Smack / Dec 14, 2010 / 1:44 am

Wade, James take turns squashing Hornets; Mavs win streak over

LeBron James, Dime #48

The haters are running out of reasons to throw rocks at the Heat. Last night’s blowout of the Hornets — a team that has W’s over Dallas, San Antonio and Miami already on its resume — provided an answer to just about every criticism that’s been levied against D-Wade, LeBron and Bosh‘s crew … You say Wade and ‘Bron can’t play together? While Wade dominated the second quarter, scoring 20 of his 32 points, LeBron owned the third, scoring 13 of his 20 as Miami turned a one-point halftime deficit into a seven-point lead going into the fourth quarter. Bosh (23 pts, 11 rebs) hit the first two buckets of the fourth to push the lead to double-digits, and the Heat never looked back on their way to a ninth straight win … You say Miami can’t handle teams with a good point guard and center? Chris Paul was held to 11 points and 5 assists, while Emeka Okafor — who dominated the Heat in that November matchup — settled for 9 points and 6 boards. (Though to be fair, Dave West was getting BUCKETS for the first three quarters, finishing with 32 points.) … You say Miami can’t defend the paint? They had 9 blocked shots last night, with Bosh and Big Z swatting three apiece, and Erick Dampier sending N.O. rookie Quincy Pondexter‘s dunk attempt back to the quad … During his first-half scoring binge, Wade was on a breakaway when Jarrett Jack fouled him hard from behind. Wade got up glaring at Jack like he’s been in a fight before — and Jack walked away. Miami’s play-by-play guy said, “Wade is checking the license plate of the Jack that hit him.” Whatever that means … The Heat announcers kept calling Marco Belinelli, “Belly-Nelly,” with too much stress on the “Belly.” There’s a Boris Diaw joke in there somewhere … During LeBron’s third-quarter barrage, he hit one shot when he drove right, was falling out of bounds along the baseline, and turned to high-arc a jumper from behind the backboard, over and in. Maybe the shot of the year on a degree-of-difficulty scale … Monty Williams is still new to this coaching thing, so hopefully he’ll learn something when he watches the third quarter on film and realizes he played a big chunk of it with Jack, Willie Green, Pondexter, Jason Smith and Aaron Gray on the court. If Kyrie Irving was healthy, we could see Duke’s starting five giving those guys a run …

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  • http://www.roidrage.com Chicagorilla

    Dukes starting 5 only has one NBA player and thats Kyrie. The rest of them bums are college pros. All of them are NBDL bound except Kyrie (who is highly overrated). Plus there are more clever ways to insult a garbage pro lineup, that line has been used a 1000 times (999 of them by Dick Vitale).

  • Duke

    The Hornets lost 8 of their last 11 games. And their wins against the Spurs, Mavs, and Heat were at the beginning of the season. So they’re not exactly playing well right now. Still not convinced about the heat and they’ll get punked by the Celtics and Lakers.


    Of all the Dukies, only Grant Hill and Carlos Boozer are decent pros.

    Hill for his longevity and Boozer for his TWO massive contracts!

  • Phileus

    Heat haters don’t hate them because they were bad. That just made hating a lot more fun.

    Heat haters hate because you keep telling us to worship LeBron and we don’t want to.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Like I have been saying, the Heat will eventually figure it out.

    However, I hate it when Dime shows way too much bias towards Miami by devoting one entire page of Smack on its game. Does this mean that all other games are just page 2 materials as compared to Miami?

    And by the way, I still hate the two-page setup.

    Top 100 reasons why Dime should hire me as one of its regular writers.

    30. I will be providing 30 days of productive work every month.

  • john

    So when we beat the Hornets, its because they are not a good team, when we beat the Bucks by double digits in Milwaukee they are sub.500 and when the Bucks beat the Mavs in Dallas they are a team on the rise.

    Whatever. We play the CAVS

    9 and counting

  • Duncanrules

    Doesn’t matter, cause Miami will still get demolished by San Antonio and Boston.

  • the cynic

    Sterling is awesome!!! He has had it rough, making millions of dollars while putting little effort in building the worst sports team in any sport for the past 3 decades.

    The real reason Sterling is pissed is because he can no longer afford to fly in Korean or Russian prostitutes every day of the week. Thanks to Baron’s massive 13 mil. a year contract, Sterling must now settle for lonely nights with NyQuil in one hand and a bottle of Viagra in the other.

