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Kevin Durant channels The G.O.A.T. on Jordan’s team; Kobe ejected

Kevin Durant, Dime #51

Like we’ve told you before, Kevin Durant would most likely top the list of NBA players whom other NBA players would pay to see in action. So either Michael Jordan isn’t that bothered with seeing KD do work up-close, or else MJ doesn’t want a first-person view of what the League’s leading scorer might do to his struggling Bobcats. Jordan was conspicuously absent from his regular courtside seat during last night’s OKC/Charlotte game, and he missed Durant dropping 32 points on his squad while the Thunder owned the fourth quarter like The G.O.A.T. used to do in his day … Oklahoma City was down by one going into the fourth, then exploded for a 25-3 run to open the quarter: James Harden got it started with a three, D.J. White and Jeff Green got a couple of buckets, and some transition dunks and layups later, the game was basically over. Durant only scored two points during the run, but he didn’t have to do much, as the Bobcats turned the rock over five times on their way to giving the game away. And you wonder why the ‘Cats are playing in front of home crowds that could fit inside Boris Diaw‘s walk-in meat freezer … How desperate is Larry Brown for a working solution right now? He inserted Kwame Brown into the starting lineup … Stan Van Gundy is also a coach looking for the right lineup, but he at least has one superstar behemoth (Dwight Howard) on his side and a collection of players that can conceivably challenge for an NBA championship. In his second game with Orlando’s revamped roster, Van Gundy slid Jason Richardson to small forward and Hedo Turkoglu to power forward, started J.J. Redick at two-guard and brought Brandon Bass off the bench along with Gilbert Arenas. This version of the Magic looked better than the one who struggled to score against Atlanta, but they still lost to the Mavs, Orlando’s eight L in their last nine games. Dwight was a beast again – 26 points and 23 boards, his third straight 20-rebound effort – but the Mavs’ offense is just humming … J-Rich hit a three to cut Dallas’ lead to three with under a minute to go, and after Jason Terry stuck a jumper, J-Rich buried another three to make it a two-point game with under 30 seconds left. But ask any NBA coach how well things turn out when your late-game defensive strategy involves having to put Dirk Nowitzki on the line. Dirk made a couple, then Terry – who between last night and that huge fourth quarter against Miami is apparently suffering from a bad case of testicular elephantitis this week – made two more to ice it …

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  • McSimon

    Philly destroyed.
    DRose MVP.
    And I’m out

  • barons_beard

    Kidd is the G.P.P.G.O.A.T. Yeah, I said it. Shame he he got robbed of at least 1 MVP, and ran into Shaq in his prime in the finals

  • .

    man…not much love for the UConn girls, huh? i’m not even a fan of women’s sports, but i gotta admit that they deserve more than a few sentences for that feat.

  • lester

    No mention of how badly the Kings choked by losing that game to the warriors? Seriously this was so bad, painful to watch how a team can be so stupid.

  • That’s What’s Up

    the most surprising thing is that was not Kwame’s first career start.

    Uconn women have won 89 straight. okay. next up, the Harlem Globetrotters all time record

  • DNice

    Who cares about the UConn girls, heck even their coach ranted that no one cares. Can’t wait for Heat vs Lakers on Christmas!!

  • mo.B.bad

    the Magic were muuuuch improved. I dunno whether it was being at home, or having Turk at the 4… but something was clicking. Earl Clark looks like he may be a steal at the 4-spot. guarded Dirk brilliantly at times and contributed with some nice offensive moves.

    the potential with this new lineup is huge. just gotta get a backup for Dwight (trade Duhon or J-Will) and get the perimeter playing tougher D. oh and teach Gil not to lose his man on the fastbreak. he does that waaaay too often.

  • mo.B.bad

    also: the Thunder are a powerful rebounding Center away from becoming a Title Winning Machine.

  • karizmatic

    Jason Kidd is probably 6 or 7 best point at this point in his career let’s see…my list is:


    Something like that but I could argue that Kidd could be 4th or 5th.

  • karizmatic

    Oh yeah and Orlando will be better once they start Arenas over Redick.

