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Celtics beat L.A. despite Kobe Bryant’s scoring outburst

Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett (Photo. Gary Land)

Tony Allen, Tom Thibodeau and Big Baby‘s personal pork chef could have filled in for ABC’s announce crew and told you how yesterday’s Lakers/Celtics game was going to turn out. To put it simply: Kobe Bryant cannot beat Boston by himself. Despite 41 points (16-29 FG) from the Black Mamba, L.A. saw its slim halftime lead slip away as the C’s dominated most of the second half in a convincing 109-96 win on Kobe’s floor in what was supposed to be a Game of the Year candidate … Just like he’d done in the first half when it seemed his teammates were in lazy-Sunday mode, Kobe went on a personal rampage in the fourth quarter to cut Boston’s lead to four with about five minutes left. But L.A. never got any closer, as Kevin Garnett (18 pts, 13 rebs, 5 asts) hit a couple jumpers and finished a lob-and-layup from Rajon Rondo during Boston’s game-ending run … Paul Pierce (32 pts, 11-18 FG) only had one bucket in the fourth quarter, but he made his mark in the third, when he scored 14 of his team’s 16 points to turn a seven-point deficit into a six-point lead … Shaq‘s age is Boston’s version of DeJuan Blair‘s knees: Not one Celtics game goes by that we’re not reminded Shaq is the oldest active player in the League. Keyword: active. It’d be a different story if Greg Oden were playing … You know Channing Frye was grinning when Pau Gasol slashed KG across the dome and drew blood. Too bad that was the biggest impact Pau (12 pts, 7 rebs) made all day. Garnett had to go to the locker room and came back with a bandage from the Paul Pierce Over-Dramatic Collection … Where does Lamar Odom‘s three-shot foul on Big Baby at halfcourt rank on the list of dumbest NBA fouls of the season? … Eddie House is about to make somebody slap him upside the head again. House can get under an opponent’s skin even when he’s not playing, but put him on the court and let him stick a couple huge shots? He’s downright insufferable. For the second game in a row, House saved Miami with fourth-quarter daggers — this time knocking off the Thunder on the road … With under a minute to go, Kevin Durant (33 pts, 10 rebs, 16-19 FT) gave OKC the lead on a straightaway jumper that fell through the net softer than good cornbread. Dwyane Wade (32 pts, 9 rebs) then bricked a turnaround jumper, but Mike Miller tapped the rebound out to LeBron (23 pts, 13 asts, 4 stls, 3 blks), who thought about a wide-open three but handed it to House, who had an even more wide-open three. After burying the shot from the wing, House went into the Sam Cassell Big Balls Dance and ran around the Ford Center like he’d just found out he’s not the father. Mike Tirico could only watch so much before he channeled Joe Buck and wagged his finger, calling House’s celebration “silly” and telling him to “act like you’ve hit a big shot before.” … Durant missed a shot and Wade split a pair of free throws, then Russell Westbrook (21 pts, 7 rebs, 10 asts) kicked the ball away and House iced it with two more at the line … Chris Bosh (20 pts, 7 rebs) is back. During the stretches when Durant was guarding him, were they comparing notes on how to survive on a diet of carrot sticks? Both of them could use a trip to Five Guys …Read More>>

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  • http://cache0.bigcartel.com/product_images/27194679/HEadSouth.jpg Showtime

    Gotta love Kevin Durant:

    Royce Young of CBSSports.com reports that Durant was upset with Bosh over a skirmish that took place in the first half.

    “I was talking to my teammate and [Bosh] decided he wanted to put his two cents into it. I am quiet guy, laid back guy, but I’m not going to let nobody talk trash to me. He’s on a good team now so he thinks he can talk a little bit. There are a lot of fake tough guys in this league and he’s one of them.”

    “I’m no punk. I wasn’t even talking to him first off. He decided to butt in and I’m not going to just let that slide. Especially in our house. Like I said, he’s not one of those guys I look at and say he has a rap for talking back to guys or getting into it. He’s a nice guy. I’m not going to let that type of person say something to me like that.”

  • NTstateOFmind

    much respect to Durant for calling out Bosh for what he is

  • Otto

    Is it just me or does Kendrick Perkins look like Snookie?

  • McSimon

    Bosh acts tough? That would be the guy who started crying after Asik jumped on ball and pushed him a lil bit? What a wuss…
    No mention how Kobe had 0 assists?

  • yoda

    damn, no effort from lakers in second half. they really need good kick in the ass to wake up and stop cruising :S
    boston won because they wanted this win more.

  • johnny kilroy

    props to mozgov and gortat for stepping up.

    damn kobe was just straight left on an island jackin…0 assists and the L.

    durant just made the league less soft. uhm, did stern fine his ass for his comments?

