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Karma comes back at LeBron in the form of flying Clippers

Eric Gordon, Dime #28

Apparently karma is is a b**** who gets you every time, even when you’re merely basking (publicly) in the misfortune of those who originally wished misfortune on you. The day after LeBron sent the tweet heard ’round the world, his Miami Heat found themselves doing a pretty good impersonation of the Cleveland Cavaliers — allowing the lowly L.A. Clippers to drop 44 points in the first quarter while shooting over 70 percent from the floor — on their way to a rare loss … Without Dwyane Wade (31 points), Miami might have been down 30 at the half. James (27 points) and Chris Bosh (26 points, 13 rebounds) joined the party in the third quarter, almost bringing the Heat all the way back despite another insanely great night from both Blake Griffin (24 points, 14 rebounds) and Eric Gordon (26 points). But then LeBron hurt his ankle and L.A. finished off what is so far their signature win of the year. If you’d only been watching the crowd and listening to the announcers, you’d think the Clips had won Game 7 of the NBA Finals … A sore ankle, an ugly loss to one of the worst teams in the West, getting his shot blocked by Eric Bledsoe — you have to wonder if LeBron wishes he could have that tweet back. At the end of the day, though, it’s not that bad. The Heat have still won 21 of their last 23 games and the Cavs still stink … Interesting question posed during the broadcast: Who is the best athlete in the NBA? LeBron, Blake, D-Wade and Dwight Howard were the candidates … The night after they devoured the Cavs’ beating hearts, the Lakers found themselves in the standard track meet that comes with visiting Golden State, and it turned into a one-on-one duel between Monta Ellis and Kobe Bryant … The Warriors led most of the way as Kobe played pretty casually, but in crunch time he entered Black Mamba mode. When Ellis (38 points) hit a three in Kobe’s grill late in the fourth, Kobe (39 points) countered with one of his own. Then he took Ellis off the dribble for a three-point play and a jumper before Ellis came back with a reverse layup. Still, Kobe was just too much, dropping another trey before finishing G-State off with some late free throws. By that time, the “MVP” chants for Kobe — in Oakland, mind you — were drowning out the boos … Down in the Big Easy, the Hornets needed and deserved to beat Orlando, but a couple of mistakes nearly cost them. Initially it seemed like N.O. was going to end it in regulation, but Jason Richardson (21 points) made two ridiculous treys to make it a ballgame again. The Hornets were up three on Orlando’s last possession of the fourth, and twice had the chance to foul Dwight Howard. They didn’t do it, and Hedo Turkoglu hit another three to send it to overtime. In the extra session, N.O. led by one in the final seconds before Dwight missed a pair of free throws and J.J. Redick missed a desperation three at the end …

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  • knoc99

    but isnt defense howards specialty?

  • cdiz

    dont forget Boom Dizz is ballin again. Apart from those bricked free throws at the end

  • http://google.com chicagorilla

    Blake “Optimus Prime” Griffin is probably my 2nd favorite player to watch. And thats only because Rose is in my backyard. Dude takes the game serious, plays like a man, doesnt backdown, and even intimidates as a rookie. And someone please close down LBJs twitter acct be4 he gets himself killed. Seriously LBJ, you are approaching OJ Simpson territory. Its going to get to a point where black ppl arent going to even bother defending u anymore lmao.

  • Diggity Dave

    The Clippers had recently won 7 out of 10. While their record doesn’t reflect it, they’ve been playing very well recently. But five stars for objective journalism, chaps.

  • yoda

    well, lakers won, and that is important. as for lbj, damn dude, hold your peace, don’t let karma bite you back.
    is it true that iverson is done? read somewhere he broke he’s foot, needs surgery, will leave turkey and will quit basketball. don’t have time to google it, but if someone has more info, i’d be thankful

  • wait a minute

    @ diggity dave, it’s actually 8 of 11 now, go Blake!

  • Skeeter McGee

    LeBron got bad karma back his way. The dumbass didn’t realize what karma was when he called her a bitch! But Dan Gilbert got enough bad karma after that letter for him and his kids!

    Cleveland should be happy the King fell in their lap that one draft lottery night. If it weren’t for that, the 7 years of winning would have never happened. Quit hating and let LeDouche be…

  • Far Eastern Islander

    First time I saw Blake Griffin get mad at someone in a game…Anyways, he’s unstoppable.

  • Dre

    If this is the worse karma that Lebron is going to get he will be fine. I bet you the Cavs will trade karma at any time idiots. How dare the Heat be 30-10. LOL! Idiots! LOL!

