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Aldridge steals Blake Griffin’s showcase; D-Rose downs Dallas

LaMarcus Aldridge (photo. Aaron Hewitt)

It should be considered a borderline miracle if the Portland Trail Blazers hang onto their 8th-seed playoff spot in the West, especially with Marcus Camby‘s knee surgery basically cutting their winning formula in half. Back when the roster was (mostly) healthy, Portland had a routine: Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge did the heavy lifting for three quarters, then Andre Miller and Camby would contribute clutch plays throughout the fourth/overtime, and B-Roy would handle the really heroic duties. Now it’s down to just LaMarcus and ‘Dre, but the Blazers are still winning … Last night’s Blazers/Clippers game was the first L.A. game in a long time without any real Blake Griffin fireworks, but thankfully Portland put together one of their better performances of the season and made it worthwhile watching their 15-point win … Blake’s first bucket of the night was a perfect example of what makes him such a spectacular talent. Yes, he can jump and run and is quick and is learning how to shoot. But sometimes all it takes is effort. Just a few minutes in, Griffin (20 points, 18 rebounds) beat everyone down the court by about 10 feet before receiving a pass and finishing with a dunk … The Clips jumped out to a 16-2 lead, but that was the high point for them. Aldridge (28 points, 8 rebounds) did what he wanted all night and punctuated the win with a big alley-oop in the final seconds. Down the stretch, LMA forced Griffin into a few costly mistakes while finishing inside over the more-heralded power forward. Does Aldridge deserve an All-Star spot? He’s averaging 27 points per game since B-Roy got hurt … Eric Gordon (35 points, 7 threes) kept L.A. close, but a big third quarter by Portland that opened up a 13-point edge for the home team was too much to overcome … So can the Clippers make the playoffs? Using the “If they keep playing like this” argument doesn’t really work, because do you really see L.A. winning 11 out of every 15 games? With a young team like this, inevitably they’ll hit another skid or two where they go 3-7 or 4-10. Then we’ll see how they bounce back. It’s going to be a tough uphill climb either way … Portland’s Rose Garden is one of the few arenas in the League where the fans get so rowdy, you can sometimes hear women screaming on the crowd mics like it’s Nightmare on Elm StreetRead More>>

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  • pipdaddyy

    The Mavs shouldn’t panic. Dirk is still not 100%, but if he is they are still good to go … don’t forget they were winning early in the season without Butler playing well. Pavlovic? Stojakovic? Really? Why bother?

  • That’s What’s Up

    Well, San Antonio has just started to clean up the river

  • Arno

    the funny thing is that the only team the Mavs could beat was the Lakers…

    Is sir Charles becoming travel adviser ?

  • First & Foremost

    A jump shot is like a fat woman… She will never leave you.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    Click my name (2nd post) to see the sweet alley-oop from future All-Star Eric Gordon to current All-Star (not a stretch to predict) Blake Griffin last night… too bad the Clippers couldn’t come up with the win.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    I think Aldridge deserves and All-Star spot but he’s gonna not gonna make it due to Blake Griffin and Kevin Love.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    “an All-Star spot” I meant… My trigger finger is too quick

  • First & Foremost

    Why does being an All-Star matter? True fans will always know how good you were. Your talent is recognized in every game you play when you see guys cheating 10 feet off of their man and their team still can’t stop you.

    If Monta Ellis never makes an All-Star game, does that make him worse than Mo Williams?

    There are only 24 spots but 30 teams and some teams send 2 players. Many will be deserving but losing a popularity contest won’t be the end of the world.

  • abpin

    I’m from Jersey but been a fan of the Spurs since 1991. The first game I saw on TV was with David Robinson. Ever since then, the organization’s done a pretty good job makin me proud. Haha

    As for San Antonio itself, I finally got a chance to visit back in June. The city is hot & humid, crowded with plenty of tourists, and the river is a nice place to be, even though it looks damn dirty. Didn’t see too many fat chicks though. Sorry Charles, 1 out of 2.


    Fat women never leave because you leave them first.

    And if a fat woman is like a jump shot, then we’d all rather be Rajon Rondo.

  • QQ

    This isn’t 2002? Try telling that to Allen Iverson.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    @First & Foremost

    I agree with your post, that the roster doesn’t matter… but don’t you like seeing your favorite players get that little bit of extra respect for their skills? In my opinion, when one of my favorite players makes the roster I feel like everyone is finally up to speed and sees the talent that I’ve been seeing all along.

    On a side note, what defines a “true fan” anyway? Everyone always uses that term as though being a true fan means that you know more than most people or are more passionate about the game.

  • jzsmoove

    player crave allstar status not only because of title(which becomes leverage for their next contract negotiation) but its a clause on their contract itself, who doesnt want extra $$$ just for showing up with the other cool kids?

    LMA aint making it due to other names more popular than him. unless there is an injury or team pulling out their player then he can be the replacement.

