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LeBron James dominates ex-team, eviscerates ex-fans in Cleveland

Whoever has the job of producing We’re Not So Bad: The Story of the 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers has some tough editing decisions following last night’s loss to the Miami Heat. This was clearly the Cavs’ defining game of the year, and barring a surprise playoff appearance, the one night when they would have millions of eyes on them. But not only did the Cavs lose, they lost big, and they let the plot’s villain — former local hero turned pariah LeBron James — rampage all over their home court and leave them unconscious and twitching in his wake. When recounting the Cavs’ story, do you just act like this never happened, or stomach the carnage? … LeBron posted 38 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists, committing zero turnovers as his new team destroyed his old team in a 30-piecing. Oh, and did we mention LeBron did all of that in just three quarters? He sat out the entire fourth while the garbage-time crew (including Erick Dampier) did mop-up duty … While he never got the vicious monster dunk he was probably secretly craving, LBJ did just about everything else. He glided coast-to-coast for barely-contested lefty layups. He sized up former teammates before sticking turnaround and pull-up jumpers in their eyes. He hit one fallaway J from an impossible baseline angle that even LeBron couldn’t help but laugh about (right in front of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert’s seat). He caught one alley-oop, absorbed a push in mid-air, and still banked in a shot with the foul. When he wasn’t scoring, he was hitting Chris Bosh for mid-range jumpers or finding cutters like Dwyane Wade (22 pts, 9 rebs, 9 asts, 3 stls) going to the rim. All in all, LeBron saved his best performance for the biggest stage of the season (so far). Now he and the Heat can get back to the business of developing a chemistry to keep up with the other title contenders … So how were the fans? They booed, made some funny/cruel signs, and there were a few middle fingers. But nothing too terrible, at least from what we could hear. In the post-game press conference, LeBron said that Cavs fans were never on the Terminator list he made in the offseason of people taking shots at him on which he vowed revenge …

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  • ab40

    so miami beat another bad team… Duh! they got atlanta without joe johnson coming up. They’ll get in a nice groove from this point on which is great for the nba in general. Let’s see how they fare against utah next week.

    Golden State trying to play D still baffles me.

    I think it’s time to start enjoying the heat playing well

  • Young Gunner

    I dont know what I enjoyed more:

    1)Reggie Miller dropping bombs
    2)The signs
    3)Or the crowd looking like baby mama’s on Maury after finding out he aint the pappy

    Interesting to see Lebron be timid at the start (LOL at Carlos Arroyo jacking shots early and often) but that game got out of hand in a hurry. It was over with about 3-4 mintues left in the 2nd. Every shot Lebron made was a cup and a half of ether to the city of Cleveland. Hopefully, this shuts everybody there up but it probably wont but it at least proves my point of this Cavs team being just a bunch of Tito’s and Randy’s without a Michael. Everyone knows Varejao is terrible and having Joey Garbage starting is a damn shame. Only 3-4 guys on that roster would get burn on any other team. Lebron served this team and city a big piece of humble cake

  • Soopa

    James really needed to get this game off his back. And i truly believe that we’ll have a whole new monster on our hands from now on.

    When LeBron is hitting is jumper, being aggressive and starting the offense with ball movement, Wade not settling for anything out of the paint and Bosh playing his midrange game with the occasional drive the Heat are looking like what we expected.

    It was a statement game from Miami.

    Or maybe it was just another thrashing of a sub .500 team…

    The next month will tell how important this game was for Miami.

  • QQ

    A dominant game from Bron, the one what haters like me wants to see. To finally prove us wrong by putting an epic game, and not being told by his cock suckers like Burton that ‘everything is alright’. Bron went inside the chaos, played his ass off, and just didn’t care but giving his best. COME ON NOW, PROVE US WRONG MORE, CAT.

    Forget what happened?, or stomach the carnage? I mean, come on now, not all fans are blind ass kissers who just want the to see what they want. Cleveland will stomach it, and with mud in their face, aspire for the next time that they can prove Bron wrong.And the next time. And the next time.

    Not everyone is like you Bron assholes who always think just one way.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Did the Heat play last night?

  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    As the fans in Chicago learned in the playoffs…..do not piss off great athletes. Especially ones who have the potiential to go off on your team.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ Sparkyjay23

    “QQ says:

    A dominant game from Bron, the one what haters like me wants to see. To finally prove us wrong by putting an epic game, and not being told by his cock suckers like Burton that ‘everything is alright’. Bron went inside the chaos, played his ass off, and just didn’t care but giving his best. COME ON NOW, PROVE US WRONG MORE, CAT.”

    Quoted for posterity

    So a beasting by LeBron so the coach must be great right LeBron? Cos he’s to blame for being too hard on you right?

  • Dre

    Chicagorilla, that is correct. The fans were so stupid they kept talking as he was shredding your team. He could have had Erik to put him in the game in the 4th so he could go for 40 against you whining crying brats. If you believe Lebron when he said that had nothing to do with you fans you are crazy. He did that because of all your nasty comments about him and his mom. Just be grateful he should mercy on you guys.

  • Diego

    Seems like Brian Skinner (and his Stupid Beard) have been in the league forever. Legs don’t wear out so much on the bench–or on injured reserve. (Amazing how Kobe just keeps on ticking with all of his mileage.)

