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Chris Kaman says Clippers owner heckles him and Baron Davis

Baron Davis

Over the weekend I watched Pony Excess, the latest ESPN “30 for 30″ documentary that focused on the SMU football program of the ’80s that was so flagrant with their recruiting violations that they were handed the first (and likely last) “death penalty” sentence by the NCAA. It was a great film, and “30 for 30″ has been bringing the heat since this series began.

But someone missed a big opportunity by not making a doc on Clippers owner Donald Sterling. As far as cartoon-like sports villains go, Sterling is easy movie material. He is widely recognized as the worst owner in the NBA, if not pro sports period, and his antics never cease to amaze in either comedic or terrifying fashion.

The latest headlines involving Sterling stemmed from revelations in a Yahoo Sports article that the owner has been heckling Clippers’ star point guard Baron Davis from his courtside seat at Staples Center.

All-Star center Chris Kaman told the Los Angeles Times that he’s also been heckled by Sterling.

“All kinds of stuff,” Kaman told the newspaper, which described him as more amused than angry about Sterling. “Some stuff like, ‘Oh, dunk the ball.’ He owns the team. What do you want me to say? He’s my boss. He signs the check. He owns me. Not really, but you know what I’m saying. My rights to my basketball skills for five years.”

Notice how Kaman is aware of exactly how long his contract runs — a five-year extension he signed in ’06 that kicked in for the ’07-08 season. He will be a free agent in 2012, and like so many players before him, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Kaman beat it out of L.A. ASAP to get away from the punchline franchise.

“He’s an interesting guy,” Kaman said of Sterling. “He likes to watch us play. He’s very into it. Very into the decisions from what I understand. He’s frustrated like anybody. … The only thing I can say is that if it is negative at all, it’s out of frustration.”

The L.A. Times quoted an unnamed league source who said, “What (Sterling) really wants is to not pay the guy (Davis), and they told him he can’t do that. … I know he wants to do it, but obviously he couldn’t do it. He used to tell Baron, ‘You’re terrible. You can’t shoot threes. Why do you shoot threes?'”

Anybody know what Ice Cube is up to these days? How about John Singleton? F. Gary Gray? This could win an ESPY.

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  • dmitry of jersey

    hes right… b diddy is a bum!!!

  • karizmatic

    lol…that’s hilarious… I hope he figures out a way to get Baron Davis out of there. He needs to see if he can get in on the New York Denver trade that’s going down…maybe ship Davis and Aminu out for Billups…with Denver getting Davis and maybe Chandler, while New York gets Melo and Aminu or some craziness like that. I didn’t look up numbers or anything I’m just sayin’.

  • JBaller

    Sterling Has Buyer’s Remorse! He paid for a star and got a moody bitch. Boom Dizzle is mystery; he has shown the skills many times over, but where are they now? He only shows an interest in winning occasionally. Where is the fire that he had in Oakland? Big payday, big move, then the big disappearing act.

  • AirKaris

    baron was never going to be a good signing at that stage of his career for that contract – now sterling is paying for it… literally.

  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    I agree that Baron needs to go. He seems to have hit that Eddy Curry stage of his career where his talent is overshadowed by his lack of intrest in staying in shape. But no way in hell is Chauncey Billups the answer! Billups takes worse shots than Davis and hits around the same percentage. Steve Nash would fit in perfect in L.A. and i guarantee they’d make the playoffs with him and maybe do some damage. As for Sterling, tell him to trade Kaman to Chicago ASAP! No need to waste an allstar career in LA.

  • Dr. Jumper

    Hey Austin, why does it have to be a black director… you jerk?

  • Michorizo

    Dr. Jumper, I read the names and just assumed they were directors…if Austin names 3 white directors, are you going to ask “why white directors”?

  • cal

    Baron don’t care what sterling says cuz in baron mind he just thinking f u pay me

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Baron Davis – crappy superstar.
    Donald Sterling – crappy owner.

    Baron Davis – seems like a cool guy offcourt.
    Donald Sterling – ehhhh not so much.

  • hadoken

    cube is doin a 30 for 30 on the raiders effect in south central during the nwa days

  • Will I B

    Here’s an idea. Baron should just make like vintage Baron when he was on the warriors in the first round against the Mavs. Just take over the damn game. But in the process he’ll heckle Sterling back, talk mad shit every time he scores or drops a dime to Blake for another monster dunk of the year. Sterling will finally get the production he’s been waiting for. Yea, Baron will get T’d up but not before he puts in his 2 cents in. Everybody wins… well kind of, the Clippers still lose the game

  • leech

    Ha, initially I thought he wanted Ice Cube to play Baron Davis in the movie!

  • James

    Never imagined I could have less respect for another owner besides Mark Cuban. But this is definitely worse.

  • nizzio

    Baron is so going to Turkey after his contract ends. lol

  • common sense

    i like what sterling is doing, baron and players of his ilk are shameful, period.