  • http://Dimemag.com Chrisballz

    Blake griffin is a BEAST!!!
    LA has 2 of the biggest sports stars in there town, damn.
    Kobe and griffin. If only they could team up. With the 2 teams, what would be the best 12 man rotation?

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    So Dwight a 2x DPOY can’t play D? This aint K-Love we are talking about here. Though Okafor did a number on him a few times though.

    Damn, the Clippers were extra impressive yesterday, I didn;t know they had it in them. What a win, and Baron Davis really does show up for big games. That dunk had me on my feet screaming.

    Boston had me scared there for a second, but came back and spanked them. Honestly someone should tell Cousins you aren’t LO and focus on the low block, no need to attempt all those retarded passes and off the dribble moves. He’s like a fatter Blatche now.

    Is it me or are Toronto an underrated bad defense team? seems like every time I watch someone is going off on them and yesterday Crawford eat them up.

  • Quedas


    “but isnt defense howards specialty?”

    Yes… it was sarcasm. And really pretty obvious sarcasm…

  • JAY

    @Skeeter McGee: “Cleveland should be happy the King fell in their lap that one draft lottery night. If it weren’t for that, the 7 years of winning would have never happened. Quit hating and let LeDouche be…”

    First off, the Cavs worked very hard the season before to tank the season and get the most ping pong balls. lol.
    Second, 7 winning years wouldn’t have happened?? Are you sure? Even if they didn’t win that lottery, there was still Melo, Wade, and Bosh left to draft. Since they had Booze back then, they probably wouldn’t have taken Bosh so a Wade/Booze, Melo/Booze combination would still have been a winning combo. Remember, Shaq signed in Miami to play with, in his words, “the best young shooting guard in the game”. So it could very well have been Wade/Booze/Shaq.

    Don’t assume the Cavs wouldn’t have been a winning team without Lebron… there were other options.

  • JAY

    @Dre: “LOL! Idiots! LOL!”
    Before you start calling other people idiots, you should reread our convo from yesterday. You laughed and called me stupid numerous times only to be proven wrong and you even agreed at some of the things you said were stupid.

    ie: you laughing at me when I said the Cavs would be a playoff team w/ Shaq, West and Z… then i pointed out the shitty Raps are just 2 games out of 8th.
    ie: you calling my power-swing theory “absolute BS”…. then you said it makes sense.

    Quit the name calling homie. I don’t want to call you an “idiot” but your posts show your the closest thing in here to one. If you disagree, then go ahead that’s your right… Let’s discuss. When you laugh and ridicule another’s opinion and then eventually agree with them… that’s when you look stupid.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Sigh, you just don’t get it do you? Why the fuck do you tweet that a month after you left and no one talking about you, then back down from it like a bitch. Yeah Bron, karma is a bitch.

  • Chaos

    Boom Dizzle brought out a vintage dunk last night. i didnt think he had it in him anymore. these guys look like a real team and may actually challeneg for a playoff spot like Portland did a couple years ago. honestly i think kaman could mess their rhythm and team work up.

    even tho it was mostly dwight highlights they showed,okafor and dwight actually had a battle going on under tha basket and thats what i miss about basketball but they did the damn thing. Emaka still put up 18/14 in the win even though dwight got the stats.

    Rose has been outplayed by some of the most unlikely pgs. i was not expecting dj to outplay him. he must have had beef.

    at close to the halfway point, and the olympics being next year i think, you got to include these guys on the olympic team:

    derrick rose, kevin durant, kevin love and blake griffin and maybe rudy gay or rondo.
    to go along with:

    D. Howard

    thats a big lineup with howard, griffin bosh and lpve to play against the worlds percieved size. Loves game was made for international play


    What the…?! For a while there I thought this was the Clips Nation website. But yeah, Blake Griffin is a damn beast!!!

    And ain’t it a bitch, LeBron? Hahahahaha


    LeBron may be dealing with Karma. But the Cavaliers organization is in hell.

  • jdizzle

    So whats the over/under on the number of ”yeah karma is a bitch aint it LeBron?” comments we’ll see today? Im pretty sure LeBron would rather have karma bite him in his ass now rather than later on in the playoffs. On another note, can we PLEEEEASE trade CJ Watson!? Not only does he jack up unnecessary shots but he jags wide open crips! I mean really Pax was that 55 point game he had really that enticing?

  • jdizzle

    Correciton: My bad it was just 40. Dont know where the hell i got the double nickle from lol. But yeah trade his ass!

