NBA / Dec 14, 2010 / 4:00 pm

Chauncey Billups (wrist) out for one week

Chauncey Billups (photo. Mannion)

Chauncey Billups (photo. Mannion)

Talented as they are, the Denver Nuggets (14-9) just seem to have too much “stuff” going on around the team to realistically contend for an NBA championship in 2011.

Carmelo Anthony is posting close to a career-low shooting percentage from the field (42.8%, 23.1 ppg) as trade rumors and behind-the-scenes issues with the organization swirl around him. Injuries to Kenyon Martin and Birdman Andersen have decimated the frontcourt. J.R. Smith and George Karl has resumed their up-and-down relationship. And it doesn’t help that Northwest Division rivals Utah and Oklahoma City are now among the best teams in the League.

One thing the Nuggets don’t need is to have their rock out of action. Chauncey Billups already isn’t having a great season, shooting 35% from the field while averaging 14.4 points and 5.4 assists, and now he’ll miss a week with a right wrist injury.

An MRI revealed Billups, who shoots with his right hand, has ligament damage in the wrist. He originally injured it on Nov. 20. While the veteran leader is out, the team will rely on backup point guard Ty Lawson, who scored 24 points against Boston last week and 18 against New York over the weekend.

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  • JBaller

    Bad news for Denver. Glad I don’t have tickets to any upcoming Nuggs games. This could be the beginning of the end for a team that was so close to contending.

    I hope they get back on track, because I have lived in CO since the Nuggets sucked, and I have gotten used to having at least a playoff team down in Denver that I can root for.

    Coincidentally, my original home town team is NYK, so if Melo leaves Denver, I hope he ends up at MSG so I can still root for him!

  • JBaller

    BTW, I meant they were close to contending last year and maybe could’ve remained in the conversation this year if it weren’t for all the injuries.

  • Khalvin

    Big stats for Carmelo hopefully! He is on fantasy team!!

  • john

    my fav but wont need him today ty and cater got this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    ment my fav player i idolize him HOF