    Nice game for LeBron to get his mojo back; agree that it could be a turning point game for Bron. Got to give Bron credit for tuned in game.

    Got to also give credit to the passion of the Cavs fans in general; team getting absolutely blowed out and it didn’t look like anyone was vacating the lower level seats on a week night. Damn rare in the NBA. And comparatively, Miami’s arena always looks pretty darn sparse (like most NBA arenas) on weekday games this year on tv. (More fun to be hitting South Beach I guess than risking mugging near arena in desolate late night downtown Miami on game night.)

  • JAY

    Spoelstra’s a fuckin jackass!!! Doesn’t he know the fantasy implications of sitting Lebron for an entire quarter?!?!?!

  • JAY

    One more thing…. Am I going out on a limb by predicting Mr. Austin James will post another LBJ article today?

    ^^^ for the noobs, that’s Burton.

  • JAY

    One more last thing… lol

    VICK is a BEAST!!!!!!!! Did anyone else catch that last quarter??? Thank goodness the Heat game was finished early. Vick has really re-dedicated himself to the game of football. He’s a totally different player now.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    hate hate hate hate hate

  • Skeeter McGee

    Ben Howland and the Bruins ain’t got shit on my VCU Rams, sahn!!!!!

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Austin’s article is alright, and funny that people rip on DIME (and every other media outlet) for covering this story AND THEN all the loudmouth haters CAN”T STOP TALKING ABOUT LEbRon THEMSELVES!!! fn hilarious! so funny, y’all need to get a good sense of humor–for starters: laugh at yourselves–and quit the whinin’…

    I’m from Cleveland, love the Cavs, Tribe, Browns, and Bucks–but I don’t have any hate for Lebron…he did what he felt right. I left Cleveland too, and it wasn’t for a championship, more for a life that includes an income and less bullshit…so yeah, I can get leaving Cleveland. I don’t hate Lebron, but like yall, I find him losing amusing…sometimes you fuck up what you wish for by making it actual…whatever, I’m out like watching Sesame Street and making fun of Big Bird for not rockin nice kicks…or any…

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    In my opinion writing all these articles is what gives LeBron his HUGE sense of entitlement. Because now everyone and their mom defends him its as if he isn’t allowed to learn from his mistakes.

    I’m still not satisfied till he apologies for the Decision and says he handled it wrong. Until then, he’s always going to be a great basketball player, who turned out to be a huge douche’.

    On a side note, Cleveland fans can’t boo for shit. Compare what LeBron got to what VC gets regularly and see the difference.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    You have no idea how pissed I am for not picking up Vick for fantasy. Dude straight murders when he starts (no pun intended)

    Thank god I somehow got Phillip Rivers and Peyton Hillis though

  • bookkwormmaster

    Congrats to LeBron and the great game he had against the Cavs.

    WE GOT NEXT BABY! The Heat play us on saturday and I can’t wait for the game. Hopefully they’ll still be on that emotional high from the Cavs game because we definitely gonna come with it. I wanna see a good battle tested game from both sides. Welcome to The Highlight Factory!

  • Notorious

    Caught the intro and the ASSHOLE chants, watched maybe the first 2-3 minutes until the Football game started. Sounds like the fans were loud but nothing crazy went down. But I had Vick going lastnight for my FFL team and couldnt pull away from the Eagles game. Figured the Cavs game would be anticlimatic, guess I was right.

  • SWAT

    u kno wht trips me out is all the hate tht austin/dime gets. Damn if yall have an issue with a particular article then just dont click on the jump to read more. Save your whiny ass posts…damn yall sound like a bunch of females. do u wake up and really just look for something to complain about?
    @stunna boy yea vick is a beast. i was pulling for my texans but secretly cheering for vick. and peyton hillis is easily the waiver wire pick up of the year! lol 1st place in my league thx to the work he does.

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Big Freeze

    The Heat are Back! Again! No seriously this time! Until they play a team with a winning record at least!

  • karizmatic

    Recounting the Cavs story you have to address this incident while skipping over it…like yeah the dreaded Lebron came to town and Miami’s win motivated Cleveland to dedicate more of it’s resources toward rebuilding…or something like that…no talk of Lebron’s points or the fact they lost by 30.

  • Ses

    The Cavs should be ashamed of themselves. I understand that they are a sub-par team but this game was suppose to be played with more emotion and effort. Like Chuck said last night, you shouldnt be making LeBaby James feel comfortable by talking to him. You think that MJ was talking to the Knicks bench back in the 90’s! Hell no, and him, Oak and Ewing were cool.(I know, enough with the MJ comparisons!) com Its about being competitive, there is no room from friendly conversation. Especially with the undertone of the game.

    PS – all you Heat fans, you really shouldn’t get hyped about beating up a sub .500 club, you just look stupid!

  • That’s What’s Up

    My boy said this last night about the Cavs:

    “I’ve honestly never seen an NBA team that sucked this bad, they would lose to a college team”

  • control

    Where are those guys who were saying Andy Cuntfaceafropubes is actually a legit NBA powerforward?

