Smack / Dec 12, 2010 / 12:48 am

Mavs drop video-game numbers on Jazz; Wade dominates another day

Jason Terry (photo. Dallas Morning News)

If Jazz/Mavs had been played on Xbox Live, Jerry Sloan would have shut the game off midway through the first quarter and switched to Madden. Running an absolute clinic in offensive execution and shooting, the Mavs were up 26-4 after six minutes, getting (and making) whatever shots they wanted while the Jazz were getting 24-second violations and bricking point-blank looks … But that was right around the time Deron Williams said “F*** this,” scrapped the whole “distributor” thing and went into get-buckets mode. Slowly chipping away at the lead, D-Will (34 pts) eventually tied the score with 4:30 left in the fourth quarter after he busted Jason Kidd‘s ankles and shins with a crossover and got an and-one layup that fouled Tyson Chandler out … It looked like Dallas (14-26 from three) was officially falling apart when Dirk Nowitzki stepped over the line before making the inbounds pass to gave the ball right back to the Jazz, but Utah couldn’t capitalize. Dirk (31 pts, 10-12 FG, 15 rebs) gave Dallas the lead back with two free throws, then Jason Terry and Ronnie Price traded jumpers for a minute before Dirk stretched the lead to four with a spinning layup and-one. (“I think Superman lives in Dallas, not Orlando,” said one Utah announcer.) Down two with under 30 seconds to go, Utah chose not to foul, and Dirk found Terry (14 pts) in the corner for the dagger three … Play of the night: First quarter, Dirk went up for a straightaway three, changed his mind in mid-air and whipped a fastball to Shawn Marion on the left block, then Marion flipped an alley-oop at eye-level across the lane to J-Kidd, who tossed in a circus layup while being fouled just before the buzzer. Hard to describe, but you’ll see it on Steve Smith‘s “Top Plays Under the Rim” soon enough … Toronto’s “defense” makes everybody look good. Pistons/Raptors could have been defined by T-Mac unleashing double-clutch dunks, 5-foot-Nothing Will Bynum boldly going into the lane and cramming on dinosaurs, and Ben Wallace — who would have a hard time scoring in NBA Jam — dropping 23 points. (No coincidence that Ben had 9 offensive boards and 10 made field goals.) But in launching a comeback from a 25-point deficit, the Raps actually got some stops …

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  • YW

    LeBron actually got pissed off by the Israeli, hahaha

  • http://weather.com Chicagorilla

    Saw the Kings vs Heat highlights and i think Pooh Jeter is trying to commit suicide. He took a charge on Bron going full speed, then a few min later took a charge on Wade. Thats nearly 500lbs of man combined he got run over by. But i like Jeters game, he shouldve been in the L a few years ago. Hope he sticks. On a Chicago note: What is wrong with DRose and the boys. I know we got bad weather coming but someone shouldve told Minny to bring umbrellas and rain coats as the Bulls were making it rain on them hoes all nite. Rose was like 5/6 from deep and didnt play any of the 4th qt. Of all the things i expect from him, thats not one of them. So i would like all of you who hated on him all summer to continue your hate as it seems to fuel him.

  • The Big Kahoona

    @YW, he’s Israeli, that’s what they do…piss people off

  • http://dimemag.com Chicagorilla

    Oh and someone tell the coach of the Pistons, Kuester (sp?) I think, that Will “The Thrill” Bynum is his best PG and TMac is his best scorer. You want to keep your job buddy, keep those two on the floor as much as possible.

  • Buckets

    Someone, anyone, please tell me what to make of Kevin Love’s numbers? Could he put up these numbers w/ a playoff team?

    Side note: Saw a replay of Derek Fisher’s last second shot vs. Clippers. Kobe was visibly upset when he didn’t get the ball from Fisher. Will he ever truly trust his teammates? I thought Kobe was past this at this point in his career.


