Smack / Dec 9, 2010 / 3:12 am

Carmelo calls in sick, Nuggets without remedy for Gang Green

What do you do when you’re facing a team with an identity crisis? Attack from the get-go before they have a chance to find themselves. Minutes before the Nuggets and Celtics tipped off last night, Carmelo Anthony was scratched from the lineup with an acute case of BosGarden Thiboditis (or maybe it was a sore knee). So while Denver tried to adjust to the unexpected absence, Ray Allen and his Hall of Fame teammates went to work. Ray (28 pts), Pierce, KG and Shaq scored Boston’s first 26 points, flirted with a 20-piecing in the first quarter and never trailed … Watch enough Clippers games and you’ll get pretty good at being able to pinpoint exactly when the roof begins caving in. Playing host to the Lakers in the Lakers’ building, that seminal moment appeared to happen early in the third quarter: In one sequence the Clips missed three straight dunks — Al-Farouq Aminu, Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan were the culprits — while Kobe Bryant methodically turned a two-point deficit into a three-point lead. And cue the misery … But just when you had L.A.’s underdog squad penciled in for another L, they controlled the rest of the quarter on the backs of their future building blocks. With Blake Griffin playing like Adrian Peterson on the hardwood and Eric Gordon slashing and splashing (send the royalty check to the office, Clyde Frazier), the Clips were poised for a grown-up, statement win — and THEN they did the roof-caving-in thing in the final minute of the fourth … Fifty seconds left, the Clips were up three with the ball. Ron Artest poked it away from Gordon, setting up a Kobe floater. Next possession, Gordon (24 pts, 4 stls) threw a bad entry pass to Griffin (16 pts, 11 rebs), which Artest snatched and set up a Kobe go-ahead jumper. The Clips still didn’t die easy — Gordon dished to Jordan for a go-ahead dunk with 15 seconds left — but they did go painfully. With three seconds left on the clock, Derek Fisher took the inbounds and, with Gordon denying Kobe (24 pts) the ball, Fisher found his first step from 1998 and got to the rim for a banker at the buzzer. Brutal loss for the Clips, ho-hum for the Lake Show …

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    Derek! Derek! Derek!

  • Octopus Jonny

    No love for Bogut’s tip-in FTW?!


    Bucks needed that, hopefully it sets a fire under their asses and induces an increase in their FG%

  • neoy

    LMAO @ “2 of his 4’s” that is so Toine..

    whats up with the Lakers??? how are they sneaking by the clippers AT HOME?

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    DROSE 4 MVP!!! He refusing to let the bulls lose whenever its crunchtime and is unstoppabble. He needs more love for the work he has been puttin in this season. His and-1 layup for the game was a thing of beauty.

  • yves

    my god is nobody even going to mention that number ten play by james was yet another exhibition of his patented “crab dribble”? takes up the ball on his right step en then goes up off his right foot as well… ?

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Wow, to quote Bill Simmons, brutal way to find out Fish if a lefty. Ouch.

  • OneZero

    Dear Blake Griffin,

    Get out of the Clippers, you deserve a better team, seriously.

  • FK

    Bargnani didn’t guard STAT at all in the game, and the possessions he did were the ones Amare had trouble with. Funny to see the continued hate on Bargnani’s D, when over the past three seasons he’s been one of the better low post defenders in the league…

  • Showtime

    Did I just read Bargnani + low post + defense in one sentence? Damn

  • yoda

    well, bargnani might suck as defender but amar’e is not stalwart defender either. he could be, but he lacks proper mentality.

  • Rafa23

    I don’t care how good Bargnani’s post D is(It definitely isn’t great). He is averaging under 6!!! rebounds per game. That’s so fucking bad it’s not even funny anymore.

  • http://www.mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    @ # 7, so did he NOT guard amare or did he guard him, im confused

  • sadeye2507

    That list is getting shorter for Heat haters…

  • Buckets

    Just when I’m ready to sign off on Eric Gordon he has a complete melt down. Why didn’t Vinny Black put Baron Davis in?