  • http://dimemag.com Chicagorilla

    What the UConn women just did isnt really all that impressive. They put all americans on their 3rd string for crying out loud. They are ruing the sport of womens college ball. Its about as impressive as Bill Russells teams winning 8 str8 chips, Wilt scoring 100, UCLA winning in the 60s, or Oscar avg a triple dip. There just wasnt enough competition or opposing talent. Was nice to see Mya Moore go off for 41 though.

  • Nella


    Rose is not on that list? Are you for real?

    24, 8.6, and 4.

    41% 3PT

    Dude is top 3 with DWill and CP3, and a legit MVP candidate.

  • control


    It’s not allowed to like both Rose and that one Celtic point guard at the same time. Unwritten rule…

  • S.A.C.

    Not sure other NBA players would agree with you Dime, on who they would pay to watch. I don’t find Durant’s game exciting, nor his big play ability. So I’m not exactly sure why you guys would say that?

    Much Respect to the UConn Lady Huskies and their record. Regardless of the parameters of how they won it; the fact is, no one else has done it. If it was that easy, somebody else (male or female), would of done it a long time ago or since. It is what it is!

    Monta Ellis is something else. That shot (and the time of the game it occurred) was sick.

    Just goes to show that talent (especially young talent) in the NBA is not enough. Cause Sacramento sucks (and LA was to, but they may be getting better)!!

    Saw that coming in LA, when I kept checking on the score and Milwaukee kept it close. The more I checked in the second half, the wider the margin became.

    Ironically, two of the officials, were also in LA when Indiana beat them(Bill Spooner, Brian Forte), and those guys don’t seem to take any mess or allows LA to bully them (as Kobe tried and failed).

    Should be an interesting game on Christmas vs Miami. We’ll see?

  • S.A.C.

    PS: The first “LA” I mentioned above, was obviously the Clippers (regarding young talent).

    And the “Kobe tried and failed” part, was obviously about Kobe receiving two techs and being ejected from last nights game.

    So Relax, Lake Show Stalwarts!!

  • Claw

    @Chicagorilla – Seriously, 100 points by Chamberlain isn’t a big deal, since its only happened ONE time in NBA history. Bill Russell’s Cs didn’t beat anybody? You do know of Chamberlain since you mentioned him, who do you think the C’s beat.

    Damn, have some sense of history.

    89 Games is huge, this isn’t 1960, coaching is the biggest advantage, hell the Globetrotters can’t even win that many in a row.

  • Nella

    @ Control

    LOL, you have a point there. +1

  • That’s What’s Up

    I have no idea why people are so enamored with Monta Ellis.

    jacker went 12-29 to get his points – the rest of his team shot 30-60.

    As always, they are lucky to get wins at all with that dude

  • LakeShow84

    No excuses losing to the Bucks..


    Its always an ugly game first home game back after a 5+ game road trip.. Just saying lol

  • Sporty-j

    Anybody that says Uconn Womens streak is not impress or Wilt scoring 100 is not impress or the Celts winning 8 str ships is not impressive. Has to be a Depressed Chicago fan still looking for there next “MICHEAL JORDAN”. I guess Jordan should not be called the greatest than since he really did not have a player the Caliber of Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Melo, Dirk, Durant, and etc to challenge him and had a top 5 player in the league at the time on his team. You still have to find a great coach like Phil Jackson or Geno to coach the talent. Have everybody understand there roles, and the game plan for that night. One thing i always learned in life is to respect my elders and the past. We will never know if Chamberlain would score 100 today or if the Celts could have won 8str. The game was much more physical back than compared to the rules of today that helps out the “DIVAS” of todays game. Jordan, Chamberlain, and etc would probably make this generation cry “MERCY” but we will never know. Also Monte Ellis is no longer a stat machine guy and has taken his game to another level this season. My heat has inspired a lot of teams this off season, coaches, and player. Ellis has to make the all-star team at least over guys like Bynum and Yao-Ming who should not even be on the “BALLOT”.

  • Spur-Antonio


    Not exactly trying to start a Monta vs Rose debate hear (though I do think they are both very similar players, with similar, size, games and stats). But actually, Monta Ellis has a better shooting percentage than Rose (48 to 46%) with a higher scoring average.

