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Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose stage a shootout in Chicago

Derrick Rose (photo. Chad Griffith)

Derrick Rose (photo. Chad Griffith)

Dwyane Wade once said a three-game Miami losing streak would be treated like the world was collapsing, but even the most staunch Heat hater has to admit this current skid comes with an asterisk. LeBron hurt his ankle late in the loss to the Clippers (though that one was probably a lost cause already), he missed the Denver loss (the second of a back-to-back), and he sat out again last night — plus Chris Bosh hurt his ankle and left in the second half — when the Heat lost to the Bulls … Even if LeBron had played, the story line would have focused on D-Wade and Derrick Rose. Wade was back in Chicago for the first time since shunning his hometown squad in free agency. He got booed, though it wasn’t as bad as what LeBron heard in Cleveland or what Bosh will hear in Toronto … The D-Rose vs. D-Wade shootout would have been better only if they’d been guarding each other. With two minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Bulls were up three before Rose (34 pts, 8 asts, 3 blks) made what seemed like his fourth or fifth incredibly acrobatic layup to make it a five-point game. Wade (33 pts, 6 rebs, 5 blks) responded with a trey, then Rose baited Mario Chalmers into fouling him while hitting a jumper. The and-one put Chicago up five again, but Wade came back with another triple, and after Rose turned it over, Wade drained another three for the lead. Now down by one with 30 seconds left, Rose missed a J, Carlos Boozer missed a putback, and Kyle Korver corralled the loose ball and stepped into a three from the sideline for the game-winner … Talk to the Mavericks about playing short-handed. Dallas was 2-7 without Dirk Nowitzki in the lineup and took a four-game losing streak (without Dirk and Caron Butler) into last night’s game in Memphis, where Dirk made his return. And it was like he was still gone. Clearly playing cautious on that knee, Dirk (7 pts, 2-7 FG) barely made an impact in 14 minutes and was ejected in the third quarter for arguing with the refs … Meanwhile, his team got smoked. If you thought it was bad for Dallas any time DeShawn Stevenson is their top scorer, consider that last night it was Ian Mahinmi leading the way with 17 points. The Mavs had to work their asses off for every shot, and a lot of them weren’t good — they hit 32 percent from the field and went 6-for-31 from three. Defensively, Dallas had no answer for Zach Randolph, who posted 23 points and 20 rebounds …Read More>>

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  • http://first.com First!

    First bitches!

  • http://www.mgo-webdesign.de Oo

    oh my, it never grows old…

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com CCB

    Cleveland, the NBA’s most smashable team. Once again I hear another tee shirt coming. You know smashable has two meanings right? Hilarious.

  • http://www.mgo-webdesign.de Oo

    I wonder why Tmac isn’t going to a contender right now. I mean he still has it in him sometimes. And i think he could help right away.

  • That’s What’s Up

    @ post 1.
    There is no plural; you are simply the ‘first bitch’

  • hahns

    correction – drose said itd be treated like 9/11, not the world collapsing

  • hahns

    and lol at the kfc line

  • Cearism

    It was Dwade, not Drose

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    NBA League Pass is running a free preview from Jan 17th – 23rd… Just an FYI

  • QQ

    If it’s not assholes saying ‘First!’, it’s That’s What’s Up complaining about assholes saying ‘First!’. Just let it go, cat. You’re a regular poster here, and it’s way below your level to point out every instance of ‘First’ here in Dime.

    Lebron is the vilain now while being a beast, and then I read about him retracting his Karma tweet.


    I guess he is the Douchey Villain. Someone that no one in this world could ever defend now. Not even Burton.

    It’s just win win for everyone… IF HE WINS A CHIP.

    He wins a chip, while the being the villain. Haters are silenced, and kiss asses wouldn’t mind defending his bitchassness cause it’s been proven he’s a douche. Everyone’s happy.

    If he doesnt win…..

    Well, he will be biggest lie in NBA history.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Are you prepared for the ass kissing that will commence once Bron wins a chip? It will be like 2006 for Eli manning x 1000, the world may need to stop. I bet even the Food Channel will be showing Bron highlights.

    The Nick Young line was pretty funny though, props on that. Dude is just a straight up scoring machine, os happy he’s getting burn now.

  • QQ

    I’m prepared in seeing Bron BASKETBALL highlights, cause even a hater like me would forever be in awe on how talented cat is.

    But that’s about the highlight he’ll ever produce, other than winning a ring.

    Cause even if he wins a ring, NO ONE could ever defend that he is a douche. The Karma tweet RETRACTION proved that.

    You see, I said retraction. Cause if he didnt ake it back, I wouldve respected him more (even if he still looked douchey saying that). But he retracted it. Like a 12 year old kid explaining that he didn’t break the jar, so that he’s mom wouldn’t ground him.

    No one could ever defend that. Not even the ultimate kiss ass, Austin Fucking Burton.

  • That’s What’s Up

    @ QQ
    Tenth – why the hell you gotta post tenth everyday. DIME do something about this shit.

    really, I just want to know what the fuck the first shit is and why do douchebags continually do it. what the fuck is the point? Is it some contest and you accrue fag points for every first post?

