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NBA Trade Rumor: Gerald Wallace & D.J. Augustin To Portland For Marcus Camby & Andre Miller

Gerald Wallace

Gerald Wallace

While yesterday’s big news was that Michael Jordan and the Bobcats were considering a trade proposal that would send D.J. Augustin, DeSagana Diop and Matt Carroll to the Clippers for Baron Davis, apparently that wasn’t the only deal being discussed down in the Queen City. According to Sam Amick of NBA FanHouse, Charlotte and Portland have discussed a trade that would send Gerald Wallace, Augustin and Diop to the Blazers for Marcus Camby and Andre Miller.

Between the two deals, you have to think that the trade with Portland would be more beneficial for both teams. After Brandon Roy basically put it out there that it’s either him or Miller, you better believe that the Portland brass have been working the phones to keep their franchise centerpiece content. And with Larry Brown and Jordan never quite trusting Augustin, Miller’s arrival brings them a veteran PG who knows how to run the show. Plus, a veteran big like Camby will make up for loss of Wallace and the gaping hole left by Tyson Chandler this summer.

For the Blazers, Wallace is more than a formidable defender and rebounder in the frontcourt, just one season removed from his NBA All-Star debut, and Diop adds depth down low until Portland’s bigs return to health. Personally, the real steal here could be Augustin, who given a new situation could finally make a jump to the next tier of NBA point guards.

What do you think?

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  • ctkennedy

    rather do the baron davis trade …u got to keep wallace cuz no player is goin to the bobcats willingly..so when u got a all star u got to ride him out..if mike cant get nobody to come to charlotte who can?…miller,jackson,and camby gon walk as soon as they can

  • JH

    @ Kennedy: I’m thinking that maybe that’s the whole point of the trade. I’m not sure how much longer Miller & Camby’s contracts are in comparison to Agustin, Diop, & Wallace’s but I’d be willing to bet they expire sooner. Bobcats need a true franchise player and Crash & Capt. Jack don’t qualify. I think they are looking towards the draft & hoping for a “Blake Griffin” miracle.

  • where high ankle sprains happen

    so if this trade goes thru portlands team looks like DJ,Roy,Crash,LA and Diop? sending batum and wesley matthews to the bench? you gotta ride with wesley right now playing out of his mind.

  • ctkennedy

    there r no more than 7 or 8 franchise players in the whole league..n if u watch any college basketball this season there is not ONE future franchise anywhere in the country..a hand full of players maybe can be above average starters in the league

  • blazerboy

    Millers contract has a player option for this next season and Canby has one more season on his contract. I think the point of this trade is not to keep Roy happy but to give Aldridge the keys to the fanchise and maybe give the starting 2 guard spot to Wes Mathews and use roy as a 6th man of the bench sorta a Manu type role and then use Wallace as the 3 and batum off the bench. Plus they would have the expiring contracts of Pryzbilla and Diop to try to turn into a center (Chris Kaman anyone?)with the Bayless exception and the Oden injury exception

  • KCL

    I’d like this trade but I don’t see the bobcats shipping out Crash unless they get Batum back in exchange. I’ve heard a few reports regarding this is actually what the bobcats want and as much as Crash would be be awesome in a blazer uniform (Really plays Nate McMillian Basketball) I dont think the blazers should cash in Batum quite yet he’s still so young and not worth giving up for another injury prone player. I still think we should try and ship Roy’s gimpy ass out first but I definetly see Miller and Camby getting the hook simply cuz their older and Blazers are still holding out hope that Roy will return to form (I just don’t think so as much as I wish it would happen)

  • http://www.dimemag.com Lucas Shapiro

    I like the trade but giving up Camby would be a lot for Portland…

  • Pugz

    PLEASE DO THIS. haha 1. i love seeing guys in new uniforms, its just fun and 2. i have Miller and G-Force on my fantasy team and i believe itd help both of their stocks cuz wallace wants OUT of charlotte and Miller wants OUT of Portland. Come on MJ do it.

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    I hate this trade, why give up a young pg and your franchise player for two old vets and one u can be out for the season at any moment. Id do augustin and a bum for miller in a heartbeat.

    Bobcats cant trade crash or sjax unless they get an equal or better player in return. I liked the baron davis trade better.

  • http://twitter.com/BucFanMarcus Marcus

    That would be a nice trade for both teams.

    But I wanna see superstar in the making Tyrus Thomas get his shot as a starter. 30 plus mins a game his line would be sik

    20-8-2 with 2 stls 3 blks a game. He’s got J Smoove potential. Please just let this kid start.

  • bookkwormmaster

    This would be a good trade for my Hawks to try and get into. Acquring Camy would finally allow us to move Al Horford to the 4 and Miller would be a steady presence at the point whom I believe would also help us cut down on our turnovers. We could offer Jamal Crawford’s expiring contract along with Jeff Teague and/or Marvin Williams