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NBA Trade Rumor: Gilbert Arenas To Orlando

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas

There was talk of Gilbert Arenas going to Orlando this summer, but all that cooled before the season. Now it appears to have warmed back up. According to Evan Dunlap of the Orlando Pinstriped Post, the Magic have engaged the Wizards in ongoing trade talks centered around Arenas, and here’s how it might look:

What Orlando would send Washington in return for the three-time All-Star is less clear, but the proposed deal likely includes shooting guard Vince Carter, according to a source. Wizards big man Andray Blatche, Magic forward Rashard Lewis, and Magic center Daniel Orton could also be involved. Both teams have a mutual understanding of what the trade might include, the source says, and it’s unclear what factors are holding up the trade. What is clear around the league, however, is that Magic President of Basketball Operations Otis Smith has his eye on Arenas. If Orlando is to make a major trade this season, Arenas will likely be the target.

When I checked with ESPN.com’s NBA Trade Machine, an Arenas-for-Carter trade straight-up would work. Problem is, there’s no way the Wizards would make that trade. If Orlando has their mind set on acquiring Arenas though, they’ve made it known that anyone on the roster is available except Dwight Howard.

What do you think? Should the Magic trade for Arenas? Who would you want if you’re the Wizards?

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  • ENEW

    This could shape up to be very very interesting. Blatche being involved only magnifies this even more so as a potential blockbuster deal.

    But with Nelson and Arenas playing together that makes Orlando very vulnerable from a size factor in the backcourt.

    The Magic would be wise to rid themselves of Rashard Lewis’ contract along with Carter if they are able to get talent and cap flexibility in return…

  • Chaos

    Ok, I really don’t see mcgee, blatche or mcgee going anywhere and they may wanna hold on to young. I could see thornton moving, lewis moving or even pietus. This move would be kinda odd. Vince to dc doesn’t seem to bad and lewis could move to the three. I say young and arenas and throw in for lewis and vince

  • Chaos

    I take that back. What I said was retarded….arenas to orlando may work but blatche maybe a problem. If lewis and vince goes, wall doesn’t have to comepete for ball handling because vince and lewis can move without the ball as well as lewis moving to natural position at 3. But I wonder what that does for nick young who has played well. Does he learn under vince or compete with vince for jacking shots. Arenas would be free to shoot as much as he wants from outside but how will he and blatche affect howard and jameer continuity

  • kingralf

    gr8 move i think for orlando

  • hakasan

    the only way teams can/should trade for crazies is if they got someone to control said crazy…


    i’m not sure if stan/d.howard/nelson would be able to contain agent zero… while i agree that the magics need a roster upgrade, they need to look elsewhere… what about the same folks for…. carmelo?

  • Brett

    I really really cant see the Wiz taking on Rashard contract.. I mean they want to rebuild.. taking on the 2nd highest salary in the NBA isnt a great starting point..

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise

    The wizards couldn’t take on Rashard and Vince that’s like $40mill this year alone.. it’d be impossible to even that out

  • WinDelRoj

    Orlando having to pay Arenas that much money when he isnt an upgrade over Vince and they could just get rid of Vinces contract in a year whereas Arenas would be getting paid for 3? Doesnt make sense to me for either team. Of course getting rid of Rashards contract would make Orlando the winner….

  • hakasan

    the more i think about this, the more i think orlando needs to go after carmelo… let’s start the rally here… carmelo for lewis or vc!!

  • WhiteMamba

    This trade would be pointless first of all. Trading one ex-superstar for another is not going to help either team. Orlanda would just get smaller. And do any of you really think Orlando would trade VC and Lewis for any combination of Orton, Gilbert and Blatche? Get real this deal is never going down, too many star players involved. Orlando has no reason to change anything they’re off to a great start. Just another dumb trade rumor that never sees any action.

  • Chaos

    I agree with hakasan….carmelo to orlando would make much more sense than to nyk. They got defensive post prescense and a good stead pg.

  • yoda

    why wouldn’t wizards swap arenas for carter? carter is in last year of his contract (as far as i know) so they will unload gil’s ridiculous contract.

  • b

    no way denver trades for lewis and carter for anthony – orlando has nothing denver wants. dc trade makes sence, i don’t see lewis’ contract hurting wizards to much as it’ll be the only large contract they’ll have. v.c contract is only partially guarantee’d next year – so if they could lure a free agent d.c, still has room to sign them.

  • Joe’s Momma

    Lewis can’t play the 3 anymore, stop that nonsense, otherwise he would at least get SOME burn at the 3 for extended periods. The fact that SVG doesn’t go to Shard at the 3 for long stretches should be telling.

    Gil is talented but is getting paid crazy money, imagine Gil and Dwight doing dumb ass pranks on each other?

