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Manu of the Match: Ginobili is the hero in another instant classic

Manu Ginobili

Manu Ginobili (photo. Xinhua)

While the NBA was still buzzing from the Knicks/Celtics craziness, the Nuggets and Spurs went out and topped the East Coasters in terms of sheer insanity and drama at the end. And their game included what was possibly the best in-game dunk we’ve seen since Shawn Kemp was rocking Kamikazes … The Nuggets had a slim lead early in the fourth quarter before Manu Ginobili went off. He got wide open on a backdoor cut for a layup, hit a step-back jumper that looked a lot like the dagger he delivered against Milwaukee, then drained a three to put San Antonio seemingly in command. And when Manu wasn’t scoring, Tony Parker (24 pts, 9 asts) and Tim Duncan (28 pts, 16 rebs, 4 blks) were running an unstoppable two-man game. But then Carmelo got busy, powering his way in for layups and free throw opportunities to keep it close … With 25 seconds left, Denver was down two with Al Harrington at the line. He made the first, but dented the rim with the second, and for some reason the Nuggets let the Spurs pass the basketball around like a joint and didn’t foul until Ginobili got it. He of course made his free throws, and then things really got crazy: Carmelo (31 pts, 9 rebs) drove in for a dunk to cut the lead to one, and then Antonio McDyess and Ginobili screwed up the inbounds, allowing ‘Melo to get a steal and lay the ball in for the go-ahead shot. Denver had gone from down three to up one in like six seconds. So while you’d think San Antonio would be stunned, all Gregg Popovich did was draw up a play to get Ginobili (16 pts) a running banker through three defenders off the inbounds pass. Denver ball with four seconds left, and Carmelo drove down the middle for the game-winning bucket — except he trucked Ginobili in the process and was called for charging. Ballgame. And somewhere, Amar’e Stoudemire was empathizing … Alright, raise your hand if you’ve gotten Gary Forbes and Gary Neal mixed up at some point this season. Now raise your hand again if it was still happening last night …

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  • DE

    Celtics and the Spurs just gettin’ it done.

  • AL


  • s.bucketz

    nom nom nom…dime eatin rondo’s sack for breakfast??he almost cost the Cs the game yesterday

  • http://www.jordandepot.com JordanS

    That game was SO dope! Glad I got it on DVR too

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    Everyone keeps thinking George Hill got dunked on instead of Gary neal is because Reggie Miller said george hill when the dunk happened while announcing. I didnt notice it was Neal til i saw dunk on the 10th time and the comments kept mentioning neal. Either way, Welcome to poster status Gary Neal.

  • the R

    Don’t get the Chuck/smarties line..

  • McSimon

    Manu lives forever!
    Good game for the C’s

  • solomon

    props to AP for getting rock solid time on the media-version skills challenge…

    and if manu ain’t clutch, i dunno what else is clutch… might not like the flopping and all, but constantly knocking down the shots on crunch time, just like yesterday and today, would make reggie miller proud…

    anyway… gary neal… welcome to the frederick weis hall-of-fame… enjoy the company of action jackson, chris gatling, anton lister… at least people will remember you for a long, long time…

    we’re out like youtube from the neal residence…

  • Far Eastern Islander

    Some people were right!It’s so EASY when you play with 4 HOFers.Even Nate Robinson can rack up 14 assists…Oh wait.

  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    I didnt see this JR Smith dunk yet. But im sure it was nasty. Still dont want his a$$ anywhere near a Bulls uni! @DIME, U guys missed two of Chicagos premier HS teams on ESPN. Simeon(DRose and Nick Anderson alma mater) and Whitney Young(QRich and Marcus Jordan alma mater) both took on inferior teams and destroyed them. Anthony Davis (#2 senior in the country) was still able to show his talent and potiential vs WY but Sam Thompson of Young (top 100 senior) who will be a Buckeye nxt fall looked like an absolute stud. Kid proves that the ranking system has its flaws. Amazing talent. Jabari Parker (top 10 of 2013) and Thomas Hamilton Jr.(top 25 of 2013) showed why they are highly touted. Hamiltons game is a lot like J.Sullinger. Most impressive outside of Sam was Paul White, a 6’7 freshman wing with super talent. Also big shoutout to A.Fells (Simeon) who plays for my AAU organization and is headed to UIC. That kid will be real nice pick up for UIC. Had some power conf schools after him but stayed home.

