All-Star, NBA / Jan 20, 2011 / 9:30 am

DeMar DeRozan Replaces Brandon Jennings In The Dunk Contest

DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan (photo. Nicky Woo)

You had to kind of see this coming. Not because we didn’t think Brandon Jennings could bring it, but rather he’s missed 14 games with a fractured bone in his left foot. With that, the NBA announced this morning that last year’s runner-up, DeMar DeRozan will be taking his talents back home to Los Angeles. And sorry Blake, but this changes everything.

When we first announced this year’s field, a lot of people were surprised that DeRozan didn’t get a second shot. Now he has it. For everyone hoping that Blake was going to run away with this thing, be very scared. If you forget, check out some of his dunk exploits below.

What do you think? Can DeRozan win it?

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  • alex

    Last year’s dunk contest was SO WEAK. And I am not that impressed by this dunk mix. Brandon Jennings would have been hella sick

  • Michael Warren

    I really wanted to see Brandon Jennnins in the dunk contest. He was going to be the Nate Robinson of this year. He was going to surprise people because he doesn’t dunk much. So I’m a little disappointed about this, but I’m excited for Demar. He’ll be back in his hometown in a LA. He’ll have to do better this year. I thought if Brandon Jennings couldn’t go, they would choose Nick Young or Shannon Brown. I’m not hating though. He’s got super hops and I think more people we’ll be excited.

  • Trevon

    What do you think Darryl Dawkins thinks about this? Demar Derozan better bring it too. He’s got the hops but he needs to be more creative than last year.

  • gman

    Now they just need to replace Ibaka and the contest will once again be something to get excited over.

  • crimewave

    weak…demar is a terrible dunker…the dude is awkward as fuck

    and that so-called “dunk mix” was weak also…but then again that’s because demar hasn’t provided any material…i dare someone to find a demar mix that isn’t terrible…

  • Dr. Jumper

    Yawnnnn to this wack ass video…

  • Chaos


  • nizzio

    Replace Ibaka by J.R. Smith and we can call this an exciting dunk contest

  • sans

    if he pulls out the “tap the baby” that he won the McD’s contest in HS with, it should be interesting…but then again, I have no idea why he didn’t use it last year when he had the chance…

  • harman

    @crimewave heres some material http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0pRGj4xbHc

  • jzsmoove

    yo, i’m a raptors fan and i aint excited about demar. i just dont think he has it. i still been waiting for some excitement, i dont see it. i prefer sonny weems over him.

  • !!

    he got his shot last year….. and he didn’t win…..

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Michael Jordan didn’t win his first NBA dunk contest either. Just a thought…