  • nola


    if fisher didn’t make that shot and ended up with a missed shot or even worse, no shot at all/terrible shot/bad pass/turnover, we’d all be here talking about why kobe didnt touch the ball on the last possession. if you say that he doesnt trust his teammates throughout the whole game, fine i agree with that though he’s gotten better. however, on the last possession with the game on the line? the best player on the team has to get the ball.

  • Young Gunner

    Cleveland hasnt won since Lebron shatted on them. And dont hate on Bill Walton. I like listening to him babble lol

  • lester

    “Come over here and catch some of this in your mug.” Who knew Bill was letting Tori Black write his material?

    brutal line on bill walton there. absolutely brutal

  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    @Buckets, Kevin Love is for real. If he was on the Spurs or Orl he would be an all star maybe even a starter. Dont get it twisted, his 20pts come off put backs, mid range, long range, and fts. He is too short and doesnt have the explosiveness to be a threat on the blocks vs taller bigs. His reb numbers he would put up on any team because the kid knows how to carve out space. Actually there has never been a player like Love in the history of the NBA. He can get u 15 reb. Shoot 40% from 3. He is a great passer and has a avg post game (he can score vs small PF like Boozer, Landry, Scola). So imho yes he is valid. That 08′ draft class is looking like a problem. Rose, Beasly, Mayo, Mcgee, Love, Westbrook, and to think, Griffin was almost part of this class. I know im forgetting some but that class is in beast mode.

  • darkdefender

    “Come over here and catch some of this in your mug”

    Hehehe I’m gonna borrow from bill walton/tori black and tell that to my woman

  • darkdefender

    @ chicagorilla

    FYI McGrady is junk. I dont understand the infatuation with this imposter at all. If it was 2002, yes, if it was 2007, maybe. But it’s almost 2011… Be grateful he is not a Bull.

  • Stefan
  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    y’all watchin too much porn…

  • follow thru

    d-rose just playing out of his mind right now. solid improving 3 point shot.

  • K Dizzle

    Question : Who did y’all vote for the starting center for the West in the all-star game?
    The other 9 spots were cake then I spent like 10 minutes realizing that the really ain’t no healthy or deservin centers out west. Don’t even remember who I checked…

  • rickdaruler

    K dizzle your center vote is invalid. It really doesn’t who we vote for Yaos gonna be the starter until he retires

  • http://www.commonun.com Mark Keeding

    Top 20, There’s no stopping my nba excitement, let me know when Dwill isn’t the best point guard in the league, PLEASE let me know i want find that guy…

  • ScoGo

    @ Chicagorilla

    Agree w/ everything (McGrady is not good but surrounded by worse).

    ’08 also brought us Eric Gordon, Gallinari, Hibbert, JJ Hickson and the Lopez brothers.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    The ’08 draft class is ridiculous, I mean wow, just realizing it now.

    Monday to Wednesday I think D-Rose is MVP, then switch it up to Dwight. Both of them deserve it.

    The East is so easy to pick the All-Stars (Rose, Wade, Bron, KG and Dwight) but I think they gon vote Gasol and Timmy in together and have one of them pay the 5.

  • QQ

    Thw Jazz/Mavs game was unreal. Possibly the best game so far in the season. When the Mavs eem to drop 60 on the first quarter, the Jazz got their grit back and just attacked. Then that foruth quarter where everyone seem to be on clutch mode.

    Disagree with the Sloan comment though. Dude’s the biggest badass in the NBA. If that were a video game, dude will still deadpan his way through the game.

  • Bostonguy

    @ Dime

    Is it me; or Dime didn’t find it necessary to mention that the Celtics blew out the Bobcats by 30 and held them to 60+ points?

    I understand it’s the Bobcats, but they are on a 10 game winning streak and won with a skeleton crew of big man.

    And I apologize in advance if I missed it!

  • Bostonguy


    I didn’t notice that. But I think Kobe wants to keep missing the boat load of important shots he’s missed this year (with broadcasters silence) till he finally hits one, then the broadcasters will re-proclaim his message and Kobe will act like credit doesn’t mean much, just wins (despite him being angry where he doesn’t take the last shot, even if his team wins).

