Video / Dec 8, 2010 / 2:00 pm

We Reminisce: Diamond D’s “Best Kept Secret” Is Anthony Mason


What’s your favorite NBA cameo in a music video?

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  • bobby stew

    Shannon Brown and Ron Artest in Toni Braxton’s video “Yesterday” Two teammates battling for the well aged Toni Braxton and the veteran player wins her in the end.

  • hakasan

    you sure it’s not because brown is afraid that if he takes the girl ron will get all crazy??

  • bobby stew

    You might be right. Plus Toni is known for breaking up NBA teammates if you’re old enough to remember the 3 J’s in Dallas(Jimmy, Jamal, and Jason)

  • http://www.dimemag.com BarbosaSamosa

    @bobby stew Shannon’s facial expression when he see Ron-Ron with his girl is priceless bahahaaha

  • billbone

    I love how he’s wearing his jersey in the vid. The magic johnson cameo in a bel biv devo video is great. And anything with jalen rose

  • Big Island

    I was fairly certain that Mase was going to jump through my tv and kill me every time I used to watch them. That guy was terrifying.

  • JAY

    +1 @ Big Island.
    Straight up. Lol! He’s looks like a crazy version of D-Bo from Friday.

  • Steve Nash

    Beanie Segals uncle!!! Mase in yo mother ef’n FACE sucka