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Paul Pierce puts his signature on Boston’s 14th straight win

Don’t be surprised when, before the February trade deadline, Miami and Orlando are attached to trade rumors involving guys like Jodie Meeks and Lou Williams. Don’t be alarmed when Erik Spoelstra and Stan Van Gundy begin consulting Doug Collins like he’s Robert Duvall in The Godfather, or when Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard suddenly sidle up to Andre Iguodala like he’s their new best friend. The reason? Apparently the Sixers have the secret to keeping the Celtics in check. Although the last two Boston/Philly games have been W’s for the green team — the national TV matchup in Philly a couple weeks ago, and last night’s contest in Boston — they have each gone down to the wire, with the Celtics needing to employ their full bag of tricks to survive … Considering the Sixers just had their asses handed to them in a 45-point loss to Chicago the previous night, you weren’t expecting much here. But strong performances by Elton Brand (16 pts, 12 rebs) and Jrue Holiday (15 pts, 5 rebs, 5 asts), and tough D against Paul Pierce (4-15 FG) and Kevin Garnett (4-10 FG) kept this one close … It was tied with about 1:30 to go, Celtics possession. Pierce got the rock, and — exactly one week since the last time he did it — hit a fadeaway jumper off a screen-and-roll going to his right for the go-ahead bucket. On the other end, Iguodala got to the rim but was met by a wall of Shaq and Big Baby, who sent his shot back. Boston played keep-away and eventually Philly had to foul Ray Allen (22 pts). And speaking of predictable, you know what happened next … Before Pierce’s dagger, the biggest highlights of the night came from Shaq. The big Boston Pop had two huge dunks, including one in the third quarter on a lob from Marquis Daniels where Diesel looked like he left about 50 pounds on the ground and got up old-school style … Carmelo Anthony was out, but Kenyon Martin, Birdman and Chauncey Billups were all back in the lineup for Denver’s tip against San Antonio. Sparked by Chauncey (20 pts, 7 asts, 12-12 FT) and a big third quarter from J.R. Smith (22 pts), the Nuggets were up by one going into the fourth before Gregg Popovich went to a zone defense that discombobulated Denver’s offense. With under three minutes to go, San Antonio took the lead for good when Manu Ginobili brought the ball up and absolutely lost J.R. on a step-back move at the three-point line that gave Manu an open trey while one of J.R. sprained one of his neck tattoos. A couple trips later Gary Neal hit a three, then after the Nuggets failed to convert a few opportunities, Neal stuck a jumper in transition that pretty much sealed it. Credit Neal (22 pts) for making his mark on this game without having another face-to-sack meeting with Smith … Our thoughts and prayers go out to Carmelo and his family following the death of his sister. Carmelo will miss the Christmas Day game in Oklahoma City …

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  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Please tell me ya’ll saw T-mac bring up some vintage shit on the Raptors. It was an amazing vintage performance and its pretty sad that Toronto

    a) Were heckling him
    b) Defense is so bad i allowed him to drop 17/7/7 in like 25 minutes

    Also, please people can calm down about the Celtics, Nate Robinson is not a PG. Do they need Rondo? NO! We got 3 HOF’s (yes 3) Does Rondo make the team run a hell lot smoother? YES

  • McSimon

    Boston is wrecking. It’s not just winning streak, it’s how they win. So effortless, and pretty smooth, considering Rondo is out. First spot on east is taken, Heat will most likely be second, and my Bulls have third on lock.
    Orlando and Atlanta just ain’t good enough anymore

  • Matt

    Blake Griffin did it again!!


  • follow thru

    No mention on Blake Griffin’s left handed oop finish? When he almost kissed the ring? You’re slipping Dime…

    Boston got a well-coached system with pieces that fit – they’re the team to beat out East

  • scarboroslikechuck

    please note, the above should read:

    “Amar’e Stoudemire scored 23 in New York’s thrashing over Oklahoma City”

  • http://www.mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    14 points isnt exactly a “thrashing” IMO but if you say so.

    tony parker, manu ginobili, george hill, dejuan blair, luis scola, gary neal…….. ect, the short list of late 1st and 2nd round picks and undrafted rookies the spurs have made over the last 10-12 years. there are a few more but these come to mind. does any team in the league have better management or a better eye for talent, mixed in with great coaching, and maybe a little luck.

