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D-Wade’s second straight 40-point game propels Heat past Rockets

Dwyane Wade (Photo. Jeffery Salter)

As much grief as LeBron took for linking up with Dwyane Wade and allegedly costing himself a shot at ever winning a third (or fourth) league MVP trophy, nobody seemed to mention D-Wade might have cost himself a shot at winning his first MVP. This week, however, D3 is looking more valuable than any other player in the NBA … Last night Wade decimated the Rockets for 45 points on 17-of-24 shooting from the field and 10-of-10 from the stripe. He only registered one assist, but that’s because he was too busy serving hot bowls of blood pudding. Only a handful of Wade’s shots were outside the lane, as he butchered anyone trying to guard him while the rest of the Heat just stood and jacked threes when he decided to kick it out. The only time Houston kinda stopped him was when Aaron Brooks accidentally cracked Wade in the mouth in the fourth quarter — Wade crumpled to the floor real slow like he’d been picked off by a sniper in Goldeneye on the N64 — causing a cut that required stitches. But he got up and went right back to attacking the rim and dropping acrobatic layups as the Heat never lost their lead … It was Wade’s second straight 40-point game, after he’d dumped 40 on the Knicks on Tuesday, and the Heat’s 10th straight road win. They became the first NBA team to win 10 consecutive on the road in a calendar month. LeBron finished with 20 points and 9 dimes, and Chris Bosh put up 21 points … Spotted in the Houston crowd: Hakeem Olajuwon, Andre Johnson, Carl Crawford and Roger Clemens … Boston can breathe. For now. In the first quarter of Celtics/Pistons, Kevin Garnett went up for a dunk and came down hopping on one leg. He walked off the court on his own, but didn’t return and had everybody fearing again for that right knee. It turns out it was actually a calf injury, though, and doesn’t sound like anything where he’ll miss a ton of time … As for the game, Charlie Villanueva only had a few minutes to get some get-back on KG for the “cancer” trash talk incident. Immediately after tip-off he delivered a statement foul on KG, and one time while running back on D he threw a shoulder into KG’s chest. After KG left, Charlie V just hit the rest of the Celtics with three-pointers, finishing with 14 points and four treys in a Detroit upset win … Don’t look now, but T-Mac had 21 points and 8 dimes while starting at point guard and playing 30 minutes …

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  • YW

    Darko is only good when compared to Kawme

  • Bizz

    That sequence between Mayo’s almost game winner and Tyreke’s game winner was nuts, and Donte Greene celebrating on the court before it went in made it all the more sweeter lol

  • DNice

    Is it just me or am I the only one who doesn’t like the name “Darko”

  • jzsmoove

    Vince knows, you grow out what you can, and he cant grow whats on his dome anymore. Nice vicious dunk in that game anyways, holla. I’m still rooting for ya Vince, still am.

    I like how this Heat team is continully gelling. They learning how to feed the hot superstar hand. It will be interesting what kind of deadline trades Riley is able to pull. also hoping that Mike Miller gets to par faster and haslem gets back. I’m luvin the Decision more and more.

    on a sidenote Dwight has to tame down his antics (understatement).

  • RC

    It’s about time Chauncey stepped up.

  • sh!tfaced

    Shit. If your a C’s fan, welcome to The Nightmare After Christmas, Part 3…

  • That’s What’s Up


    we’ll see if Spurs got the stones or not

  • control

    Wow, Boston ain’t the same team when their MVP goes down…they shot good and efficiently, but their defense…ouch.

  • Curtis G


    The Rockets-Heat game was good and I applaud the Heat and what they have done (and are doing) in the Month of December! That said, there are a few things that got lost in Miami’s win. Among those are:
    * The Rockets are getting close to being legit. Does anyone think they are a one good big man away from being a top team in the west?
    * The Rockets became the first team in the last 16 teams the Heat have played that cracked 100 points
    * Not only did the Rockets crack 100 points, their 119 last night was the most points posted against Miami this season.
    * Wade had to post 45 points to beat the Rockets and 40 to beat the Knicks in games the Heat only won by 6.
    * Miami’s big 3 combined for 86 points and the rest of the team scored 39. This is problematic because NO ONE ELSE on the team averages more than 8 ppg with Haslem being the only person out of those people to average more than 7 ppg.
    * Maybe not meaningful but definitely noteworthy is that the Rockets became the first team to have three players post 20 points or more against Miami.

