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Kobe Bryant’s Signature Shoe: Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Kobe Bryant's Signature Shoe: Nike Zoom Kobe VI

We gave you a sneak peek of Kobe Bryant‘s latest signature shoe back in September, but today Nike Basketball has officially unveiled it. Introducing the Nike Zoom Kobe VI. Trust me, you’ll like what you see…

“The Kobe VI is a very character driven shoe with the alter ego of the Black Mamba prominently featured,” says Bryant. “We continue to evolve the technology to make it a performance based shoe, but aesthetically you haven’t seen a shoe pop like this before. It brings to life what drives me.”

“The Black Mamba to Kobe means being one of the deadliest predators on the planet,” says Eric Avar, Creative Director of Nike Performance Footwear. “That’s his approach to every game – he’s very calculating and he’s very quick.”

From Nike:

Avar led a team of creatives who worked with Bryant to bring the Black Mamba to life in the Nike Zoom Kobe VI. The shoe’s upper features unique polyurethane “islands” that emulate a snake’s skin and increase or decrease in size throughout the shoe to protect against abrasion and increase durability exactly where needed. To add a lighthearted spin and play off the reptile’s deadly venom, “Venomenon” is inscribed on the front outsole.

A customized fit
Bryant challenged designers to build a shoe with amazing fit. Nike responded with an innovative dual-layer memory foam sockliner that conforms to the foot for a one-of-a-kind custom fit. A Phylon injected midsole adds cushioning for a more anatomically correct fit, and Nike Zoom units in the heel and forefoot provide additional comfort on court.

To emphasize Bryant’s lethal on-court play, Nike’s team of designers built off the success of the Nike Zoom Kobe V shoe’s lightweight, low-cut profile. This year’s shoe features reduced midsole thickness to keep the foot closer to the ground for improved stability and better court feel. The shoe fulfills Bryant’s desire for a true low-top, similar to that of a running shoe or soccer boot, with a low collar design.

The basketball shoe also employs Nike’s innovative Flywire technology in a new, three-layer construction. Inside the shoe a layer of mesh lines the foot, followed by a layer of Flywire and topped off by another layer of breathable mesh with polyurethane islands for abrasion resistance. This unique construction is lighter, more breathable and more conformable to the foot than previous Flywire designs in the Kobe series.

To ensure excellent traction, the Nike Zoom Kobe VI has a solid rubber outsole with a Black Mamba inspired modified herringbone pattern. Certain China editions of the shoe include XDR, or Extra Durable Rubber, for sustained durability against the rough surfaces of outdoor basketball courts.

The Nike Zoom Kobe VI launches in retail stores and online at nikestore.com on December 26. NIKEiD will launch an exclusive sneak preview of the Nike Zoom Kobe VI iD available to Facebook Fans on December 10 at facebook.com/nikeid. Customized versions will be available for sale on December 24 at NIKEiD.com.

Kobe Bryant's Signature Shoe: Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Kobe Bryant's Signature Shoe: Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Kobe Bryant's Signature Shoe: Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Kobe Bryant's Signature Shoe: Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Kobe Bryant's Signature Shoe: Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Kobe Bryant's Signature Shoe: Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Kobe Bryant's Signature Shoe: Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Kobe Bryant's Signature Shoe: Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Kobe Bryant's Signature Shoe: Nike Zoom Kobe VI

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  • ramo

    first,and they are ok

  • i0ioooi0i


  • thedoc

    Looks good. I play in an old pair of Kobe IVs and they are nice. Looking forward to these.

  • north

    while I usually love originality these are hideous shoes… they better feel good on the court ’cause they certain don’t look good. Kobe gives himself a nickname that doesn’t even make much sense and then they design a shoe after that horrible nickname? Let me guess, Chris Anderson’s next kicks will be covered in feathers right?

  • AG3

    Are sick!!!!

  • Dre

    If anyone thinks that these shoes are ugly they are blind in one eye or can’t see in the other one. These shoes are definitely sick… great look. They look way better than the last ones.

  • dlight

    smoooooth and I’m not a laker fan

  • 12t

    @ North

    The Black Mamba makes sense as a nickname for Kobe. True it’s not as bold across the front of a shirt as Lord of the Rings, but his game is deadly. Furthermore, in team years check back with the Raptors to see if they’re still feeling the effects of venomous scoring barrage on their organization.

    All in all I like the shoe. Personally I play fullback & right midfield when I play soccer. So having a basketball shoe that fits & feels like a soccer boot is a no brained.

  • http://www.dimemag.com T-Pain

    I think the V’s look better.

  • ab40

    the V’s sucked. I’m not even hoping these are better because I wouldn’t buy them for a high price.. I got me kobe’s for 40 euros at a nike outlet. which must’ve ment nobody bought those shoes

  • El_Topo

    What is that pattern shown on that sixth picture? I thought maybe it was braille, but none of those characters match the braille alphabet. Then again I don’t know one thing about reading braille. Anyone know what that dot pattern represents?

  • http://twitter.com/AL_Horford Al Horford

    Pretty Original.

  • LakeShow84


    Kinda clean!