    I can’t wait for my annual clipper game for just the chance to berate Sterling


    Dime shouldn’t hire ALF because of reason #30. Some months we get 31 days. In February, there is 28 days and 29 days every four years. ALF is liar!

  • marian

    @bruce: nice one bro;)

  • ab40

    wow donald sterling… WOW can you imagine your boss at work coming over to you screaming when you’re in a meating with potential buyers. He’ll tell you how fat and incompetent you are and walks away laughing. If he wants a good return on his investment (BD) than don’t heckle him as a dumb drunken fan.

    Portland is done. It’s over. Blow it up and let greg oden sign somewhere else at the end of the season. In three years brandon roy will be a sixth man of the year winner somewhere he has to adjust his game and he’ll become a 6-5 version of.. you guessed it andre miller.

    So the mavs had a close game on their home court and dirk missed the shot to win it. That’s the mavs I grew up with haha

  • Shane Battier

    @BRUCE – I take offense to that. I am a Captain on the Houston Rockets.

  • http://www.mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    reason # 1 why dime shouldnt hire alf
    alf has been stuck on “reason # 30″ for like six freaking months, so apparently he cant count. that means instead of getting this crappy “page 2″ stuff, we will get page 1, page 30, and page 30 every day for smack.

    oh and i completely agree with #4 the more people tell you not to hate and how great someone/something is, the more likely you are to hate it even harder.

  • Lee

    Seems like the Heat only started winning when Dampier came aboard.

  • JAY

    One can argue that the Heat started winning once they got rid of Stackhouse.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loganlight loganlight

    The Heat do have a nice win streak going… I think it’s 9 games with double digit wins? That’s a franchise record. That being said, those games have been against the Warriors, the Kings, the Hornets (who everyone thought would be horrible this year… and they are, just surprised some teams early), the Pistons, the Cavs, the Hawks (injured JJ) and the Jazz. Only quality team on that list? The Jazz.

    I AM a Heat fan (have been for years) but lets not run out to stop the presses on this just yet. They have surely needed the chemistry boost of winning, but all they have proved in these past 10 games is that they can beat young teams, with inexperienced players. Boston, LA, and Dallas are all laughing at all of this coverage right now.

    That being said, D Wade has been MURDERING teams as of late. Bron looks second fiddle and that’s the way it needs to be for the next season or so. Let LeBron get comfy and give Wade some off seasons to work on his spot up J. Then we’re talking about a dynasty.


  • JAY

    The Heat are definitely rolling, for sure. I still don’t see a +60 win season from them though. Wade will sit more games and so will Bosh.

  • Cosmo

    The Heat are coming! D-Wade’s dunk:


  • chicagoreal


    those duke bums would score 60 on you any night on any court so whos the bum?

    any tarheel major contributors in the nba these days?

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    The Heat ARE rolling and they ARE playing like they sorted their shit out. Lets see if this method lets them advance in the playoffs.

    I REALLY feel sad for GO, honestly the kid cant catch a fucking break. Hope he works his shit out.

    Melo really is a bitch though.

  • QQ

    Cosign number 4.

    Heat were hated because just like their small forward, they were acting with a swagger they didn’t earn. And you assholes keep saying that it’s alright while we are mindless ‘haters’ who know nothing bout the game.

    And of course that shitty start added ammo to our guns.

    And seeing them play right now, I really think it’s their STFU for us haters. And I’m loving it. I mean, they are really beasting right now, but not before being so shitty. As I always say, if Bron can find ways to shut me up, it’s all good. It’s good for everyone.

    But then again, he gotta bring the ultimate STFU: A championship ring.

  • Miami Maven

    Lebron did not “own” the third quarter.

    That was Wade’s game, cause when he scored 20 in the 2nd quarter Miami was struggling for offense and was shooting poorly (including Lebron who shot 6-16 for the game). Wade single handidly kept them in the game.

    By the time Lebron scored his 13 in the third quarter, it was a quiet thirteen (except for his over the backboard shot) and the heat already started cooking and building a nice lead from a close game where Miami was losing.

    Dwayne Wade made sure the game was over by scoring another 8 in the 4th quarter.

