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Amar’e, Gallinari shoot New York past Miami; NBA All-Star starters

Danilo Gallinari (photo. NY Daily News)

On a night where everybody walked out of Madison Square Garden talking about Danilo Gallinari, the Dime crew had perfect seats for the show. A few rows behind our spot on press row was a fan who was screaming out rooster calls whenever Gallo was at the free-throw line, and right beside us was an Italian journalist who didn’t even pretend to be objective while rooting for The Rooster: He scoffed when the crowd chanted “MVP” for Amar’e Stoudemire — apparently still banking on Andrea Bargnani making a late push — and when Gallinari knocked down some huge clutch shots in the fourth quarter to help New York upset the Miami Heat, dude’s reaction sounded like something you’d hear in a Peter North movie … Trailing by nine going into the fourth quarter, the Knicks cut the lead to two midway through on a driving lefty layup by Gallinari (20 pts), then took the lead when #8 banged a three. LeBron powered his way to the rim to put Miami up by one with 1:30 on the clock, but Gallo responded with another go-ahead trey, then Landry Fields added a triple to seemingly nail down the coffin. Or not. LeBron (24 pts, 11 rebs, 5 asts) made back-to-back layups where he basically ran through the defense at will, but then down by three in the final seconds, LeBron passed up a shot on the baseline to kick it to a wide open Mario Chalmers in the corner, whose brick essentially ended it. That must have been a Donyell Marshall flashback for LeBron … The Heat wasted a monster effort from Dwyane Wade, who finished with 34 points and 16 boards while playing in tinted goggles to help deal with his migraines. In the third quarter he ripped off a personal 14-0 run, but scored just one more point the rest of the way and didn’t have a field goal in the fourth. Asked how the Knicks defended Wade down the stretch, Mike D’Antoni said, “He missed a few. He’s human. It’s nothing we did.” … If we know that LeBron is motivated by getting booed, maybe Wade is motivated by not getting booed. Think about it: If MSG fans were laying into LeBron last night because he didn’t sign with their team last summer, what does it mean when they don’t bother booing D-Wade? Wasn’t he a free agent who snubbed New York, too? … It wasn’t as much of a problem that LeBron (7-24 FG) couldn’t hit the side of B.J. Raji with his jump shot — multiple times he didn’t even draw rim — it was more that Miami’s offensive flow died almost every time LBJ got the ball. He was playing out of position at power forward most of the night to replace Chris Bosh (ankle), but that’s why he needs to refine his post game …Read More>>

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  • http://www,sactownroyalty.com Willis


  • Lucas

    First. And I side with C Webb

  • Lee

    So you’re not going to name the All Star starter ?? Guess I’ll have to go somewhere else to get my basketball news. At least I know what Eddie Curry was chatting about.

  • zeitgeist

    Excellent dime! the Fat Joe (two seater) was hilarious…

    @ Lee – did you read the whole dime?

    But seriously, Yao Ming??? Come on, China – give us a break…

  • Soopa

    Pretty amazing that Lebron can put up those stats while really hurting his team.

    I mean its one thing not to have a post game. Kobe added it to his game late in his career. But when you cant even post up Felton as a 6’8” 250 lbs. monster i really dont think theres any hope of Lebron ever delevoping into anything in the post. It happend more then once…

    Fields is a player. Oh my gosh i love watching him play. His nose for the ball and where to be at all times is really unique for a rookie. He is soooo good at reading where shots are bouncing its almost Rodman-esque!

  • Diggity Dave

    Not sure how you “upset” the Heat with Bosh and Haslem out, but ok.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Umm they still got 2 out of the 3 best players on earth , so it’s an upset Dave.

  • First & Foremost

    Beating a team that consists of Lebron-Wade is still a pretty good team. Last night was not a 15 vs. 2 seed upset, more like 10 vs. a 7 seed.

