NBA Draft / Dec 10, 2010 / 4:00 pm

NBA Trade Rumor: Suns & Pacers Discuss A Deal

Earl Clark

Earl Clark (photo. Nicky Woo)

There really haven’t been any big trades this season, so hopefully this deal stirs the pot. According to Steve Kyler of HOOPSWORLD, the Suns and Pacers have held informal talks about swapping Earl Clark and Solomon Jones. Here’s how it would break down:

The deal would basically shed $200,000 off of Phoenix’s payroll, give them another body for the center position, and add some rebounding to the bench.

The Pacers have been looking for a power forward and when given time Clark has proven he can score the ball, something Indiana would like to see more of from their power forward spot.

Clark has been unable to find a groove with the Suns who opted not to pick up his third year on his rookie scale contract, so like Solomon he is basically an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Both teams seem interested in making the deal as it solves problems for both teams; however sources warned the talks were on going and could just as easily fall apart as come together, neither team seemed poised to pull the trigger yet, but there was more than a passing interest in the deal from both sides.

What do you think? Would you make this deal?

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  • Rainman

    “There really haven’t been any big trades this season, so hopefully this deal stirs the pot”

    Im a Suns Fan but…seriously? -_-

  • Joe’s Momma

    Good move for Indy. Earl Clark was a lottery pick just a couple years ago. I think he is more of a hybrid 3/4 rather than only a 4. He has legit 6’10” size but rebounds poorly and tends to shoot from the perimeter too often.

    Solomon Jones? I guess PHX needs a big, and Clark is getting zero burn. For Gentry who likes to go deep into his bench for Clark to get no time means there is something up.

    I would try to use Clark as a small piece to a bigger deal, because he would have some value around the league, more than Soloman Jones imo. And PHX is very poorly constructed, they have a glut of wings and very few legit big men.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I was a fan of Earl Clark when he was at Louisville and I’m disappointed the Suns haven’t used him more but when in his NBA career “has he proven he can score the ball”?

  • KCL

    can we officially write off earl clark as a bust if this move goes down Solomon Jones?? can’t get any more value for a lotto pick then that? This means dime stop hyping him up cuz he hasn’t done shit in the league even for a suns team that is so weak upfront that frye and warrick are considered “big men.” This dude obviously doesn’t have a motor required to survive and grow in this league despite the talent he has. Also if you can’t get your team who drafted you in first round (in this case the lottery) to pick up your 3rd year option *cough cough joe alexander and demarre carroll* they are busts and really shows how they just dont have what it takes to make it in the L. very sad but I feel had to be said.

  • hakasan

    don’t do this!
    frye and mcroberts need more pt!!

  • heckler

    if this trade actually happened, would anyone even notice?


    I’ll trade you a plastic bag for a brown paper bag

  • Rizwan

    Suns fan here with my two cents.

    Earl Clark. Something is definitely wrong there. He has talent but why cant he get on the floor. Summer league was his big audition and he didnt do enough. I still maintain that he ought to get some time, especially as he seems halfway competent on the boards and we are terrible in that regard, but Alvin (who I absolutely trust in his judgement of a player) is pretty consistent in not giving him time. So, especially with his third year option not picked up, it only seems prudent to trade him.

    HOWEVER, Soloman f’n Jones. Is that the best we can do?! The guy is terrible. He cant rebound the damn ball so why the hell is he being brought in? He’s foul prone as any player I’ve seen, so if he cant stay on the damn floor, why bother?

    I really would like to see Troy Murphy and Anderson Varejao at Phoenix. Two players that are available, but because of our idiotic moves during the summer, we cant grab.

    Someone please get Robert Sarver a time machine so he can go back several years and not actually buy the team?

    Hedo Turkoglu died the day after Game 5 of the 2009 Finals.
    Josh Childress has added barely anything to the team.
    Jared Dudley has seemingly regressed.
    See above, insert Goran Dragic.

    Thank god for Steve Nash and Grant Hill.

    Come back Amare!



  • Fabian

    WOW! If this goes done this could potentially swing the whole league’s monumentum from the West to the East!!!

  • Thestradiosmiles

    hahaha @ 8&9.

  • Kevin

    Another center? C’mon, the team’s already has FOUR with one a die-hard beyond the arc. We NEED A NATURAL PF for cries sake.

    Earl’s may be a different PF, having the skills of a perimeter shooter. Even so, he’d eventually develop post-up moves (dunno when’s that gonna be). NOW, the team direly needs Tenacious Defense and Rebounding. PERIOD.

    I don’t want him to leave the PHX unless any of JCHill/Hakim/Turk is included in a package for a better player.(they’re a mess when playing together at the court).

    Think of the future: Dragic-Clark-Lopez. LOL.^^

  • Jay10do

    This trade is so lame who cares

  • K Dizzle

    LOL @ Rizwan’s post.
    Soooooo true!
    And I thought it was bad that they sold the picks that became Rondo, Nate Rob and Deng even as they were chasin a chip…..like they couldn’t have used those 3 lol.
    Sarver been F’in up….