    Stop needlessly hugging Lebron’s nuts DIME

  • DNice

    The Heat aren’t just beating sub 500 teams, they are destroying them. The 9 game win streak beating opponents by double digits record is 10 which I’m pretty sure they will tie against the Cavs the next game. There has been only 6 streaks like that in NBA history, not the past 10 years!!, NBA HISTORY!! I’m not saying they will win the ship this year but the HEAT are an elite team. Elite teams get the hate. I remember a couple years ago when everyone hated the Lakers and Kobe.
    I love reading all the hate from fans. That means my team is relavent again. I remeber when the Heat were 12-70 no one was even thinking about the Heat. Now I can go to 3 or 4 websites and read Full Heat Coverage. Since I live in Knoxville now and no longer live in Miami it makes me feel good! Lets Go HEAT!!!

  • Ian

    I think he meant on avg.

    Check the link I posted on the last smack

  • DNice

    I mean 15-67

  • QQ

    @ 22:

    Wow, not another bandwagon fan who was nowhere to be found when ‘his’ team was shit.

    @ 19:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Even the Heat fans are talking shit bout Dime’s Lebron lovefest.

    ATTENTION: Cats, it’s not actually the whole Dime staff, it’ just Austin Burton, also known as Lebron’s buttcheeks.

  • S.A.C.


    Hey! Thanks for the link. I did look at it. Kool.

    Interesting. I’ve seen stuff like that before, but it didn’t really move me. Stats can be soooo mis-leading.

    I’ll give you an example. When Ewing used to play against Houston (Yes I said Ewing), Olajuwon would so embarrass Ewing that not only would they keep Ewing in a game during a blow out to pad his stats, but they’d also have Charles Oakley or Anthony Mason guard Olajuwon, cause Ewing couldn’t Hakeem in the first place. So at the end of the day, if you look back at the head to head STATS Ewing’s would look decent even if he couldn’t guard Hakeem and didn’t play him. Now those are head to head stats. So imagine how skewed career stats can be in general.

    Now back to Robinson. I will admit Robinson had some great years statistically. Absolutely he did. He was a great player! But as a all around player, he just wasn’t as good as Hakeem (do I really have to say why)? But The Admiral was a great regular season player. Keep in mind though, Hakeem led his team to the finals and was rated the 2nd best player (after Magic) in the NBA in only his second year beating a all time great Lakers team and losing in 6 to another all time Great Celtics team. Hakeem averaged over 30 in the Conference finals and Finals (people forget all that). Hakeem should of/may of had a Dynasty and not the Bulls.

    Unfortunately, the next year Houston’s dynasty ambitions were cut short, when their three top guards were suspended for drug abuse (Lewis Lloyd, Mitchell Wiggins, John Lucas)and Ralph Sampson’s knees crumbled. Houston went into turmoil for the next seven years after the drug scandals and trading Sampson trying to find a good mix as they shuttled players in and out their line up. Olajuwon’s averages suffered in those years with the instability.

    But if you believe all this stats stuff you showed me Ian with Olajuwon and Robinson, then I guess you also believe that DAVID ROBINSON WAS BETTER THAN TIM DUNCAN, RIGHT? CAUSE HE HAD BETTER STATS THAN DUNCAN AND WE KNOW STATS ARE EVERYTHING? RIGHT IAN? Lol.

    Thanks for the article though. I know it’s all for fun.

  • S.A.C.

    PS: Ian/Dime

    I wasn’t arguing David Robins was better than Tim Duncan or Vice Versa. I just know that Ian absolutely loves Tim Duncan (though he wasn’t even man enough to play center), and gave him food for thought. Lol.

  • Thrilla

    Duncan not man enough to play center? What the he’ll are you smokin!?

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Always liked Utah and Williams but I lost a little respect for him last night with the flopping and yapping.

    Never really liked Monta either but been watching lots of GSW this year and he’s really impressed me. Looks like AI the way he goes to the rack at his size.

    And Beveda should just retire.

  • Cheech

    Miami’s announcers are almost as annoying as Atlanta’s.

  • E$

    Utah has the worst commentators

  • LakeShow84


    And because the Hornets beat the Spurs and the Mavs that means the Heat just beat those teams too!!!

    You guys are comedy lol

    Wake me up when its the playoffs lol NFC North race got my full attention right now..

    But for the record

    The Heat could somehow STILL make it to 70 wins.. enter the playoffs on a 16 game win streak.. break every franchise record..


    Get over it DIME.. we talkin about a team that aint even top 3 in the league but everyone watchin they every move so they can over analyze and put a crown on them..

