Smack / Dec 15, 2010 / 6:03 am

Pistons/Hawks party like it’s 2005; Bynum returns for Lakers

Tracy McGrady (image by Ryan Hurst)

Tracy McGrady (image by Ryan Hurst)

We know everybody is trying to push this renewed Celtics/Knicks rivalry (or whatever Paul Pierce wants to call it), and we appreciate NBA TV giving us some 1985 Celtics/Knicks action during the workday yesterday. But what’s up with Pistons/Hawks? There has to be something in the archives with Isiah, Dumars, Dominique, Spud, Rodman and Kevin Willis. Matter of fact, we wouldn’t mind some 1997 Grant Hill vs. Mookie Blaylock re-runs … Last night’s Hawks/Pistons game had plenty throwback appeal. Detroit’s vets put on a clinic reminiscent of their heyday and made Atlanta look like the Lottery team. One time Ben Wallace got a rebound and whipped the outlet to Rip Hamilton (24 pts), who knifed through the defense and found Tayshaun Prince flying in for the dunk. And then T-Mac (16 pts) went ballistic to close out the fourth quarter, sticking four threes in the period to pave the way for Detroit’s 23-point blowout. The dagger came with about three minutes left, when Chris Wilcox ran the length of the floor completely unchecked and T-Mac casually hit him in-stride for an easy bucket like it was morning shootaround … T-Mac’s fam Vince Carter was wishing he could turn back the clock last night — like back to 2002, when Carmelo Anthony wasn’t in the NBA yet. Drawing the task of guarding ‘Melo didn’t work out so well for VC, who got lit up for 35 points on Carmelo’s typical array of power drives and pull-up jumpers … Orlando was threatening to snap Denver’s nine-game home winning streak, taking the lead in the fourth quarter when J.J. Redick (29 pts, 6 threes) converted a five-point play — J.R. Smith fouled J.J. on a three, then picked up a tech for arguing with the ref — and drilled another three a few possessions later. But the Nuggets closed the game on a 19-3 run over the last five minutes to continue the streak … It seems like when it’s late in a game and his team is getting it handed to them, Dwight Howard takes an extra long time at the free-throw line. It’s like Dwight is contemplating, “Maybe if I rip the rim off the backboard, they’ll have to postpone the finish and I don’t have to deal with this loss.” …

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  • First!


  • Twelve

    Mr Derozan didn’t cram it on Gerald Wallace, it was on Tyrus Thomas!

  • ToAn

    well with the championship pedigree the nets now have (coach Johnson, Farmar AND The Machine)i wouldn’t rule out a third ring for The Machine. the championship culture they bring may affect the whole team. you watch

  • Chicagorilla

    Melo should be locked up for spousal abuse after the way he made VC his b!tch then proceeded to kick his a$$ on the blocks all nite. Also big game in womens basketball as #3 Baylor beat #6 Tenn. Britney Griner dominated almost getting a triple dip and once again became the only player HOF coach Pat Summit has ever used a zone defense against. Thats just crazy.


    Why do ya hate Patrick Ewing?

  • Chaos

    Demar Derozan demoralized tyrus thomas….i did not see that coming at all!

  • Chicagorilla

    @Chaos, yeh i agree. I usually get on Derozen about being so overrated but i have to give him props for that facial. That was down right disrespectful! The cock back just added that extra “sit the fluck downess” to the highlight.

  • That’s What’s Up

    what the fuck is the point of post #1?
    I mean really….what the fuck is the point?

    no doubt DIME will post that vicious dunk: DD over TT

    Wonder if CPuss3 and The Whorenets will drop one at home tonight to Sacramento. I’m so glad that is over; it was tough to read Whorenet fans talking all that “We’re back baby!” shit

    Let’s see if the Spurs can do tonight what the Mavs couldn’t do on Monday

  • karizmatic

    Darko had 11 rebounds too, shocking monster game from him out of nowhere…he’s been playing kind of solid this year for the Wolves though.

    The way Melo beat up VC is the latest evidence that Orlando needs to trade VC if they want to contend. Hell, if I own Orlando I offer VC straight up for Melo after the game…lol. It’s got to at least look attractive to Denver at this point doesn’t it?

  • Promoman

    As far as Darko goes, it just shows that any player can produce when given a decent amount of consistent minutes & touches instead of just being stuck on the bench all the time and wondering why they’re not contributing.

  • hakasan

    not any player…. never kwame brown or the Kandiman…

  • LakeShow84

    @ Karizmatic

    Melo for VC???

    Denver supposed to WANT that???

    Shieeeettttttt.. why not trade Nene and Kenyon Martin fro DHoward too while they’re at it lol

  • IGP

    It didn’t take Darko 8 years to learn how to play. He is just finally getting a real chance and finally playing to his ability.

  • bookkwormmaster

    Hard loss to swallow last night as my Hawks got dominated by Detroit. 39 points in the 4th!? By Detroit!? That’s a gosh damn shame. Can’t take nothing away from them though they played their asses off Detroit did. Hawks players need to be checked into a mental institution because their minds are just gone sometimes

  • QQ

    Damn, seeing these losses is so hard to stomach… We’re just fallin right now. The team as a whole is not just performing, and it’s frustrating…. daaamn.

  • bookkwormmaster

    We crack on Minnesota for being a crappy franchise but they are turning some players careers around over there. Don’t look now but they’ve got a young solid front line there with Beasley, Love, and Milicic. Wesley Johnson is there two-guard of the future and once they solidify their point guard situation they’ll field a very tantalizing starting unit. The future can be bright for this team if management does their job

  • dan

    man… I bet the hawks would have won that if Joe johnson was there….

  • Claw

    Thank God the Heat didn’t play last night our we would get another SMACK talking about how great Lebron is.

    Seriously they do have a quality win against the Jazz but the rest of the teams won’t even make the playoffs or sniff .500 (cept the Hawks that have sucked lately).

    Like KLove, those rebounding numbers are just sick. Milicic is still young he’s just getting used to the game and maturing. Still should have cost Dumar’s his job for drafting him, that has to be the biggest fubar move mostly with a sure thing with Melo right there.

    Trying to figure out if Bayless will become consistent and more legit, or is this guy good for only a solid game every 4th game?

  • Ian

    bowen was voted 4th dirtiest athlete in sports history number 1 in basketball. lol i miss the guy.

  • arisloco

    tmac is now trying to prove that he still can do it.

  • S.A.C.

    @That’s what’s up

    Very prophetic post regarding the Spurs and the Hornets, considering what happened (or could of happened) in those games Weds night.

  • eRa

    Wow where are all the Khan haters at? 5mil a year for the best shotblocker in the L isn’t such a bad contract after all. Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!