NBA / Dec 2, 2010 / 8:15 pm

LeBron vs. Cleveland Live Blog

LeBron James (photo. David Alvarez)

LeBron is on the court, the cameras are stuck on his every move, and the boos are loud. TNT’s Kenny Smith said he’s never seen a basketball arena as intense as Quicken Loans Arena is right now, and even through the television I’m catching the vibe that the building is feeling real small for LeBron and the Heat right now. It’s almost like a high school rivalry game. Meanwhile, Dwyane Wade has never played in a national TV game where he’s been less of a story line than he is right now. Chris Bosh? He might as well be back in Toronto.

Props for some clever wordplay scattered throughout the crowd, but these are honestly some of the worst-made signs I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to a handful of WWE shows.

Miami intros: LeBron is called first and gets booed without much incident. Big Z is cheered. Hmm, I wonder what the difference between those two former Cavs would be? Oh yeah …

Gotta say, the Cavs video and intro was nice. Almost made me forget how mediocre their roster is. “JOOOOOO-EEEEEEE GRAHAAAAAAAAAAM!!!”

LeBron does the chalk-toss right in Wally Szczerbiak’s face, who is in street clothes behind the scorer’s table. Tip-off time…

– How does Carlos Arroyo feel that Wade and Bosh are getting booed every touch, LeBron is getting booed SUPER-loud on every touch, Big Z is getting cheered, and he inspires silence. Like he’s not even relevant enough to boo. Carlos Arroyo, a.k.a. A Chance To Catch Your Breath.

– Wade gets the first basket with a dunk off a steal, then LeBron hits a face-up jumper on Anthony Parker. LeBron misses a three over Graham, and the crowd loves it.

– More slowed-down iso-heavy offense for the Heat. A missed Wade jumper leads to J.J. Hickson going coast-to-coast and kinda dunking on LeBron. Tell me again why Mike Brown didn’t use him in the Boston series? His athleticism against the C’s front line could have swung the series and, ultimately, kept LeBron in town. Cavs lead 11-10.

– Dime’s Eric Newman: “Wade is going to be the key tonight.” He actually said that before tip-off, and so far Wade has been the difference with his slashing.

– “Christina Bosh” (says somebody in the room) goes to the rack a little hesitant, and Ryan Hollins clocks him across the face. Surprised they didn’t call a flagrant just to keep the players in check. Bosh’s free throws make it 17-14, Cavs.

– Dan Gilbert: “Pat Riley might have taken my superstar, but I took his hair.”

– LeBron scores six in a row to put Miami ahead 21-17. If he gets cooking, this building is going to get real quiet. Here’s my question for the staunch LeBron haters: How do you really feel about LBJ as a player? I hear so many people harp on his (lack of) post game, his outside shot, his free throws. Do you think he’s just a good player and not great? Do you think he’s not good? Do you think he’s great with just a few flaws? Honest question.

– And … TNT waits until 2:30 left in the first quarter to roll out the “Cleveland Sports Misery” montage. New addition: a photo of LeBron, Wade and Bosh being introduced together in Miami.

– James Jones hits a three to make it a double-digit lead, but Boobie Gibson responds with a quick three. Last possession of the quarter, LeBron is iso’d on Jamario Moon, gets into the lane but misses a short pull-up. End of one, it’s 31-23 Miami.

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  • Claw

    Nice move throwing up the chalk, right in their face. Shaq said there was no way he would be that disrespectful.

    Class Meter:

    Ctown Fans: booing Lebron and clapping for Z +1
    Lebron: throwing up chalk -1

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    I’m loving the cheers for Big Z.

    Oh DIME the diff between the 2? One didn’t host an hour long TV show to shit on a city. I don’t think ya’ll get it. To me its not THAT he left its HOW. That he could be such a huge douche to hold an hour long press conference to announce he’s leaving. Remember when he announced the press conference? We all said, NO WAY he does this. Buuuuuuut.

    He did.

    And I hate how he thinks he’s above making mistakes.

  • OneZero

    wow, Chris Bosh is just soft….so soft tonight

  • bookkwormmaster

    Saw the chalk toss and couldn’t believe that he actually did it! Then the camera panned to him wiping his feet by the scorer’s table and he was smirking hard like “Yeah y’all didn’t think I’d do it did y’all?” Made me LOL.

    TNT showed before the game that Charles Barkley got in the camera’s face and did the chalk toss and then DARED LeBron to do it. :)

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    The Byron Scott story is FUNNY, imagine if he found out about that ish haha

  • bookkwormmaster

    I’m looking at this Cavs team and I’m just curious as to HOW IN THE FUCK did they accomplish two 60+ win seasons? This team is TERRIBLE!! No wonder LeBron left. There is NO WAY in the hell he was gonna bring a championship to Cleveland with that cast surrounding him.

    Seeing the Cavs fans actions and just watching and hearing them has me straight disgusted at this point. GET OVER IT ALREADY! I’m actually rooting for LeBron in this game and hopes he set a record for most points scored by an opposing player in Quicken Loans Arena.

    Heard one of the TNT crew say that Boobie Gibson is the ONLY player on the Cavs that still keeps in contact with LeBron. I guess all that chemistry and pregame yucking it up when he played with his former team was all a farce.

  • sadeye2507

    The Cavs should just plead ‘No Contest’ DAYUM!!!!

  • jdizzle

    When will people learn. DO NOT HECKLE LEBRON CUZ HE WILL GIVE YO ASS 50!! Can’t wait to see the signs in Miami when they play again:


  • jwhit45

    Did the Cavs even want Z back? They traded him away last year and he came back to help the cause then.

    There is a huge difference and it is not racial AT ALL!

  • the cynic

    thank god i went out and did something else after the first quarter. Kobe would have dropped 70

  • me

    i can’t believe people hating on the fact he did a tv program to announce his decision.

    That was genius in my opinion, and a sign of loyalty- to his boys. Let them set it up and make a little extra cash.

    They’re adults, and this is business. If someone’s gonna pay, why not sell his choice?

    Why should Cleveland fans be so jilted and pissy? He was a free agent, you didn’t have any more right to him than anyone else did. I think y’all just pissed cuz yall suck again like you usually do.

    At least now I can get some cheap ass Cavs tickets and not have to go to Indy to watch an NBA game for a decent price.

  • Cha-Ching

    If I hate someone that much I won’t even have bought a ticket. Coming to the game booing and acting a fool just made him wanna jump 40-50 even more.

  • Slickdawg

    They should have traded him before he left. Now they have nothing. He only gave hints he was leaving like two years before his contract ended.

    They didn’t even try to bring in any talent to help him. They should be happy that he put a relatively positive spin on the cavs name.

    And I don’t even like LBJ. Good game tonight.

  • Dagger

    Well, regained a lot of respect for Lebron tonight, that’s all I can say . . . .

  • K

    the under reported fact going into this game was that the Cavs suck, especially on defense we all knew they wouldnt be as good on offense but this just shows how great Lebron was for this team.

    Cleveland fans still mad and bitter. go die

  • Balla

    Great players step up in big moments. Dan Gilbert is so scared Cavs fans will realize he his a dumb ass, that he tries make LeBron look like a bad player. If the Heat can afford 3 max players, how come Cleveland couldn’t?