    I don’t say any of this to take away from the Heat as they are looking like the top team in the east right now with them now running neck and neck with Boston as far as team play goes. That said, Wade’s 2 game run is amazing, but it is also troubling in that in both games where he score at least 40, Bosh and James also cracked at least 20… and still barely won both games. I don’t like to play the “what-if” game but there is no denying that if Wade simply scores his season average of 25, Miami likely loses big to New York and Houston because, when you get to the truth of it, Wade, historically and physically likely would not and will not be able to sustain that type of play in a seven games series against quality opponents. All this brings me back to a point that some other analyst have made and I didn’t really agree with until recently and that is Miami is starting to rely on at least one of their big three to have unusually big games to beat quality opponents. Case and point:
    1. In the LA game, Lebron posted a triple double.
    2. In the New Orleans game Lebron posted 32.
    3. In the Utah game, Lebron put up 33.
    4. In the Hawks game, Bosh scored 27.

    In addition to Wade’s run of 40 point games, the aforementioned games all included at least one of Miami big three significantly exceeding their season averages to get the win…. and to me, that’s disturbing because it puts so much pressure and wear and tear on three men especially considering the offensive shortcoming of the rest of the team. I might also note that in almost all of the Heat’s games, the rest of the team have accountted for less than 45 points… THE REST OF THE TEAM! Like I said, the Heat are doing something special right now and if I had to pick, I’d say they could take Boston but, at the level they are performing, or rather, HAVING to perform, I don’t know if that formula would work through 16 playoffs games where the intensity, pressure, and effort of teams are ramped up to abnormal levels.

    Sure the Heat have beat 16 of their last 17 opponents with 12 of those being by double digits, but let’s face it, more than half of those were not playoff caliber teams so make of that what you will. I am just saying that the 16 games they have won on this streak will not equate to the 16 games that they will play en route to a championship. I seriously think that Miami is going to need someone else to step up and average a modest number of points or else the Big Three are going to wear down real fast. We haven’t even made it to the halfway point of the season… do you really see Bosh, Wade, and James sustaining the type of load they are shouldering now? Maybe… they are young after all. Truth is, I don’t really know but my gut tells me that they are going to need a different game plan come playoffs. I don’t see too many playoff caliber teams allowing Miami’s big three to come in and average 86 points (like they did last night) against them for a seven games series. And when that happens, what will Miami do?

  • sh!tfaced

    ^^^^ damn. page 3 smack??!!! ^^^

  • Curtis G

    ^^^^damn.someone who doesn’t know what a disclaimer is??!!^^^

  • Simon

    @ Curtis G,

    That’s quite the insight there brother. You applying for a job or something?

  • Curtis G

    @ Simon:
    No. I just really, really like looking at the story behind the story. I am also in research so I generally tend to get carried away like that on my post because it is the way I write for a living. For the people who come here a lot though, they already know my posts are like this. I don’t post often which also tends to make me want to get everything out that I want to say at one time. If I posted regularly, I am sure my posts would be shorter.

  • bookkwormmaster

    D-Wade is straight killling the competition! For all intents and purposes he has been Miami’s best player overall. If he continues to play as efficiently as he has and Miami can finish with the best record overall I don’t see a reason why he won’t be strongly considered for MVP.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @Curtis G,

    I was reading along until it started to seem like you were just hating around the “what if” part of it. You can’t say that if Wade puts up his avg they lose big. Everything is relative. You take away 15pts from wade then that means someone else has the chance to score those 15pts….or are you assuming those are just TOs or missed shots. Anyway, I respect what you trying to say, i just disagree with it.