    Kobe has missed the overwhelming majority of big shots this year (maybe all of them).

  • Bostonguy


    Not sure what NBA you watch, but All star team starters should be:

    Dwight Howard

    Ok if you wanna switch Rose with Rondo; but where you get KG starting over Amare? If you gonna put KG, you might as well put Rondo, cause Amare is having a much better statistical year over KG than Rose is having over Rondo (if at all). I know we all have our favorites and opinions and KG is playing great for Boston. But be consistent my brother.

    I agree Pierce and KG can be subs on team.

  • QQ

    I must say, earlier this season, it’s Rondo over anyone else. But at this point, Rose has definitely earned that spot and has overtaken Rondo. Kid may be the BEST PLAYER in the league right now. As for Rondo, he’s still beastin, but overall KG and Pierce has just been almost as awesome, which just reinforces Rose’s spot in the metaphorical ASG

  • sonic

    klove is like charles barkley

  • http://dimemag.com Chicagorilla

    My ASG starters East: Rose, Wade, Bron, Amare, D12. Bench: Rondo, JJ, Granger, Pierce, KG, Josh Smith-possible for Bosh to make it if he keeps going at this rate and Bogut, Lopez, JWall. West starters: DWill, Kobe, Durant, Dirk, Duncan. Bench: Cp3, Westbrook, Melo, Griffin, Gasol, KLove, Monta. West is much harder to pick. Rudy Gay, Scola, Manu, Nash, Eric Gordon, all could be in there.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    @Boston Guy

    I put in KG cuz its a FAN vote for starters, and KG always wins. Of course Amare deserves it, but you never know with fan votes.


    I honestly think Bargniani should make it over Lopez, they are both have horrible rebounding numbers (Lopez 6.2 Bargniani 5.5) but Bargs scores more and is playing for the better team.

    As for the West? Complete crap shoot.

  • Mtx

    Duncan is listed as a forward.

    Unfortunately, Yao is going to be voted as a starter, despite being hurt. I think Nene should be the starter, cuz he’s playing better than Marc Gasol, Kaman, Okafor and Camby


    Don’t you think Shaq can make it? He’s playing well, hes popular, he’s winning and Lopez is playing like shit

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Yao will be voted to start, but there’s no way the Rockets allow him to play the All-Star Game. So you might as well proceed as if you’ll need an alternate for that spot.

    If the NBA went with what I’ve been saying for the All-Star rosters — PG, two wings, two bigs — the West starters would probably be CP3 (or Nash), Kobe and Durant, Dirk and Gasol (subbing for Yao).

  • Jay10do

    Go Heat!!!

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    @ AB

    You think CP should make it over D-Will and maybe even Westbrook?

    Also, to me Nash vs Westbrook vs Ellis is going to be crazy for the bench guard spots.

  • bookkwormmaster

    PG: D-Rose
    SG: Wade
    SF: LBJ
    PF: STAT
    C: Dwight
    Bench: Rondo, Truth, KG, Big Al, J-Smoove, Bogut, Granger

    PG: D-Will
    SG: Mamba
    SF: Durant
    PF: Dirk
    C: Gasol
    Bench: TP, Ginobili, TD, Westbrook, Melo, K-Love,
    Blake Griffin/Luis Scola

  • http://www.highschoolhoop.com Austin Burton

    @Stunnaboy2k11 — Right now I’d take Deron first, CP3 second and Westbrook 3rd, but if it comes down to the fan vote CP is more popular.

  • Jay10do

    Mavs playin incredible,Lakers are the champs so there record doesn’t matter,Boston ain’t no Joke, Spurs got they mojo back, and my Heat 8 in ah row let’s go! my allstar starters E/W are Rose,Wade,King James,Amare,Howard (K.G. over Amare yea right) CP3 or D-Will,Kobe,KD,Dirk,Duncan or who ever jus not Yao, Blake Griffin better make the team my favorite player this year so far besides lebron. Go Heat!!!

