star status is asking for too much.i watched him play yesterday.UGLY !

    btw Jrich and Arenas fixing to get SWOLE ! u know ,because of the orlando weather ;) ….

  • Jah

    I’m seeing/hoping:

    Jameer Nelson
    Gilbert Arenas
    Jason Richardson
    Hedo Turkoglu
    Dwight Howard

    Steve Nash
    Vince Carter
    Grant Hill
    Channing Frye
    Marcin Gortat

    John Wall
    Josh Howard/Al Thornton
    Rashard Lewis
    Andray Blatche
    Javelle McGee

    All of this looks like “BETTER BASKETBALL” to me!

  • Slaz

    I think someone mentioned earlier about Orlando swapping out some of their PGs for Gerald Wallace who Charlotte are meant to be shopping. What about Jameer and Richardson for Gerald Wallace? That way you have a defensive-minded SF to try and plug the holes in the perimeter who doesn’t need shots to be effective? Then, you could have:

    PG: Arenas/Williams/Duhon
    SG: Richardson/Redick
    SF: Turkoglu/Wallace
    PF: Bass/Anderson/Allen
    C: Howard/Orton/Clark

    Maybe then trade Duhon (better salary for trade then Williams) for a walking-six-fouls kind of big? (Thabeet too much of a risk?)

    disclaimer: I don’t know how good Wallace is as a one-on-one defender; I’ve really only seen footage of his help defense.

  • Alex “Robocop” Murphy

    Carmelo couldn’t be traded for that?

    Gortat, Carter, Pietrus, 1st round pick and cash?

  • Jay10do

    The trades are done

  • Veedeo

    nice i love trades

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    Anyone remember any other players that Nash made a lot better? Channing Frye was buried on the bench until Nash got him open 3’s. J Rich is a good player for sure, but dude has been LIVING off of Nash. His numbers are sure to dip when Jameer is bumbling a behind the back pass and Gilbert is gunning.

    Think Shawn Marion has some insight?

  • QQ

    Just got a chance to comment. But DAAAAAAAAAAAMN. Can you say ‘SHOCKED’????

    And in a good way.

    This is a very bold move but I would LOOOOOOVEEEE to see this work…..

  • Otto

    What does “cash considerations” mean? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean “leave the money in an envelope and I’ll look away.”

  • Fitz

    Wow. The Magic took on some firepower. Arenas, J-Rich and Hedo. Last ditch effort? The Suns are rebuilding from the looks of it. Expiring contracts of VC, draft pick. The Wiz? At least they’ve cleaned up their backcourt rotation with Arenas out. Bring on some Nash to VC highlights!

  • jzsmoove

    I like the rashard/ arenas trade but they lost size when they moved carter and gortat. they need to find another big body asap. brandon bass better be ready to play like there is no tomorrow. The 4 is his. But I still dont see them beating Boston, there is too much size to cover.

  • “Tha Boddy” Thanx for everything Gilbert Arenas we will miss you in the DMV

    I am pissed that Gilbert Arenas was traded but I am glad he was sent to a great situation in Orlando…The Wizards got bigger but Lewis is just a tall SG and doesn’t really help us with his size if he is spotting up.The main reason I can figure for getting Lewis is to get a Jump Shooter for Wall to pass to. The Wizards are crowded at the SF position with Lewis there and I expect Al Thorton to be traded since Josh Howard is better and doesn’t just put his head down and throw up anything ass shots.

    Wizards starting lineup
    John Wall
    Nick Young
    Rashard Lewis
    Andray Blatche
    JaVale McGee

    All of a sudden the Wizards starting lineup got taller with 4 starters 6’7 and taller (Yes Nick Young grew in inch over the summer)They are still not a defensive force but we have 2 good starting caliber SF’s that can be traded for a defensive presence.

  • arno

    But who’s gonna play the PF position for the Magic ? Where is this 6-10 guy who can shot mid range Js and face Bosh, Garnett, Boozer, not to mention Nowitzki, Gasol and Duncan ?
    Their roster was off balance, the new one is worth. So I agree with the idea that it’s not over : having stockpiled some good trade pieces, the Magic is gonna pursue another trade to acquire some perimeter defense and a real PF.
    Why not Boris Diaw ? What about Mareese Speights ?

  • QQ

    By bringing Turk back I can see how this can work. I do not agree for the Gil – VC trade straight up, but man Otis Smith really made a fantastic move here.

    LOOOOVEEEE seeing Turk return. The Finals run two years ago was one of my best moments in being a sports fan, and Hedo was literally a big big part of that. Of course, there’s always a question if he’ll return to that form; he’s been admittedly a dud the last two years. Well, I would love to find that out this season.

    This move is an experiment. One that could fail miserably, or work masterfully. But I like this. I like that management is doing a lot of things to make sure we stay competitive.

    When VC was acquired a year ago, and people were just jumping on our bandwagon, I was surprised, cause personally I didn’t like the trade.

    But this one right here. I like this VERY MUCH. I have a good feeling bout this.

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    I can’t believe all u guys are shitting on the trade. I thought it was an amazing deal for the magic in order to compete with bos,mia,chi,la because the team couldn’t win as constructed.

    Lewis for arenas is a win because they got someone in arenas is actually productive for his salary and makes an effort to go hard plus they save 7mil a yr on salary with arenas. Arenas is a better rebounder than lewis and he is 7inches shorter.

    Vince gortat for hedo/jrich is a win because jrich actually goes hard unlike vince who bullshits most of the time and hedo hopefully regains his magic pun intended. Gortat never got any real tic anyway so losing him is irrevelant plus it allows bass to start and for the magic to have a true 4 play the 4 for the 1st time in 6yrs.

    Starting lineup should be;

    6th man Arenas

  • Diego

    Post 55 nailed the starting line-up, with Arenas as sixth man. No way Bass does not start at power forward–line-up in such case would be ridiculously small. Orlando lost a lot of size on this trade, but J-Rich is the best player involved in the whole trade and Orlando sheds pretty useless Rashard Leewis.

    Unless Hedo reverts to his old self (which I don’t think he will), Orlando seriously loses due to loss of size. Gortat was a damn good 2nd string center. These days I don’t think Arenas actually brings much more to the table than Redick (or at least Redick plus Pietrus), believe it or not. Bass certainly needed the playing time though; he is damn solid.

  • WinDelRoj

    I get the feeling this is a trade to facilitate another trade

  • Josiah

    5-Dwight Howard

    Hedo will have to prove he can start again. Jrich and Arenas will come with some good rhythm going and SVG will give them a shot.

  • sonic

    If we’re all saying that Orlando is losing size, why the hell would Bass start over Hedo? Hedo’s got a good 3 inches on Bass. I say just let Dwight wreck havoc on the inside at both ends and put all the shooters out there

  • mo.B.bad

    I really don’t buy the whole “losing size” argument since Lewis may as well have been 6’4 the way he played. and besides, Hedo’s as tall as he is anyway.

    Gortat, yes, that’s a loss but one of Duhon/J-Will is now utterly redundant so expect a trade coming soon to find a new backup Center.