  • marcus the great

    @Curtis G
    really good points, and interesting. but all 3 of those players are used to being THE guy that would have really high scoring games to win. if it was JUST wade having to get 40 or a triple double to win, i’d say you’re on to something. but since its 3 of them, i think they can handle it.

    the 09-10 cavs, raptors and heat pretty much sucked at scoring the ball outside of their respective superstar. giving the heat 3 superstars to pick it up when needed to gut out the win pretty much wears down each player 2/3rds less than it would have last year, if that makes any sense.

    i do agree that the playoffs is a whole ‘nother beast, and that what you’re saying will definitely apply more during that time. but i dont think anyone will get worn down from the regular season. and they’ll prolly figure somethin out by playoffs too.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    So um Blake Griffin and Kevin Love were up to their usual nastiness last night. Both of them got busy and their teams lost. Griffins was especially frustrating as I watched his teammates jack 3 pointers like they were the Knicks or Suns but they didn’t realize they were missing. Which in turn led to Utah and the MVP (Deron Williams) slowing the game down and taking great shot after great shot. But I will say this… Blake Griffin has turned the entire mentality of that Clippers team around. All it takes is a big dunk from him to get them going and he always seems to start the game with a couple big moves or plays. Bledsoe has some talent but his IQ is in the negatives right now. Seriously, that kid makes some of the worse plays you can possibly make.
    Deandre Jordan is a highlight machine…and thats it. Dude seems highly motivated at times and he plays out of his mind when he’s like that. But he needs to translate that passion into the off season workouts and he’ll be a top center in this league. Aminu suprised the hell outta me, kinda reminds me of James Posey when he used to be able to ball or maybe even Malik Sealy.

    Then there’s Blake and Eric Gordon. They don’t play all that well together as Eric is not a very good team player and seems like he’s out to prove he is a star instead of making the team better, but they still cause major problems for the opposing team. Eric’s jumper is ugly but it’s str8 money! and Blake will be amongst the best players in the NBA 2yrs from now if not being spoken of as the best. Just a gut feeling i have.

  • http://www.remixcomic.com Nodizzel

    LMAO @ “Wade crumpled to the floor real slow like he’d been picked off by a sniper in Goldeneye on the N64″. I’ve done that to many a cat back in the day.

  • Curtis G

    @ Chicagorilla:
    No Hate. I actually like Miami and I am sure that if you really wanted to, you could go back and find some of my post from this past summer where I not only defended Miami in the acquisition of Bosh and Lebron, but I also defended Lebron and Lebron’s now infamous “Decision”. I even actually said that I “hate” to play the what if game and mainly that’s because of what you have pointed out. That said, Wade’s two 40 point games simply do not fall in line with what would have happened had he scored his season averages considering Bosh and James each hit or exceeded their averages in both games as well. My point in bringing that up is that Wade had to significantly (almost double) his season scoring average while Bosh and James had to meet or beat their averages just to eek out a 6 point win in both cases. I don’t care where you’re from or what you do, that is a cause for concern because it is not efficint nor is it sustainable and were I a coach, it is not a gamble or game plan I’d be willing to rely on on nightly basis in the 16 win post-season. That said, of course I respect your opinion and your right to disagree. I am NOT the authority on these things.

    @ marcus the great:
    I agree and that’s why I said that they may actually be able to sustain this level of scoring (or something reaonably close) simply because they are young and all thee have been in situations where they have to do it before. So who knows? Still, personally, I view the last two games the Heat played as aberrations… what we call in reseach and statistics “outliers”. Yea, the stats from those two games were crazy but they are also not likley to happen on a dependable basis. The bottom line is that Miami is going to need someone to else besides the Big Three to provide a scoring punch. Maybe it doesn’t have to come in the regular season but it will need to come by the time the playoffs roll around. If Mike Mille can stay healthy, I’d roll the dice and say he can be that other 12-17 ppg that Miami needs. And if that happens, I would guarantee that Miami will take the East and roll to the NBA finals.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @Curtis G,

    look back at the Bulls last 3peat. You had MJ around 26-30ppg, Scottie around 18-22ppg, Kukoc around 12-16ppg and everyone else in single digits.

    Look back at the Lakers last 3 peat with Shaq and Kobe being around 25-30ppg and everyone else in single digits.

    the Spurs have had Duncan(20ppg), Manu (16-20ppg), Parker(16-20ppg) with others under 10ppg and won a few chips.

    What that tells me is that those teams had players who KNEW THIER ROLE. And with this heat team it should be no different. James, Bosh, and Wade should always be the top 3 socrers for 85% of their games. Every now and then House, Miller, Haslem, Jones should catch fire and maybe get 20pts. But if they are scoring too much (like earlier this season) the Heat aren’t winning.