  • Ian

    Spurs were down 9 to start the 4th

  • bigdoggchad

    It was arron affalo not swish that manu mad look silly. No video of jr’s 360 layup?

  • John
  • bigdoggchad

    No mention of Kmart putting the clamps on Timmy. I think the nuggets are going to be contenders again now that they are healthy finally.

  • Rangerjohn

    Put the clamps on Duncan? Lmao hell I think he guarded splitter more then he did Duncan.

    The spurs FT shooting is coming back to reality, less the 70%.

  • Chaos

    Boston is really rejuvenated this year with their big 3 healthy, shaq playing like he young(er) and rondo proving he one of the top 5 pgs in the game. LA better watch out because if they meet again in the championship, the whole rivalry thing can get interesting again….

    I’m kinda excited to see if the wiards go uptempo with their young team (wall, young, blatche, howard and mcgee). They have the ability to and could be exciting in the near future.

  • Dave

    wow, Griffin is unreal. Maybe the only other player in the league that even compares physically is Lebaron….cept Blake’s got a real mean streak in him that makes him want to chew you up and spit you out, unlike Lebaron.

  • Ian

    How u figure blake has a mean streak and lebron doesn’t? The super record the clips are packin or the lebron hate?

  • OverPowered

    it’s sad that Hinrich is exactly what the Bulls need and they gave him away for a sack of quarters

  • Dave

    Ian as examples Kobe has a mean streak, he likes to kick an opponents ass and doesn’t mind humiliating someone and will kick a guy when he’s down. MJ had a mean streak, he hated his opponents when he was on the court and it helped him win. Regardless of Lebron’s skills, I just don’t think that he’s got that kind of a streak in him. Not to say he couldn’t win chips with as good as he is but it won’t be because he’s a cold blooded killer.
    While it’s impossible to say for sure how Griffin will be in the crunch of big games (which won’t happen til he’s away from the clips), it just seems to me in the way he attacks his opponents that he could be mean enough to make a difference on top of his already dominant physical skills a la MJ and Mamba.

  • Dave

    and I realize there are plenty of guys who had mean streaks (Mailman) who didn’t ever win a chip, but I think having a legit mean streak that’s one more positive in Griffin’s bag.

    now whether he works at his game like Kobe, MJ, and Mail is something we’ll have to wait and see but after doubting whether he was all that I have to admit I’m now in the buy line.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.brogden MR. BROGDEN

    1. whichever Dime writer wrote this Smack, you do an excellent job of colorful play-by-play action. I appreciate the break down on the last couple o’ sequences in the Boston/Sixers game.

    2. Boston, when it’s said and done, has probably 5 hall of famers. truth, jesus, shaq, kg, rondo. coached probably by a poss hall of fame coach. you can disagree with rondo i don’t give a f*ck. So the point is, get off that lame ass tip. it is what it is. besides, the majority of them are aging vets, flexin their muscle on young gunners.

    3. this killer instinct sh*t is getting ridiculous. they all gotta killer instints. i personally don’t think you have one clue about what you’re talking about Dave. it’s cool, a lot of us don’t. sometimes i even pump hot air. espn et al can take this lame azz ‘killer instinct’ narrative and shove it up the azz of gullable readers/viewers. OR. make a critical thought about related to having a ‘killer instinct’…like if Durant learns to consistently ‘own’ the 4th quarter in o, d, and hustle plays then his team has a superior chance of winning. MJ, KOBE, MAILMAN…BRON BRON…even Blake. if you seen any 5 of them play throughout an entire 48, then you’ve seen a KILLER INSTINCT in them way sharper than EYEDOL.

    Lebron’s trying to kill you by crazy azz vicious dunks that excite the crowd and get his team hype and usually, most of the time changes momentum. and the 4th quarter where he’s been the CLOSER for his squad..esp the last 2 years, he kills you with pull up 3s…SWISH. yeah he miss sometimes, and he misses out imposing his will sometimes. but when he imposes his will, he’s already more KILLA than Cameron Giles ever was.

    BLAKE’s combo of full-throttle energy and off-the-charts athleticism make him a KILLER.
    MAILMAN’S post game is KILLER.
    KOBE is the premier KILLER.
    JORDAN, the G.O.A.T, with that title alone, he’s instrinsically a KILLER.