    The Cavs just have to lose about 75% of their remaining games for me to be right about my prediction. I hope they do, will be even better if they don’t win another game this season. Other than Hickson, their entire roster is garbage, quite possibility the least amount of total talent in the NBA. A guy named “Boobie” is the leading scorer on the team (I think, too lazy to check stats)…that just ain’t a good look unless you are gunning for #1 lotto pick.

    LeBron James just needs to shut up, every time the guy opens his mouth he’s just coming across as an idiot. He’s at the point now where ANYTHING he says is going to be turned around into something it ain’t, he should realize that, just stfu and start playing ball greatly, before talking about his greatness. Guy making it hard to be a fan…

  • JBaller

    On the bright side for Cleveland, if they go back to sucking as bad as they did 8 years ago, maybe they’ll get another shot at a number one pick.

  • LakeShow84

    Cavs defining game because it came against another mediocre team??

    I mean are they seriously about to meet the Cavs in the ECF??

    Your reaching DIME

    And i personally find it disappointing you guys still bashing a team with open wounds all on account of a douche lol

    I mean seriously when has a BASKETBALL PUBLICATION really insisted that a team was GOING to be bad and is QUICK AS A MOFO to LABEL them bad all because their favorite player switched teams..

    I mean there isnt supposed to be any bias right?? DIME seems to WANT the Cavs to be bad just so it can make Lebron look that much better..

    Seriously.. thats a fucking joke and if i was a Cleveland Basketball fan id tell you guys to shove your site..

    Just sayin :)

  • LakeShow84

    How does a basketball publication even have a favorite player??

    Thats sad lol

  • LakeShow84

    “The Cavaliers, 7-11, did not want to win Thursday’s game with anywhere near the intensity of their fan base. If they did, someone on their roster would’ve planted James on his rear early in the game. Some Cavalier would’ve sent James a message”

    True that..

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow

    it ain’t all of them, mostly just that one dude….

    All I’m sayin is IF, let’s say, Kevin Durant or Brandon Roy was one of the highly recruited and hyped players of ALL TIME and were from Spokane or Tacoma or Bellingham and played for the Sonics. Then after 7 seasons of individual dominance, they “take their talents”(a line Lebron stole from Kobe, check Kobe’s high school announcement that he was goin pro) to Portland or the Lakers and did a one hour special to do it, “said Dime writer” wouldn’t be all “Seattle needs to get over it!”
    I betcha!
    My view is “If you ain’t a sportsfan from Cleveland and you ain’t hadda put up with all the shit they have, you need to step back.”
    I ain’t mad at LBJ, but best believe I ain’t goin to be tellin a Cavs fan they need to get over anything…

    Anyways, embarrassin loss for Cleveland. The one game they needed to die to try to win and they don’t even compete….

    One more thing, Lakers are stressin me out. I ain’t worried, but I’m annoyed by these losses to garbage teams. Oh well. Guess the world champs get everybody’s best effort.

  • JAY

    @sans… we talk about him because he’s one of the league brightest star. Don’t be so surprised. We criticize Dime because there are other things going on, not just Lebron. Last I checked, DIME is a basketball magazine, not a Lebron magazine. There’ve been times where someone will get injured, and we get a paragraph talking about LBJ going to a club, with no mention of the injury. Haters, like myself, will bring that shit up if we feel other important things need some light shone on it too.

    “Austin’s article is alright, and funny that people rip on DIME (and every other media outlet) for covering this story AND THEN all the loudmouth haters CAN”T STOP TALKING ABOUT LEbRon THEMSELVES!!! fn hilarious! so funny,

    Are you really surprised?? For real, if the devil showed up and said, “I’m here bitches!”…. you don’t think Christians everywhere would go around telling people not to follow him? I guess using Austin James’ idealogy, Christians should just keep quiet and let the devil do his thing….

  • JAY

    Cosign Dizzle and Lakeshow

    “My view is “If you ain’t a sportsfan from Cleveland and you ain’t hadda put up with all the shit they have, you need to step back.”
    I ain’t mad at LBJ, but best believe I ain’t goin to be tellin a Cavs fan they need to get over anything…”

    Mr. James… i’m referring to Austin… step back homie.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @K Dizzle — You’re wrong. I’m never going to shit on a guy for choosing to play basketball somewhere else. Even when HS players are picking colleges, I hate when hometown fans use the “You need to go to UW and show loyalty” just because they want the local kid to make the local program better. If B-Roy wanted to go to Florida State, I don’t mind. He doesn’t owe UW anything. Then if B-Roy went to the Sonics and left after 7 years, same thing. He doesn’t owe Seattle anything. If he wants to live/work in Chicago or Milwaukee or Miami, how does that hurt me?

    And Kobe wasn’t the first person to use the “take my talents” line either. That’s like saying Kobe stole “the game of basketball” line from Jordan.

  • JAY

    Nobody owes anything to anybody in business…. except respect. Lebron did not show the city of Cleveland, the city he claims he loved to play for, any respect by doing that show. They supported him 7 years and he slapped them in the face. Austin, you’re right he doesn’t owe them 7 more years, or even 1 more year…. but he did owe them the respect. What he did was straight up disrespectful.

    He claims the Decision was about the kids…. bullshit. i don’t buy that. He could easily give 4 million away out of pocket if it was truly about the kids.

