College / Jan 12, 2011 / 1:00 pm

Jimmer Fredette Will Shoot Your Face Off

Given the opportunity, BYU’s star All-American guard Jimmer Fredette will shoot your face off. The Cougars’ arch rivals, Utah, let Fredette give them the business last night on their home floor, watching him light them up for 47 points (16-28 from the field, 6-9 from three) under an avalanche of deep threes, pull-up jumpers and improbable scoop shots in the lane. To quote one of the Dime Crew about Jimmer’s performance, “Dude was a monsterface.”

And to quote one of his teammates in the video below, “When he starts to shoot from 40 feet out, you know he’s feeling something.” Fredette video carnage comes complete with “How You Like Me Now?” from The Heavy.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Who do you think should win Player of the Year?

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  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Monsterface. But my vote is still with Kemba.

  • BarbosaSamosa

    best name in college basketball

  • http://dimemag.com JoshG

    Jimmer’s drives/finishes and passing were sick last night too…He looked like a real pro PG prospect.

  • AC

    Jimmer is the POY easily at this point. Kid’s been doing this for a long time and will continue to do it. Last night was big for America, but not Jimmer.

  • karizmatic

    You should just make this an ongoing series called “Shoot your face off” Then you can just name whoever is the next person that will “shoot your face off.” When is the “Nick Young will shoot your face off” edition coming?

  • http://betterlogic.com/roger roger the ward choir music guy

    I cannot believe the 40 yarder swish. Crazy.

  • Chris in Texas

    Went to that game! He lit ‘em up from everywhere – inside, outside, free throw line, the bench, locker room, bathroom. He passed Walker in PPG last night. He is POY and owns NCAA for sure!

  • Joe

    Anyone know if this guy can run the pick and roll? He’d be perfect as a backup to felton assuming he’s at least adequate running it in limited minutes.

  • Hucklebuck

    dude is a sniper from all angles. instructional video type shot.

  • Vinny

    How many did he get on Pullen aganist k-state last year in the ncaa’s? js

  • JH

    @ Vinny: 21 points, still not a bad showing.

    Fredette can score in bunches. Shot selection is sometimes questionable…but he can fill it up in a hurry.

  • Taj

    Dude is for Real!!!! Raps should go out and get a ice cold scorer like him. Get rid of Jose!!! Run this guy w/ Bayless and Barbosa in the backcourt and puh the tempo like Golden St. with Curry n Ellis. May get beasted on D vs bigger stronger guards but who cares. Theyd be better off than what they have currently!

  • getinmyposter

    He shoots people’s eyeballs off night-in, night-out.

  • http://bouncemag.com LowerEastScribe

    Fredette<Walker but they're both hella entertaining to watch.