  • JAY

    @FK: “when over the past three seasons he’s been one of the better low post defenders in the league…”

    WTF?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA! Are you for real?? Get the “FK” outta here…

  • JAY

    The Heat are looking good. Gotta admit. I’m still a hater though. I’m not sure how they’ll beat the “teams to beat” though… the teams with a plethora of bigmen. Xmas day will be a fun game. Can’t wait!

  • bookkwormmaster

    Was hoping to see Melo and P-Double “dueling” with one another last night so I was sorely disappointed when they announced he was a last minute scratch. Denver showed some heart in the early going (getting beat down at the start and rallying it back make it a one point deficit) but them Celtics are just too damn good.

    Great game between the two L.A. teams. The Clippers need to hurry up and get on their shit so we can get a REAL L.A. vs L.A. rivalry going on. That would be great for the league.

    Sweet put back dunk by Fields last night. FLEW up over some dude’s back and crammed that shit two handed. Nice!

    D-Rose 4 MVP!!!

  • DNice

    F the haters GO HEAT!!

    Also watching the highlights of the Knicks Raptors, Bargnani’s post defense was more like walking around the paint and looking like he was searching for his lost dog while Amare hammers 2 in his vicinity.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    The Heat played like I assume they should, D-Wade and Bron running the show and Bosh getting some open elbow Js. Props to them fro finally beating on a good team for once.

    Bargs aint that good a defender, but he was trying. That’s what I like to see, put yourself nt he other teams best player and see what test yourself. Amare was on another level though, and just kept knocking down those elbow Js. The real guy to blame? Calderon. He can’t defend for shit and even Bayless is outplaying his ass.

    But shit, Bargs is top 3 best offensive big men in the league. Now if only he could get more boards…

  • QQ

    At first it was only a misprint, but the Heat actually won over the Jazz. I won’t say they are there yet, but at least beating on a really good team, it shows that they are getting there. Not the ‘fun’ that Bron has been bitching about, but hey, learning the hard way is the best way for them I guess,

  • QQ

    At first, *I THOUGHT it was only a misprint…

  • Chaos

    No one is gonna talk about Griffins put back over odom? That shit looked waaaay to easy for him…

  • Kudabeen

    Clippers gave that game away…just horrible execution. That’s coaching as well as no leadership on the court. Barron was no where to be found and Eric Gordon was too careless on both ends of the floor. Also shame on Bledsoe for giving derek an escort to a easy drive and lay in rather than a jump shot. Just a terrible way to lose.

  • Chaos

    Eventually coangelo is gonna realize that calderon isn’t the answer at pg and starts bayless. I don’t know what the problem is but bayless is not getting his chance to start, and being that toronto might be better as a running team, they need a running pg. Derozan, weems and bayless flying down the court would be exciting on fast breaks

  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    Did some fool actually post that Bargs is a good low post defender? WTF games have you been watching? You must be on that Whitney Houston buddy. Anyway, Why is it everytime Amare has a big game the opposing big has an even better game? The NYK just dont care about defense and its hard to watch because im used to the Pat Riley NYK with real defenders. MIA v Utah did show me a couple things, Spo finally giving Chalmers some tick with the big 3 and he is producing. Also there seemed to be way more movement on offense. Hopefully they can keep it up. On another note that was a str8 dagger Rudy Gay threw last night. That kid is balling outta control. And ill state it again, Nash needs to be traded to the Magic or Clippers.

  • K
  • That’s What’s Up

    when the plane touched down in Idaho ‘Toine started yelling “I’m Open!”

  • Lee

    Brags drops 41 on Amare and we’re talking about Brags’ D.