  • Spur-Antonio


    You mean he could of easily raised $4million dollars in another endeavor? None of these young guys would ever give away $4million to charity, unless they were really special individuals. That’s not how they do it. It’s OPP (other peoples payment). Lol.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Ignore that ish Jay talking. because it seems like he’s just trying to get a rise outta DIME.

    For instance, Dwayne Wade, who is loved in Chicago to the point where people call in the radio and $h!t on his ex-wife because she giving him grief. He even toyed around with the Bulls pretending he was coming here, then later it comes out that he, Bosh, and Bron were planning this all along, yet no one hated on him. I may be the only Chicagoan who was pissed at Wade for not coming here (although now i’m over it and kinda happy he didn’t come here seeing how he plays with LBJ).

    Same thing with Bosh and TX. He could have made an attempt to get back to Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston who all could have seriously used his services and probably would put them with the Lakers as title contenders (Hou if Yao is there). Yet Texas ain’t hating on the man, even when he says in an interview “Nah, I don’t get excited about going back to Dallas to play”.

    And since I follow high school basketball and college very closely, there have been several HS players that changed a college program nearly on his own but didn’t stay at home to do it.

    Kevin Durant went from the DMV area all the way to effin Texas. Skipping right over Georgetown, Virginia, West V, and maryland. His home city still loves him to death

    Mike Beasly – also left the DMV area to go to Kansas state! They weren’t even a power college at the time.

    OJ Mayo – went to USC allllll the way from Ohio/Kentucky/Virgina

    Derrick Rose – went to Memphis and didn’t even have Depaul or Illinois on his final list. Yet we still loved him here.

    Kevin Love – went to UCLA instead of rival Oregon/Oregon state where he lived. And I think his pops graduated from one of the schools (state i believe). He got booed when he played there in college, but now they love him.

    Going back even farther

    Isiah Thomas went to Indiana instead of joing his good friend Mark Aquire at Depaul. Instead he led Indiana to a national championship! Not only that, but he stayed in Detroit and became our most hated rival in the NBA, and openly beefed with MJordan. Yet Chicago painted murals of him on the side of buildings and made a movie about his life story.

    Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) was the most saught after HS player ever. More than Lebron. He was so hyped, that word of his skills traveled from NY all the way to LA. Not only did he not attend college in NY, the man went all the way across the country to the furthest point away from NY (UCLA)!!!!!! That had to be the biggest slap in the face of everyone who supported him in NY. Yet and still, they loved him. Kareem even went on to win 5 chips with the Lakers and 1 with the Bucks.

    I’m not even going to get into football.

    Everyone talks about him making this “decision” on tv and how it was a slap in the face. So when a highschool kid sits there with a HUGE SMILE on his face, with 5 hats of different colleges in front of him, and he chooses ONE, still wearing that HUGE SMILE, then does a 15-30min interview following his Decision, somehow that’s different? Oh I know the difference, Lebron made $1mill dollars for a boys n girls club while the high school kid just stroked his ego.

    Sports fans of this decade are the biggest bunch of bithces i’ve ever seen. Guys, supposedly men. crying and screaming about the dumbest sh!t. Sh!t that has nothing to do with the actual sport, but more about their “feelings” toward a player/team. And the internet has only allowed them to reach more people.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin – I don’t get your college example. If a kid decides to leave home to go to the best situation or themselves for college, that’s all good. (See Terrance Jones).
    Like JAY says, it’s about respect, hometown kid or not. I’ve never said LBJ was a punk cuz he left Cleveland. I said he’s a punk cuz he did it wrong. If you defendin HOW he left town, then you need to reevaluate your values.
    Lebron never chose to play in Cleveland, he got drafted. He wrecked shop for 7 seasons then after spending the whole summer acting like he didn’t know what was up, he gets on the screen and does em dirty, then when the backlash came, he threw out the charity angle.

    I read some posts where dudes are talkin about dudes who went somewhere else for college. Nobody cares about that. You a fanatic or nutcase if you would send an 18 yr old death threats for deciding to go to school somewhere else. Shit, you a fanatic if you send Lebron death threats etc cuz he left your Cavs. That’s truth.
    I read Dime all the time, Austin, so I know you’re pretty intelligent so when I read ur article defendin a hometown kid from Cleveland, who became the best in the world at his sport, who knows the city’s history from Art Modell to Mike tearin out their hearts year after year. This kid decides he wants to leave and instead of just callin a paper and just sayin “I’m goin to Miami”, he decides to have a one hour show, doesn’t tell anybody in the franchise and then is SHOCKED that there was a backlash.
    There is a reason dude’s popularity has taken a huge tumble. You think if Lebron had done it classy like Z, we’d still be talkin about it?
    I read your post and where Brandon Roy decided to go to college wouldn’t have been a blip on the Washington radar if he had decided to go to Carolina or Duke or Kansas. Marvin Williams left and the fanatics were upset but you never heard about it once he decided.
    Lebron ain’t some kid who decided to go to Duke instead of Ohio State. Read the posts. Nobody outside of Cleveland cares that LBJ left Cleveland, they care HOW he did it. If he was from New York and didn’t know the city’s history, this blows over. But he DID know. He watched it, saw it growing up, got a taste when he went to “the wrong school in high school”
    Not mad at dude. Shit, I wanna play with my friends too. I’m just sayin he SHOULD HAVE handled it better.