  • bing

    To those throwing hate Kobe’s way (yawn), watch the last 4 mins of today’s game against the Nets.
    He was waiting for double teams and then hitting his teammates for layups/dunks or getting to the foul line.
    Put the game out of reach without having to try for dagger 3s etc.

  • S.A.C.


    Pau is listed as a Forward

    @Chicagorilla & others

    Yao will get voted in. And part of the reason is, cause the West choices at center suck!!!!!! Did you see them?

    I think Amare should be picked over Garnett. But Garnett and Pierce and obviously Rondo should be on the team.

    Shaq I’m not so sure about though (unless it’s a legacy/old times sake placement). Lol.

    Rose and Rondo is tough. Rose is having a great individual year (while shooting 46% fg), while Rondo is having a great team year, while playing hurt and shooting 53% fg with 2.4 stls and great defense. Let’s see what happens by all star break or just flip em?

    The West is tough with the guards. But I’m sure they may overload on them or some ones going to get left out.

    A lot of this all star stuff will get straightened out with the coaches picks. You know (as an example) Pau; will be added as a center though he plays forward, if Durant, Melo or Dirk get voted in before him.

    I’ll pick the west later. Lol.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    @ everyone saying “Yao is going to get voted in”

    That’s exactly why I have Duncan Starting. The coach will be allowed to pick the starter and either Duncan or Gasol will be named the starter then. I just went with Duncan because he’s an OG.


    If you really look at it, it’s not even close between the two PGs. Take a look.
    47% FG 42% 3pt 76% FT 25ppg 8apg 4rpg 1stl

    The Bulls are 14-8 All on his shoulders and have BY FAR the best record vs the Western conf (11wins) of any team on the East. (even with the 7 game Circuis trip they were 4-3 on). The Bulls also have wins over 5 of the top 8 teams in the WC. all on the back of Derrick Rose as this was done mostly without Boozer.
    And look at that 3pt % again… he’s made 37 this year alone, while only hitting 32 combined his first two years. Thats what you call working on your game.

    53% Fg 35% 3pt 43% FT 11 ppg 14apg 5 rpg 2stls
    The best TEAM in the East conf. Rondo is impressive with 14apg and the 2stls. But he is equally unimpressively shooting 43%(!!!) from the freethrow line. At first glance you think Rondos improves his 3pt shot, but then you realize he is only 5-14. Rondo should be on the all star team no doubt, but not as the starter.

    And anyone who can read these numbers and try to justify Rondo being the starter or even the better player than Rose is just being completly bias at this point.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Rose deserves it, not even close. And this is coming from a Rondo fanboy. To me, Rose is what Rondo could be if he didn’t have to conform to the Ce;tics current system. But he’s a system guy, gives us wins and is a solid PG for the East team.

    However i tihnk when its all said an done, Rondo gets more minutes due to his style (ALWAYS look for the pass) is perfect for the All-Star game. Like the black version of J-Kidd lol.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I like DWill and I agree that he can be voted in as a starter but probably won’t be. But this year, he holds the #1 PG in the game torch. With CP3, Rose, and Westbrook right on his heels.

    Oh and you guys gotta post that Crossover DWill put on JKidd, that was ugly. JKidd should be low and in better position defensively, but maybe he’s getting too old for that.

  • K Dizzle

    @ rickdaruler

    Yao’s in cuz he’s got a billion voters, that’s all. No diss, cuz if he healthy and playin normal minutes, he’s the best out west, maybe in the league. Ask TMac how bein Yao’s teammate benefits come all-star time.
    I assume Houston ain’t wastin his feet on an exhibition game so I’m thinkin they gonna fix it so that Pau’s the starter seein as how the game is in LA…

    West is a mess. 12 spots. 5 guards, 5 forwards, 2 centers.
    Gots to go: CP3, DWill, Westbrook, Bryant, Ginobili
    On the edge: Monta, Nash, Tony “Pimpin” Parker. On a side note Eric Gordon is puttin up 24.3 ppg 3.3 rbs 4.5 as on 45.8 fg% and he’s on the waaaaaaaaaay outside lookin in. West is ridiculous.
    Frontcourt gots to go: Pau, Dirk, Durant, Melo, Rudy, Griffin, Scola, Nene, Love. Two of these guys will be your center. Two of them won’t even make it. Even with Amare and Booze gone, the West is still ridiculous. I ain’t even mentioned certified studs like Millsap and Randolph.