  • Char

    Fat? Charles should know fat.. He see’s it in the mirror everyday… What I KNOW SA has is the best record in the league and 4 more rings then Charles..


    Everyone who wants to see Blake and LMA in the all star game has to go out and vote for Yao to start, open up an extra slot for forwards by having Gasol replace him.
    As for guards, Monta and Westbrook both deserve it, but i personally think that Kidd and Nash need to play in every ASG untill they die.

  • K Dizzle

    Switched from Clips-Blazers in the 3rd when the Blazers were pullin away to watch Washington-Arizona. Isiah Thomas is nice. NBA gonna try to phuck him cuz he 5’8, but dude can ball.

  • karizmatic

    I watched both those games last night. The thing that struck me about Chicago is I think they have enough pieces to get into the Melo sweepstakes. They should at least toss Denver a deal. Something like Luol Deng, Taj Gibson, and Ronnie Brewer for Melo…I think that would be sweet if the numbers work.

    On the Clips and Blazers game I’m still pulling for the Clips to make the playoffs, but that game showed me why they probably won’t. I wish Baron Davis was a more heady point guard and could control the tempo of the game and the team more. I don’t think Andre Miller is better than him but the Clippers should have Andre Miller or someone like Chauncey Billups as a point guard. The team is immature and needs an experienced hand like that to win games against the teams in the West that will make the playoffs. Right now the Clippers, much like Blake Griffin, are a team trying to figure out what they can and can’t do in basketball games and they will have a difficult time really closing teams out. I expect them to hit that 3-7 skid after all star break when the games get a little more meaningful and become a little more hotly contested.

    In the meantime I think the Clippers should make a push for Melo too, although besides Baron Davis and maybe Aminu and Foye I don’t know what they would offer.

  • Gnasche

    The fat girls in SA are just visiting from Alabama because our food is so much better.

    We have some great rivers in the area, but the River Walk is NOT for swimming. I think if you fall in, they don’t let you back out with the general population. Two guys in biohazard suits float by on a barge and haul you off for decontamination.

  • First & Foremost

    True Fan – n. A person who maintains an almost unhealthy level of devotion to a player, team, or sport.

    With the explosion of fantasy sports, people see what you see based on where that player gets drafted. Also I think it helps fuel rivalries. You think Deron Williams didn’t take note of the point guards who were always selected ahead of him.

    Look at what Bogut did last year to Al Horford and David Lee. He played like there was a can of Pringles on his shoulder.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    I like the theory. Bill Simmons claims that D Rose had a fire lit under his ass because D Wade wouldn’t return his recruiting phone calls this summer. As a Rose owner, I don’t care what’s lit the fire, to be honest, but I’m loving the results.

  • Mac22

    Sir Charles is out of his mind. Plenty of good looking women in my home town. BTW there’s more to see/do in SA Town than the Riverwalk!

  • nizzio

    @LMNOP props to you for recognizing Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. They revolutionized the All-Star game, especially Jason Kidd. I still remember the game where he hit the half-court shot! Having T-Mac in every all-star game would be nice too…

  • Patrick

    I went to high school in San Antonio. There is a reason they drain and clean the river going through downtown every year. It’s pretty filthy.

    Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of fat women in San Antonio, but that is just because there is a lot of good mexican food that eventually gets at your metabolism when you stop working out. That 18-25 year old affluent crowd is stacked with beautiful women. We don’t have it like you northerners. Our women don’t strap on that natural winter coat.

  • Claw

    I said it when Austin was spouting his ZBo for All Star that Aldridge should be over both Griffin and Love. He’s upped his game with the loss of Roy and the Blazers continue to win.

    Aldridge is more deserving but I’d rather see Griffin, never know what that kid is gonna do.

    Isn’t it the coaches that vote for the reserves? How is that popularity?

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    The All-Star game is at its sweetest when you have a bunch of past first PGs. That’s why even though Rose is having a better year than Rondo, I’d much rather see Rondo run point because he looks for the pass way more than his shot, thus making it more interesting to watch.

    Its gonna be tough moving from the Nash/J-Kidd direction of people willing to take 0 shots to make everyone else look good but who knows? Maybe Rose, Westbrooks and such get the memo.

  • karizmatic


    Magic and Isiah were doing what Kidd and Nash did in the Allstar game before them…it wasn’t revolutionary but they did carry on the tradition.

  • http://www.remixcomic.com Nodizzel

    Fuck Chuck… He’s mad because he doesn’t have any rings.

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    “Having T-Mac in every all-star game would be nice too…”

    Yeah… if he deserved it.