  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    @Far East, you realize how much of an idiot you look like while trying to be sarcastic? Sure Nate didnt get Rondos 14ast because he wasnt running the offense. He also looks for his shot. But if you noticed Paul Pierce initiated a lot of the Offense, as did Ray Allen, and they combined for 16ast. KG was set up beautifully and was 8/10 for 17pts, Ray worked the screens for 18pts on 7/13 shooting. Seems to me that they didnt miss a beat on offense without Rondo. This because those TWO ALL STARS and ONE HALL OF FAMER(Kg) are still really good and dont need Rondo. Rondo needs them.

  • Chaos

    with rondo out the game changes tho. because nate isnt really a pure pg he doesnt lead the offense, one of the big three does so its not really just 1 of the 3 HOFers but its the scheme that Doc Rivers has written up as welll

  • rollie fingers

    as far as i know d-will holds the skills challenge record and its round 26 secs ….

  • jryu

    damn AP, props for a 33 second time.. got footage on that? that’d be cool as your “video of the day” dime..

    i think especially for fantasy bball players, the two gary’s have been interchangeable in peopele’s minds this year…. i know i’m guilty of it at least 3-4 times..

    and last note, GINOBILIII. go spurs

  • goattree

    @Chicagorilla – Right after calling somebody else an idiot you go on to say that Paul Pierce and Ray Allen aren’t going to the Hall of Fame, but KG is??? You gotta be kidding me. NBA Finals MVP and one of the most clutch scorers of his generation – HOF lock. Best three point shooter OF ALL TIME (Reggie’s time at the top of the list is running out) – HOF Lock.

    You’re the idiot if you think otherwise.

  • Ian

    like lakeshow likes to say
    manu is just stupid clutch

  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    @goatree, i dont know if u posted that right before you left to catch the short Bus to special ed class, but there are plenty of people not in the HOF who were just as good if not better than PP and Ray. Of course you wouldnt know that because you dont care to find information on your own, you just spew back what you heard another fool say. And im not saying Ray and Paul have no chance at all, but assuming that they are automatically HOFers (with career numbers that dont scream HOF like KGs) is jumping the gun a little bit. Its cool though, im sure you and Rick Kamla(NBAtv) can have fun crowing role players like Robert Horry, Derek Fisher, and Steve Kerr all time greats and suggest they are HOFers also.

  • Thrilla

    Manu traveled on that charge

  • S.A.C.

    That was not a charge on that last shot by Anthony. Manu may of been out the circle; but he didn’t arrive in time.

    That was just a bad call, especially at home against a superstar. When it’s a bang bang play like that, the defender is usually never there in time, cause (visually)there’s usually a pause in the action as the properly defender sets.

    Manu must got some dirty pictures of David Stern with some young B*ys or something? I don’t know man?

    I’m glad the Nets finally won one. It was getting bad for Avery Johnson’s career winning percentage.

    I can’t believe you guys (Chicagorilla & minions.) are arguing about Rondo, when the Celts played at home vs a Atlanta team with no JJ or Crawford. Funny and pitiful.

    Pierce played the point forward, cause Nate was having problems running the offense. Not exactly great for Nate, huh and Chicas argument? Lol.

    Anyway, the Celtics have been playing great lately. Let them Play LA, Miami, Dallas etc., then tell me how well they do (I know some of those teams are not on their upcoming Rondo-less schedule)?

    Hey! Rondo been playing hurt the past 4 weeks. I’m glad he’s getting the rest. I hope it cures his various ailments. Yeah. The Celtics may lose a few, they wouldn’t with him. But he hasn’t been playing at 100% anyway the past month.

    I’m also glad most of America doesn’t feel like Chicagorilla

    Why? Rondo is 2nd in votes so far for the guard position (by a nice amount to)in the EAST for the AllSTAR team behind Dwade. And he’s also the 5th leading Vote getter OVERALL for the All Star game PERIOD! And the guy has missed 5 games so far and has been playing hurt for a month.

    Good for him and Nuff Said!!

    Some people can look so desperate and pitiful in trying to convince you with their snap dysfunctional arguments. Lol

  • S.A.C.

    Oh Yeah.

    Great Dunk by JR. He took from far and went up high and banged it on the defender trying to set up above the circle with two handed extension to boot (then swung on the rim like he was on a trapeze in the circus). Great Dunk!!

  • karizmatic

    I’m a lakers fan but I got to say I agree with Kenny smith and Barkley when they say the Celtics are just a great team to watch. The way they play together is really something great.

  • Ian

    With the insight so that wasn’t a charge?? Let’s see the commentators said it was a charge and a good call , barkley and kenny gave props to the refs for making that call because it was the right one. Sorry I think they know what they are talking about.