    East is a cakewalk. I don’t know why we even discussin like it’s hard. Rose is good enough to be an mvp, he’s my starter. Rondo and Felton come off the pine. Dwade gets the other spot. He gets backed up by Paul Pierce cuz JJ missin too many games and Boston always gets 3 lol. John Wall gonna get squeezed out, but in a positive spin, that Rook-Soph game gonna be BANANAS this season lol!!!Wall, Cousins, Blake vs Jennings, Curry, Reke etc
    Frontcourt is easy. Amare, Lebron, Dwight. 4 more spots and the east actually has centers. Josh Smith and KG gotta get in. Should be Noah’s year too cuz they rollin and he producin. One more: Granger, Hibbert, Crash, Bargnani, Bogut, Horford. One of you is in…Don’t really matter tho cuz you’ll be the dude at the end of the all-star bench who gotta take his all-star 3 minute appearance and use it as fuel against the East 2nd half of the season.

    I’m out.

  • K Dizzle

    One more thing:
    No offense to Duncan. Hope he gets in so he can maintain his all-star every season of his career status, but 13 and 9 don’t really scream all-star. He is the defensive anchor on that squad so hopefully they put him in at center or somethin.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Yeah I didn’t know Duncan was only at 13 and 9. He’s doing it in 28min per, which means they are saving him but he could still put up great numbers if he wants.

    So i’d like to re-do my West roseter

    DWill, Kobe, Durant, Dirk, Pau Gasol

    CP3, Westbrook, Melo(still avg 22ppg&8rpg for a top 8 team), KLove, Griffin
    Manu (20ppg and 5ast in only 32min a game), the last spot is difficult.

    i want to say Scola or Rudy Gay. But you can even put Tim Duncan in here to show respect to the OG. Zach Randolph is the blacker more ignorant version of Kevin Love. For my $, I’ll go with Duncan as his team wins, and longevity, plus lack of min played but still getting numbers, put him ahead of the others.

    Some would say leave out Love or Griffin, but you really cant and here’s why.

    Love is doing something that has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE in the NBA. I’m not even sure its been done in college. 20pts 15 rebs, shooting 45% FG and 40% 3pt 2asst. That’s just crazy. And he can actually improve on that if he gets a real PG.

    Griffin is putting up 20pts 12reb 3ast 1stl 1 blk. as a effin rookie. Sure his team sucks, but thats even more of a reason he should be there.

  • S.A.C.


    You bring up some good points and stats. And I don’t disagree with you. I can see Rose starting.

    But remember what Stunna said? Rondo could do all those things Rose does if he didn’t have to conform to the Celtics system. I agree with that whole heartedly. But I’m not going to penalize Rondo for it as Stunna does.

    There was a great article on point guards by some writer (forgot his name) and when you add up the points and assist(not including free throws and three pointers from assist)Rondo was tied or had just two points less total points than Rose (39 vs 41 points). And that total just includes points form scoring and assist average (not free throws or 3 pointers off those assist or steals etc. where Rondo leads). I repeat 39 to 41 total pts. What’s the difference?

    I know Rose is his hitting big shots. But he’s got the green light from Thibs and sucky team mates (at least thats what you always say)? Lol. But keep in mind the Celtics are shooting 51%. That’s at least 4% points better than the second place team in the NBA. It’s not even close!! How you think those guys are getting their points? It’s CAUSE OF Rondo. That doesn’t stand for something (51% team shooting)!!??