    So if Monta is a chucker, then Rose is a even bigger chucker!!

    That’s what’s up.

  • Sporty-j


  • money

    Kidd is a top ten point guard. D-Will (he needs a better nickname), CP3 (him too), Nash, Rondo, Rose, Westbrook, Parker, Curry, Kidd, are the best 9 imo… a struggling billups, fluke-year for felton, and injured john wall can battle it out for the tenth spot

  • NYK

    i have a feeling that the lakers will use the loss to drop the heat on christmas day.

  • Spur-Antonio

    Oh. By the way, I think it’s silly to argues Uconn’s streak.

    Say what you want to say, bring up what you want to bring it up (era, talent, gender, etc.); if it was that easy, several other people would have 70+80+ and 60+ etc. streaks (male and female). They don’t!

    What Sporty Jay said about the coaching, role playing and preparation is right on the point. It’s not just talent.

    Tennessee (the other big Women’s power the past 30 yrs besides Uconn) didn’t win 70 (Uconn’s previous streak) or 80+ games in a row.

    As a matter of fact if you check the all time college basketball streak list (male or female), I think the longest streaks previously were 55 By SanFrancisco state, 70 By Uconn Women and 88 by UCLA. That’s impressive, by the sheer fact that very few teams of any sex have ever come that close, mind you have 89 wins in a row and counting.

    Just cause a lot of us don’t watch or care, doesn’t mean its not significant.

    Give those women their props!

  • Spur-Antonio


    NOt sure if you were calling my post above “impressive” or something else, but you were so right in saying that Monta is not just a chucker anymore.

    I used to think the same thing (cause of the run and gun nature of GS), but when I actually watched his game, I noticed that he can have as many 8-10 assist games as 20, 30 or 40 point games depending on how well Curry was playing. But now that Curry isn’t in the offense, he seems to be increasing his scoring. But if his other teammates start scoring, he’d willingly pass it to them to. I’ve seen it many times.

    He and Rose are practically the same player (I bet you there shot attempts are similar), but of course some Rose fans won’t like me saying this, cause they see Rose more and Rose doesn’t play on run and gun Golden State, while Monta does.


    Attended the Warriors/Kings game, I had flashbacks of ROBERT HORRY!

  • Sporty-j

    I totally agree SPUR. I dont know what hooped into Monte Ellis this off season and was totally down with the Monte Ellis is nothing more than a stat machine movement. But not anymore. That guy is a changed man just like the your Spurs have founf the fountain of youth one again. A lot of things are shocking me so far this season this NBA season…

  • tom jones

    Anyone that thinks Kobe is a leader is a goddamn fool. He completely b*tched out last night by choosing to be ejected rather than to go down swinging.

    He knew his team was going to lose the game, but rather than play it out he showed his true character by abandoning his team.

    He can’t even take a loss like a man, what a sore loser.

    It’s similar to what Rudy Gay did when he body checked Scola.

    It’s disgusting and doesn’t belong in sports.

  • Ian

    lol robbed goh kidd is overrated he lead a jersey team to 50 wins in the weakest years the east had ever seen. why couldnt he do that with the suns?? the real mvp did it out west beating teams like the lakers , kings , portland and dallas not crap like milwaukee and toronto. oh and how did the fake mvp do vs the real mvp in the 06 finals?

  • Ian

    sorry 03 finals

  • http://hoopshype.com mizros23

    @9…No Derek Rose!!!! are you kidding me…he is playing the best ball of all the point guards in the league. Women lie Men lie but number don’t. Rondo will be a bust on a sub par team. The players around him make him look great. Not denying his talent but it helps to have 3 Hall of famers on your team…Just saying…Rose hasn’t gotten better every year and we can’t say the same about Rondo

  • http://hoopshype.com mizros23

    I made a mistake Rose has gotten better ever year!!!! Sorry

  • karizmatic

    @ Nella

    My bad, it was an oversight…I didn’t realize it was going to cause a debate…Rose belongs up there mos def. I don’t know why I always forget him. and just to round it out I’d put Miller and Felton at the end of that list…Rose is probably after Nash.

