Featured Gallery, NBA, Video / Dec 1, 2010 / 10:30 am

Top 10 Blake Griffin Dunks Of The Season (So Far)

We know it’s only December 1st, but check out Blake Griffin‘s top 10 dunks of the season thus far. I wouldn’t be surprised if half of these don’t make the final list at the end of the year.

Which dunk is your favorite?

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  • JAY


  • http://www.conradburry.com Conrad

    #4 takes the cake for me…

    number one is impressive but not technically a dunk. dude is monster-mashing on everyone this year (and for the next 10 years for that matter).

  • http://freshouttatime.blogspot.com freshouttatime

    we gotta start a freeblake movement. dudes gotta get on a contender

  • control

    Holy fuck this guy is a beast. It’s like his mom got raped (or maybe consensual, who knows) by the Cloverfield monster or something. This guy actually missed a season due to injury? Sure as fuck don’t look like it. Scary thing is, in a few years, shit maybe even by the end of the season…these are just going to be 10 dunks out of his top 50-60 dunks.

    Guy is a gorilla, looks like it and beasts people like he’s 500lbs and they ain’t shit. Only area this guy needs to work on when it comes to his power dunk game is his power dunk face…it’s kind of weak.

  • WinDelRoj

    End of year NBA top 10 list is going to have to be broken up man. Blake Griffin is going to need a whole list to himself. What are we 1/4th through the season, jesus.


    lol at the top 5 or 6 all being against the Knicks. And LOL at his left hand on the Mozgov dunk …. treating your opponents like a back alley hooker deserves a tech. He shoulda got t’d up and fined for that. NASTY.

  • srb

    what a monster

  • yoda

    is it me, or rim looks shorter when he dunks :S

  • yoda

    lower, shorter, what ever is correct :D

  • Big Island

    I would need a tennis ball and a 7′ rim to even try half of those dunks and I’m 6’3″… Insane.

  • kyballer

    Kid is ferocious! My name for Blake is now “Menace To Society”…

  • imungloloupaw

    mozgov got molested

  • where high ankle sprains happen

    they’re going to ask this guy to join the dunk contest…..and itll just be a terrible idea, you can tell hes more of an in game dunker than a show-time dunker i.e. shannon brown

  • Kobeeeee

    He will be a Laker soon.

  • Promoman

    I still say Blake is Shang Tsung. I think 3 & 4 were the best.

  • LABallers

    its AMAZING how quick he gets off his feet..he puts no effort into it and next thing u know dude is soaring in the air…really hope we can watch his entire career without injuries cause this dude makes the game fun to watch

  • yourdribbleizcookiez

    He stuffed Mozgov’s face into his shorts while he crammed on him. Disrespectful. Classic, but disrespectful.

  • http://yourboychise.blogspot.com Chise

    That is one high-flying-half-Haitian.

  • kingralf

    #4 is the dunk of the year so far



  • http://getyourishbusted.net Chicagorilla

    #4 has to be a top 3 play of the YEAR.

    I remember every time I or someone else mentioned how good Blake was going to be, a ton of people had plenty negative things to say. I’ll stand by my claim that he is a mix between Kemp and young Malone. Or better yet, he’s like a taller Charles Barkely without being an idiot when he speaks.

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    @ post 3
    beeeen saying that shyt . David ster gotta inervene..

    @ chicagorilla & promoman
    don’t know who gets the credit but imma say it again. He was born for that nickname.

  • QazQami

    good to know that a dunk with ur dick on a guy’s nose is called “a Mozgov” now

  • JAY

    ^^^^ LMAO!!!

    Can we christen it The Mozgov COCKtail??

  • LonMan

    Yeah, #4 is by far the best although the “COCKtail” (#1) is a very close 2nd.

  • JJ

    Is it too early to get rid of his last name and just call him Blake?

    He’s kinda reminding me of Vince’s rookie season (before he learned to shoot 3’s all day), but he needs to bang on a Yao Ming or Dwight Howard to become enough of a phenomenon to put a crap team on national TV.

  • RC

    This guy is special. He reminds of a young Shawn Kemp. I’m impressed!

  • follow thru

    blake dunks over people not on people. madness…

    #4 and #1 still does it for me

  • Pablo

    I was at the game when Blake invited the Mozgav Cocktail and we went yelled louder for it then fourth dunk #4.

    I can see why people compare him to Shawn Kemp after watching this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQeMhYJe5JA)
    but I think Blake will be a better player then Kemp was.