    …and I don’t think Lebron even wants to win a chip – he just wants money and chicks (which he can only get because of the money)

  • neoy

    ahahahaha @ undertaker vs kurt rambis LOL

  • bookkwormmaster

    The Chicago/Miami game was kinda boring up until those final 2 minutes when Wade and Rose decided to put on their capes and go ham with the clutch baskets. That was an awesome and amazing display to watch. Kyle Korver prob stole the show from both of them though. He took 4 shots from 3 range (with two of them being good looks from the top of the key and bricked badly) but came up big when it mattered. After Rose missed his shot at the basket and then Boozer missed Wade tipped the ball out. Korver rushed for the ball snatched up the rebound and stepped into a clean smooth as butter shot from 3 to hit the game winning shot. It was eerily reminiscent of the Horry shot from the playoffs against the Kings

  • s.bucketz

    i felt the same way man..i thought wen he tweeted that shit it was a dick move..but at least he wasnt bein a bitch about it no more..i thought he was finally gunna b the bad guy instead of mr. “hey, im a dickhead…but u shood still like me”…this man needs to watch some tapes of hollywood hulk hogan and learn how to turn heel

    basketbawful put it best by sayin he used the Shaggy defense…”it wasn’t me”…now i gotta switch it up from JeBron Lames to LeShaggy

  • QQ

    @ TWU: Well, fags will always be fags, and really, those obvious trolls gets motivated by people telling them to stop. Fact: Those bitches wont stop.

    @16: Well, basketbawful always HAS the best way of explaining things, even in their own twisted side of deadpan humor and finding the awful in everything.

    They even has a post about Orlando’s streak not being all that, and before I raged, I read it and they ACTUALLY HAS A POINT. They just call it like they see it. No fucking biased bullshit.

    Ahhhh ‘No fucking biased bullshit’…. I wonder when will Dime actually achieve that with anything regarding Lebron.

  • http://cosbysweater.com chicagorilla

    Great game between CHI/MIA. Wade had me nervous as he looked like he was on his B.O.B Beastmode in the 1st half. Then Rose kept the Bulls up with clutch buckets and did the city proud by taking on Wade and coming out the winner. Wade and Bosh had more fire power than Rose and Boozer. Deng and Miller/Jones was a wash. So MIA could have won this game even without LBJ, but their stagnant offense just led to a bunch of long 2’s and 3’s. Only Wade was getting buckets in the paint. And when Bosh started giving Boozer the biz, those idiots in MIA went away from him for no reason. Most impressive stats was Wades 5blks and Rose 3blks. Those two are silly athletically. Throw in Will “the thrill” Bynums sick block and overall game and it was a great night for Chicago guards in the NBA.

  • Reno

    Cavs = The Katt Stacks of the League…. Everybody smash.

  • Spur-Antonio

    Good Game. Lets hope EC teams keep beating each other up.

    Now on the announcers; I’m from San Antonio (so I know I shouldn’t talk), but I thought historically Chicago was suppssed to be a 1st rate city (unlike ours San Antonio). But after watching yesterdays Bulls vs Heat game, I got to think again. Those two loud bafoons were horrible and hard to bear. It’s They make it hard to enjoy, unless your a Bulls fan.

    And no wonder Rose finally passed Rondo in Eastern Alllstar votes, cause those two clowns shamelessly promoted & begged the audience to pick Rose (including via text) like every 15 min. What is this OKC; and I don’t remember them or any other team doing that. How embarrassing.

  • bitchescanttalk

    rose passed rondo because he is a better player than rondo. rondo isnt even mvp on his team, how can he get consideration when he is about 4th best player on his own team? rondo is out for a bunch of games and boston barely even notices, but then kevin goes down and they look like the cavs without lebron. other than his over-inflated assist numbers and moderate defense, rondo is not a special player at all, maybe not even an all star.

  • TIP

    It took me forever to figure out who “Dave West” was…come on Dime, not enough energy to write “David”?

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @QQ — You know that you write about LeBron more often than I do, right? You’ve mentioned LeBron in every one of your comments today.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Ouch AB with the comeback!

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    Really when you see someone post “first” it is understood that really means “I don’t have a job or life… I sit on dime refreshing the page at 3am before I go to sleep”.

  • Bostonguy

    @bitches can talk

    WTF are you talking bout. Celtics have the same winning % playing without Garnett as they do with Rondo. But the Celtics are like 24-5 wit Rondo (wit or wit out KG), so WTF are talking bout again?

    Plus, you missed the point. What Spur-Antonio was talking about was da obnoxious Chicago announcers & their constant peddling of Rose. He’s right! The Celtics broadcast don’t do that. And lastly the Celtics were absolutely struggling by the time Rondo came back. Stop talking out of ur ass!!

  • Bostonguy


    I’d also like to add da Celtics have the same winning% with Rondo as KG out, despite the fact that two of those losses Rondo didn’teven play. Which means the Celtts actually have a better record with Rondo vs KG with only one of them out.

    Just mind your Biz and Zip it Please!!

  • BBallMaestro

    Kobe’s a bitch!!