    I know currently Rondo may be shooting 43% from the free throw line. But at the same time for a point guard Rose doesn’t get a lot of steals or plays great man to man, team help or passing lane defense. He may try. I know he does. But he doesn’t get a lot of results doing it. Besides those defensive stats, MOST GUARDS THAT PLAY AGAINST RONDO RARELY GET THEIR AVERAGE AGAINST HIM. Doesn’t that stand for something? Rondo does yeoman work on D (top pressure, passing lanes, man to man and help)on top of his offensive responsibilities.

    But hey, I’m not Knocking Rose. He’s had a great 1/4 of a season. And things can change. Chris Paul seems to had fallen out the MVP running with his teams recent demise. Things happens swiftly. Rondo is hurt now as well. Maybe he’ll get/feel better soon? Let’s see what happens when he plays the Knicks on Weds. Rose has had the benefit of playing a lot of big games recently on ESPN and TBS for folks here.

    He’s a great year so far indeed!! Congrats to Rose!

    It’s all good dialogue.

  • S.A.C.


    I know you know this already (but seemingly forgot), but Charles Barkley was smaller than Love and had a all around better game except long distance shooting.

  • S.A.C.


    If John Wall ever had a chance to sneak in(as scarce as that was possible), I think that possibility is all gone with Raymond Felton as a coaches pick. Don’t you guys?


    It I think we said the same thing earlier about the coaches picks fixing the more dubious all star snubs. Lol


    Great point on Rondo and his overall game in the Celtics system. Anytime Rondo calls his number and he’s on a isolation play, he always scores or gets the assist. When he drives to the basket, with that leaping ability, long arms and big hands, he can score over big men quite easily. I wish he was more aggressive sometimes. But with 4 legit scorers on the floor (especially since Shaq got there), he doesn’t see a need to score a lot, unless the opportunity presents itself or they need him to. He usually responds to.

    The Jets Just lost to the Miami Dolphins 10-6 at home. The Dolphins scored no touchdowns. It was all off of turnovers. Wow!

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    I’m not so sure Rondo can do what you guys think he can with a team of his own. I think he is a better player with a team like he has now. Put him on the Clevland Cavs and His asst would drop dramtically while his scoring may go up to about 15ppg his FG% would also drop. I also think he would be forced to improve other parts of his game if he truely is an elite PG then he would eventually find a jumper and hit his FTs.
    Let me also state this, I actually like what Rondo is doing on the C’s. It’s refreshing to see a team actually play like a real team, with everyone playing their roles. What I don’t like is people overhyping the kids just because he won a ring as a role player.

    I also believe that with Rose putting up high scoring numbers, people are eventually going to over hype him because thats the way the NBA seems to go. Most people aren’t actually watching Rose play nightly so they don’t see the real improvement in his game, they are just looking at numbers. But it works that way with LBJ, Kobe, WAde, D12, Dirk and any other star.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Barkley did not shoot that well from 3. Thats whay I say its never been done before. Barkely may be the closest, but he was never a great 3pt shooter. the best he ever shot was 33%.
    But this is why Love was drafted so high and they traded Mayo to get him. The guy has an odd game that can’t be duplicated.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    As a proud Rose fantasy owner I watch his games ALOT His major improvements are his passing and shooting. Which kinda irks me as Rondo still hasn’t hit the mid range that solidly but there is still hope.

    If Rondo was brought up in a system built around him ala Rose, I honestly thing he’d be dropping 18/11/5 with 2 steals on solid %. Watching him the year KG was out showed me he can be assertive but with the Big 3 there he doesn’t want to step on any toes.

    Rose though is killing it and I give props to you for telling the world he is legit. The kid is wrecking shop and a bonafide MVP candidate.

    Props for the Celtics comment though, I love how they play. They all have set roles and play in a beautiful system, and not just 2 guys isoing all day (ahem) Can it lead to a title? Hope so lol

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Love could put these numbers on any team, he is the ultimate hustle player, and is splashing 3’s to boot. Hopefully they can somehow build around him and Beas to get a good team out in Minny. Now if only a certain Spaniard could come…

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Yeh I really didn’t believe Loves numbers when i was reading them a couple weeks ago. I’ve watched a couple of his games since and I was a big fan of his in college. It still doesn’t make sense that he can get up three 3 pt shots per game and still grab 5 off reb per game.