  • JAY

    Are you really comparing high school kids to Lebron?? Wow…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Yes. If you think about it, the highschool kids are on a lower level yet are doing the same thing. So seeing as how James is on a much much higher level.

  • Phileus

    “I’ve never said LBJ was a punk cuz he left Cleveland. I said he’s a punk cuz he did it wrong.”


    The media calls him a King, says things like “Chosen One” or “Witness,” forgives him for whatever he does, bends over backwards to explain away his flaws. Some people are just sick of that. He’s a phenomenal player, maybe the single best player in the world, but why should we like him for being a narcissist? Why does ESPN have an entire section of its site dedicated to a slight above-average team? Why are all of you so intent on making everyone Love LeBron James?

    Stop carrying him around on his throne. Let him take the hate. He’s earned everyone real basketball fan’s respect for his talent, but he hasn’t earned our love. Stop trying to tell us that he has. Just let him take the hate, Kobe-style, and make his haters look foolish over the years as he covers his fingers in championship rings.

    Maybe moving to Miami is “just business” or “just basketball,” but hating on a player, for whatever reason, is also “just sports.”

    To sum up: HATERS GONNA HATE

  • jdizzle

    Well Cleveland, there you have it. THAT’S why he left! Your team sucks ass! LeBron let you off easy. Because if Portland and Toronto (namely Bosh’s girlfriend) have taught us anything its DO NOT HECKLE LEBRON because he will try to give yo ass 50 plus!

    @K Dizzle
    Yeah there are some fanatics out there that take “betrayal” in sports too seriously. Remember the Eric Gordon Indiana/Illinois game? Clowns were actually throwing shit as his family! SMH…

    And regarding the Lebron/Jordan commercial mash-up, if anybody actually thought that was a new commercial, please kill yourselves…..2 times!

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JAY, @KDizzle — I still don’t understand what is so “dirty” and “disrespectful” about HOW LeBron left Cleveland.

    He didn’t go on TV and say “F*** Cleveland, I hate it there, no f’ing way am I coming back. Miami bitches!” He never said anything bad about Cleveland or anything bad about the team. So what is this disrespect you keep talking about. When Amar’e had a press conference and said, “I’m signing with New York,” was that disrespectful to Phoenix? Explain that one.

    Like I’ve said, this was an unprecedented situation. No bigger star had ever been a free agent with 6 teams courting him and in this 2010 media climate. Say what you want, but there was a demand for LeBron to announce on a TV show, which is why 10 MILLION people watched it. People use the Durant example, but announcing an extension when you’re already under contract is completely different than announcing your new team when you have multiple teams openly courting you. So I don’t blame LeBron for handling The Decision wrong, because there was no precedent. He had no previous example to learn from.

    And after we saw Dan Gilbert’s true colors, I don’t blame LeBron for not telling him beforehand. Gilbert doesn’t deserve anything from LeBron.

  • Claw

    @Chico – Just stop, those examples are supposed to make your point, guys going to college? The other ones, he’s a free agent he can go anywhere, yeah, maybe next time you don’t need to act like you haven’t picked and have a charade of owners pining for your services, and diss a city on national TV then given an out to apologize to say it was a stupid idea he doesn’t take it.

    I do expect players to be respectful of what got them there and who they represent. Maybe I expected more, maybe its my fault.

    Ask yourself why Z got a standing O. Take a page out of the Plain Dealer when he signed with the Heat thanking fans. What did Lebron do 2 days after that, take an ad out in the Akron Beacon Journal and diss Cleveland fans again – Class Act.

    Nice game by Lebron, where was that against the C’s? Where was that same aggressiveness? That same taking over a game? He quit, plain and simple.

    I am a Quitness.

  • Claw

    I’m sorry is it the Cavs or the Heat that have beaten the Celtics this season?

    The heat do have one whole win against over .500 teams but I don’t think that was it.

  • Claw

    @Austin – What was the difference, Amare is not from here (PHX), Amare didn’t say he wasn’t leaving till he wins a championship, and also Amare talked with Sarver and let him know of his decision before making it. Need more examples? Seriously that is your best response?

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Claw — Every new coach, star player, top draft pick, new GM, they all say they vow to win a championship. Most of them don’t accomplish it before they move on to another job or another team. It’s just part of the game. It doesn’t mean you’re a liar or a quitter if you don’t win that championship and still leave.

    Who cares where he’s from? If anything, LeBron being from Ohio makes it even more defensible that he left. He’s lived in the same state his entire life. At 25 years old, even I would encourage him to get out and try someplace different since he has the opportunity. Why should LeBron be obligated to stay in Ohio the rest of his career?

  • Claw

    Here is the thing Austin – you don’t disrespect your hometown, where you are from. I’m from Akron, Cleveland is 30 minutes North (good traffic), the I’m only loyal to Akron is BS. You want to leave, fine. You tell the GM/Owner you are not coming back, you want to go somewhere else that might give you a better chance to win a title. You don’t put on some BS recruitment when all along you knew where you were going. You don’t go on national TV and sh*t and the place you are from.