    Wasn’t there a 3rd game on last night?
    Other stat lines: Scola & Martin combined for 57 points. While Tyson Chandler was the biggest kid on the playground getting 15 boards. We’re out like games being smaller in Texas…

  • Timmy

    isn’t amare banging kanye ex gf?

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com CCB

    Dope 10 vs 7 comparison. That’s exactly what it was. A lot of people harped on the fact that Amare stood up for his squad yesterday, but he came through. I guess I’ll stop saying Danilo was hurting the rotation when he came back. I like that Shawne Williams is contributing now if Bill Walker could do something similar to what Landry does it would be nice. I guess his game left with those early injuries. Year round basketball and no cross training, is ruining a lot of the new young players, not named LeBron.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    Click my name: Ricky Rubio profile 6th post down

    West All-Star Starters: Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Yao Ming (replacement to be named by David Stern / starter named by All Star Coach).

    East All-Star Starters: Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire, Dwight Howard.

  • KBY

    So who’s the likely replacement for Yao?I’d say Pau who should have been listed as a c anyway instead of pf.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Is it me or could the East starters double as a dunk contest roster or what?

    Also, I agree with Chuck/C-Webb, the East SUCK compared tot he West. If we are fighting fro Chris bosh (18/8) to make an All-Star team when people are considering leaving out Kevin Love (20/15) well what more can you say?

  • http://cache0.bigcartel.com/product_images/27194679/HEadSouth.jpg Showtime

    It’s just a reminder that the talent pool in the West is a lot deeper than in the Leastern Conference. Apparently Ray Felton is expected to make the roster in the East while out West a few guys among the group of Ginobili, Monta Ellis, Westbrook, Steph Curry, Eric Gordon, Nash, Kidd, Billups will get snubbed.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball


    I agree that Pau will likely be the starting C when all is said and done. He’s started 32 at C and 14 at PF. My guess is that David Stern will name Griffin or Love as a replacement to the roster (if one of them don’t make it… unlikely).


    I don’t think Felton will end up making it for the East. He’s had a pretty poor January. Rondo is in… will the East have 3 PGs?


    Big win for the Knicks, same ol problems for the Heat. Landry Fields’ 13 rebounds was huge, if the Knicks could add a starting quality big man who could get 10 boards a night next to Amar’e they would be a good team.

    I see a lot of people are anoyed that Yao was voted a starter… but seriously, who else should have got it, Bynum? Emeka Okafur? Fucking Darko? The west has ZERO all star centers and every vote for Yao was basically a vote for Gasol to start. So to me, this is probably the first year that the All Star starters have been 100% spot on.

  • control

    Hahaha, look at that pic of the Cock up there. That is the least intimidating tough guy pic I’ve ever seen!

  • K Dizzle

    Heat offense is ugly. Never thought they would miss Bosh and Haslem this much. Everything was one-on-one. Bad basketball and got uncomfortable the 200th time the commentator said “Miami needs to call a timeout and put in an offense…”

  • http://cosbysweater.com chicagorilla

    Wow Rondo was on his ish last night. Instead of making the correct play he made the pass that he thought would get him an assist. When POR got close enough Doc Rivers scrapped the “lets get our pg an assist” offense and ran theis “lets get buckets by playing through KG and PP”. Not only that, Patty Mills and Andre Miller were R.Kelly to Rondos 14yr old girl. Molesting him whenever they want and generally pissing on him. Then to top it all off, Rondo had to come out the game when POR was trying to foul because he is such a bad FT shooter. When Shaq or Dwight has to do this the media and general public laces into them for not being crunchtime players because of there ft shooting. It amazes me that ppl still talk about dude like he is a elite PG, when he clearly is a product of a system. Jru Holiday, Darren Collinson, Devin Harris, John Wall, Will Bynum, Ray Felton and Steph Curry are all better pg’s and players than Rondo but they dont wear a celtic uniform. And im not going to even begin on Perk and Davis.

