Hit List / Dec 20, 2010 / 2:15 pm

Dime NBA Power Ranking: LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh move into Top 3

Vince Carter, Dime #21

20. Milwaukee Bucks (10-15)
Last week — Won at Dallas, lost at San Antonio, lost to Utah
It seems like Brandon Jennings is sophomore-slumping, but he’s actually shooting 2 percentage points higher from the field than his rookie year and scoring more. And yet he’s still under 40% as a shooter.

19. Philadelphia 76ers (11-16)
Last week — Won at New Jersey, beat L.A. Clippers, lost to L.A. Lakers, won at Orlando
Can you imagine how sick Ohio State would be right now with Evan Turner and Jared Sullinger? And with the way Evan’s PT has dropped lately, you know he’s thought about it.

18. Portland Trail Blazers (14-14)
Last week — Lost at Memphis, lost at Dallas, beat Minnesota, beat Golden State
Waiting to see how Brandon Roy and Andre Miller play together once B-Roy comes back from his latest knee troubles. Both guys are usually professionals on the court, but the rumors going around have to play a factor.

17. Memphis Grizzlies (12-16)
Last week — Beat Portland, beat Charlotte, lost at Houston, lost at San Antonio
Zach Randolph had two 20-20 games last week: 25 points and 20 boards against the Blazers, then 24-21 against the Spurs.

16. Houston Rockets (12-15)
Last week — Beat Sacramento, lost at Oklahoma City, beat Memphis, won at Sacramento
Since coming over in the trade, Terrence Williams has played as many minutes for Houston as Yao Ming.

15. Indiana Pacers (12-14)
Last week — Lost at Chicago, lost to L.A. Lakers, beat Cleveland, lost at Boston
For a team that is shaky at best at the power forward position, it looks bad with David West, Zach Randolph and Kevin Garnett coming up on the schedule over the next eight days.

14. Atlanta Hawks (17-12)
Last week — Lost at Detroit, lost at Boston, beat Charlotte, lost at New Jersey
Joe Johnson came back from elbow surgery in two weeks, half the time he was expected to be out. But he’s shooting 30% from the field and 2-for-12 beyond the arc since his return.

13. Phoenix Suns (13-13)
Last week — Beat Minnesota, lost at Dallas, won at Oklahoma City
How far as Vince Carter fallen off in the eyes of the public when his expiring contract is considered his greatest asset?

12. New Orleans Hornets (16-11)
Last week — Lost at Miami, beat Sacramento, beat Utah, lost at Detroit
Chris Paul got a rare head-to-head win over Deron Williams, then followed it up by losing to Will Bynum.

11. Orlando Magic (16-10)
Last week — Lost at Denver, lost to Philadelphia
The new starting five: Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, Brandon Bass and Dwight, with Gilbert Arenas leading the second unit.

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  • lee

    I’ve said it before, Cleveland needs a team called the fluffers !!

  • JA

    “It seems like Brandon Jennings is sophomore-slumping, but he’s actually shooting 20 percentage points higher from the field than his rookie year and scoring more.”

    Jennings is only shooting 2% higher than last year

  • Duke

    Don’t the Heats this season remind you of the Wizard of Oz?
    Lebron needs a Brain
    Bosh needs Heart
    Wade needs Courage.
    And they’re all in Miami because Riley plays the role of the Wizard who they think can help them.

  • karizmatic

    You’re right about Charlotte, Jordan would likely hire another Tarheel to replace Brown and it would likely be someone like Dougherty…ughhh.

    Orlando is putting both Richardson and Arenas on the bench? Interesting…

    They keep trying to make Rashard Lewis a 4 because he’s not fast enough anymore to guard any 3’s. He should be on the bench.

    You must just like to get a rise out of people because putting Miami over the Lakers and Dallas is a joke.

  • capnkimo

    @Duke – …

  • Sporty-j

    I cant wait until BOSH shows PAUL GASOL who the BEST PF in the league is now…

  • Scuba Chicken

    @ Sporty-j
    How will Bosh show Gasol that Dirk is the BEST PF in the league?

  • Scuba Chicken

    @ Sporty-j
    How will Bosh show Gasol that Dirk is the BEST PF in the league?

  • egypt

    Dirk can show Wade how to lose a championship again…

  • Alex “Robocop” Murphy

    Statistically it is a toss up between K-Love and Dirk Diggler for best PF.

    Note that Gasol has been playing center for the first 7 weeks of the season.

  • hakasan

    bosh will hand gasol a tim duncan basketball card :)

    by the way, i’m pretty sure lebron lacks brain, heart and courage… bosh lakes heart and courage… wade lacked a good team to win for too long so he settled for lebron and bosh…

  • Sporty-j

    Wade COURAGE??? USA needs to be thanking WADE for there GOLD MEDAL in 2008 and putting the WORLD back in its place and showing them. WHOS THE BEST IN BASKETBALL!!! Must be a MAVERICK FAN…

  • cesar

    why wade lacks courage?

  • danocasa

    Sorry Sporty J but you need to watch that Gold Medal game again. I believe it was Kobe who took over when everyone else was too worried about stepping on each others’ toes for crunch time shots.
    And the best in basketball? Please. First, there (their, they’re) is no reason to shout. Second, is it any wonder why everyone says that, yeah, the Heat are rolling, but they will still need to get through Boston, and either LA or San Antonio? LA just had its first four game skid in three years, and no one said anything, because everyone knows that for proven teams like Boston, LA, and San Antonio, the only thing that matters is the playoffs.
    So have fun with your 60-65 win season, and another LBJ second-round exit.

    /checks Bosh’s career stats in meaningful playoff games
    //still checking…

  • Sporty-j

    What game were you watching in 2008 HOMIE??? Kobe stepped up when everybody was scared? You might need to go watch that whole game again. Kobe was in FOUL trouble along with Lebron. Kobe made 1 big shot at the end for a 3 where he got fouled for that 4 point play and put his finger over his mouth to “HUSH” the crowd. And thats the only “CLUTCH” shot he made that i can remember. Laker and Kobe fans will tell you that Wade was clearly the best player on the team THAT YEAR. Wade made CLUTCH shot after CLUTCH for team USA and kept them in the GAME. Its on “YOUTUBE” and go check the STATS of that CHAMPIONSHIP GAME and throughout the olympics and “KEEP IT REAL” next time HOMIE. All i ask for you guys on DIMES to do is keep it real, dont let the world tell you that Brandon Knight or Barnes are the best players in the upcoming draft when Mr. Irving clearly is. Stop having AGENDAS like the “POISONOUS” media have with Lebron and give a MAN the credit he DESERVES. Playoffs is where its at and Wade will show you guys what he can do with a good TEAM around “HIM”…

  • hakasan

    wait, are we talking about the nba or international play now? last i checked, jkidd is the most accomplished international player active in the nba today…

  • Claw

    @duke – that is some good sh*t, The Wizard of South Beach!

    I like how Austin has the Heat above the Mavs and Lakers, teams that will both beat down the Heat this week, nicely done. How is NY even in the top 10, seriously?

  • Ian

    That be manu not kidd