    I kinda agree I don’t consider them locks and someone mentioned that allen is the best 3pt shooter cuz he’s gonna pass reggie that doesn’t matter just because someone has the most mades doesn’t make em the best. I would like to see if you rather have allen over reggie or bird take a game winning three.

  • Kev

    “That was just a bad call, especially at home against a superstar.”

    I’ve always hated this excuse. I don’t care if it’s the 9th man in the rotation, a foul is a foul, a charge is a charge at home or on the road.

  • Mike “Yahoo! Exclusive” Mihalow

    Watch it, again. Its clearly a charge. The refs had no choice but to call it, “superstar” or not.

    I don’t understand why everyone has to hate on Manu. He’s had winning plays 2 nights in a row, and everyone’s just making excuses against him. Its really pathetic.

  • PoopyTacos

    Manu in the lockeroom after this game:

    “They see me rollin..They hatin…patrollin tryna catch me ridin dirty!”

    In a fresh argentinian accent while doing the young joc dance

  • http://www.mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    @ SAC
    if it was called by a single ref from the off side, MAYBE it could be up for debate BUT the charge was called by TWO different refs from different sides of the floor at THE SAME TIME. they didnt have to talk it over, they didnt even look at each other they BOTH called the charge on their own.

    it takes some huge conspiracy theories to think the refs would be in the spurs pocket on that one.

  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    @SAC, calm down homie. Yao Ming and Kevin Garnett also are starters according to the so called fans. Not to mention Durant and Pau are ahead of Dirk who is having a better individual or team season than those two. Also CP3 is ahead of DWill and DWill is better all around than him right now. So while you and others are stroking yourselves over Rondo starting, lets keep things in perspective. I would love to see a poll of PGs in the L that have faced Rondo and Rose this year and see who they’d vote in as the starter. LOL, something tells me that Rose strikes more fear into those guys. @Ian, yeh i dont think people realize that there were so many players be4 those two with similar careers. But seeing as how the play for the Celtics, they will get more hype than they deserve.

  • Ian

    I know what u mean it happens with the lakers and knicks also. Btw did you see the other center after yao its bynum what a joke.

    Amare should start for the east

  • Far Eastern Islander

    I understand your mancrush on Rose and all that, but calling someone a idiot and backing it up with weak arguments like “Because they have 2 All stars and 1HOFer” and “PP and Allen COMBINED for 17 assists”? PLEASE.

  • Ian

    hell richmond was better than or at least equal to pierce and better than for sure than allen.

  • IGP


    you have to send that skills challenge time to every GM in the league. I know you have connections!

  • IGP

    @ “the R”

    That’s because you aren’t a smartie, you’re a dumb ass.

  • control


    LMFAO, Chicagorilla has a point about PP and Rayray…they just switched to play making mode and filled up the absence of Rondo quite easily. Boston also shot 53% from the field…so it wasn’t like they weren’t still getting their easy shots. The reason is because Boston has a very disciplined offensive set, and very high IQ players who know how to get their plays right and get the easy old man buckets. Rondo is just a cog in the machine…he’s not the machine (like a Nash, Rose, CP3, Deron, etc).

    I agree 100% with Kev, and think that “superstar calls” are the reason the league is so bullshitish right now. Call the game as it is, independent of any players involved, it’s the only real way to keep the shit pure…

  • Ian

    i think i did more harm than good with the lmao thing

  • control


    LMAO, I never ever even used it until you mentioned it…

    Your boy manu got his flop game on point eh? Clutch as fuck, but fuck flopping…

  • Ian

    hey ill take it if the spurs can keep winning

  • S.A.C.

    @Ranger John, Mike Yahoo, Ian etc.

    It honestly didn’t look like a charge to me because it was a bang bang play. Usually when the defender is set, there’s a split second delay, cause the defender has to straighten up, brace himself and stop moving. I didn’t see that guys. Sorry! This has nothing to do with Manu. Just my eyes. It’s just so happened that he’s been involved in two game winning plays that were called (or uncalled his way).

    I just can’t understand how San Antonio keeps on winning (sike)!! Oh well!

    @Far East End Islander

    I love his and Controls perpetual weak ass, knee jerk, one game (irregardless of who’s playing or what’s happening), flippant ass arguments on Rondo. Lol


    Keep it up and keep deluding yourself Bro. What ever makes you/yall feel good!


  • control


    Wasn’t even talking at ya…I understand you consider yourself a permanent part of Rondo’s ballsack, just hanging tight in his roos w/ his testicles, but come on.