  • LakeShow84

    Hmmmmmmm Boston winning just fine without Rondo..

    Just saying lol i thought he was their MVP and they couldnt afford to lose him??

    I say the Celtics cant afford to lose Pierce or Garnett.. Everyone else can be plugged in.. And it works because Doc Rivers is a good coach..

    I still say fuck him and hes full of shit lol BUT

    Doc Rivers is a good coach.. cant deny that anymore..

  • Ian

    I think its to soon to say that about griffin and the examples you gave all those dudes came from winning teams. We might need to wait until he leaves the clips. Lebron has a mean streak imo it just doesn’t come out as often as your examples.

  • bookkwormmaster

    “But down the stretch Kirk (like everybody else) wasn’t able to stay in front of Derrick Rose”

    Not true Dime. I watched that game last night and Hinrich did an EXCELLENT job of guarding Rose all game long. He attacked him offensively and and attacked him even more defensively. Dude is a great on the ball defender and was frustrating Rose at times.

    Nice win for my Hawks last night. They were SUPPOSED to beat the Cavs but the only reason I’m mentioning the game was because of the way The Boss and The $125 Million Dollar Man played. We’ve slipped a little bit so far this season but Horford has really refined his game and his been our rock all season long. JJ looks like he’s starting to get more comforatable with his shot and his place in the offense and that’s a beautiful sight to see.

  • deeds

    TMac was definitely fueled by the TO fans booing him. It’s been a DECADE and they still give it to him lol.

    And did anyone hear him completely throw chris bosh under the bus in the post game interview? good stuff

  • NYK

    i’m a klutz for not loading in Hinrich after Wall got hurt.

  • cesar

    @6 you forgot tiago splitter and leandro barbosa

  • BostonGuy

    I love how people love to talk about Rondo (Laker fans) the day the Celtics shoot 39% and barely beat the Sixers (who got blown out by 45 points the night before), coming from behind at home after 3 days rest.

    Apparently Paul Pierce is physically tired now playing point forward, and it’s affecting his and his team mates shooting and Doc Rivers wants Nate to ask for the ball more, though he’s willing to keep deferring to Pierce (though Nate’s not a point guard and Pierce is not a point forward and now tired playing it). Things aren’t as smooth as they look from the outside in Boston.

    They also beat an Atlanta team at home, that proceeded to lose to the Nets their next game. That’s not saying much either.

    It’s funny, the Celtics have had 3 days rest it seems for over a week and they have three days rest again till Christmas and another three days after Christmas on Tues. The schedule has been perfect for them.

    Rondo couldn’t of rested at a better time.

    Based off the schedule the Celtics are going to really need him (Rondo) in January, when they start to play a lot more games and go on a West coast road trip.

    The Celtics are just doing what they need to and hanging in there. The whole team has matured this year as the season has progressed with all it’s injuries.

    They couldn’t of did this well last year or at the beginning of the season with all the injuries.

  • BostonGuy

    They also couldn’t of lost Rondo at the beginning of the year, but now was the best time to lose him with the schedule the way it is, the fact that he had already missed a few games and that they are now comfortable and resigned to playing with injuries and have won some games they should of lost already.

    The Celtics are much more confident in their abilities now. And that’s not just the Big 3. It’s Marquis Davis, Big Baby, The Turkish rookie, Nate Robinson and Shaq, etc. that are making big contributions while people have been injured. The Celts have actually grown this year.

    Good for them!

  • Sporty-j

    Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Lets slow down on the talk of Blake Griffin being a Killer and having a mean streak until we see how his game developes 2yrs down the line. For all we know he might be nothing more than a “DUNKING HIGHLIGHT REEL MACHINE”. That gets old after a while and only gets you so far in the NBA! I think its safe to say that the Celtics will lockup homecourt advantage thru-out the playoffs. Rather its pretty or ugly, all those guys do is win. Remember SPORTY-J called it! The New Jersey Nets will steal Melo right from under the noses of the New York Knicks and form there own big 3 in 2012 along with CP3 and Dwight Howard. The knicks seem satisfied with were they are it at, finally are winning, and will make the playoffs. They have to be crazy if they think Melo is not going to go ahead and signed his contract ext with the Nets, with this new collective bargaining agreement coming up, and a possible lockout. Melo has stated that he wants the Knicks but the Nets are the 1 who seem like they would give an arm and a leg to have Melo compared to New York and Spike Lee who dont want to give up Galinari, Chandler, and future 1st round pick for Melo? The Russian spy is on a mission along with Jay-Z and the Knicks wont even know what hit them once 2012 roles around.

