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Top 10 NBA Christmas Day Storylines To Watch

LeBron & Kobe

LeBron & Kobe

All die-hard NBA fans look forward to Christmas Day games because of the numerous storylines, as last year’s games had a similar star-studded lineup to this year’s games. With all of this hoopla in the holiday atmosphere, we decided to take a look at the Top 10 storylines to follow today.

10. How will Phil Jackson handle playing on Christmas?
“I don’t think anyone should play on Christmas Day. Soccer teams don’t play. They take a break. No hockey. I don’t understand it.” This kind of negative attitude towards playing on Christmas could be a bad sign for the Lakers. Are Phil Jackson‘s complaints an early waving of the white flag? While this might be a ridiculous assumption, would he be complaining about Christmas games if he were playing the Clippers? It is something to think about.

9. Who will be the highest scorer?
Out of the top 15 scorers in the NBA, nine will be playing today (Kevin Durant, Amar’e Stoudemire, Kobe Bryant, Monta Ellis, LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, Russell Westbrook and Dwight Howard). New York and Golden State have two of the worst defenses in the league, allowing the 27th and 28th most points per game respectively, so don’t be surprised if the highest scorer on the day comes from either of those games.

8. How will J.R Smith handle the spotlight?
Due to the unfortunate death of Carmelo Anthony‘s sister, J.R Smith has been put in the starting lineup. On Wednesday, Smith went off for 22 points and seven rebounds against the Spurs. There’s no doubt that the Thunder will put Thabo Sefolosha on him, which will arguably be the best matchup of the game.

7. Will Jermaine O’Neal’s return make a difference?
Having been out since November 8th, Jermaine O’Neal will have to return to the lineup against the NBA’s best center in Dwight Howard. This will be the first time both O’Neals will be activated together since October. Semih Erden did a decent job of holding it down for J.O, so it will be interesting to see what Doc Rivers does with the substitution patterns in this game.

6. Can LaMarcus Aldridge continue to turn Portland around?
Although Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, Marcus Camby, and many more Blazers have been injured, nobody would have expected Portland to be at a mere 15-14 at this point in the season. This team has always had such high expectations due to their depth and talent is too much to be barely over .500. LaMarcus Aldridge has put up 27.3 points and 13.6 rebounds per game in their recent three-game win streak. Today’s game against the Warriors will be another opportunity to help him retain his title as the West’s Amar’e Stoudemire.

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  • Talented

    1st? Merry Christmas. Life is enough to be thankful for….and a Miami win tonight.

  • mo.B.bad

    real dogged stuff from Orlando. Dwight is unparalleled when it comes to defence.

    Jameer is so clutch. there’s no chance Arenas takes his starting spot. methinks Hibachi will be a really expensive 6th man.

    Wade is killin’ the Lakers right now. good lawdy.

  • sadeye2507

    Kobe with a typical 6 of 16…

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    we just gonna forget that game ever happen LA? Cool.

    Fucking C’s had to ruin Christmas with a loss, in one of the ugliest games I have ever seen played. Props to ORL for fighting till the end though. And the 10 second call on Dwight was hilarious.

  • barons_beard

    Wish Ron-ron ripped lebrons arm off and beat him to death with the soggy end when they had that flashpoint

    Glad the heat won though, Wade locked Kobe down

  • Jay10do

    and the Heat WIN!!! WADE LOCKS KOBE DOWN…. King James triple double…. MERRY CHRISTMAS KOBE! GO HEAT! LMAO!!!!

  • UncheckedAggression

    If this “Lebron vs Kobe” thing hasn’t been put to rest yet, the Kobe fans will never be convinced. There is simply no evidence in support of Kobe. Shit, it doesn’t even matter how often Kobe fucks up in the clutch. People that think about basketball irrationally can continue to come up with BS excuses to justify their opinions but seriously… I’m just asking for those of you that can look at basketball objectively to please do so.

    I’m tired of seeing these arguments over who’s better. Even the situational ones are looking desperate.

  • sadeye2507

    Did DWade switch out kicks at the half?

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Uncheckedaggression: how many rings does lebron have? Ok, thanks for your time.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Caboose-How many rings does Robert Horry have? Thanks for yours.