  • Like A Bosh

    How do we know Durant is even a tough guy? All I see when OKC plays is Durant getting protected by the refs like he’s an endangered species. He shot like 20 free-throws yesterday.

  • lester

    Lakers: 9 Assists

    Celtics: 34 Assists

    Nuff said.

  • Stunnaboy2k11

    Like A Bosh

    Durant never fronts like he’s one, unlike a certain PF I know

  • First & Foremost

    Kobe having zero assists is no big deal. He was the only person who showed up. Derek Fisher made a few plays but then Father Time abruptly put an end to that. Doesn’t he have an endorsement deal with an energy drink?

    Blake came into the game and it looked like he had 15 straight points scored on him.

    Artest mailed it in. For those that say he would be a good football player, please check out his running motion. He would run an 8 second 40 yard dash and then shout out his hood.

    Had Matt Barnes been in the rotation the game would have been closer.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    Click my Name (See P Gasol make KG bleed)

    I’m very pleased that Durant called out Rupaul after the game. I’ve never liked that dude. He’s definitely the Shemp to Lebron and Wade’s Moe & Larry.

  • Vlad

    hey dime please post gortats dunk,dude is playin real good last couple of games

  • QQ

    Why does it seem that when the Lakers seem back to beast form, and all they need to assure it is that they beat a fellow elite team, and they always fall flat?

    I have to admit, the Magic has been doing the exact same thing this past few weeks, but is it still part of Phil Jackson’s tactic? I mean, when will everyone blame all of the Laker’s flaws to Jax and his psychobabble coaching, and that IT’S ALL PART OF THE PLAN. I’m a semi Lakers fan, and even I find it annoying.

    In all fairness to Stan van Gundy, when we are losing to elite teams, there’s no psychobabble. Just a lot of panicked swearing and sweat.

  • First & Foremost

    If his shirt wasn’t so tight he wouldn’t be panicking and sweating so much.

    The magic are lucky they haven’t come across a team that has punished their lack of depth at center. Ryan Anderson has been ballin lately and can play Center in a pinch. Come playoff time they might just have to dust off Adonal Folye.


    Name names please lol

  • marcus the great

    rick james get a new couch dance: niiiice

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    Dang Durant! Take it to em!

    my lakers fricking suck against quality squads. i was getting sick of watching kobe chuck up jumpers. As teamates of his,you know its coming and you should be doing everything in your power to keep him from going into that zone.gasol,and artest checked out in the first 5.celts rolling like a more complete team.

    Im not defending all that shooting, but that is a nice weapon to have in the fourth with 3 mins to go and a tied game.With 8+ minutes to go,down 6, it’s like using a bazooka for close range combat.UGLY.

    we gotta play better coz the next games are murders row at this point.fisher vs parker. Dammit !

    @ otto
    its puff,puff, PASS..for a very good reason.

  • dz

    C’mon Dime Tracy Morgan deserves a shout-out.

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    LMAO @ Tracy morgan!!

    “She’s great masterbation material.”

  • Stylez G. Write

    ” Garnett had to go to the locker room and came back with a bandage from the Paul Pierce Over-Dramatic Collection” Lol Cool J

  • Stunnaboy2k11

    Well she is!

    Jk but my roomate rented whose nailing Sarah Palin, it was an interesting watch :P

  • http://cosbysweater.com chicagorilla

    Eddie house just jumped up my list of NBA players that im slapping the fluck out of when i see them. He is currently #3 behind K.Perkins and Glen Davis. But i can see him surpassing Perk at some point. Question? Who thinks LBJ made the correct play yesterday by passing the ball to House for 3 for the game winner? I thought he should have pump faked and either step into a open 17 footer or drive the lane seeing as how they were down 2pts. Instead he passed to a guy who was cold coming off the bench and was also a 3pter which wasnt a must at the time. It worked out this time, but im not sure i rely on House for game winning plays too often with the $300mill trio on the court.

  • That’s What’s Up

    KG’s bandage was so big it looked like a hospital heli-pad

  • jdizzle

    What about that little stare Kobe gave to Shaq after he scored on that and 1? Pretty much down hill from there.

  • First & Foremost

    Don’t fake on the mother grizzlies…

    @Chicagorilla Yes it was the right play. You play to win, not to tie. He could have shot the ball himself but by making the extra pass it build trust and confidence in your teammates. Do you really need to give confidence to Eddie House? No, but it sends a signal that “we aren’t just the big 3 but a team of dangerous shooters… except you Jamaal, and you too Joel but thanks for the hussle plays.”

    Had the shot rimmed out people would have been all over Lebron for the reasons you mentioned.

    Sometimes you have to live like Danger is your middle name… and this is my wife Oprah.

