Latest News, NBA / Dec 15, 2010 / 10:37 pm

NBA Instant Classic: Celtics vs. Knicks Highlights

There was lots of back and forth today about the “rebirth” of the Celtics/Knicks “rivalry” (This is where we stood heading into gametime). No matter what you thought about Celtics/Knicks beforehand, you can’t deny that the game was awesome.

If you missed it, ESPN made sure to post highlights immediately after Pierce ripped out the Knicks’ hearts. You can check them out here.

Can we now consider the Knicks/Celtics an official “rivalry”?

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  • nola

    no. it was a good game. that’s it. the fact that you’re trying so hard makes it obvious that this is not a rivalry. rivalries are created by players and teams not the media.

  • colincb

    Cs-Sixers was a rivalry back in the day and Cs-Lakers was and is a rivalry, but there was never a Cs-Knicks rivalry because the Knicks have a sub-500 record since 1947. Talk about a “rebirth” is marketing hype.

  • Slink

    Despite the loss, Ray Felton continues to impress. Hopefully the Knicks keep him around for a long time. Dudes legit.

  • QQ

    of course the ‘rivalry’ is media hype, but daaaamn, you could actually that there’s something in this very very good regular season game.

    And yes, this game made me believe in Amare. I’ve been one of his harshest critics here (I’m allergic to soft bitchasses who don’t play defense and has no heart in actual games. Hello, Carmelo), but Amare is now destroying the crap on that ‘soft bitchass’ label of his. I know, kid’s still not a defensive monster, but he IS their franchise player and he is playing like that right now. Props.

    And bout the end of the game, I think of it like this: The fans, the players, Spike Lee knew that the Amare’s basket DIDN’T count. They were rejoicing because that shot, that game, that MOMENT, means that after years of being used to the NBA’s doormat, IT’S DIFFERENT THIS TIME. Now they fight, they play hard, they talk shit with the best team in the east.

    It’s just a metaphor. It doesn’t matter if it counted, or not. The only thing that matters is that New York has a team to call their own.

    That’s why they were screaming.


  • arisloco

    LOL @ Nate Robinson almost smashing his face to the ground after trying then failed to bump Pierce after the game winning shot… Epic!haha

  • Mtx

    Unfortunately Amar’e didnt play with all this heart in phoenix. If he actually showed some heart in phoenix, things might have been different.

    And everytime i see the knicks i hate gallinari even more. He keeps flopping cuz he cant play D, he acts like hes the business but then he gives interviews sayin the people should expect much from him

  • bookkwormmaster

    I second everything QQ said. Amare has showed some serious heart since he donned that Knicks uniform and is playing like a franchise player. I’ve always liked Amare and I’m happy he’s getting that chance to show the world he is S.tanding T.all A.nd T.alented on his OWN TEAM. Much respect earned.

    This is not yet a rivalry bu you ccan say this: GAME OF THE YEAR!!

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Gallo flopping for the and-1 was the icing on the cake fro me. I hate the little fucker. Amar’e is a beats though. Damn, but a smaller guy he shoots over em, go bid takes them to the hoop. The Knicks need a legit C though cuz Turiaf aint cutting it.

    props to Rondo for coming back from that nasty ankle sprain. Glad he showed he was a warrior. Pierce ad Ray ray carried us home and I loved it.

    Does Amar’e have no idea about clock management? You can’t set your feet, square up and stroke a 3 in 0.4 seconds. Jesus.

    BTW- Does anyone know you play Ginobili to his right hand? I mean seriously Luke MA played him to his left like he was a high school guard. Thank god he dropped the J on him, that will teach him haha.

    2 game winners, 2 step backs The go-to move of the NBA.

  • Steve Nash

    first time in a long time…. NYK have a real go to guy when he shoots… i actually believe its going in… Amare right now is pac man – yum yum yum on points

  • Slips

    colincb, are you that ignorant? of course there’s no rivalry now, but the knicks and celtics are 2 of the first teams in the NBA, and have been rivals several times throughout their history. Most notably, in the late 60s to early 70s where they met 5 times between 67 and 74. They would re-ignite that rivalry in the 80s meeting in 84, 88, and 90.

  • S.A.C.


    Nice analogy and use of prose at the end of your post, regarding Amare’s time expired game winner attempt.

  • S.A.C.


    Funny on what you said about Amare and setting his feet. Lol.

    Yeah. Galinari is such a fucking flopper. How/why did the reps give him that call at the end.

    Yo. That was a nasty looking sprain with Rondo. His foot bent at a 90degree angle it seems. Then he came back. Wow! I hope he’s okay. Says he wants to play tomorrow; which is funny, cause he was hobbling before the ankle sprain.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the Celtics play at home tommorow against Atlanta and how the Knicks respond to Miami Wade County and Lebron-ard County Fri.

    And Ginobli walked man! Absolutely! Lol

  • QQ

    @ 11:

    I wanna be a fucking poet man. hahaha.

    Naaah, but seeing the Knicks fans erupt really made me think ‘Damn, they know IT’S ON NOW. IT’S FUCKIN ON’.

    And seeing Spike Lee almost fucking danced while talking shit to Pierce made my day LOL.

  • sh!tfaced

    man, too bad it was on espn. would have loved to hear reggie miller’s take on this game…

  • S.A.C.


    Yeah. They really wanted it at the Garden Man!!