    Lebron wants to win the easy way, which is his right to do its just the greats such as MJ and even a more current situation as with Duncan during FA they never would do something like that. He goes from being looked as a singular player to bring the city of Cleveland a championship in any sport that hasn’t been done in 50 years but would rather take his talents to South Beach.

    I thought he would be named with the All Time Greats but after what he’s done that’ll never happen, no matter how many titles he wins in South Beach. You want to think somebody that is a 2x MVP and talented as him would take on the challenge but that isn’t him and its disappointing to see him be classless and basically just take the easy way out. I was hoping for more from him but honestly I guess that is just the way he is and as long as he has “yes” men around him he’ll never get it.

  • Claw

    Austin honestly tell me he left it all on the floor in that series against the Celtics. You could tell by his body language he had quit. Finding out Delonte has been banging your mom could have caused that but as well as he played Thursday where was that fire and determination against the Celtics?

    Don’t give me the “nobody around him” excuse, you remember a young MJ against the Celtics, that was a crappy supporting cast but didn’t matter MJ was transcendent in that series even though they lost. There was nobody that ever said he quit.

  • QQ

    To all you cats trying to have a conversation with Austin Burton, here’s an ode: (A comment I originally posted in the Dear Cleveland artilce)

    ‘Just like the brilliant Jason Whitlock article on Bron, I’m gonna open this post with…

    I give up on Austin Burton.

    Maybe we all thought we can have a meaningful conversation with this guy.

    Maybe we all thought that as a writer on my favorite basketball commnunity (I only lurk at basketbawful, and I haven’t visit SLAM in, like, years), we could say our opinion, and not be shot down so blatantly by Burton.

    Maybe we all like to paint Burton as just a fan, instead of a mindless zombie possibly operating on Lebron’s payroll.

    Maybe we all thought that a discussion of ‘Oh, I see that you have a point there’ is possible, instead of the usual ‘No, just no. SETTLE DOWN. Bron is right, so that means I’m right’

    Maybe we all thought Austin Burton is human… Not Bron’s rectal canal lump that has medical experts puzzled.


    Maybe we thought that we CAN talk to Burton.

    WE CAN’T. It’s not possible.

    That’s it. I give up.’

  • Claw

    @QQ – Speak it

    People that say its alright, he’s not their prisioner just don’t get it. This guy could have been a legend, one of the greatest, the road would be hard it wouldn’t be easy. He said F*K this, I’m going to South Beach and hang with my boys and have some fun. He gave it up, he has all the physical skills but is just mentally weak. I guess he is what he is.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Claw — Again, tell me what exactly is disrespectful about deciding to play for another team? LeBron was a free agent, just like the hundreds of other free agents this summer who weighed offers from different teams and picked the most appealing situation. He never said anything bad about Cleveland or the Cavs. And it’s not like he didn’t give the Cavs a chance to pitch him on staying. They just didn’t put together a good enough pitch. It happens in business every single day.

    Now if you want to talk about disrespect, how disrespectful was it for Cleveland fans to spend the last 5 months ripping the man who made their franchise relevant for 7 years? All those playoff runs, the NBA Finals, the national TV appearances, the merchandise sales … doesn’t happen without LeBron. He brought the Cavs to a level they’ve never been to before, and he gets welcomed back like that? How about some appreciation for the best player your franchise has ever had?

    As far as “taking the easy way,” when was the last time an NBA team won a championship easily? Even the 72-win Bulls had to go through a grind. It’s NEVER easy, it’s ALWAYS a challenge. LeBron and Wade and Bosh never claimed it would be easy, either. Is it tougher to carry a roster with zero fellow All-Stars to a title than to be part of a team with two other All-Stars? Of course. But that doesn’t make the Miami situation “easy.” If that’s the case, Kobe and Pierce are also taking the “easy” way by playing on teams with a lot of talent. If you want to accuse somebody of taking the easy way, accuse Shaq. He went to Boston knowing he could get a 5th ring even as a backup. Accuse Matt Barnes of taking the easy way by going to the Lakers when he could have “toughed it out” in Orlando. But the only guy being accused of shying away from a challenge is LeBron.

    Concepts like being a “singular player” and doing it by yourself are things that fans care about more than athletes. Where was it written that because you’re a great player, you have to be on a team where no one else comes close to your ability? Duncan, Kobe, Bird, Magic, Jordan, Isiah, all of them had great players and great coaches who were brought in to make them better. They never had to face a situation where leaving would be more appealing because their franchises took care of them. LeBron never had a great coach and had just a few above-average players on his team. So you can’t hold him to the same standard.

    A ring is a ring. Do you think Ron Artest values his championship any less because he wasn’t the best player on the Lakers like he was in Sacramento? Do you think Clyde Drexler values his ring any less because he wasn’t the best player on the Rockets like he was in Portland? Only fans (and media) care about stuff like who is doing it “by himself.”

    Did LeBron quit in the last Boston series? I don’t know. I watched him get a triple-double with 19 rebounds in Game 6, and I saw his WHOLE TEAM AND HIS COACH decide not to foul in that last minute. I saw him play like crap and seem mentally checked out in Game 5, just like I saw Kobe mentally check out in Game 7 against the Suns in ’06, just like I saw Pierce play like crap when Boston was eliminated by Orlando in ’09. Where was the fire and determination there? You or me don’t know because we’re not in these player’s heads. So what’s the point of even guessing?