  • nizzio

    No mention of T-Mac going hard on his former team? 17-7-7 with 3 steals is no fucking joke.

  • Miami Maven

    @Dave Mr. Brogden

    Yeah. I kinda agree with Mr. Brogden.

    The whole Kobe/MJ Killer instinct thing is soooo overrated and played up by the media so they can have a narrative and personalities to focus on for the average fan.

    Most NBA players have the Killer Instinct (especially the good ones)!!

    Lebron has a great killer instinct to. He dribbles hard, practices hard, blocks your shot hard, works hard etc. Nobody is necessarily working or playing any harder than him? Now whether or not that translates into big shot making all the time, that’s another argument or issue. But I agree Dave’s argument sounds childish.

    Kobe and MJ aren’t the only players or great players with killer instincts.

    Dwayne Wade has a great KILLER INSTINCT and big play ability, though he’s a nice guy. Hakeem Olajuwon was a absolute terror and intimidator offensively and defensively, for what seem like every second of every game he was on the floor.

    Tim Duncan plays hard, Carmelo Antony plays hard, Russell Westbrook plays hard, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, etc. All those guys play very hard and want to win.

    The Kobe/MJ narrative is so overblown in my opinion.

    What did Kobe’s wanting to win last year in the NBA finals do for him when he shot 35% overall and 24% in game 7? OK he wanted to win, but it didn’t make him play well! But more importantly (before Laker fans immediately dismiss my argument, cause I brought up the dreaded Game 7 and finals series from last year), do we really believe that no other person on the Celtics or Laker team wanted to win as much as Kobe, considering the series went to 7 painful blood and guts, sore muscles, low fg % games?

    Now that’s ridiculous!!

  • Miami Maven

    @Sporty J

    Yeah. I hear ya on the Blake Griffin thing.

    It’s too early to anoint his personality as a killer, especially when he’s so nice and polite in getting hit and mugged. Note: I’m not saying he’s supposed to retaliate and act crazy guys. I’m just saying as a player, he seems to out about his job and his business and I don’t see this “Killer thing” that this dude Dave is talking about.

    Griffin just seems to do his job.

    Yeah. Boston is tough and will be even tougher (or at the same level) when Rondo comes back in time for their tough West Coast road trip, that could of tripped them up).

    I don’t know where the hell Melo is going Jay. But NJ is as good as anything.

    And based off of what you’re saying about the Knicks; they sound like Chicago. Their so in love with their team and it’s parts; they don’t want to move for Melo, cause their happy with their stars and role players? Ok.

    Yeah. The Blake stuff is a lil crazy now sometimes. The Clippers announcers said last night “if he wasn’t on such a bad team, I think he could be a legitimate MVP candidate”. The dudes partner agreed. Shit!!! I thought he was going to say, “all star candidate”. And even that’s uncertain. Now how the hell can you be a legit MVP candidate, when your team sucks so bad and your production is similar to 20 other players in the league (not necessarily at the same position). C’mon Clips announcing team. Your better than that!

  • Dave

    look fellas I’m not saying that Griffin is the only guy out there with a killer instinct, and I agree that until he’s on a winning team we won’t really see how it helps him. And i’m the last guy to buy into what the media says because i’ve been media and covered the NBA daily for 6 years, I’m saying based on watching plenty of players over the years, in my opinion Griffin seems to have that killer instinct component to his game.
    If he has the drive to succeed that the others I mentioned do he’ll be great.
    And I agree Duncan has it as well.
    merry Christmas.