  • Mink
  • vcn

    .big daddy cool diesel and booker t returned to the wwe last night at the royal rumble…….good things

  • king

    Love how Paul came out and ate the Lakers heart in the 3rd quarter.

  • Claw

    Kobe was efficient in his shooting, but 0 assists? Can’t you accidentally get an assist? This is like Brook Lopez and boards, how does a 7 footer always get single digit boards.

    Suns take out the Cs and Hornets! Break them up! They almost lost the game with a 8 point lead and 18 seconds left with Grant Hill throwing the ball away and getting away with a goal tend or they could have lost that game.

  • First & Foremost

    @ Claw… true you should be able to drive to the basket and wrap the ball around to your big man to get an assist. At least 1. But it wasn’t like his team was cutting to the basket when he had the ball. It wasn’t like they tried to make themselves available.

    They had stretches where it was pass the ball and then lets clump together. Now you have 2 celtics gaurding 4 lakers and the other 3 bracketing Kobe. Zero assists from kobe because the team gave him zero effort.

    As for Brook Lopez, I have never seen someone play so small. EVER.

  • LakeShow84

    Ill tell u who turned that game and made me appreciate his presence against the C’s..

    Ron Artest..

    When Ron Artest is not playing Pierce goes off.. he did it in the Finals against us 3 years ago.. When RonRon tweaked whatever he tweaked and had to sit Pierce went to work.. Too much body for Kobe..

    And for all the talk about DFish flopping??

    Paul Pierce is just as much a flopper.. and he does it bitch style at that.. dude hits the floor every 3 offensive possessions..

    I agree with Wilbon tho

    At what point does disinterested turn into a problem???

    We havent won 1, ONE statement game and its almost the half way point..

    But then again is there really such a thing as a statement game when ur the back2back defending champs and uve been there 3 years in a row?? Seriously tho..

  • LakeShow84

    And Kobes 3pt play on Shaq made me smile.. 6 years fuckin later lol

    Funny too tho cuz he jumped from under Shaqs ass.. thats what made the contact..

  • control

    This Dime was actually really funny, good job!

    KG is a bitch. The guy is a 24/7 tough guy, except when he gets touched. That little scalp wound he got was nothing as far as being hit in the face goes, yet he grabs he face and nearly poleaxed himself to the ground. You ain’t tough if you take one minor blow to the forehead and you crumple. They should just change the Celts to “team bitch” and change the logo to a leprechaun in a wheel chair with a rugby helm bandage on the head.


    Thanks for shoutout a few smacks ago.

  • srb

    The best part about Eddie House’s shot was that he did the big balls dance… then got taken right back out of the game during the timeout because he can’t play defense to get a stop.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow – lol That fake and and-one was nice. I shoulda turned off the tv after that tho.

    Inglewood’s Finest was hittin 3s like he was Larry Bird.
    Phil even dug into Ron during the 3rd quarter interview.
    Phil was like “I don’t know why Ron don’t want to get up on him” like PP just Scalabrini or something.
    It’ll be nice to get Barnes back for days like yesterday.
    Funny how we get Bynum back and the Celts got Perk and Shaq back and EVERY BIG in the game was a non-factor…except for KG. I was embarrassed for Pau. Dude plyed so weak, Mark Jackson was actually endorsin Kobe goin into gunslinger mode. Shit, we played em better last season with Kobe in streetgear.
    For those tryin to make somethin outta Kobe’s 0 assists, please actually watch the game next time. Between Ron’s airball 3s, Shannon’s off the glass 3s and Pau’s weak post play, Kobe shoulda had 5-6 assists. Not a good look when D-Fish is your 2nd best player.

    Anyways, good revenge game by the Celts. They played well, deserved the win. Rematch in 11 days…

  • Claw

    @First – When Kobe takes over like that it seems the rest of the guys stop moving and get into “watch Kobe” mode. Was like watching the Heat play the Knicks and Lebron just made the offense come to a complete hault.

    @Lakeshow – Cmon Fish looked like somebody shot him, he’s the best flopper since Bowen left.

    In those wins against the Cs last year it was Gasol that was MVP, in the losses he was terrible, Kobe was consistent throughout that series. I really think Gasol is the key , he has to go off for them to win.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Claw

    GASOL himself is the key?? Nah id say we just need someone else to show up against them.. Shit Robin Lopez would be the key if he could play solid againt Kevin Garnett to the tune of 20&10 which is what Gasol should be dropping..

    KG just wears Gasol down ALL the time..

    Gasol has a habit of disappearing against KG and he did it again last night.. Gasols really just been fatigued.. i dont blame u for saying Gasol was the MVP of the victories seeing when he plays good he looks really good.. BUT when he plays shitty there is too much weight on Kobe and you cant get it done by urself against the elite teams..

    I mean seriously we were leading at halftime when Gasol and Odom were in the game playing to they standards.. When Gasol and Odom disappeared in the 2nd half??