    Sounds like their SECOND best player if u ask me LOLOLOLOL

  • lee

    “You say Wade and ‘Bron can’t play together? While Wade dominated the second quarter, scoring 20 of his 32 points, LeBron owned the third, scoring 13 of his 20 as Miami turned a one-point halftime deficit into a seven-point lead going into the fourth quarter.”

    that’s not playing together. that’s playing one after the other.

  • Promoman

    @ lee

    Well said. That’s more along the lines of buddy ball and they still haven’t gotten Chris Bosh in the mix as much.

  • dan


    but to their credit theyve actually been playing a lot better with each other on the court.

    and also to others, Im not saying the heat are the best team or anything, but a winning streak is a winning streak. Unfortunately you cant play the elite teams every game and its not like teams like the knicks and heat asked for this schedule. Anyone can clearly see the team is better than it was a month ago.

  • Ian

    Well it wasn’t to move you I thought I was an interesting read. Post 29 is right you can’t make a good argument with that duncan wasn’t man enough cuz u r the only person in the world that says thay about duncan. I mentioned that ranking them alltime duncan was ahead of hakeem because you have to throw in accomplishments and that is something that most agree with.
    Now on the link it was to show how good the admiral really was and how ewing wasn’t that great but he played in ny so imagine that. I’m actually a fan of that stuff man. And yes I rather have a prime robinson than a prime duncan if I have 4 scrubs as the other members of my team I can’t lie and tell you something that isn’t. But it all depends on how you look at things for example with all things being equal (Ill use robinson , ewing , dream , shaq and for fun kobe) I rather have a prime robinson over the others (let’s imagine the 4 teammates are scalabrine lewis del negro and fisher) no one is winning a chip with that squad btw. And ill give the edge to dream over td goin by that then shaq 4 kobe 5 (rather have a center than a wing) and ewing dead last. That’s me pickin prime players now ranking alltime is diff it would go td , kobe , shaq , dream , robinson and again after a big ass gap cuz these players are top 20 alltime is ewing.

  • S.A.C.

    Speaking about NBA announcing teams. Here’s the ones that stand out to me (for good or for bad):

    Worst and most annoying commentators on League Pass

    Dallas: Homers
    Memphis: Homers
    Chicago: Annoying ass, screaming homers
    Boston: Tommy Heihnson, Annoying ass complaining Homer
    OKC absolute (almost annoying ass) homers
    Cleveland Absolute homers, annoying and know nothing about basketball. Terrible!
    Utah: Not terribly annoying, but homers. And the Utah player wins every poll no matter the topic, year, player or question.

    Some of the better more competent announcing teams

    LA Clippers: Very fair, well produced and knowledgeable
    Toronto: They seem to have two teams and they’re both OK, but one of them seems better than the other. Not bad.
    Miami: Their announcing teams seem good and fair
    Sacramento: Their announcing team seems good and fair to. They deserve better than the Kings. At least the Clips are entertaining for their solid announcers.

    Knicks: Clyde is a hoot and with Mike Bream (since he does national broadcast) is usually fair. They can both be critical of the Knicks to. Good team.
    LA Lakers: Good announcing team

    Can’t think of any others at the moment. Can you guys?

  • Ian

    U missed sean elliott but hey can u blame him?

  • S.A.C.


    Most list I see have Dream ahead of TD (and including the people here at dime). What you meant to say was “people who value championships more have TD ahead of Dream. I don’t cause I seen them all play. But I know you’ve seen/have yours. I’m not here to debate that.

    Now you say that you would take Robinson over Duncan, etc. Okay kool.

    My take on it is; I love David Robinson. I think he was a great player. I agree. He was better than Ewing. But I’ve never been a big Ewing fan. When I look at Robinson, I see a player that was extremely athletic. But he was more of an athlete playing basketball than a basketball player who was a great athlete to me. That’s the difference. Hakeem was both (A superlative athlete who also had great basketball skills). Robinson always seem to have only one speed to me; super fast! Hakeem had all the in between speeds on offense and could dominate you from the rim to 20 ft out, all from corner to corner. Add that to the fact that Hakeem was a great competitor, who always wanted to dominate you (and usually did). That seals it. Robinson never struck me as mentally tough and never won a championship until TD got there. Am I correct on that?

    I would much rather have Hakeem take a last shot or lead my that young team of scrubs you mentioned than Robinson based off his skill (giving them both equal athletic ability), heart and conquering spirit!!! He could beat you in so many ways! The Admiral would get torpedoed!