    As for Rondo without the big 3. 18/11/5 2stls… i can see that, but it won’t be for a winning team unless his jumper improves greatly. Rondo is a system guy, he needs a system that puts the ball in his hands and lets him make decisions. He is a good passer and can get into the lane so I can see him still getting asst on the C’s minus the big 4(Shaq included) team as long as he has shooters. But trust, there is a HUGGGE difference in throwing to Big Baby instead of KG on, Perkins instead of Shaq, Delonte West instead of Ray, Marquise Daniels instead of Paul. Rondo has confidence that those guys are a) gonna shoot and get him the ast b) make the shot!

    Again I don’t hate Rondos game (he’s a fag for his personality though lol). The only proof i have of him without the big 3 is his rookie season and he wasn’t impressive at all, but you could see the potiential. I would like to see what he’s like when he’s FORCED to have a better jumper because the big 3 arent there. I want to see if he’ll really work on fixing his j.

  • S.A.C.

    @Chicagorilla & Stunna

    Not to belabor this thread. And I won’t.

    But I think you’re slightly underestimating Rondo’s scoring ability. Anytime Rondo has been required or asked to score, he has done it and done it brilliantly for the Celtics.

    With his quickness, handle and physical gifts, I have no doubt he could average 20 pts, 12 assist, 5 rebounds and 2-3 steals easily.

    You said he’d average 15 pts a game? He averaged 14 a game, 10 assist and almost three steals last year as the willing 4th option. Remember? Now with Shaq there, he makes himself the 5th option (remember he calls his own plays).

    Rondo himself said recently he’d shoot more if he played on different team. You gotta remember Chicagorilla. Those guys want their touches and there’s no way that any point guard is gonna average 20pts a game with them (with out a bitter chemistry reducing fight). They all still think they can play (and they can with the right point guard).

    Even Ray Allen said recently “sometimes we got to remember to just get out of the way and let Rondo do his thing”. I agree. Rondo is never proactively assertive enough with those guys regarding scoring.

    As far as his shot. He’s hit his outside shot this year. If anything, I think he should shoot more and not less. He should definitely shoot more threes. Like John Barry said the other day; “Rondo is not a bad shooter, just a reluctant one”. I agree. If he played on another team he would of shot more, cause he would of had to (as Rondo acknowledges).

    And Chicagorilla; I no dog in this fight. Cause I’m not a Celtic fan; just a basketball one. But I’ve seen games where Rondo goes to the hole or stays aggressive with his penetration and jumps hard/high, no one can stop him. No one. He jumps over people, dribbles around them or finds the pass. The kid has a superlative handle and I very rarely see him ever get stripped or lose his handle (unlike Rose and others too often). He dribbles regularly right through traffic with out a problem. People who don’t watch him play regularly don’t realize those things and the Celtic system of passing the ball around and not taking quick shots.

    Playing in Boston has it’s advantages and disadvantages for Rondo and the same thing goes for Rose with Chicago.

  • S.A.C.


    As you always say to dime readers “you don’t watch the games”.

    Rondo gets his assist irregardless of who’s playing. I think your oversimplifying it. John Wall averages almost 10 assist (and dropping) playing with a bunch of nobodies.

    I really don’t think he’s a system guy. I just think he adapts to what ever system he’s in. I would like to see him shoot more from the outside though and always stay aggressive.

    If I remember correctly, these were the same things that Chicago fans and coaches wanted Rose to do as well.

    PS: I sent my above thread before your last one (#49), so it wasn’t in response. This one is.

    You guys watching Orland Vs Da Clip in LA?

    Orlando kicking their asses so far in the first quarter. But hey; it’s the NBA. Lol.

  • S.A.C.


    Lastly (and Stunna can attest to this).

    Doc Rivers hates playing Rookies. That was probably the reason you saw the potential but he didn’t enough for you to get a good look.