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    Who is the moron who said Curry is a better point guard than Jason Kidd? Go have your head examined, because something is clearly wrong.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Add me to those who used to hate on Monta for being a selfish jacker and have now changed their minds.

    Started watching GS lots this year cause I liked Curry (also jerseys, crowd and home floor are nice) and Monta converted me. Most of the time he is taking a lot of shots because no one else is and they’re falling behind.

    The way he goes to the rack at his size reminds of AI.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Monta is an enigma, some games hes taking quality shots and leading his team and others he’s straight up jacking his team out of them. Golden State have some work to do but I think their on the right track. At least Monta and Curry have sorted this whole back court playing together thing out.

    Orlando have found a lineup I suppose, now if only they could get some action towards the rim and not have 4 people taking jump shots they could start winning some games. How did Earl Clark not get burn in Phoenix again?

    For once they finally T’d up Kobe, it was a glorious sight to see, LA getting jumped by a sub .500 team. Next up, LA vs MIA.

  • bookkwormmaster

    That was a quality game between Dallas and Orlando. Even in both loses they were right there and had a chance to win. Dwight and Jameer look so much more happy and spry now that Hedo is back with their team. You can see it in their play (even moreso last night). J-Rich had a legit grip after he hit that three. DeShawn Stevenson fouled im on the follow-through (the replay showed it). That should have been a four-point play and could have change the game for the Magic. Surprised no one mentioned it

    Gilbert to me hasn’t really fit in so far. He’s always looking for his shot when he comes into the game even when he’s on the floor with Howard. It’s amamzing how sme NBA players do not know how to utlilize a great big man like Superman. If he keeps that up no way he gonna take the starting job from Jameer especially being that Howard and Jameer are two of the closest players on the team. I think he’s more talented than Jameer by far and they’re not paying him all that money to sit on the bench but something’s gotta give.

    Earl Clark made the most of his playing time with Malik Allen sidelined with that injury he suffered against Atlanta. He did a nice job on both ends of the floor and if he can keep should be able to crack a spot in the rotation. Good luck to him

  • cesar

    ‘I guess Jordan should not be called the greatest than since he really did not have a player the Caliber of Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Melo, Dirk, Durant, and etc’

    tell me u didnt write this

    jordan had barkley, malone, drexler, olajuwon, ewing, worthy, dumars, thomas, magic, bird… i could continue this like forever

  • B-BallMaven

    @Mizros23 (I guess that means you like Jordan or something).

    Your comment about Rondo and hall off famers are old and trite. Come on man, if you haven’t noticed his improvement, than your not really looking (or you’re admitting he was good to begin with, cause he arguably played the best ball in the league last summers playoffs and the beginning of this season before he got hurt.

    Don’t bring up foul shots, cause the season is not over and lets see what he does?

    Don’t go crazy about Rose too much about him being complete either. He still can’t play defense or understand pick and rolls properly, he dribbles like a sea horse, shoots a streaky 46% and turns the ball over to easily still. Lastly; the man is still not a real point guard or knows how to run an offense properly!!

    So relax man!

  • B-BallMaven


    Oh. Excuse me.I forgot.

    He’s a great undersized two guard, playing the point though!!

    No disrespect.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Just because the argument is old doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant. Rondo’s team makes him and his FT/jump shot is a gigantic hole in his game as a PG.

    You can also take shots at Rose and say dumb ish like “He doens’t know how to use the pick n roll” or “he shoots a streaky 46%” but you are one of two idiots who think that. You and Sac are all alone.

    Rose has improved EVERY aspect of his game. Rondo has improved exactly what??? his jumper? his FT? he is what he is man. a glorified role player. There was a time when Antoine Walker was over hyped because he was wearing a celtics jersy. It comes with the territory of playing with BOs, NY, or LAL.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Oh yeh btw

    24 points per
    8.4 asst per
    4.4 reb per
    1 steal per
    46% Fg
    40% 3pt
    77% FT

    thats one hell of a Shooting guard isn’t it?
    no disrespect though