College, Video / Jan 27, 2011 / 9:30 am

Jimmer Fredette Lights Up San Diego State for 43 Points

Last night, in what was being billed as the “biggest game in Mountain West Conference history,” No. 4 San Diego State visited No. 9 BYU. Really though, it was SDSU vs. The Jimmer Fredette Show on a nationally-televised televised stage. The man did not disappoint, shooting off the collective faces of the Aztecs to the tune of 43 points (and that was even with him going long stretches without scoring).

In Smack this morning, we described Jimmer’s game for those who haven’t seen him play as a combo of “Deron Williams‘ ball-handling mixed with J.J. Redick‘s outside stroke and Stephen Curry‘s range.” Watch the carnage from last night and you will see what we mean.

And check out the kind-of-awesome BYU starting lineup intro video after the jump.

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  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com CCB

    Jimmer Fredette lacks one thing that Kemba has and Steph had the year he took Davidson to the tourney, he had 0 assists and 4 turnovers. I can’t front, I’ve been saying sicne last year Kemba and Jimmer should be in the Lottery. Kyrie Irving has been hurt. The big game experience Jimmer and Kemba are garnering is going to be invaluable. I hate my Aztecs lost, because they lost a surefire shot at being a 1-3 seed in the tourney now, because although all of the power conferences are down, come Selection Sunday, too many of those teams get the happy ending at the finish of the massage.
    Chris B.

  • boomshakalaka

    LoL! remember adam morrison?

  • brado

    SDSU got Jimmerred!

    Kid is dope!

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com CCB

    Different game altogther from Adam Morrison. Jimmer can create his own shot, get seperation, all things that your typical standout white player couldn’t do. I’m surprised DIME hasn’t run the return of the NYC PG. With Jimmer and Kemba you have two NY PG’s dominating the game.

  • Patrick Cassidy


    Jimmer is from upstate NY

  • WinDelRoj

    His cross over is pretty sick and most his shots just hit the bottom of the net.

  • Soopa

    No doubt he has talent… Wauw he can shoot!

    But whens the last time a scoring pg has done anything – but score – in the NBA?

    I mean he doesnt really stand out as a passer, defender or rebounder. Had he been a SG or a SF with size then that would’ve been fine. But a PG?

    Just look at JJ Reddick. Its taken him YEARS to develop into a decent NBA player and hes a SG and bigger then Jimmer!

    Im not taking this dude in the lottery.

  • hahns


  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Everybody in the NBA has a niche or a role. To say Jimmer won’t make it because “all he does is score” means that guys like Ben Gordon, Jamal Crawford and Monta Ellis haven’t “made it” in the League. Not every player is going to be an all-around force.

    And I like how people will bash a player like, say, Ricky Rubio by saying he’d get beasted by Westbrook, Rose, Deron, etc. EVERYBODY gets beasted by those guys! But can Rubio find his niche as a quality starter or key sixth man by using his own skills? Absolutely. Instead of looking for every hole in a guy’s game, realize that it’s what he does well that will keep him in or out of the League.

  • Soopa

    Well Rubio has playing IQ on a whole other level then most players. Are we sure Jimmer has that? I mean he “just” pulls the trigger every time! Can adapt to be an NBA PG?

    Ben Gordon is a good comparison, but he is a SG and has an inch or two on Jimmer.

    @ Austin
    He (Jimmer) could be a steal in the 2nd round and ofcourse he could at some point contribute on the NBA level. But im still not using my lottery pick on him.

  • Patrick Cassidy

    @Soopa –

    Not really fair to compare Jimmer to JJ Redick. As much as I love Redick, other than the jumper, the games are totally different. Redick never had anywhere close to Jimmer’s handle or ability to get to the basket.

    And to be honest, I think Jimmer’s passing is underrated. I think he gets in trouble – and will definitely get in trouble at the next level – when he drives and leaves his feet not knowing where he’s going to pass the ball. But he clearly has court vision and has shown he can pass out of double-teams, which he gets all game every game.

    One other thing I will say about tempering visions of NBA superstardom for Fredette is that he was clearly bothered when Steve Fisher put an athletic forward on him in the second half. That’s basically every guard in the NBA.

  • K Dizzle

    Check crossover at 0:35. Handle is on-point. Solid 1st round pick. Probably an upgrade over somebody like Beno Udrih, Mike Bibby, Luke Ridnour. Could be a backup on 20+ teams. Looks like Barea with a deep j.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    He screams Sac Kings to me, He looks like a pimped out version of Beno/Bibby like K-Dizzle said. If the Hawks draft him they are set.

    The thing about Steph is that he has everything Jimmer does cept his passing was on POINT. He could dish the rick out and kept his TOs down. He needs to rein in his passing game.

    But hey, if he somehow falls to my Celtics…

  • DH

    Jimmer could step in today and start at the 2 for the Bulls.

  • JH

    Jimmer = Solid scoring guard as a rookie with potential for more as he gains experience.

  • JH

    PS – The only time an inch or 2 will make a noticeable difference is in bed.

  • Soopa

    Okay, i agree that Reddick is more of a ‘stiff’ and spot up shooter.

    Im still not sold. I guess ill have to find watch some games where his jumper is off (do they exist? lol) to see how good is play making skills are.

    Im sounding like a hater, but im not at all.
    I love watching him play. As a European i have to download his games or watch them on crappy live streams but i do it and thats because he is about as exciting to me as Blake Griffin is!

    So i hope he makes it and breaks through to the NBA with success. But small, shoot-first scoring point guards just never seem to make it…

  • Dave

    Jimmer will learn to minimize the bad turnovers when he gets in trouble with NBA coaching, but only four turnovers in a game where you were doubled constantly and had the ball in your hands the entire time is impressive.

  • crossphaded

    Can you say the 2nd coming of WALLY SZCZERBIAK??? College phenom that can shoot the lights out and score in groves…but has NO handles and can’t really create his own shot if his life depended on it.
    Have you seen this guys 1-on-1 skills? Only way he really creates space between him and his defender is using a screen.
    I see him being no better than a Mike Dunleavy, JJ Redick, or Wally Szczerbiak! LOL

  • john

    @ crossphaded

    Actually, his 1-on-1 skills are one of the things that make him such a special player. You clearly have never seen him play. I can bet that you have never even seen him play once. I mean, did you even watch the highlights attached to the article? That was pretty much what he was doing the entire time, creating his own shot.

    I love how Jimmer critics pretend like they have been watching him play forever and have noticed all these holes in his game. For those of us who have been watching him for a while now, it is extremely easy to tell when a Jimmer critic has never seen him play when they say something as embarrassing as “he can’t create his own shot.”

  • JM

    Jimmer is a lottery pick. I agree with some posts that the only hole in his game is he doesn’t get assists. He has good size and strength as lead guard. He reminds me of Mark Price. I think he did pretty well in the league. He is actually more athletic than I initially gave him credit for, but can handle, does very well at creating separation from the d and will shoot the ish out the ball. He has “in the gym” range, and has his biggest games against the best teams. I think he will be a very good pro. Many pg’s in the league are scoring pg’s. I don’t think it’s an issue of not being able to pass…he will create more for others in the league.

  • OneZero

    “Looks like Barea with a deep j”

    exactly what I thought. Brilliant player, he can be a serious threat as a 6th man on the NBA.