  • Ian

    Well there are no wrong picks here unless u take ewing. I don’t mind anyone sayin hakeem is better than both but I do mind when they base it all on a 6 game playoff(forgetin that robinson single covered dream and houston triple teamed him and he won the head to head games like 30 to 12 or something) series or you sayin duncan wasn’t man enough.

    Now I’ve never seen a list with dream ahead of td (well my lists are kalbs and sports guy book) but that doesn’t really matter its their opinion on things just like I have mine and you yours.

    That’s just me
    Btw your last line sucked :)

  • Ian

    Sorry but u mentioned championship only sorry but tim has them both beat in every award not just rings and yeah rings do count.
    Take away 3 or 4 from jordan and he wouldn’t be considered the best ever leavin everything else.

  • S.A.C.

    PS: Ian

    I meant to say earlier/above.

    Hakeem had all the in between speeds on offense and could dominate you from the rim to 20 ft out, all around the arc, from corner to corner. You know Robinson didn’t like the rough stuff and didn’t come down low to often?

  • S.A.C.


    Yeah. You been looking at the sports guy too much.

    And I don’t know anyone who would take the Admiral over Hakeem in one game (or with that bad team you suggested). Maybe Duncan is a better example. But I think most would still take Dream over him to.

    Rings are so arbitrary. And I can say if Houston’s starting guards didn’t flunk out the NBA and Sampson didn’t blow out his knee, all in the same year, Hakeem could of won 10 championships; considering that he won his first 9yrs after he made it to the finals.

    But like Kurtis Blow said, Those “are the breaks”.

    And you do realize your contradicting yourself in the same argument. On one hand you’re telling me that “Rings are important”, so that makes Duncan better than Hakeem. But on the other hand, you’re saying that you think that Robinson is better than both those guys. Stop letting The Sports Guy determine your judgment (smile). Cause your personalizing your argument to win it for your two favorite Spurs. Funny.

    Sean Elliot. Wow! When I first heard him, I thought he was kool. He seemed fair, informative and relaxed. But Man; when Spurs got to step up in a game, that’s when he becomes a HOMER. But they’re worse than him on the air. But he can be annoying at times to. Yeah. Lol.

  • Ian

    What are you talkin about didn’t I just say it doesn’t matter what they say. When did I say for one game? I said for my team to play more than a season. You bringin up “coulda” and “shoulda” wtf man?? So hakeem underachieved cuz he didn’t do that? The sports guy has td at 6 or 7 dream at 9 and robinson at 29 and I picked him outta the three so how is he affecting my judgement?? Aren’t you the one sayin that you don’t know anyone who would pick x over x? Now contradictinh myself didn’t I say I would put td alltime ahead of the admiral?? But I rather have the admiral in his prime those are two diff things.

  • Ian

    Manu is my fav spur not td bro

  • Ian

    Look at how much rings matter give 6 to wilt and see if anyone would think he wasn’t the best ever

  • Ian

    Hey just remembered you called hakeem the second best player when he came in after magic. Really? Was magic even the best player on his team? I don’t know if you remember a celtic that wooped that rockets team in the finals you know a white dude that was better than dream also.

  • JAY

    Hold up… i just glanced over the final posts because I’m getting ready to bounce from work but, am I reading somebody saying TD > Hakeem?? WTF?? TD might have more rings but TD won one by himself. It was “Hakeem and Co”.
    TD had Robinson and later Ginobili and Parker.
    and Hakeem had no weakness. Let me rephrase that bcuz TD has no glaring wekaness either…. every major part of Hakeem’s game was a STRENGTH. Passing to shooting, to steals to footwork to blocks to postmoves to Free throws. He did everything at the highest level.

  • JAY

    typo…. “Hakeem won one by himself”
    i’m rushing to get outta here. lol

  • S.A.C.


    I see you love that sports guy. I don’t know anyone else that rates Duncan that high (especially over Hakeem). But he’s entitled to his opinion. I happen to think Duncan is overrated. If anything I think Hakeem is underrated.

    And if the Sports guy really isn’t that important to Why you keep bringing him up?

    I also said DAVID ROBINSON FOR A SEASON WITH YOUR TEAM OF SCRUBS idea as well. Please READ next time Ian.

    Whether you wanna call it Magic or call it Bird, Magic was rated the top player during that season cause of the amount of games they won (and the fact that they were defending champions). That’s not me. That was general edcuated consensus at the time. Cause Hakeem “Whooped Up” on Magic, Worthy, Jabbar and that whole Laker team to get to the finals. He also scored 30pts a game vs the Celtics in the finals as well. Who was the best player on that Laker team then Ian? Since Magic wasn’t the best player on his team? Please tell me?