  • Mt. Pleasant

    AB – I don’t hate James or blame him for leaving Cleveland, but who are you to call Cleveland Bitches and tell them how to feel. Its sports, you are allowed to cheer and boo who you like. I thought they handled it pretty well, no real incidents.

    I usually like your stuff but you come off as real arrogant on this one.

    PS – Danny Heatley came back to Ottawa for the first time in the NHL on the same evening after forcing a trade and they stood and chanted Heatley Sucks for the first 10 minutes of the game.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin

    I’m embarrassed for you, bruh.

    There are only 2 Franchise players who will forever be hated by the teams where they had the greatest individual success: Lebron James and Vince Carter. There is a reason. Too bad you can’t understand.
    You should maybe consider quitting Dime and getting a spot in Lebron’s yesmen posse.
    For a grown man to not understand that Lebron disrespected his franchise and to compare it to Amare shows a lack of logic. To say it shouldn’t matter where a player was from is ignorant beyond belief. If you don’t know why Cleveland is different from any other city in America, you should stop writing. If you don’t understand whether Lebron quit or not, then you should stop writing. Just the fact you “don’t know ” is an indictment. Your Kobe example is nice, but I don’t remember Kobe leaving town that summer.
    Even Lebron’s fans say he could have done it differently, but you ACTUALLY say that he NEEDED to do The Decision. And somehow, it’s the fans fault for not “appreciating him cuz of all he’s done for the Franchise”. Listen, man. Lebron plays basketball. He got paid well to play basketball. He got his own franchise in his hometown straight outta high school. His teams won 120+ games in the last 2 seasons. They upgraded his terrible coach and let the young players grow. Then, before his 7th season, he decides he wants to go play with a guy who already won achip as the alpha. He lost respect from anybody who’s ever struggled to achieve. The list of legends who shook their heads is endless.
    It’s all good though. You don’t get it. It blows your mind that the fans actually reacted the way they did. Well, you don’t think LBJ did anything wrong so we’ll just agree to disagree.

  • Badger

    K-Dizzle sounds like a whiny bitch Lakers fan who hates on anybody that threatens Kobe’s precious spot as an elite player in the game. You keep talking about disrespecting the franchise well let’s go down the list with LeBron…

    1. Did LeBron diss the Cavs by going on the radio and demanding a trade?

    2. Did LeBron diss the Cavs by going on camera saying they needed to trade their young franchise center?

    3. Did LeBron diss the Cavs by refusing to shoot the ball during national TV games just to make a point to his coach?

    4. Did LeBron diss the Cavs by only shooting it three times in the second half of a Game Seven?

    5. Did LeBron diss the Cavs by telling police one of his teammates pays off his side girls? And naming the guy?

    6. Did LeBron diss the Cavs by putting himself in position to get arrested and publicly embarrass himself in the offseason?

    7. Did LeBron diss teams that wanted to draft him out of high school by refusing to play for them and then forcing a trade to a big market?

    Nope … but I do beleive a certain Mr. Kobe Bryant did all of those things to the Lakers. And yet you LA fans still lick his balls at every opportunity. (BTW if Lebron as lucky enough to have Shaq, Phil, Gasol and Artest on his team he wouldn’t have left Cleveland.)

    I don’t agree with everything AB has been saying about LeBron – I think he should have told his Cavs teammates before he told anybody else – but otherwise I don’t think it’s as big a deal as everybody wants to make it.

    But I can tell LA fans are just scared. They keep saying Lebron took the easy way by picking Miami, so you guys must think LeBron and Wade will EASILY end your three-peat hopes.

  • http://www.highschoolhoop.com Austin Burton

    @K Dizzle — Don’t bother feeling embarrassed. Obviously some people will never change their opinion, and I’m probably as stubborn as you are.

    I know Cleveland fans and I used to be a Browns fan growing up (still follow the team to this day). I get the whole Cleveland misery thing. But I still don’t have a problem with LeBron leaving or how he announced it.

    I think too many people like yourself are looking at LeBron (and every other athlete) like he’s just a video game character or a fantasy roster fill-in. You’re forgetting these are people who put more thought into their decisions than what it means for their basketball legacy and what the fans think of them. Like I’ve said 100 times, maybe LeBron just didn’t want to live in Cleveland/Akron any more and wanted to try something new at 25 years old.

    Besides, what else does he owe the Cavs than what he’s already given them? He fulfilled his contract, he made the franchise a money-making contender and a national presence on the sports landscape. He went above and beyond the expectations that should be set for a kid who came to the NBA straight out of high school. He doesn’t have to give Cavs a hometown discount or limit his own opportunities in life.

    The next time you get offered a promotion at your job, I hope you consider that and don’t just stay where you are because you don’t want to be seen as disrespecting the company.

  • Claw

    @Austin – You don’t get it, you actually think Lebron thought about how the outcome of his “Decision” and didn’t think it might not be a good idea? That “Decision” cost him tens of millions and killed his “brand”. You thought it was alright to shit on the city he grew up in front of tens of millions?