    Anyone that follows the Celtics or Rivers knows he hates playing rookies. So the fact that Rondo played as often as he did his first year was a good thing, not a bad thing. But I can understand what you’re saying and why.

    Hey! Rondo’s hard headed. Because people say he should shoot more, he doesn’t shoot as much. Lol. In his defense, he’s taking the open jump shot now quicker and hitting it. As a matter of fact, he’s shooting almost 50% on his midrange jumpers (a line you used to quote a lot on Rose). That’s the first step. Now he’s got to keep taking those shots more and proactively, as well as three pointers. Every three point shot he took this year (and through out his career) is when the shot or his options ran down. He doesn’t take them proactively. I like the fact that Rose is taking 4 a game. Sometimes he’s gonna have games where he hits 2-3 and other days he’s gonna have days where he hits 1 or none. That’s a good thing I think. But their in two different situations most games.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    you’re right that I don’t see a ton of BOs games, but they are on tv a lot. So I see them enough to analyze his game. I think you are severly underestimating Ray, KG, and Paul. Even Shaq. Those guys all were beast before Rondo. And would still be pretty damn good. Look at their counterparts. KG is around Duncans age, Timmy is still putting up 13 and 9 with 2blks in 28min with two scorers around him. Ray (96) and Paul (98) have Kobe to look at. Ray has the same milage on his legs as Kobe and all he has to do is come off screens to get his. Not really that difficult for him. Paul is probably the most crafty scorer in the NBA along with Kobe and Nash, and he can still get 20ppg easy. KG just put his head damn near at the Rim on an alley oop vs the Bobcats, he looks healthy again. They don’t need Rondo, Rondo needs them. But altogether they work like clockwork.

    You say you “have no dog in the fight” but you are a Rondo lover. Go back to your posts from the summer (I just did) and you openly admitted you are a rondo lover. Nothing wrong with that, but you trying to validate your argument by saying you have no favorite is BS.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Yeah that’s one of Docs things, rookies get no PT unless they HAVE to (ala Erden), and also Rondo had to deal with Telfair in his rookie year who was considered the franchise PG (hindsight 20/20)


    At least we see eye to eye on this, and watching the Rondo vs Durant HORSE contest lets me know that he at least HAS a J in him. He just has to find it. I also disagree on he needs the Big 3 for assists. I’ve seen him dish passes to Shaq, Erden, Bog Baby, Kg, Ray Ray and Nate with the same ease. He passes to whoever is on the floor and is one of the best in the league at that.

    You have your franchise PG, I have mine and its going to be a fun stretch of years watching them compete against each other.

  • http://freshouttatime.blogspot.com freshouttatime


    a nerdy technical point, i’m not really feelin the 2 page links for the smack page… once we link to the main article, have it display as one page por favor

  • S.A.C.


    Funny on being a Rondo fan!

    In regards to our discussions from the summer, I told you it was from/because Rondo’s play, not because I loved him in Kentucky, knew his sister or was a Celtics fan. Lol. It was strictly from his play, that’s I’m unbiased.

    I like Derrick Rose from his play to. And I see the limitations or exaggerations that people make or don’t see in his game, just like they do with Rondo. I love Derrick Rose’s play. I just think he’s a certain type of point guard on a certain type of team.

    As far as the Celts. They are good! I just think Rondo makes them better. All of those guys (even pierce), has said that when Rondo’s on the court they all get their shots at their required spots and much easier. They just don’t have to work as hard to score.

    In case you didn’t know, The Big 3’s shooting percentages has gone up with age (instead of the usual gone down). All those guys are shooting at career high percentages now (don’t know about Shaq). That’s the Rondo effect.

    It’s a symbiotic relationship for all of them.

  • S.A.C.


    Good Points to Chi-town

    Yeah Doc and his rookie playing time. Lol.

    Some people argue that the Celtics were actually showcasing Telfair etc. and that’s why Rondo didn’t start exclusively.

    I don’t know? But I do know that Danny Ainge wanted Rondo and had cut a deal with Phoenix to draft him, so they can trade him to Boston. So who knows.