NBA / Dec 20, 2010 / 2:00 pm

Gilbert Arenas Will Wear No. 1 To Honor Penny Hardaway

Gilbert Arenas Will Wear No. 1 To Honor Penny Hardaway

I think I might be more excited than anyone to see Gilbert Arenas‘ debut with the Orlando Magic tonight, and it’s probably not for any reasons you may think. Back when Agent Zero was blogging for NBA.com in 2007, he let the world know that the Magic were his favorite team growing up and Penny Hardaway was his favorite player. “In my room I probably had 600 pictures up on my wall and 575 of ‘em were all Penny.” Tonight in Atlanta against the Hawks, Arenas will take the floor donning Penny’s No. 1 in his honor.

“It was funny when I played in Los Angeles all of my friends would say, ‘I hope you get traded to Orlando, your favorite team or some other team,” Arenas told OrlandoMagic.com’s John Denton. “It was funny because as soon as I got traded I thought, “You’re there! Now pick No. 1. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to wear for Penny Hardaway.”

Personally, I find it a little crazy that the Magic never retired Hardaway’s number, but they’ve only been around since 1989. With that said, Orlando did retired the No. 6 for “The Sixth Man” a.k.a. “The Fans,” but this was later un-retired in 2001–02 for Patrick Ewing.

What do you think? Should the Magic retired Penny’s jersey?

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  • DarkHorse

    I hope Gilbert Arenas dosen’t end up broken like Penny, or T-Mac, who also rocked the 1 in Orlando.

  • bobby stew

    When did Arenas play in L.A.?

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    He played for the GS Warriors which I guess is close enough?

    Why isn’t Penny retires?

  • Promoman

    Penny has a better chance of getting his Magic jersey retired than Shaq in the short term anyway. Penny did hurt his legacy when he got Brian Hill fired back in the day and people will also look at how short his prime was too. Ultimately, he should since he was the first Magic player to be named to the All-NBA First Team and he did it twice. Nobody else did it until Tracy McGrady & Dwight Howard came along.

  • QQ

    Wasn’t a Magic fan yet when Penny was donning the pinstripes (as i said, I was reppin GHill and Motown back then), but this is……… interesting.

  • karizmatic

    They probably should have retired Penny’s jersey.

  • ctkennedy

    no way in hell ..his career in orlando wont better than mcgrady he just played with shaq…mcgrady did EVERYTHING

  • ctkennedy

    ^^^better than penny^^^^

  • karizmatic

    Mcgrady was probably better than Penny but either way shouldn’ the number have been retired by now?

  • ERIC

    Ok, but mcgrady picked #1 to rep Penny (thats why he wore #1 in toronto – tmac wore #3 in high school)… and then ariza should never have been given #1… now that arenas is repping penny, clearly he is the major influence.

    RETIRE PENNY’s #1!

  • hakasan

    i don’t think penny will be too happy that a joker/excon like hibachi is wearing his number….

  • Jacktown Vet

    @ karizmatic McGrady better than PENNY!!!!???? Really? Are you kidding me? Non basketball players should be banned from making such crass remarks. If you never played the game, stick to XBOX and PS3. A “REAL” hooper would never speak of Tracy and Penny in the same convo. Get real. What is a real hooper you ask? At the very least, you played high school ball and you were a FACTOR. Preferably, you played college basketball. That’s just my opinion…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    @bobby stew

    When he’d play against the Lakers or Clippers.

  • http://dimemag jojo

    gil is from LA

  • http://dimemag jojo

    gil is from Compton i think. he may be talking about when he was still in school.

  • danny

    Jacktown Vet, take 3-4 best penny years and 3-4 best t-mac’s. And compare.

  • Carl

    great debut nice revamped offense. J rich is gonna be so bad for this team and Vince is gonna ball with nash

  • NYK

    Magic should retire whatever number Nick Anderson used.

  • Bondzai


    Anderson wore #25 and Duhon is wearing it now.

  • Rich

    Penny burned ALOT of bridges on his way out of Orlando, ask any long-term Magic fan. It’s never gonna get retired. Nick Anderson is WAY more worthy of that honor.