    The game got away..

    The point of a sidekick, which is what Gasol basically is, is to SHOW UP whenever the Batman shows up.. When your sidekick doesnt show up your going to look bad cuz u got ur ass whooped.. against the elite teams neways..

    When the sidekick shows up u both look good because you can operate and get your victory..

    All about perception my good man..

  • LakeShow84

    And given Fish is a full time flopper he dont hit the deck on offensive possessions lol

    He’ll flop on the D end for a charge but it aint like dude herky jerks from the halfcourt line takes a bit of contact and falls on the floor..

    Then acts like he dinged his shoulder.. watch Pierce when he flops.. he checks his shoulder like 90% of the time lol

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball


    No problem man. KG’s bandage was hilarious… I gotta get myself some of them for the next time I nick myself shaving.

  • Bill

    The key for the lakers beating the celtics is Pau.

    Difference between Gasol dominating in finals compared to last night and finals three years ago is a healthy kg.

    Dudes back to 100%. Gasol always weathers away when going up against KG. He took advantage in the finals when kg lacked explosiveness and even he himself mentioned that kg did. Now that he has it back, unless pau mans up, it’s not looking good for the lakers.

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    Pau Gasol is over rated. There, I said it.

  • First & Foremost

    True that is what sidekicks are for but they all decided to watch kobe get jumped and then ask him if he was okay. As I said earlier, Matt Barnes would have had Kobe’s back. Probably would have slapped KG’s bandage off.

    On another note? Did Doc Rivers have them stash $2500 in the ceiling again?

  • LakeShow84

    You know i dont know if Barnes wouldve made a difference..

    Pierce is too crafty for someone like Barnes.. Barnes bites on damn near EVERY pump fake and i could see 3 and 1’s alone on that tip..

    @ DH

    He just isnt what the media wants him to be.. Which cracks me up when i hear Gasol is our MVP.. Gasol is the most skilled BIG MAN offensively but DEFENSIVELY??

    Which is what you MAINLY want from your big man?? DEFENSE??

    He cant cut it against the physical types.. i watched a game earlier this year where Nene wore him down so much by the end of the game Al Harrington was D’in him up effectively..

    Thats why i was confused at to which player is better for us between Gasol and Bynum for so long (i say gasol is now) because Bynum can protect the rim from down damn near ANYONE.. When Bynum leaves the floor?? People ATTACK Gasol down low..

    In the world of defense wins championships you want a big who dominates the paint defensively and gives offense as a bonus.. especially when beside a offensive player like Kobe.. not the other way around..

    Everyone was talkin last year like Gasol was better than Timmay.. id take Timmay’s consistent 15&10 OVER ANYONE than Gasol 20&10 against less physical teams..

    And ill always say that

  • Claw

    @Lakeshow – Not if Gasol goes the Lakers go, since Kobe is very consistent you have to have somebody else go off along with Kobe and when its Gasol they win. Hell where is the Gasol from the first month of the season? He was destroying teams!

    KG on the rag last week? Stepped under Frye TWICE to try and turn his ankle and hit him in the nuts. KG is like that old man down the street that you never go in his yard when a ball or frisbee go in it and always egg during Halloween.

  • Claw

    Sorry to bring this up from the Wade or Lebron’s team but heard Sir Charles say something like, “Of course its Wade’s team, its his team, his city, his ring”.

    All three things Lebron doesn’t have right now-ouch.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Claw

    Given KG would say hes done his job if someone turns and sticks him in the jaw whoever did it would still be a folk hero lol

  • K-Dawg

    Gotta love the fire in Durant last night. Dude’s laid back and all, but I liked seeing some fire under him last night. They’re going to need that if they want to make it past the first round of the playoffs this year.

    Glad to see Gortat stepping up for the Suns too. Lord knows we’ve needed a strong inside presence for the last several years. Gortat needs more time than 20+ minutes. They should start Gortat and let Frye come off the bench to boost the second unit.

  • K-Dawg

    I was at the game where KG and Frye mixed it up a bit. KG definitely stepped under Frye twice and that’s just dangerous. Play rough, play with fire, but don’t try to take out a guy’s ankle from under him… that’s just messed up! I know, I broke my ankle on a similar play in September and I still haven’t made it back out on the court!

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ mike.dynastybball

    KG is classic soccer player…

    If someone looks at you wrong or sneezes near you…

    1. Act like you’ve been shot.
    2. Fall to ground.
    3. Scream like woman to get ref’s attention.
    4. Pop up and continue play!

    Next he will be graduating to wrestling…

    1. Fall you the floor when nobody touches you.
    2. Cut yourself with a razor while your on the ground.
    3. Scream and yell out your roid rage.
    4. Pop up and continue play!