    Orlando can cut Carter next year and pay him like 3mil buyout and they get rid of his ass. If they move Shard for Gil then okay.

    I don’t see Orlando making a move unless it vaults them into the elite category, and Gil + Blatche don’t do that.

  • http://sportschump.net Chris Humpherys

    Well at least it’s a refreshing change from the same old Carmelo Anthony rumors.


    Personally, I wouldn’t trade for either of them.

  • jzsmoove

    Rashard for Arenas , straight up, Orlando wins this.

  • QQ

    Me and my boys we’re talking bout this, and man, all of us were saying ‘NO. JUST NO’.

    The problem isn’t really with the fact that Carter is our 2nd superstar. Cause he ain’t. It’s not that we would lose a top tier star.

    It’s what we would get in return.

    Arenas, really? What’s his difference with VC? I know they boy toned down their act a little bit now, that they’ve been playing with a little more stability now, but still. You never know. It’s just like any minute, they could blow up and poison the team chemistry all over again.

    And about the size… Jameer and Arenas in our backcourt? That would create TONS of matchup problems…. FOR US. And it’s not like Gil is an all world defender who happens to be a short SG.

    It’s nice that management is doing their best to find something to get us THERE, but I don’t want this to be the Phoenix situation with Shaq a few years back, where Steve Kerr basically panicked his ass off to get his team over the hump (well he thought, it would). We all know what happened bout that.

    My take: NO. DON’T DO IT.


    DO IT. DO IT. DO IT.

  • raffi

    i wouldnt like to see jameer go if im a magic fan. he and dwight are real close, and hes probably second in command when it comes to heart and soul of the team. ship off vince and/or rashard. both have been big disappointments. arenas could play the 2 just fine i think, with jameer handling the point.

  • top_gun

    It works out for both teams if they do a straight up vince for Arenas. Wizards would have add a capable wing player who’s contract would expire next year, which isn’t a huge gamble. Orlando would receive a scoring threat from the point guard position who can also shoot the three. This would also allow them to start Pietrus, who I think, should be a starter.

  • nisizzle

    defintley a good trade for orlando. they get a younger shooter than vc, sum1 to go to in the clutch as well as a scoring power forward off the bench. they already have enough options at the 3 to replace lewis with pietrus, richardson or even anderson. not to sure if the wizards would pull this trade off, blatche is their only hope on the front line, and lewis wont go anywhere near the paint. with vc in town, nick young wont get any burn either. bottom line, fuck this trade, lets get carmelo to orlando son

  • George W Kush Sr

    Orlando should go after Carmelo. That would be spectacular.

  • mo.B.bad

    said it in the summer, I’d loooove to see Melo in Orlando. it really is the perfect place for him and his insane scoring and would immediately vault the Magic into the same stratosphere as the Lakers and the Celtics (they’re a notch below atm purely coz VC and ‘Shard can’t be relied upon come clutch time).

  • Diego

    I think only reason Wiz do an Arenas for Vince trade is to rid themselves of the Arenas contract if Vince’s expires sooner. Arenas at this stage, if playing, is just better than Vince these days.

    Nick Young is looking good for the Wiz and really should get more playing time. I also agree with a guy above that Pietrus should be getting more play in Orlando.

  • Stewart

    Rashard Lewis is just awful. He needs to get traded. If his jumpshot isn’t falling what else does he provide his team with??? Nothing, so he needs to get traded. Vince better days are gone also, trade him. Send both of them to Denver, for Melo and maybe K-Mart. Throw in a draft pick or another player and you maybe able to get JR Smith also. There is no reason to pay Rashard Lewis all that money and he isn’t a perennial all-star…am I the only who notices this? If the trade happens, your starting line-up would be Nelson, Reddick, Melo, K-Mart, and Howard. If you don’t like Reddick starting, simply insert Pietrus. Tell me that is not a hell of an improvement of defense and offense. Melo who has to be one of the few players in the league that is unstoppable on offense, Pietrus and Nelson are knockdown shooters, and then you have K-Mart and Howard gobbling up every board…now you have a real contender!

  • ab40

    get cp3 of melo otherwise don’t do no dumb trades. Arenas is washed up now

  • Jay

    “an Arenas-for-Carter trade straight-up would work. Problem is, there’s no way the Wizards would make that trade.”

    Can someone please explain this to me? I pride myself on being pretty knowledgeable about the NBA and player transactions, but I’m missing something here.

    There’s no way the Wizards would unload the enormous contract of a declining, but-still-talented combo guard for the expiring contract of declining, but-still-talented shooting guard?

    I would think Grunfeld would pull the trigger on such a trade in a heartbeat.

    I’m I really misunderstanding the situation or is this just the case of a simple mistype and the writer meant to say “Magic” instead of “Wizards”?