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Dime NBA Power Ranking: Mavs, Celtics, Heat cited for streaking

Gilbert Arenas

Ranking the NBA from worst to first…

30. Cleveland Cavaliers (7-17)
Last week — Lost at Philadelphia, lost to Chicago, lost at Houston, lost at Oklahoma City
They could snap this eight-game losing streak at Miami on Wednesday. And Brett Favre could go one week without appearing on SportsCenter, and Mel Gibson could actually respect people who aren’t like him.

29. Sacramento Kings (5-16)
Last week — Lost at L.A. Clippers, beat Washington, lost to Miami
At least longtime announcer Jerry Reynolds can keep himself occupied during the losses by coming up with new nicknames and wordplay for Sam Dalembert. The other night he broke out “Dalemblock” and “Sammy Slam.”

28. New Jersey Nets (6-18)
Last week — Lost at Atlanta, lost at Dallas, lost to L.A. Lakers
Terrence Williams is back from the D-League, and just trying to play his role and fit in as quietly as a heavily-tattooed guy who is the best athlete on the team can fit in.

27. Minnesota Timberwolves (6-18)
Last week — Lost at New York, lost to Oklahoma City, beat Detroit, lost at Chicago
Their West Coast road trip begins with the Warriors and Suns. Kevin Love might grab 40 rebounds. Per game.

26. Los Angeles Clippers (5-20)
Last week — Beat Sacramento, lost to L.A. Lakers, lost to Memphis, lost to Orlando
DeAndre Jordan should have somebody make him a DVD of Tyson Chandler. Jordan has a similar build and similar game to Chandler, but he still can learn little things like defensive positioning and making himself a big target that Chandler has learned over the years.

25. Washington Wizards (6-16)
Last week — Lost at L.A. Lakers, lost at Sacramento, lost to New York
Don’t count out Gilbert Arenas making an All-Star push over the next few weeks. The only locks among East guards are D-Wade, Rose and Rondo. That leaves two more spots, and Arenas is putting up 17.5 points, 5.2 assists and 1.4 steals per game.

24. Detroit Pistons (7-18)
Last week — Lost at Houston, lost at New Orleans, lost at Minnesota, lost to Toronto
Ben Wallace posted a career-high 23 points to go with 14 boards and 5 steals against the Raptors, but the Pistons blew a 25-point lead and lost the game.

23. Milwaukee Bucks (9-13)
Last week — Lost to Miami, beat Indiana, beat Houston
Slowly trying to climb out of this hole by winning three of their last four, but this week brings road games at Dallas and San Antonio, then back home for the Jazz.

22. Charlotte Bobcats (8-15)
Last week — Beat Denver, lost at Indiana, lost to Boston
After being held to 62 points and 33% shooting while turning the ball over 21 times against the Celtics, the Bobcats get a chance to rediscover their offense when the Raptors come to town Tuesday.

21. Golden State Warriors (8-15)
Last week — Lost at Dallas, lost at San Antonio, lost to Miami
Six losses in a row, in which opponents scored an average of 110 points per game. Did I miss something and they re-hired Don Nelson?

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  • Rangerjohn

    Ha, the sarcasm is awesome!

    Dime needs to add a like/dislike and go back to 1 page

  • Rizwan

    What to do about the Suns?

    Season so far has aged me. Letting Amare go was the one of the stupidest decisions Robert Sarver has ever made, but you can just add that to the list.

    I dont agree with the Steve Nash point. Steve Nash is still putting up numbers (10+ apg on a team with one scorer) but Amare is killing it right now. That was hard to right.

    I think if we get Anderson Varejao, and someone to take Hedo off our hands, we can go deep in the playoffs. That alone solves our rebounding and defense somewhat.

    Man, Robert Sarver is the stupidest MF’er I have ever seen, His penny pinching ruined a team that ought to have won at least 1 chip if not more. Finally, the team was in a good rhythm last season and he goes and fucks that up too. If the NBA can take over the Hornets, cant they do something about incompetency in owners like Sarver and Sterling at the Clips?

    Ultimately, I think we owe it to Steve Nash to trade him.

    And how good are the Knicks at the moment? Game with the Nuggets was terrific. Great atmosphere and entertaining game. Good luck to them. I feel some allegiance to them seeing as they are Suns 2004-07 2.0

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Lol at the sarcasm sign haha

    Yeah Stoudamire is making Felton look legit. Damn the Knicks are son fire. Feels good to be Spike Lee around now lol.

  • Jay10do

    jus look at those Cavs… Dan Gilberts ah funny man, they will win a title b4 Lebron will haha! 7-17 good one Dan. Go Heat!!!!!!!!