  • b$

    i’d throw derrick rose and rajon rondo in the mix for nba’s best athlete

  • Ian

    i have to say i have optimus prime as my number 2 also (manu is 1).

    lakeshow you remember after the decision i said the cavs wont win 20 you said they were a 30 win team??

    40-45 wins is how much bron (the best player easy and the one i hate the most again easy) meant to the team.


    Go Pistons see ya Rip

  • Nella

    I’d replace Wade with Rose or maybe Westbrook in that best athlete category with the others.

  • That’s What’s Up

    33-6. mavs at home on Friday night and Nuggets on Sunday.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    If you keep calling Griffin Optimus Prime are you expecting it to stick? I like that idea… here, I’ll try it… Douche James lost last night! That is karma for Douche James. Karma, God, Karma, God, Douche James!!! Hahahaha

  • dubs

    no mention of lebron back pedaling off his karma tweet?

  • karizmatic

    I’m not impressed by Kobe scoring 40 on GS and Monta Ellis. Kobe go drop 40 on Miami or Boston without taking 40 shots and then holla and Dwight Howard should have hit 2 of his 3 face up moves and hit the last two free throws at the end then he would be nice.

  • Diego

    Damn, Dime are you serious re. Dwight’s D? Did you forget that Dwight–like pretty much every other 1st and 2nd team all-NBAer (Lebron, Kobe, etc.)–is of course a fantastic defender!? (I’m being sarcastic here–Lebron can’t defend worth dick, other than his 1 chase-down block every other game, but that’s how all-defense team works.)

    Well, Heat 3 score 84/105 of their points and lose! Don’t those guys know they have to put in closer to 90% of team’s points for the formula to work?! A bit over 80% just ain’t gonna cut it. (Current Heat squad going nowhere in playoffs, folks.)

    Bashing Bibby, plus putting a photo of Vin Diesel up there in his stead, rather than the jolly Bibster. Yeah, Bibby is slow, but he is clutch as hell on offense and plays pretty physical D, perfecting the old elbow in the back stand-your-ground D. Bottom line, with Crawford getting so much tick (36 pts. last night) and controlling the ball with Joe, Bibby often basically serves as more a spot shooting guard role for, yes indeed, the hottest team in the East, sportsfans!

  • JAY

    Of course they haven’t posted it yet. His half-ass “it wasn’t me, my friend sent it to me and I just posted it” makes him look like a frikkin robot with no mind of his own so of course Dime won’t post it.

    Sad thing is, now that it’s on the table someone at Dime is writing about it as we speak… any guesses who the writer is? *sarcastic*

    Speaking of writers, what happened to Macaluso?? He had some crap pieces but he had a lot of good ones too.

  • Mike Mihalow

    God Sees Everything

  • QQ

    Lebron just rocking the ‘villain’ role right now, letting all the hate soak, and I’m LOVING it.

    He’s dropping monster stats, and everyone thinks he’s a douche now. Win win situation for us ‘haters’. Except Burton of course, but hey, his lips is surgically implanted to Bron’s ass so you rally can’t do anything bout it.

    Win win situation for us ‘haters’.

  • Mtx

    Karma Griffin

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian & Control and whoever else said it

    OK ok ok.. ill eat crow earlier..

    The Cavs are UGLYYYYYYY.. But i dont get it really.. They arent as bad as theyve been playing.. Losing by FIFTY FIVE?? 55???? thats like NO SPIRIT type shit.. oh well..

    Ill admit it.. They FUGLY lol

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    u know tho.. im still going to say F-that and point out that if Shaq, Delonte and whoever split they would still be a solid team..

    Just saying lol

  • poohjeter

    How did D-Rose get dominated by a much smaller and crappier DJ Augustine. it baffles me

  • JAY

    Agree with Lakeshow
    I still think they’d be in the playoff hunt had Varejao been healthy for the year. Looks at the Raptors. They are shittier than manure itself, and they are still in the picture.
    and had Shaq, West and LBJ-Z not left, a playoff spot would and should be expected.

    Fuckin Andy… i drafted him too…. bitch-ass.

  • NYK

    im still waiting for another letter or tweet from Dan Gilbert.

  • the truth

    lenron’s ankle twisting looked nasty


    Yeah it is alot of Lebron haters all of a sudden. Guess its true that losers hate winners thats y they stay losing lmao.

