• control

    No honorable mention for Paul Pierce?

  • hakasan

    these guys are hard core… mad props and respect for the love of the game :)

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Great piece, Sean!

  • yoda

    @ control
    that’s cold but true :)

    as for people in wheelchairs, they really could use all help they can. i’m coming from country devastated by war and we have a lot of people in wheelchairs, casualties of war. our national team was world and europe champions in sitting volleyball, and silver at paralypmic games, yet there was only some support from goverment. and when you consider what kind of obstacles in life they had to overcome and with what kind of traumas they need to live, it’s sad to see that they don’t get recognition or support they need. so if these guys are reading Dime, big props to them and much respect. i hope they will find proper sponsor and that they will fulfill theirs dream and play in finals. who knows, maybe you had an interview with future champions. good luck guys

  • yoda

    btw this reminded me of what rudy t. said once: never underestimate heart of the champion. we are all here freaks when it comes to love for the game of basketball but guys like Ferreira are taking it to another level. once again, good luck guys

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    now if only we could get guys like Eddy McCurry to train and play with a fraction of the heart and determination these guys show.

  • hakasan

    mccurry needs to play with mcrib goggles… or have fans sit with lots of french fries behind the basket… that’ll motivate his butt…

  • http://inspiredworlds.com inspiredworlds

    much respect to these guys

    def for the love of the game!