NBA / Dec 14, 2010 / 11:00 am

Visual Evidence: David Lee Has A Hole In His Elbow

David Lee

David Lee

If you’re a Golden State Warriors fan, chances are you already know about the fine work of beat writer Marcus Thompson. But in case you missed it across your Twitter feed last night, Thompson showed the world exactly what David Lee has been dealing with after Wilson Chandler lost a tooth in his elbow. WARNING! This is gross. Check it out:

David Lee

David Lee (photo. Marcus Thompson)

So what is one to do with such a hole? Thanks to our friend Trey Kerby at The Basketball Jones, we have five ways to fix Lee’s elbow hole: cork, wine bottle stopper, sandbag, miniature clone of himself or Wilson Chandler. Hilarious.

What do you think?

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  • nizzio

    That’s just nasty.

  • warriorsworld

    I’d hit it.

  • Wake

    Damn, Chandler needs to brush his teeth because that looks infected.

  • gilford

    Holy crap! that was disgusting.

  • top_gun

    Brush his teeth ? lol that’s like saying anyone who gets sick needs to shower more.

  • dunks4lunch

    That looks like a damn staph infection..some serious shit

  • Wake

    Man do I really have to explain this. The mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria from bites can cause infection.

    Brushing teeth = clean mouth = less likely to cause infection if you somehow bite somebody on the elbow.

    And yes it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously…just messin’ with you top_gun lol

  • Bailey

    I wonder how Chandlers mouth his doing….. and how is tooth fell out so easily…. hope they are both doing ok

  • Pedro

    They are probably prescribing him some antibiotics and applying intrasite gel on the wound every 2 days

  • control

    That looks almost like a damn genital herps infection ran wild. Or maybe a nasty Blue Waffle Pussy for a tiny peniored man. Lee is probably on Valtrex right now, and Chandler SHOULD be on Valtrex.

    Regardless of the situation, Lee has to quit playing like a fucking puss. Picked the guy 2nd round on my fantasy team and the guy is letting me down. I don’t care of GS loses every single game the rest of the way…the man needs to go out and get his (and therefore, get mine as well).

  • Sporty-j

    DAAMMM!!! Dude should not be allowed to play.

  • jzsmoove

    looks like a glory hole gone wrong after going bald eagle wtf!!!

  • Captain Fantastic

    That’s not a hole in his arm. It’s an emerging poltergeist.

  • kobeef

    Chandler has some big damn teeth. That hole is huge.

  • busterjonez

    MRSA… almost got Tom Brady’s knee and almost got D-Lee’s elbow.

    Some professional athlete is gonna lose a body part because of it in the next few years.

  • JAY

    @warriorsworld: “I’d hit it”

    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    Tap that shit, son!

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Hm…no mention of Dirk Nowitzki returning to play after 0 or 1 games last year, post-Carl Landry? Oh well. Put the “Dirk is Tough” file away with the “Dirk is Clutch” file, rarely to be seen by the casual observer no matter how real they are.

  • warriorsworld

    Dirk didn’t get infected, you dummy.