  • scuba chicken

    I wonder if Dime ever watches any Mavs games… 98% of the time all get is 1 line at the end…. sad.

  • That’s What’s Up

    @ chirilla
    It’s one thing to hate on Rondo but I wouldn’t want any of those dudes on your list instead of Rondo. None of those guys have proven shit. At least Rondo can get to the playoffs/Finals and play well when he’s there

  • .

    anybody catch what Tracy Morgan said about Sarah Palin on Inside the NBA pre-game? lol…


  • jdizzle

    I think Lee was either running late for work or hasn’t been reading Smack lately. There are TWO pages now. And you should know that until you see the words ”we’re out like….” the article isn’t over….If not for injuries the Bulls would have sent 3 players to the All Star game instead of just 1 IMO.

  • Claw

    @Dave: Did you seriously say its not an upset because “Haslem” wasn’t playing? Don’t forget Tim Hardaway and Zo missed the game also.

    Lebron sucks in the post, he missed hooks, spin moves, fade aways but could make lay ups. After a few months together their offense is Lebron passes to Wade and moves to the other end of the court or Wade passes to Lebron and goes to the other side of the court. Nice.

    If you are the Knicks do you even make a move for Melo knowing he could sign in the off season and it won’t cost you a Landry or Chandler?

  • First & Foremost

    Does Melo even fit with the Knicks? Yes he doesn’t play defense and D’antoni doesn’t ask you to do that much defense anyway.

    He is a volume shooter that can score from anywhere any way but doesn’t their offense require screens and ball movement?

    Wouldn’t they be better served upgrading the Center position? We’ve seen what their team looks like when Amar’e! is in foul trouble.

  • top_gun

    FYI LeBron gets booed in every arena.

  • LakeShow84

    I must say Amare has always been a question mark to me but i got ALL THE RESPECT in the world for dude this year..

    Just to sign with a team thinking ur going to have squad over there and have that fall through but STILL pick your shit up and put it all on your shoulders and make it happen is downright heroic..

    I can think of 2-3 superstars who wouldve sulked a season away in that scenario waiting for management to get them help..

    And seeing hes never really led a team and the way he has acted id have to say i was one of the people who mistook him for a sulker but like i said dude earned my respect.. hes a bonafide superstar now..

    Hes single handedly brought back the biggest franchise in basketball in a half a season..

    Major props..

  • the_don_mega

    co-sign LakeShow84 on the Amare assessment

  • First & Foremost

    @ Lakeshow… He deserves credit for the work he’s done but I think you are giving him too much.

    This was their plan. The Knicks tanked/salary dumped/didn’t care for so long and were waiting for this free agent class. They drafted Fields who is a great role player, drafted Gallinari who shoots lights out when his back isn’t bothering him, not sure off hand how Wilson Chandler joined but they have him too and he is a decent 3rd option. All they were missing was a superstar.

    To Amare’s credit, he was the perfect guy for this team. Besides, he had a chip on his shoulder the size of ballers from Canada. He had to be this good or be forced to hear how Nash made him better for the rest of his career.

    Yes, he gets respect but so do the Knicks. They didn’t hit a grandslam but they at least got to 3rd.

  • LakeShow84

    @ First and Fore

    Nah i dont think your neccessarily looking at the whole picture..

    I mean its THE BIG APPLE.. Where players have gone and WILTED away under the lights.. the pressure and media attn is RIDICULOUS and he hasnt let it get to him.. hes upped his game..

    Everyone, Knicks included, figured Lebron would goto New York and just from missing out like that it can suck the air out of a building..

    You cant say well he has this team already.. Be real before this year everyone looked at that roster and called it a joke.. Amare has brought it together around him..

    you dont think its easier for the players you mentioned to operate with Amare playing at the level hes taken himself to??

    I mean they solid picks, ive always liked the Rooster, but that team revolves around Amare on both ends..

    Im givin Amare props for overcoming the politics, upping his level of play, and basically becoming a solid leader..