  • http://dimemag.com chicagorilla

    Really Stunna? Westbrook plays with the leading scorer in the NBA and doesnt seem to have a problem passing him the rock and Rose scores out of necessity, but when he played on team usa he passed the ball. Stop lobbying for that lame Rondo to start. The ASG is about running and gunning. And not too many are better than Rose and Westbrook. Oh and CP3, Isiah Thomas, Deron Williams, Magic, KJ, Tim Hardaway were all 20ppg PGs who did pretty damn well distributing the ball while scoring in ASGs and reg games. You all have seen more than enough of Rose and u still dont get it. He isnt a score first or pass first or defensive pg. He plays to win and is a does whatever it takes pg which is why i like the kid. He was injured last year in the ASG (thx to D12) and probably shoulda sat out, but hopefully hes healthy at the break. But keep it up, i think DRose feeds off the crtics… I think he likes it.


    SA is alright but wouldnt wanna live there oh wait I live in detroit :-( lmao. But I guess we do have and 8 to 1 ratio of women to men so I guess my frown has turned upside down :-)

  • First & Foremost

    Even though coaches pick the reserves, that just makes it a popularity contest amongst a smaller voting sample.

    Duncan won’t get voted in as a forward. So it would fall to the coaches. Do you vote for the more popular player around the league who is a 4-time NBA Champion or some rookie or some rebounding leader, or some other double double machine?

  • Claw

    A popularity contest with smaller voting sample? These are the coaches, they know which players are just getting numbers and not making the team better. You are now comparing fan voting to coach voting?

    Do you mean vote for a PF that has his team with the best record in the NBA? He doesn’t have the personal stats but he has the stat that matters which is wins. I think TD makes it but hope they put him in at Center.

    If the Spurs sucked this year, and didn’t have a winning record he wouldn’t be there.

  • First & Foremost

    True, he does belong to a system that has the best record in the NBA. Fine, but Duncan isn’t the star of the show. They crushed the Lakers with Duncan having all of TWO points. He even had 19 points… combined in 3 consecutive games. Duncan does his part in the Spurs’ system but the All-Star game is an individual award, not a team honor.

    Wins SHOULD NOT matter in selecting an All-Star. The winner/loser of the game is irrelevant. It is a showcase of talent.

    Kevin Love would greatly appreciate not having Luke Ridnour bring the ball up in the last few minutes of a game but he can’t help that.

    Duncan is not single handedly winning games. He has a few throwback performances but other Forwards are just stuck in bad situations.

  • Young Gunner

    Ive been to San Antonio a few times and Chuck is kind of right lol

  • Claw

    I’d love to hear anybody else try to make an argument that wins are not part of the equation in picking an All Star team, it should basically be a fantasy basketball All Star game.

    So ZBo you are slamdunk AS, more double doubles than Duncan. Mr. Monta Ellis you are way better than CP3 and Deron Williams, just look at his numbers!

    Its a combo of the two, and if 2 are close I’m giving it to the guy with a winning record every time. Yes I’d take TD and Aldridge over KLove and Griff, though I hope all can make it since Yao is out and TD can go in that slot.

  • LakeShow84

    Detroit is 8 to 1 women????

    Damn people sleep on that i guess.. that just rose 30 spots on my travel list lol

  • First & Foremost

    For the most part winning is a team accomplishment. Lebron being a rare exception. What more can Kevin Love do with the Timberwolves? Does he need to find a way to average 30-20 because his team has no depth and low basketball IQ compounded with a lack of talent? I don’t see Darko pulling down rebounds. Duncan will take a meaningless 3 in the AS game just because he is a big man who rarely hits from out there. Kevin Love takes and makes 3s.

    If a player is putting up numbers better than others at his position, why not let him play in the AS game? If a player is fortunate to have a SYSTEM that beats other teams and is putting up pedestrian numbers, does he really deserve it?

    Other players are doing more with less, why not reward them?
    Winning is important but I feel there is too much emphasis put on a team statistic for an individual award. Fine your team has the best record but as a whole they are greater than the sum of their parts. The system as currently constructed punishes players that have to carry a larger load.
    Chris Bosh – 14-7-1 Great Game
    Tim Duncan – 9-6-2 and the W Great Game
    Joe Johnson 18-6-4 Great Game
    Kevin Love 25-20 Great Game but team losses
    Kevin Martin – 44 in a loss unnoticed

  • Claw

    Detroit has 10 women for every 8 guys, which is one of the best ratios in the country just not 8 to 1.

    Stay in LA Lakeshow

  • First & Foremost

    You want a different argument about winning not being important…

    How many playoff games did Barry Sanders win? The Hall of Fame is an individual honor just like the All-Star and Pro Bowl games are. His teams did not win. Should Thurman Thomas be considered the better runningback because his teams at least made it to the super bowl?

    You could be a good player worthy of individual accolades but you just happen to be stuck with horrible supporting casts.

  • jdizzle

    How pissed will Al Jefferson be if Griffin and/or Love make the ALL-Star team this year?

  • Claw

    Football analogy? Both players are in the HOF? Lost me.