    When Wade/LBJ score, they also create scoring oppotunities for their teammates who couldn’t otherwise get buckets. When Eddie House or James Jones is scoring…thats it, they are just scoring. Anytime with a good coach wants the ball to be shot by those guys. I’ll take my chance with the scrubs shooting than with Wade trying to score 40 on me.

    The only concern in that Hou and NY game is that their defense gave up too many points. That is falling on the interior D where they don’t have a real shot blocker.

  • sh!tfaced

    disclaimer my ass. we’re just posting comments here. relax. do i need to get a lawyer now too? lol

  • Curtis G

    Blake Griffin is the real deal! Eric Gordon will be shipped out within a few years… two at max. Baron and Kaman might not nake it past this year’s trade deadline. It’s a well documented fact that Sterling has problem with both Baron and Kaman and Jordan’s play makes it easier for Sterling to cut ties. In Baon’s case, I just think Sterling flat out doesn’t like him. Jordan doesn’thave the overall offensive game that Kaman posseses but he is younger, cheaper, and has a higher ceiling than Kaman who has probably topped out. I think of Jordan as Tyson Chandler part II… only better. And he and Griffin WILL be the most dangerous frontcourt in the league within two years. In truth, it’s probably a good thing that the Clips keep losing though because this is how I expect Sterling will replace Baron and/or Gordon; through a high draft pick. They also still have all that money they shaved over the past two years that was supposed to woo a big name star this past summer… so they have the ability to get someone through this summer’s free agency as well. All in all, I see the Clips being on the rise for the next few years. That is, assuming Sterling doesn’t go all “Sterling” on us and refuse to pay Griffin (and he leaves), and/or refuses to bring in complimentary talented help (which makes Griffin leave). Those are big if’s because Sterling kind of has a reputation for doing oddball stuff like that. Then again, I don’t think the Clips have ever had a player quite like Griffin either, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see how all of this affects Sterling’s thinking and his pocketbook.

  • nizzio

    T-Mac just keeps on getting better. He will be an all-star next season

  • Curtis G

    @ Chicagorilla:
    True, those teams did only have three players averaging more than 15 ppg but there are two caveats to those teams you names;
    1. The game scoring averahe has increased significantly since the Bulls thanks to the perimeter player friendly rule changes and
    2. The scoring distrubution between on all the teams you names still featured a well balanced team with anumber of players avering between 8-17 ppg.

    To that end, Miami season scoring average is 101.4 with Miami’s Big Three accounting for 66% (67.5 ppg) of the scoring. Not bad but still higher than the Jordan led Bulls and the mid-nineties Spurs trio of players. Add to that the fact that there is a hug drop-off in productivity after Bosh’s 18.6 ppg and you what you get is huge discrepancy in not onlcy scoring responsibility, but scoring effciency.

    The greatness of all three of Miami leaders aside, what those numbers also tell me is that injury, fatigue, or “off-nights” will be way more detrimental to Miami than to other teams… and that’s a problem no matter how you slice it. Miami NEEDS another reliable scorer and that’s all there is to it. And trust me, this isn’t hate on Miami (they are one of only three favorite teams I have in the NBA) but rather, this is about the cold hard facts of the game. Miami is good, with the imminent possibility to be great… but it isn’t going to happen until they get better role players on that team.

  • Claw

    Wade got his 40 but was a -16 while on the floor, so he had the numbers but when playing the Heat were actually losing the overall points game, that was interesting.

    Clippers will always suck, no matter if you get the talent the ownership doesn’t know how to win unless Sterling sells the team. Why would you trade Gordon, he’s finally getting run and playing well just needs more time to become well rounded. That would be a Sterling move trading Gordon and keeping Baron, maybe sign BD to a max deal.

  • Claw

    @Nizzio – you need drug tested, McGrady will be injured again or miss games in the next two weeks and won’t get double digits in points next game.