  • Sporty-j

    I agree! You would think that the NBA has never seen a player do what Blake Griffin is doing and im excited too. But lets not turn the poor kid into the next great Lehype machine thats going to be the savior of the Clippers or should i say:>>>> NEW YORK. Those dunks look great but to bad it has not translated into wins because the Clippers look good on paper once you look at there roster. I dont know what to say about the Knicks or what they are waiting on. I guess they will tell there fans that Melo was scared and Kobe is there new target in 2014 lol. The Knicks are good for basketball and everybody does not want to join New York like there “DOUCHEBAG” media thinks and get a kick out of sticking it to N.Y. You have a guy that wants to join the Knicks and not just for there $$$ and they just seem so “COMPLACENT” with where they are at right now, after not winning for so many years, and being the laughing stock of the league for the past couple of years. I cant blame them, but if the Nets beat them to the “JACKPOT”. The owner needs to fire himself because they will once again be the laughing stock of the league. Melo= a stimulus package of CP3 and a disgruntled Howard for New Jersey. Poor Knick fans are going to be in for a world of hurt once again and to bad the stupid owner and GM are probably just popping bottles of champagne right now since they are just winning and going to be a playoff team this year while Jay-z is thinking of a master-plan and the Russion is probably thinking of how he can conquer the world lol…

  • control

    Is it just me or does it seem like the american educational system has failed? Can’t teach a simple concept like the difference between “their”, “they’re” and “there” apparently. I ain’t a grammar nazi or anything, but it’s just insane the amount of times I see people misusing shit like that and sounding like foos…

  • S.A.C.

    @Sporty Jay

    Not trying to be funny or a nit picker (but I am). Jay Z owns about 1% of the Nets. He has absolutely no control in the decision making process of that team what so ever. It’s all for marketing/publicity/romantic reasons (his share). Trust me when I tell you that (besides the fact I’ve been in meetings with the former Nets owner and his executive staff).

    Now regarding Melo. You made some great comments. But couldn’t the same be said for Chicago, New Orleans, some other teams (and Denver for not pulling the trigger)? And how you so sure the Nets going to get Melo? Weren’t these the same people, who were so convinced that the Nets were going to get Lebron? Does anyone really know? Lol.

    Most of the media says, he wouldn’t want to go to Jersey, cause they may not be in NY for two years or indefinitely (if that development project gets stalled again, loses financing or Prokorof bails on NYC cause he may have to come out of his pocket).

    @ control

    Yeah. I notice that all the time and try to stay conscious of it myself when I write. But you know, everyone is rushing and can’t always go back or notice simple mistakes.

    Blake is great. But he’s still young, learning and makes mistakes.

  • S.A.C.

    @Sporty J

    Now, I know you may say, “that all these guys like an admire Jay and that may be a reason to come to NJ, regardless of what percentage he does or doesn’t own”?

    Yeah. But it’s not. Look at them now? Has it helped or given them any great advantage with players? Does anyone care or talk about that? Of course not! Lol.

    All these guys can talk to, call or hang out with Jay Z anyway, anytime they want. They don’t need to be on the Nets for that.

    The same with the Michael Jordan and the Bobcats. It hasn’t helped them win, secure great players/free agents or magically make Michael Jordan and his staff make good decision makers, right?

  • S.A.C.

    @sporty Jay (hopefully good info at the risk of 3 post in a row). Sorry man. Lol.

    Regarding Jordan and the Bobcats; at least Jordan is actually around the team. Jay spends very little time around the Nets (if at all/ever) and can even be seen at Knicks games sometimes actually. WTF

    He’s not really dedicated to the Nets like that. and actually told Lebron (regarding his free agency during the summer) “do what you got to do and what’s best for your career and your family bro”, when Lebron told him he didn’t want to go to the Nets.

    Not exactly what you would call a Nets salesman!

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Blake is averaging 20/12. Thats some amazing numbers right there you can’t deny. Shit, I agree if his teammates didn’t suck sooo much ass he would be a MVP candidate but now he can just settle as a top 5 PF in the league (or did you forget hes a rookie).


    Rondo is the dif between winning by 20 or winning by 5, besides I’m not comfortable with Pierce playing such big minutes so early.

    P.S Avery Bradley could be a defensive beast in this league, I saw him shutdown guys like he was Bruce Bowen. Now if he works on the other side of the ball…

  • S.A.C.

    @Stunnaboy to Lakeshow

    Good Point & well said!!!

    I was thinking the same thing/something similar (2 points vs a 15 pt win; close loss to a good team vs a 10 pt win, etc.).

    Thanks for the easy summary.

    Yeah. Bradley has looked good in spots and Doc thinks he’s a great defensive talent. I guess they’ll see!

  • That’s What’s Up

    Spurs are on pace to go 74-8.
    73-9 would be nice.