    What did I say that is untrue? Boston has a very tightly disciplined and high IQ offense. Does this not contribute at all to Rondo’s success? Can you even admit even a lil’ that Boston is good without Rondo? Have they even lost a game with Rondo(who might be turning into an injury prone player…) out this year?

    Rondo is going to be out a while, we’ll see how Boston does. If they start playing like the Cavs did with LeBron out last year, or like the Suns do with Nash out…then your argument is valid. If they keep rocking along and raping teams, while doing it efficiently…then my argument gains some validity.

  • christian

    ime udoka sucks, thank him for the sick dunk

  • JH

    I think that everyone can agree that Rondo is a better PG than Nate Robinson…but to assume that the “Big 3″ need him to run the point to be successful would be far from the truth.

    Rondo -vs- Rose? Rondo is the better passer & defender. Rose is a better shooter & offensive threat. D-Will trumps both of them with his overall game though.

  • Ian

    Hey I gotta defend by boy

  • Ian

    Sorry my not by

  • jdizzle

    “…and 1 almost-hilarious almost-brawl with Al Horford. That would have looked like Dee-Bo fighting Ezell…”

    Actually I think I would look something like this:


  • jdizzle


  • S.A.C.

    @ Control

    How are you my brotha!!

    I think you guys are hilarious and frothing at the mouth, while not even watching the games.

    If you read what I wrote earlier, I already said “the Celts are playing great now and let’s see how they do with their upcoming schedule?”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they play well in those games my self, cause their gutting it out and winning a lot of games they would of lost last year or earlier this season; even while playing poorly. Good for them!

    By the way; I don’t think a win over Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford-less Atlanta qualifies as a big win. But Ok what ever you say.

    But I love how you guys raid the web pages when you think you have something to argue about, then dissapear, hate, turn a blind ear or make excuses when something doesn’t support your argument. This is so silly.

    I can say a million things like (Doc Rivers saying “we needed Rondo in the NY game or I didn’t think we could of won”), how poorly the Celts played (and lost) in Toronto with out Rondo, and how Pierce playing the point forward and having one good game(this was Pierce first high assist game all season, including with Rondo out, doesn’t make Rondo a cog (if he was, Nate Robinson would duplicate his game easily) and so many more detailed or salient things, etc. It’s pointless and hilarious to argue with you guys about this stuff in any detail (which I avoided)though.

    Believe what you want to believe. It doesn’t matter. Really. You guys don’t listen or read anyway. Lol

    Rondo sucks, is average, above average, a cog, needy, good, etc. Ok got ya! Kool.

    Good for Rondo though, that NBA fans who are voting for the All Star game don’t see things the way you guys do. Oh well!

    Lastly. I’d be more concerned with what Rondo looks like when he COMES BACK (if he’s healed properly), cause he been looking at 70% the past month. I’ll let you worry about the other stuff.

  • http://bounce eyes

    Love Manu Ginoboli. I’ve said all along he might be the most underrated & clutch player in the league.

    First off he traveled against the bucks for the game winner. He took at least 3 steps maybe 4. Skiles even got a technical for the way the officials were calling it. Lopsided of course.

    Secondly on the play with Carmelo. Ginobli one wasn’t squared. 2 he got there a tad bit late. 3 refs always bite the whistle for the most part in end game situations. That same call wouldn’t have been made if a nugget defender stood in. FYI whenever you seem to die or catapult toward the floor. It’s flopping. Overreacting trying to draw the refs attention. These old guys just seem to fall for it. It’s also a referee favorite call to make. Something about holding that hand & going the other way. Did you also see how the Denver defenders didn’t want to sneeze on Ginobli for the tying basket. The whistle would go off if it looked like a foul.

    Refs can’t help but be biased & make mistakes. Some calls cost games. They’re human. Too bad they reward flopping.

    Also funny how Lebron doesn’t get the benefit of the whistle all of sudden. Should have listen to Stern & stayed in Cleveland or let the owner continue to make money of him while he never won. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Love seeing him in a Miami uniform. I hope the N.B.A. continues to build super teams. It’s good for the game & its fans. Especially the real ones. Who know & played the game.

    Would have been huge for Miluakee to upset the Mavs & Spurs. Still wouldn’t have been a big story. Oh yeah & the Knicks still suck. We’re so desperate. LOLOLOLOL at the 3rd in R.O.Y. is having a killer season. He isn’t even on the All Star ballot while Felton & Mario Chalmers are. LOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Heavy price for not going to college. Them folk don’t like that. Control freaks & spoiled brats.