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Vince Carter makes his Suns debut tonight vs. Philadelphia

Vince Carter, Dime #21

Eleven days after Vince Carter was traded to the Phoenix Suns, the eight-time NBA All-Star is ready to make his debut for his fourth NBA team.

Suns coach Alvin Gentry said he expects Vince to play tonight against the 76ers, after Vince had been sidelined since the Dec. 18 trade with a sore knee. The Sixers will likely play without Andre Iguodala (Achilles), meaning Carter could have a mismatch or two to exploit when he’s on the court.

“Obviously the talent level there is pretty special,” Gentry told the Arizona Republic. “We’re excited about him. We’ll get him out there and see how long he can go, put him in some situations. I think he’s eventually going to be everything we thought he could be.”

Carter scrimmaged for the first time with the Suns this week.

“I’m one of those guys who asks a lot of questions anyway, not only for myself but for the other new guys to help our transition and make it a little easier,” Carter told the newspaper. “I’ve always prided myself on not only learning the offense but understanding the ins and outs of it so I can help other guys out. I guess it’s a Carolina thing. Grant (Hill) wouldn’t know about that.”

The Suns are three games under .500 and fighting for a playoff spot. It’s debatable whether Vince is an upgrade over Jason Richardson at this point, but he does have more experience than J-Rich as a go-to scorer rather than a spot-up shooter.

Where do you think Vince ranks among Western Conference two-guards?

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  • Drae

    Vince is finished as a “go to option”. More like a third to low second option.

  • yourdribbleizcookiez

    Thank you Vince, for all those big time games you had for Orlando, all that clutch playmaking and efficient scoring, especially when they really counted come play-off time. Oh no, wait a minute. Better luck in the land of the sun Vince, we believed in ya, till, well, we didn’t believe in ya anymore.

  • Jiggaman86

    why is vince still talked about so much on Dime. he’s no better than wesley matthews

  • Claw

    If the Suns staff can work wonders with Hill and Nash and while Shaq was there I don’t remember him missing games like he has in Cleveland and Boston. The training staff know their stuff, VC will be their biggest challenge.

  • hakasan

    is he starting tonight or coming off the bench?

  • Vcfan25

    Vince is One of the best scorers in NBA history don’t know what y’all are talking about

  • Vcfan25

    I think he may becoming off the bench not sure though

  • Kyle

    Shaq said the had the best training staff in the league… just look at Grant Hill. If I’m Vince Carter, I kill myself for however long he’s blessed to play next to Nash and with a staff who could make the bionic man and put up some inflated numbers to maybe get into the Hall(eventually.)

  • ab40

    VC will be fine to be around hill and nash should be an inspiration to him because he is in the same boat of getting healthy staying healthy and playing as long and effective as possible.

  • Davros

    Only just arrived and he’s making sly digs at Grant Hill and Duke

  • DON

    @davros your obviously a dumb ass cause it was an obvious joke…too many morons with keyboards

  • http://www.myfriendlypup.com Mishka

    Vince is a legend.. well he was in Toronto. He owned a country & left to be a role player. Kind of fitting really.

  • Davros

    @DON just not as many ignorant morons who can’t get up without putting someone else down

  • QQ

    Well, good luck to VC I guess.

    that’s all I can say. Weird.