    The Title is the goal, but this is a nice start

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    So I just looked at some of you peoples old post and the shots taken at me. I couldn’t read them from my phone so I never responded. I’ll let them slide because its too much to respond to.

    But I will say this

    I spend all summer Bashing Chicagos signing of Carlos Boozer. I did not see him adding anything to our team, but I was wrong. Since he’s been healthy he makes our offense run a lot smoother as he can bail out Rose or the others guards with his jumper and his ability to get open in the lane. He and Rose will become what he and DWill were. Boozer has also been using a quick up fake and spin shot (ala Kobe) in the lane that has been fooling opposing bigs and getting him some nice buckets in the paint. He still shoots a ton of jumpers, but his J is so good i’m not even mad at him when he shoots them.

    In the end i am glad we got him instead of Amare or Bosh who wanted much more money with just about the same game.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    on to the next ish:

    Some fags here apparently have a hard on for Joakim Noah still and get overly upset when I point out Noahs flaws. Some even go so far to claim I hate Chicago or i’m not a bulls fan…that’s just…its not even worth a comment. I am a realist. I know 95% of you aren’t so it’s hard to understand or grasp the concept of some real ish.

    Someone actually had the stupidity to mention that “Chris Webber and the NBAtv and ESPn guys say Noah is the heart and soul of the team”. Its ish like that that kills me. Who gives a ish what those guys say when all they watch is LA, Bos, or NY games. They know nothing about the players outside of stats and highlights. They don’t actually watch the games. It’s pretty embrassing actually, considering they are former ball players, but don’t seem to care to actually watch games. Like Kenny Smith said “I don’t watch bad basketball”. which means he doesn’t watch half the teams in the NBA. So why would i listen to anything he says about teams.

    I don’t hate Noah. I just hate the hype he gets for the things he does. He is no more than Jayson Williams (PF for the Nets 92-99). But because of the hype some are suggesting that he’s an all-star. Forget the facts about him being abused by big men on the regular. Or that he can’t rebound in traffic to save his life. Or that he is soft compared to other guys his size (Howard, Horford, Griffin, Bogut). Sure he does things that are really awsome for the team like hustling to grab offensive rebounds, tapping the ball back out if he can’t grab it, and being the worlds tallest cheerleader. But that is not enough for the amount of money he is getting now. Give me Darko Milicic, Deandre Jordon, or Javel McGee over Noah. Why? Because those guys won’t just get pushed around under the basket, or they are really good shot blockers. And they all have a higher potiential on offense than Noah.

    Ian said “Send noah to SAS since he’s such a scrub” and I sure will if you send back Dejuan Blair.

    QQ says “send Noah to Orl” I say f^k no, because outside of Dwight and Gil Arenas, EVERYONE on your team is useless or replaceable.

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    Why no mention of Austin Rivers getting crowned by that kid from Mater Dei? Let me see if I can find it on youtube…

    Yep here it is. I hate duke. And Austin “carbon copy of Monta Ellis/Jamal Crawford” Rivers is going there. The kid has crazy talent, but I always love to take a jab at the dukies.

    Austin Rivers….WATCH YA HEAD!!!!!!

  • S.A.C.


    Wow! You take yourself and this stuff waaaaay too seriously.

    I guess you don’t know when you’re being tweaked? Not surprising.

    Carry On!!

  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla


    and there you are. Saw some of your post, you damn near spazzed out because I proved to you that Rondo is just a good role player instead of the MVP you claim him to be. Then Rose has been proving my point on a daily basis that Rondo isn’t even in the discussion with him as a elite PG. don’t blame me though, blame Paul Pierce, he’s the one making you look like a cock print. Not me.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    I’m with you a full 100% of the Noah thing, don’t know where his following comes from. But really, Darko? That’s a little harsh man even though dude is balling now.

    McGee is a knucklehead who is as skinny as Noah, don’t let the blocks fool you dude gets beasted daily on the block. Needs to hit the gym more and get his head in check.

    I’ve got a man crush on DeAndre so I agree with you there but meh management got a hard on for Noah, he’s good and can now sell tickets due to star power.

    Should have got Melo though…

  • S.A.C.


    Man! It never ceases to amaze me how often you make yourself to be a fool out here. You are totally clueless and all over the place. Oh well.

    You are a legend in your own dumbass mind.

    Well at least somebody loves ya (yourself)!!