    BTW everybody
    Kobe for President!!!!!! lol

  • bookkwormmaster

    Epic win for the Clips last night against the Heatles. Signature win of the year for them for sure replacing the beat down they put on San Antonio. I’ve been watching this team closely since the start of the season and their chemistry has excelled. The Clippers will make it into the playoffs as the West’s 7th seed. I’m calling it now.

    ATL did their thing last night! That was a hotly contested game especially during the fourth quarter. Hawks are doing a solid job of closing out teams as of late. They’re playing solid defense, sharing the ball on offense, and not turning the ball over which has always been our achilles heel. Jamal Crawford is ballin’ outta control over his last five or so games and its a beautiful thing to see. Keep it up Hawks! Let’s GO!!

  • LakeShow84


    I love Lebron nowadays.. Hes a lost lil puppy lol

  • Claw

    After yesterday’s comments I’m taking it easy.

    Lebron got his, and that ankle turn looked nasty. I might think he’s a douche and idiot but he’s still on my fantasy team. I don’t need that sh*t going down with my playoffs around the corner. Just get beat in the 1st round don’t hurt yourself!

    Damn, if BD continues to play like that the Clips could make a run at the playoffs despite Sterling. He got O boards and putbacks, dude was actually motivated.

  • JAY

    Ditto on “lebron’s on my fantasy team”… I hate the guy but the bitch better not go down.

  • S.A.C.

    I actually thought what Lebron said was funny (though surprising & I can understand why some people don’t like it). I could actually here Lebron saying B*tch. Lol

    Well I been watching the Clips all year & I’m not surprised they Beat Da Heat. They played with a incredible energy level. Good for them, and they played most of da night, with DJ in foul trouble.

    Lebron’s ankle is not why they lost Dime. Give LA credit, for coming to play and hanging in there when it got desperate & ugly.

  • sh!tfaced

    Shit. Boom-Lazy is actually doing work the past few games. Must be some sort of New Year’s Resolution crap.

    Someone needs remind him it ain’t a contract year.

    Maybe Blake’s work ethic has rubbed off on him…? Nah. lol

  • Claw

    @JAY – That’s too funny, the two of us that bag on Lebron both got him on their fantasy team.

    Like I’ve said the guy can ball but just has such an utter sense of entitlement, and pulls bitch ass moves but has been a polarizing figure this year – even if he is a douche.

    Anybody catch the quote from Avery Johnson when he was asked if he wished Melo was already on the team, (paraphrasing) “No, I don’t dream about that, I have dreams about my center (Brook Lopez) getting 10 rebounds”.

    That’s cold.

  • s.bucketz

    i like how u guys tried to throw it in there that the flamers couldn’t make the come back cuz lebron sprained his ankle with like a minute and a half to go…but he miraculously had enough strength and adrenaline to get the ball back a few seconds after he sprained it (when all the adrenaline has surely gone away and pain is setting in) and jack up a contested step back 3 with his regular ugly ass form…and then limp back down the court and sit on the bench crying like he broke his leg…i gotta say..”lebron is a bitch”..i mean “karma is a bitch”

    and u kno i gotta get heated…u gunna talk about the raps vs hawks??and go into detail about the magic and how many threes they hit in their loss…but not 1 single mention of Shawne Williams straight shittin on the jazz in the 3rd quater..he brought em back from a 20 point defecit single handedly and if the refs weren’t callin the worst dog shit fouls on amare it wooda been a sick game

  • Ian

    haha dont worry ill take it you are half admitting it. when drob missed the 97 season i thought i would never see a dude do so much for scrubs again. lebron proved me wrong.

  • Ian

    you gotta be kidding i stopped after the varejao line.

  • Tiredof thefakers

    All I have to say is…Slamonline is 1000x better that Dime. It’s not even close

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Shit, put me on the Bron’s on my fantasy team bandwagon dude better not miss time

  • s.bucketz

    i jus copped tix for dwade bday party for my girls bday..if lebrons not there shes gunna b pissed (although i still dont see wuts appealing bout his 5-head) which is gunna piss me off

  • Iceman85

    can someone just end it and christen blake griffin as the new “vanilla gorilla?”

    yeah i said it.

  • Claw

    Damn, karma is a bitch. Where are all the 30 day Heat fans after that drubbing, that’s the Nuggets not even the two time champs. I wish Riley would get a team to put around Lebron!

  • JAY

    I never said they’d be a good team… just in the hunt for a playoff spot. Have you seen the East? Usually, being a playoff team meant being a good team… not this year’s Eastern conference.

  • Dave

    Shawne Williams looked almost apologetic after hitting 7 of 8 threes against the Jazz…..he needs to work on his Vince Carter face.