    Ok. Now Hakeem underachieved, cause his team fell apart? So what did Robinson do then? He couldn’t win nothing till Duncan got there. Correct? As matter of fact, those two rode each other coat tails for two titles apiece (when one was younger and the other was older). Lol.

    Ahhhhh. San Antonio fans. I guess you gonna tell me now that They’re gonna win the title or beat the Lakers?

    Ok. Back to Robinson. Ok so basically what’s your saying is “you like the Admiral better and as a player for his numbers and prime years”, but you like Tim Duncan cause of his titles and accomplishments (i.e. all time)?

    That makes absolutely no sense to me and is a contradiction, especially for those two players. It seems to me your trying to claim two Spurs as the greatest big men or your two favorites (which your entitled to).

    The simple question and answer to that seemingly manufactured conundrum Ian is “WHO’S BETTER”? That would take into account Prime years vs life long achievements.

    Man! You love them Spurs. Lol.

  • sh!tfaced

    LMFAO @ The Miami Hate…

    WTF? The Lakers’ announce team is so old and so damn boring, they have the charisma of a sleeping pill…

  • S.A.C.


    Thank You for Both Post

    Brother Ian has been trying to articulate to me that TD was better than Hakeem for a while, and now he even threw in David Robinson into the mix.

    I feel the same way you do. I’ll just leave it at there!



  • S.A.C.


    You could be right on the Laker announcing team; cause I don’t really remember them. But at least they weren’t annoying, loud or homers like so many of the others.

    I guessed that’s why I had them last as a throw in. Lol.

  • BostonGuy

    Shouldn’t Milwaukee beating Dallas had been the lead story? Is it cause you guys didn’t watch the game or something?

  • sh!tfaced

    @ S.A.C.

    Sean Elliot still do Spurs’ games? If you wanna hear true homerism, Sean is the man.

  • Ian

    shit sac
    how can you say it doesnt make sense? i told you that i would out admiral and hakeem over td in their primes but if we make an alltime list were accomplishments count td and shaq would be over dream and admiral. that is all.
    again i dont have a problem with anything you said about dream i just IMO i rather have the admiral. the sports guy thing was messing around i dont like him. you did mention dream was considered the second best player but im sorry he was never better than bird in the 80s.

    why do you keep bringing up you love em spurs like am the only one defending something here?? wow you sure love the dream isnt it the same thing? what does the spurs beating the lakers or anything has to do with anything? you asked what did robinson do? im actually using what he did to rank him unlike you that keep using the team fell apart thing didnt the admirals team fall apart after his second season?? shit happens and in this thing you need a bit of luck also. thats the way it goes. kalb also has td at 9 and dream at 16 and that was back in 04 when duncan only had two titles. again doesnt mean anything but you keep insisting that no one has duncan that high. slam has td at 8 and dream at 13 again it doesnt mean anything but if you can post any magazine or sports writer list sayin dream is ahead then please post so i can read them.

  • Ian

    you said td is overrated and dream underrated well i think that the admiral and td are underrated and that ewing shaq and dream are overrated. why are you the one thats right? who judges this things? its all opinions and we can go all day back and forth backin things up (except for ewing he was really overrated)

  • S.A.C.


    Not sure why you started this discussion out the blue on a old thread, after we already argued this a while back.

    This thread will be old to. But Kobe, Shaq, Jordan, Kelly Dwyer (Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie) etc. have called Hakeem the best Center ever. Dwyer even said about Hakeem “at his peak, there may not have been a more unguardable post presence in the NBA’s history”! He’s not the only one. Ok. so two can always play that game. So what?

    Even Steve Kerr recently on the air called Hakeem Olajuwon “the best international player ever (that includes Tim Duncan)”.

    Duncan skates by on top 10 all time list, cause he plays power forward (along with his 4 titles; that’s how he gets in), despite the fact that people such as yourself always want to call him a Center. But anytime I hear people compare them head to head, I always see Hakeem picked ahead 5:1 with the most “WTF incredulous type expressions of “why we even talking about this”. They never act that way on Duncan’s behalf.

    Who is more revered? Who is the one that other players Marvel at and hold in awe more (uncan or Hakeem)? C’mon Ian.

    I can go on and on. But who cares! You like Duncan and The Admiral. I got it!

    No problem! Geesh! Lol.