  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    DRose may have won that game, but Korver and Brewer kept us in the game. Those two can flat out ball, thanks Utah. And Boobie Gibson and Mo Will must have had a bet on who could lose the game better for the Cavs. I give the award to Boobie for most bonehead play in the clutch. Coming in a close second is Bledsoe and E.Gordon. Give Blake the effin ball and GTFO the way. Also did Bledsoe not get the memo to force DFish to the right? Lastly, i hate to say it but DMC smashed on Mcgee last night. Got him good too. @Dizzle, Lakeshow, and LAL fans, that last play was not designed for Fish, he cleary broke off the play when he came to the ball. And Kobes body language gave it away. Even after he hit the shot, Kobe (who had been feeling it with 3 makes in a row with one on one coverage) didnt celebrate with the team or congradulate Fish. Tell me yall didnt catch that, check the youtube video. These are the reasons i personally dont like (but i do respect) Kobe.

  • JM

    Calderon is playing well enough offensively that he will continue to start. This is nothing more, however, then to showcase him to other teams for a potential trade(Charlotte?). I’m sure if the Raps had it their way, by the end of the year, Bayless would be their starter and Calderon would be gone.

    If Miami starts winning a bunch in a row, it’s really going to take the fun out of this season. Unless you’re a homer (which there’s nothing wrong with), fans just can’t get behind a bunch of douchebags.

    Amare may not be a good defender, but he’s leading this franchise to its best start in years. So far, what more can you ask for?

  • Yaro

    Blake’s dunk # 46 this season:


  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    Lastly, Stacy King call of the nite. Following Brewer picking Gibsons pocket Stacy says “excuse me sir, u forgot to check your luggage.” HAHAHAHA lmfao. That dude comes up with the best stuff. He needs to be in 2k12 as an announcer. I almost forgive him for being a huge bust while playing for the Bulls.

  • #28 ecco

    haha yea so funny i did not see the game but reading the comments of most of these clowns they dont even realise this.

    what ppgs are AMA““““RE matchups? 35+ ?

  • crimewave

    @chicahorilla….you’re an idiot.

    I don’t know why you’d bring up kobe’s post-buzzer reaction when he CLEARLY went over and congratulated fish after the shot (it was overt too…he grabbed fish’s head and everything).

    Anyway, the game was as entertaining as any clippers-lakers game has been in a long time.

  • deeds

    IF anyone watches Bargnani play on a consistent basis, you can clearly see that he is a pretty good 1 on 1 defender in the post. He just isn’t a very good help defender, nor is he a good rebounder. But in 1 on 1 situations he is quite effective. He is like a VERY poor mans Tim Duncan. He stays in front of his man, never leaves his feet and uses his height quite effectively.

    On top of that he was absolutely ROASTING amare during that game. People should be bitching about Amare, not Bargnani. Last time i checked it was Amare making 100million+ and placing on all nba teams despite his god awful defense.

  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    @JM, “fans cant get behind a bunch of douchebags” oh i beg to differ buddy. It doesnt get anymore douchier than the current Celtics and they have tons of fans. Even here in Chicago, we have tons of casual fans who like the Celtics and Lakers. On a sidenote: Last night when the Bulls played the Cavs i did notice there was no dancing and posing and acting an a$$ after plays. There also was no picture taking. Which makes them look like even more of an a$$ the past few years they were doing that ish because they thought they were champions.

  • RapTOr


    Put yourself in Kobes shoes. You’re a perfectionist who doesn’t take mistakes lightly and have just come off back to back chips. You have a well drawn up play to win the game late- something that should be second nature by now- and a crappy Clippers team is able to break that up and stop you and your hot hand from getting the ball. Instead it goes to Fish, who although is clutch is forced to put up a desperation shot in the lane, among athletic bigs, on his old legs. The shot goes in, but it’s the principle behind you’re sloppy play that counts. You know you won win games in the future this way.

    Can you repect that?

    Plus, dude above me is right. Kobe totally gave Fish his props. In any case, it was a win against the Clippers. This wasn’t no game 7 of the Finals or anything.