  • Fabian

    Sorry to say so, but I couldn’t help but thinking throughout all of the Power Rankings that everything was rushed to be published and it was not given too much thought.

  • control


    You are the first, and probably ONLY person in the world who has said anything indicating that they’d want Anderson Valgina. Even his mom, over in Braziland or whatever god forsaken place he was spawned in, wouldn’t want him to come home for an xmas dinner (every time he tries to eat something, he flops off the tables and it makes a mess while scaring the family dog).

  • S.A.C.


    One of those guard spots gotta/should go to the Knicks point guard Felton, unless I’m forgetting somebody.

    But I know, I know, you guys said there were only 3 locks.

    We’ll see?

  • S.A.C.


    I know this is all for fun, but how do you guys put the Heat and Bulls where you have them (especially the Bulls ahead of the Orlando, Utah, The Knicks and OKC)? And are the Heat really the 4th best team now? Wow! That was quick!

    I can even see DIME putting San Antonio and Dallas ahead of Boston, but for some reason I don’t think either one of them (especially San Antonio) will be there at the end.

    I just don’t see either one of those two teams making it out the Western conference (like I said especially San Antonio). They have no legit size. On the other hand, Dallas has legit size, but no legit scoring. We’ll see?

  • David

    you are an idiot. Your obvious jealousy od San Antonio, (especially San Antonio) is sickening.

  • hakasan

    not sure what you mean by ‘being there at the end’ i thought weekly rankings are to mark current progress instead of projecting future play? besides, (sarcasm alert) spurs and mavs can’t be in the eastern conference playoffs because they’re in the west!

    also not sure why you say spurs got no size when they still have duncan, working in splitter, and have 12 fouls between bonner and dejuan…

    also not sure why you say mavs got no O when dirk is red hot, with jason terry and caron butler finally showing some size… don’t forget they still have a passing jkidd who can’t score or play d anymore, but can still push a basketball to the right spot at the right time… they also have a very decent bench with matrix, the other jj, and beaubois (who was capable of scoring 40 as a rookie) coming back…

    but alas, i agree with you, only time will tell, we’ll see… go lakers! haha

  • Rizwan

    @ Control

    I say because he’s very good at what he does, rebounding and defense. The Suns need that. I would only hate him if he is on another team, but his intangibles are pretty important for us right now.

    Trust me, I’m no fan, I’m a fan of players like him.

  • KCL

    Not to take anything away from the knicks cuz theyre playing some of the most energized basketball Ive ever seen from them, but Mike D is the reason for Felton blowing up and Amare still being a beast. Nash certainly made Amare a beast in phoenix when Mike D left but ppl are forgetting the knicks are feeding Amare on nearly every possesion, of course he’s gonna be dropping 30 points cuz he’s nearly unguardable on the block with his talent and atheleticism compare it to kobe when he should have won mvp during Nash’s rain, if Kobe didn’t get credit no way Amare should. I’m still very impressed by him and he’s actually playing a lil defense which I never saw from him ever but the MVP chatter is a lil unwarranted especially with players like D-will, Dwight, and even D-rose absolutly carrying their teams right now while I see Amare more of taking advantage of Mike D’s offensive genius i’d like to see the knicks knock some more quality opponents beating denver was a good start.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Nash’s stats from this year:
    PPG 18.4 RPG 3.70 APG 10.2 on 51.3% shooting. Assists dropped by about 1 a game from last year and he’s scoring about 2 more points a game on a way worse team. How did Amare make him look all world? He looks more all world now because the talent around him is worse.

  • S.A.C.

    @Hakasan & David

    I know I may sound harsh, but except for Duncan (who’s admittedly not what he used to be), are there any other LEGIT big men on San Antonio roster to battle the Lakers? I’ll admit, that San Antonio can beat Dallas. It’s the lakers, they’d have a hard time beating.

    As far as Dallas, it’s the same ol, same ol. Yeah, they can win a bunch in the regular season ( I know they playing defense now); but is Butler, Terry and Chandler going to be able to fill up the baskets after Dirk in a Western Conference final? Yeah. Dirk is great!!!

    J Kidd better be working overtime.

    And I’m not picking on these two teams. Cause, I feel the same way about New Orleans, I just think that none of you guys feel they’re getting out of the west either at this stage, so I haven’t said anything about them. Lol.

    But I certainly love how they both play basketball and respect the jobs their coaches and teams have done so far. It’s been incredible!

  • QQ

    Good to see that we’re still top 10, but daaaaaaamn, we’re just playing so damn below the level of where we want to be, it’s not even funny.

    *reads comment number 4, which is obviously NOT a bandwagon heat fan*

    Ahhh… I feel better.