NBA, Video / Dec 9, 2010 / 5:00 pm

Dime Exclusive: 2010-11 Miami Heat Player Intro Video

Thanks to our friends in South Beach, check out the 2010-11 Miami Heat Player Intro Video. For those of y’all that can’t make it down for a game, it’s the next best thing.

What do you think?

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  • (bobby) truthe revealed

    Mike Miller is hoping to return in late December, but the Heat “seem to be leaning toward the initial estimate of January.”

  • (bobby) truthe revealed


  • jro

    i’m sure the 600 fans that are there for the beginning of the game really love it…

  • where high ankle sprains happen

    my friend had this thing on his facebook, and ill say the same thing here that i said on his page…..is this basketball or a fucking gq spread?

  • Bobbito

    LMAO, stupid ass video. It doesn’t even hype up the crowd or the team.

    EPITOME of the phrase ” too cool for school “

  • ERIC

    Well, that sure was FLAMING

  • netstar


  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I thought that was pretty sweet, actually. I’m mostly just glad that they weren’t using the “Requiem For a Dream” soundtrack which just about everyone else in video-dom seems to use.

  • Steve Nash

    loved the bitches in the video… dancers were hot too

  • quest???

    couldnt they use a pump up song?

  • Antiix

    It was pretty cool… For me to poop on. Lakers all the way, real kings have rings!!

  • QQ

    With videos like this, who wouldn’t want to be a bandwagon fan of this team???!!!

  • LeBrown


  • svigi


  • Young Gunner

    LOL at Stackhouse not being on the team anymore

  • flegman

    ok, I can recognize wade, lebron and…. udonis. Who are those other guys?

  • hahns

    anyone else think mike miller looks like drama?

  • clay

    Lebron, just shut the f@ck up and play basketball. none of this side show BS

  • AirKaris

    this is what is wrong with the NBA these days…

    and they have now ruined a classic song.

  • K

    they should have just went with this

  • K

    shouldve just went with this

    youtube. com/watch?v=JoQyzmn8mLA

  • sweetv0mit

    weak sauce

  • NTstateOFmind

    nice one miami, way to get the crowd hype w this banger of a song

    (respect to Phil Collins though)

  • ballsinyoface

    WTF happened to basketball??? Aren’t intro videos supposed to be intimidating and pump up the home team? This just makes me feel like I’m watching a big and tall fashion show lol…SUUUUUUPPPPPPEEEEEERRRRRRR GAAAAAAAAAY!!!

    This is what I hate about Lebron no matter how much I try to like him and respect his game. In Cleveland he got too caught up in all that pregame bullshit and picture taking antics. Now in Miami him and D-Wade suddenly think they’re GQ models and forgot they are being paid millions of dollars to win bball games!!! You would never see Kobe do this, or allow any of the Lakers players to for that matter. Not to say he doesn’t have an ego, we all know hes arrogant and stubborn. But mamba is strictly business. When he enters the gym, he’s there to put in work, win bball games, and break his opponents heart. Lebron and D-Wade are there trying to get on magazine covers…

    NBA players are so self-absorbed nowadays and it’s the medias fault for treating them like rockstars and turning them into soft little pretty boys from the time they are 14 years old playing on the AAU circuit. Do they realize they look like idiots/assholes/clowns/gay while taking fake snapshots of each other before games and pretending to be models in intro videos? I can’t even take them seriously anymore there egos are simply astonishing.

    LMAO at D-Wade in this vid, his slow motion turn and blink trying to look all sexy. Message to him: This is why Kobe owns you on a regular basis and will win another championship this year while you and Lebron sit at home jealous, enjoying your star treatment sipping pina coladas on South Beach next ro Gabrielle Union and Lebron has to watch more puppet commercials about Kobe and his rings LMAO! …”FOR each one of these delicious chocolate chip cookies, there is an equally delicious NBA Championship Ring that you don’t have! You gotta be hungry Lebron!” Gotta love it.

    Take me back to 90’s Basketball and the days of physical play, no flops (i mean you big baby davis) and hard fouls!!! Peace I’m Out!!!

  • brado

    That really pumps me up to hit the town – not watch a ball game. LAME!

    Miami is all show and no passion!

  • E A

    The Miami Heat would be better off in a dancing video to “Staying Alive” by the Bee-Gees.

    Or the song that Buffalo Bill dances to in the Silence of the Lambs.


    I agree that the Miami Heat intro is super gay.