  • Curtis G

    @ Claw:
    Gordon gets traded if he can’t figure out or accept that he is playing second fiddle to Griffin. Right now he is doing neither and maybe that is something the coaches need to help hime figure out. Regardless, as crazy as I think Sterling is, he isn’t stupid enough to choose Gordon over Griffin so that’s why I say Gordon may get shipped out within two years if he won’t accept that role. As for Baron, I really can’t see how he makes it past thetrade deadline. True, Sterling overpaid to get Baron but his contract is by no means untradable. Plus, if there was ever a guy that NEEDED a change of scenery, it’s him. It’s fairly obvious that Baron’s game shouldn’t have dropped off as much as it has and in light of the recent revelations of Sterling’s in-game taunting, I think it’s safe to say that that has to be the reason why Baron is neither inclined or willing to play for Sterling anymore. I don’t particularly condone that attitude in someone making millions of dollars to do something most of us do for free, but hey, I guess everyone has a breaking point.

    To you other point, wasn’t it Bosh who was -16?

  • Curtis G

    @ sh!tfaced:
    No lawyers… at least not yet! Haha!

  • sadeye2507

    Mike Miller anyone?

  • Mtx

    What about the second all star ballot that was just released? i’m really pissed off with the center for the west

    Injured Yao leads tha way, with ‘I-played-less-than-five-games’ Bynum at second and Brendan ‘i-only-hit-a-quarter-of-my-free-throws’ haywood at third. Nene must be really pissed off right now. Hopefully the coaches will put a true center in the all star

  • Mtx

    less than 10 games i meant

  • Sporty-j

    We will be just fine in Miami and you have got to REMEMBER. We are winning games without our 4th and 5th best players. We are not elite yet like Boston since we have to role Juana-man Howard onto the floor until Haslem comes back by the end of feb. Mike Miller will probably be inserted into the starting lineup once hes ready. Mike Miller is going to help with rebounding(which will lead to more fast break points), will add to our offense since he can cut to the hole for easy layups or dunks or just knock down the open shot. He will also add another demention to our defense since he can guard 3 positions. You guys have yet to see the best of the Heat. Dont worry Celtic fans, because we are an equal oppurtunity country and its only a matter of time before you guys where that a$$ whiping thats coming and feel the HEAT. We dont discriminate in Miami and we have not written you guys and Paul Pu$$y off of our LIST. MWO(Miami World Order) is taking over! Chris Paul wants to be a Heat, not a KNICK. And you either JOIN the Heat or get BEAT DOWN by the Heat…

  • Claw

    @Curtis G – correct Bosh is -16 and Wade was +2, that’s what happens when you get old!

    Gordon was on the USA squad and played a role there and is young and has game and will learn to play off of Blake Griffin, EG is dropping dimes so I don’t think he’s a player going down the “ME” route. You can only unload BD for garbage, nobody wants the guy. He’s out of shape and can’t play D, not a recipe for success.

    @Sporty Jay – So now Chris Paul is taking the league minimum? Get off the pipe after New Years, take it slow.

    I was hoping for a true Mav/Spur showdown, too bad Dirk is out.

  • Chaos

    @ Curtis G

    The problem with LA is definitely not talent but
    1) Sterling
    2) Leadership

    Unfortunately after the whole fiasco with BD/Dunleavy and Brand not resigning, BD jus turned his attention to other interests and not concentrating on ballin. That left a huge hole in the leadership department which their coach doesn’t have and no player on that team has developed. Griffin is a beast (even though his game is limited but effective), Gordon is a shooter (great talent but on court decisions aren’t there). Jordan is a future starting C who will average 15/9/2 eventually while aminu is your rubber man(does. Little of everything) but these guys need time and someone needs to step up. They need a real pg and a better coach. The effort and passion are there but no one to guide them properly. A Billups/Kidd/CP3/D-will would make them great but sterling aint having that.

  • Claw

    @Chaos – Good analysis, if the Nuggets go young by trading Melo and/or Billups. If the Clips got a Billups he would be a perfect fit as the team leader and ability to close out games.

    Sterling just can’t get out of the way, needs to get a quality GM and coach and build consistency. Not like its hard to figure out how to win. Look at all winning franchises, solid ownership that doesn’t get too involved, consistency up top and building from within. Same in basketball as football and other sports.

    Some owners think they know more than GMs/Coaches and then it all goes to hell.

  • Ben1en

    I’m surprised Dime, no mention of today being LeBron Jame’s birthday? No post of his top plays? Or big games he has had on his birthday? I also saw no mention of his bday on NBA.com, ESPN.com or the Yahoo basketball blog, Ball Don’t Lie. Really, quite surprising…