  • JAY

    @Lee: “Brags drops 41 on Amare and we’re talking about Brags’ D.”

    Someone claimed Bargani is one of the league’s better post defenders over the past 3 years, you better believe we’re not gonna let that shit slide.
    If Bargnani being a good defender is a valid point, then Rondo being a good jumpshooter is valid too.

  • JAY

    @deeds, i watch that boy play all the time. He’s not even a decent defender. He’s crap defensively. He can block shots, that’s it.

    Thank goodness xmas is around the corner cuz there’s some people in here losing their marbles. It’s time for a vacation fellas.

  • QQ

    Because cats here talk bout the Celts, I just remembered the mini fight between Glen Davis and Nene, featuring the most awkward headbutt ever. At first, the two seems to be making sweet kissing gestures to each other, then suddenly Nene made a move that’s more of a headBANG than a headbutt.

    And seriously, can anyone REALLY stand Big Baby? He’s just like the most annoying fat person ever. The thing is kid CAN play and has a ring, but daaaaaaamn he’s the Rosie O’Donnell of the NBA.

  • OverPowered

    Vinny Negro sucks as a coach. That is all.

  • JAY

    Agreed. Glen Davis is a pussy hole.

  • deeds

    @ Jay

    I’m not saying Bargnani is a good defender overall, because he isn’t. Like i said, he is a terrible help defender and he just doesn’t seem capable of grabbing 10+ boards a game…which he should. But I do think he is passable in 1 on 1 situations in the post. I don’t think it is much of a stretch to say that

    Who would you say is a better defender? Amare or Bargs?

  • s.bucketz

    are u kiddin me dime???u think walt clyde frazier would bite slashing and splashing from you???the man talks in poetry…he dont need none of ur gahbage…the man is constantly rockin’ steady….hands down BEST commentator in the NBA..i cant watch knicks games on the other teams broadcasts ever

    Amare has been gettin lit up by every teams bigs but we gettin the Ws so its straight

  • Claw

    So the Heat finally got a win against a good time, am I supposed to celeberate that? The Bogut tip was sick, can’t believe that wasn’t talked about.

    Still the Heat have a losing record against +.500 teams, so all you Heat lovers want to bet they still don’t get as many wins as the Cavs last year?

  • LakeShow84

    I think its easy to be a Celtics fan..

    While we call it DOUCHERY (which it is) on the inside it can be called SWAG..

    So if i was a Celtics fan id be loving how they act.. U want supreme confidence.. but u also want them to back it up.. and they do.. yearly..

  • JAY

    @deeds… Amare and Andrea… hmmm… It’s a lose-lose situation. I say it’s a draw. Their problem is they think their offense is their defence.

    I don’t think Andrea is even a passable post defender. If by “passable” you mean, “he’s all we got so we have no other choice” then I agree. Lol. The thing is, the majority of the time, Triano has been using the Raps other big to defender post players. Whether it’s Johnson, Evans, Dorsey, or Davis, he’d rather have one of them guarding in the post instead of Bargnani. That alone tells me Bargnani is a garbage post defender because none of those other guys are outstanding either. I wonder what his +/- is.

  • Dave

    @29 – just give it time, soon you’ll see that two good parts (Brewer, Korver) get trumped by the cancer that is Boozer. He’ll make you taste vomit every time you see him play or hear him talk. We just wish the Bulls would’ve taken him before last season.

  • Dave

    if the Heat keep playing defense like they did last night and have seemed to do lately they’re much, much better. Still don’t think they have the stones to win game 7’s in the playoffs v the Celts, but they’ll be right there.

  • the cynic

    the heat are still horrible to watch, but at least they are winning

  • S.A.C.


    Post 25 and 30 were very good. I enjoyed reading them (which is why I’m responding). A nice respite from the usual fan-boyism. I knew you had it in you!


  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    It’s just getting weird now buddy. Am i gonna come home to find you hiding in my bushes. Because I don’t want to have to shoot you