    Down 9 with less than two minutes to go he had no intention of setting up the offense or having anye else take that shot!!!

    He’s lucky he got the foul call!!

    Kobe did it again & got bailed out by another foul call wit 45 sec & 25 sec left.

    What a nut and stat padder!!

    Clippers are up 7. They should win.

    The Lakers should lose this game, Besides losing 4 out of 5 against top 10 teams this year.

  • First & Foremost

    @Chigorrilla Beastmode is a nice song. B.O.B. is an underrated rapper.

    @Everyone Why does it matter if a person has a bias or is subjective. The writers here are doing what they have a passion for, by default it is hard to be completely objective.

    If some guy bashes/praises Lebron/Kobe he generally has a good reason to. The job requires them to watch that player 24/7 and if you constantly see something that strikes a nerve you end up writing about it shaded to one side or the other. Fall back or read a different sports blog. DIME is not holding you at gunpoint forcing you to read their posts.

  • http://cosbysweater.com chicagorilla

    @Bos guy, i hope u are only speaking on this year. Because without KG Bos is a 2nd rnd playoff team. When KG was out or playing hurt the Cs defense was much much weaker. KG is the mvp of the Cs. They miss rondo when hes out to an extent because he allows everyone to go back to playing their original roles, but without KG, the anchor and middle LB of the defense, it doesnt matter what anyone else does, the Cs wont beat the elite teams without KG. And Stacy and Neil funk giving Rose props is perfectly fine. They even gave Bosh and Wade their props when they were getting busy. Can the Spurs or Celtics say the same? Hell no! Most announcers of good teams are Homers to a degree, but telling the city of Chicago to vote for Rose is part of the job u idiots. What should they say…vote for DWade and Rondo? U bitches on this site complain more than my bitch when i dont come right home from work. Ill tell u like i tell her then “put a d!ck in u and shut da fluck up”

  • First & Foremost

    LOL… You want bad announcers, watch a Timberwolves game.

  • Claw

    @Last and Foremost – Don’t tell people how they should react, just because you want to kiss ass that is just your thing.

    I love to rag on Austin its so easy with Lebron continuing to be a douche, I’m just hoping Lebron gets a first round exit so I can continue the tirade for another year.

    Austin does write some good articles, the behind the scenes stuff is solid but Lebron is his kryptonite.

    Home game for the Steelers who would have thunk it!

    Blake has to be in for sure!

  • jdizzle

    Great weekend for Chicago sports teams. The Bulls beat Miami and Da Bears are in the NFC Championship.

    On a completely different note, with everyone showing love to Blake Griffin and Kevin Love to be All-Stars,(and rightfully so)what about Z-Bo? He’s putting up monster numbers as well and his team has a better record.

    PAUSE Moment of the day: Just saw a video on NBA TV of Ron Artest describing how he wants Blake Griffin to dunk all over him. (P.S. Bitch move by Lamar Kardashian)

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Na Z-Bo got in last year, let the young ones shine this time around. K-love and Griffin HAVE to be in the All-Star game, no two ways about it.

    P.S fuck the Patriots, I but my heart and soul into supporting you and you repay me with that piece of shit? TF Brady getting outplayed by MARK SANCHEZ.

    I don’t know shit anymore, all most as bad as 18-1

  • http://ThisisFake.com Antwan Jamisons Cousin

    Man watch out for Cleveland next year, Jamison still hasn’t gotten his championship ring yet. Make sure you don’t consider them that much of a roll over next year when you buy tickets and get sad(if your outside of LA)….lol

  • QQ

    People go to websites to find something that they like, and when they find it they stay. Obviously, I found something I liked here, so I stayed.

    And when people stay, who the fuck says we can’t talk about what we don’t like?

    Every website has regular visitors, and everyone of those CAN say something about what they like, and what they don’t.

    So Austin, even if I write Lebron in every one of my post, you’ll STILL be a biased kiss ass in every sense possible.

    What? Can’t I write about it?

    This post is for that cat who says we should stop complaining about writers and stuff. you know what, I’m not a dumbass to think that I will CHANGE Burton’s Bron man love, but I’m sure that I can surely write about it.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Austin LeBurton is taking his talents to Slam

  • Bostonguy


    KG is very imporant to the Celts indeed. But most Celtic players, reporters, Doc Rivers and fans, will tell you Rondo is most important (if you had to pick, though they’re are very important and we would never want to).

    Only people who don’t folow the Celts like you would say that.

    Keep in mind, the Celts already made it to the conference finals with out KG & a younger Rondo. I don’t think Boston could get out of the first or second round without Rondo. They can always play well against non-defensive teams or open games. But in tight pressure packed games, they absolutely need Rondo & what he brings to the able to score & execute. I agrre the Celts aren’t as good defensively without KG on the pick & roll, but the same can be said without Rondo on the pick & roll, man to man, pressure & the passing lanes.

    As far as the Chicago announcers & Rose, I do expect them to support him. They should! But to promote him every 15min at the expense of Boozer, for example, is Bush leauge indeed. I haven’t seen anyone elses team do that for their player.

    Thanks for chipping in