  • http://cosbysweater.com chicagorilla

    @TWU, Im not hating cuz i dont suck dudes dick for playing on a good team with good players and a system that allows him to be who he is. Im just telling the truth on his game. If i walk into an open gym and i can choose between Rondo or Jru Holiday/Collinson/Curry/A.Brooks then im taking those other guys 10/10 times because they are better players. Rondo is good for the C’s system but he is very much replaceable. Its bad enough to read ppl on this board saying how great Rondo is, but seeing basketball analyst who are supposed to knw the game (because its their job) sit and ignore the giant flaws in his game is annoying. And stop trying to label me a hater cuz im not on his jock. I dont have anything against him personally cuz i dont knw do. But line him up against the NBAs best pgs and he ends up in the middle of the pac.

  • LakeShow84

    I look at it like this.. if Rondo were on the Raptors he would avg

    15ppg and 8-9apg

    With a FUGLY shooting % and if he were your alpha dog he couldnt be in the game at crunchtime because of the FT deficiency.. dont get me wrong those #’s are decent and at least you have a PG who can guard other PGs decently.. but to say hes up there with the elites has always been a stretch to me..

    I dont know about Jru Holiday tho ChiTown lol

  • First & Foremost

    @Lakeshow… Fair enough. The team was going to rally around whatever superstar they got. However they would have needed a big anyway. In a way they, backed into this success. Had the Suns offered a no strings attached contract, Wade & Bosh bounce to South Beach, Lebron all alone in NY. Their roster would have been filled with all wings and no post player.

    As it turned out, New York was about to fold their hand but then noticed they had a royal flush.

    Having Lebron in NY would have been great from a business stand point but for basketball purposes Amare was/is better. All he has to do is be Amare. The system was built for him.

    I do get what your saying though. Amare has done an outstanding job. Last year when people thought of the Knicks you knew there was an Eddy Curry joke coming. Now people talk about them being a dangerous lower seed.

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^^ Thats all im saying ^^^^

    we’re talking JOKES of the league and now we talkin about them seriously as a dangerous playoff team..

    they wont go anywhere but its still a far cry from last year..

    Ill also say Felton has been solid in D’Antoni’s system..

  • b

    if knicks get carmello – they have to keep fields. i like chandler and gallo is a nice player, but you gotta give up those 2 to get melo, thrown in curry and randolph. BUT YOU GOTTA KEEP FIELDS! if knicks can do this and add a good centre somehow with some a decent back up pg, wing & a big – they will be one of the most dangerous teams out there, providing STATS knees hold up for his contract period…

  • Stunnaboy2k11

    Damn hate on Rondo say again? Okay here’s my 2 cents, Rondo is the perfect PG for the system. He’s like Big Ben, compare his stats to other QBs like Manning and Brady he looks bad. People say hid D carries him and he is overrated (which is true) and he was a flaming pile of shit in his first SB. But guess what, he does what it takes to win. Whether it’s spend all game dishing to Ray off screens and scoring 5 points to diving for offensive rebounds. Is he top 3? No. Is he elite? Depends some say yes some say no. Would I have any other PG running the Celtics? Aside from Nash, honestly no. That’s whats important to me.

  • hooper5013

    Tyson Chandler should be the West Center…I think they should trash the East West thing and give us the 24 best players period…the East conference is garbage truck juice. After those starters and the Celtic’s 4. The west is damn loaded…
    4 per position get two and a a wing and a big to each team shits not that hard.

    Kevin Love has to be an All Star his numbers are remarkable.

    Dwight Chandler Pau Bogut
    Amare Dirk Griffin Love
    LeBron Melo Durant Odom
    Wade Bryant Allen Gordon
    Williams Rondo Paul Rose

    Ellis Westbrook
    Aldridge Bosh

    But regular should be
    West all stars


    East All stars

    Joe J
    J Smoove

  • D-NICE

    Is it just me or is anyone else excited to see the rookie sophomore game????