    Dude a “Browns” fan, I grew up in Akron, I played against St. Vs growing up, I won championships at Balch Street and played at the Pit at Akron. His mom used to flippin park at our fraternity house since it was right next to the Jar (Akron U’s basketball stadium) where St. V’s played their games. I was proud of Lebron and him making it, wanting to play football his senior year even though he might get injured because he loved playing football, and not getting in trouble when he started living with his mom who was a little whacked.

    I could care less if he went to Miami, but the way he did it was so egotistical, narcicisstic, and stunk of hubris, he just kept shitting on the team and the city. You don’t disrespect where you came from.

    Funny you bring up a the personal job. I got an offer from another company and told my CEO I was interviewing before my 2nd interview to give him a heads up. That was to let him know why and not acting like I’m going behind his back, its called respect and Lebron doesn’t have it. He is the definition of hubris.

  • http://www.highschoolhoop.com Austin Burton

    @Claw — Again, you keep using the same phrases without actually telling me WHY or HOW what LeBron did counts as disrespect. Did I miss the part where he said something negative about Cleveland? Did I miss the part where he said something negative about the Cavaliers, his ex-coach or his ex-teammates?

    It sounds like you think the “disrespect” comes from LeBron not telling the Cavs first that he was leaving, and from announcing his decision on TV.

    But tell me why LeBron owed it to the Cavs to inform them of his choice before he told anybody else. He wasn’t under contract with them anymore, and as we have since learned, the owner didn’t like him anyway and merely viewed LeBron as property. (On that note, if LeBron really did quit on his team and Gilbert knew it, why did Gilbert try to re-sign him?) Simply leaving a team doesn’t equal “shitting on” a team. When Damien Wilkins leaves the Hawks next summer as a free agent, are you gonna say he also shit on his hometown team? Or is LeBron only held to that standard because he’s a star?

    And as I’ve said before, high school players announce their decisions on TV and keep coaches/programs in suspense ALL THE TIME, and I never hear of anybody calling them egotistical or disrespectful. Same with college kids who announce whether they’re going pro or staying in school.

    You say LeBron “killed” his brand, I say he still looks rich from here. He’s still getting paid by everybody who was paying him before. From his Decision he has “problems” that 99 percent of NBA players would love to have.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Badger

    Whiny little bitch?
    Kid, I wish you would.
    Where did Kobe come into this? Why you even bring up the 2 TIME DEFENDIN CHAMPS to make a point about LBJ leavin Clevland? You ignorant.
    Kobe bitched and whined for better teammates, threatened to leave then reupped BEFORE the Lakers got Pau.
    Next time you wanna jump into a convo with grown folks, get some right facts, punk.
    Kobe got my fave franchise 5 RINGS. What the fuck you comparin that to?
    You spittin shit cuz the Heat beat the Cavs? Give your head a shake. Last I checked, Boston owns Miami and Jameer took a tech just to let em know when they played Orl.
    Only a fool would think Miami could beat Boston or Orlando four times. Thanks for the ignorant ass post. I may have thought you were an idiot, but you posted and verified that fact. Go watch some games, do research, stop livin in the past then repost when Lebron has 5 rings, scrub.

  • Badger

    @K-Dizzle — Yeah, whiny bitch Lakers fan. There are thousands, you just happen to be one of them.

    Funny how you guys get on LeBron for “taking the easy way out” when you worship at the altar of Kobe, who has never won ANYTHING without a Hall of Fame big man at his side and the best coach of all-time. What happened when Kobe had Rudy Tomjanovich on the bench and Kwame Brown in the post? Lottery, first-round exits, and quitting in Game 7. And you cannot deny that.

    Now keep in mind that LeBron has never even had a coach as good as Tomjanovich, let alone one as good as Phil, never had a teammate as good as prime Shaq or Gasol or even Artest, and yet LeBron was still going to the Finals and putting up triple doubles and 40-point lines in elimination games.

    Face it: Kobe (and the Lakers) have gotten lucky to have a great front office, great coaching staff and great supporting cast. LeBron has never had anything like that until now, and he still doesn’t have a great coach. Yeah, Kobe has 5 rings because he had the right pieces around him. When he tried to do it “on his own,” he was just another T-Mac. Tell me I’m wrong…

  • Claw

    Holding “recruiting” visits from Chitown, NY, Miami, and Cleveland when all along he knew where he was going. Why drag it out?
    The Decision – He had to broadcast to everybody that he was leaving and “taking his talents to South Beach” that was a bitch a** move.
    Quit bring up High school students going to college this argument doesn’t make any sense, why would you even use it when it doesn’t make a point?

    This isn’t a HS student or college kid or NBA player that is the 9th man on his team (Damien Wilkins? Really?)

    The is the 2x NBA MVP that was mentioned as being one of the greats in the NBA. What has happened since his “decision” to Miami, that discussion is done, he had to go to somebody else’s team. Form a “Superteam” and has already started complaining. How do you give up being one of the greatest? That is disappointing.

    Give me your side of the argument, you bring up HS kids and NBA players that aren’t even starters.

    And to think you don’t think this will hurt his value, your are delusional. His “global” brand which he was trying to grow is done.