Smack / Jan 4, 2011 / 3:10 am

LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh almost beat Bobcats by themselves

There were a couple of sharks in the water in Charlotte last night, and neither one of them played for the home team. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James smelled blood in the arena, and almost immediately went about splurging with some devastating results. Miami ran away from the Bobcats in the second half en route to a 14-point win led by James (38 points) and Wade (31 points). Throw in the 11 points from the third leg of the tripod, Chris Bosh, and they were just one bucket away from beating Charlotte by themselves … It’s plainly obvious LeBron and Wade have finally figured out how to play together. Their solution? Take turns. After Wade scored 14 consecutive second-quarter points, LeBron finished the first half with a solo flurry to give Miami the lead. Then LeBron put the game out of reach in the fourth quarter with a sequence that included a 30-foot three (to beat the shot clock and a double team), a breakaway reverse dunk, and two pull-up jumpers. Wade added a few circus layups. The duo was drowning Charlotte so easily that the Bobcats were lucky Erik Spoelstra called them off early. And it didn’t help that Charlotte went one stretch missing 21 out of 22 shots … LeBron recently said he thinks he and Wade are already out of the running for MVP, but how can you really argue that LBJ isn’t among the top three candidates? In December he averaged 25.2 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.8 assists and his team was dominant. Plus guys like Kevin Durant and Kobe aren’t exactly setting themselves apart from the field, so we don’t see why LeBron or Wade couldn’t win it … Miami’s in-state Disney nemesis ruined the Warriors’ Micky Mouse visit in an eerily similar fashion, using a ridiculous 35-18 run in the third quarter to wipe away a G-State lead and cruise to a 20-point win. It was Orlando’s sixth straight convincing win, outscoring the visitors by 29 in the second half …

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  • john

    Miami is the number 1 team right now, without Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem and with 36 games into the season. The potential is just nasty

  • Promoman

    Not to take away from Kevin Love but he’s not better than Al Jefferson overall. Outside of rebounding, it’s no surprise that his numbers were going to spike since the Wolves decided to build around him. Al’s numbers were guaranteed to drop since he’s in Jerry Sloan’s system. Deron Williams became the scorer the minute it was certain Boozer was out of Utah.

  • Nola

    the anger they referred to was that al jeff wasn’t an all star but now kevin love will be


    You monkeys love that Kevin Love. Cecil Turtle is faster than Kevin Love. Love is not All-Star material either. too many PF — Gasol and Timmy!

    Good stats on a bad team!

  • ab40

    Denver is finaly getting their bodies back and is almost at full strength I’m smelling a 7 game win streak.

    T-mac almost had a triple double now let’s get him on a great team next season where he can create off the bench in a 20/25 minute roll as the second guy of the bench.

  • !!

    yeah are rolling…. this is really good…… for heat fans

  • LoBezn0

    Heck, I think Lebron’s pulling himself and D-Wade from the MVP race because he doesn’t want D-Wade to one up him should he be the one winning that award.

  • wcs

    love is putting up monster stats against great teams. Love is better than Jefferson. maybe not last year, but this year its done

  • Stephen Jackson

    I think it shows that the rest of the Heat are not very valuable more than anything.

  • Diego

    Orlando and Miami beat up on couple of bum teams. Surprise, surprise.

    LeBron, Wade and Bosh score most of Miami’s points in a game?! Another big surprise. Wasn’t the idea to put 3 superstars on the team to lead it?! Duh, those 3 are going to put up the bulk of the team’s points every single game, because their teammates stink. Why don’t you just alert us when (or more likely “if”) someone on Miami other than those 3 ever leads that team in scoring for a game?!? Now THAT would be startling news. LeBron and Wade putting up big numbers on that team are simply like AI putting up big numbers on his old Philly team. That’s how the team is designed.

  • Diego

    Regarding Golden State and Orlando, take Dwight off this Orlando team and put him on this Golden State team, and what do you get? Make no mistake, Golden State becomes Orlando and Orlando becomes Golden State. Dwight makes even terrible Hedo look great. (Adonal Foyle? I can’t recall him doing much the last half dozen years of his career other than riding the stationary bike near the tunnel during the game to keep loose in the unlikely event he were to get in the game.)

  • QQ

    Riding a six game winning streak. And yeah, somebody tell me the latest was against GSW, but I’m still smiling.

    Are we top 3 in the East again? Not yet, far from it. But anything to make the haters sleep. Where’s everybody who says we will be eating .500 at January?

  • mules

    How does Love’s lack of athleticism make what he’s done any less impressive?…haters.

  • Showtime

    @ QQ

    Are you really saying your Magic aren’t Top 3 in the east? Who’s better than them? I’ll give you Boston and Miami but other than them?

    Chicago? Atlanta? I don’t think so. Actually I don’t think there should be a 6th, 7th or 8th seed in the east playoffs

  • Chaos

    Man with Stuckey out my man T-Mac is balling. he is putting up silly stats and seems to play better at starting pg than stuckey does. no they didnt win but they are still playing pretty well….

    A this point i wanna see orlando and miami play in a potential match up up. Should be interesting.

    Denver is looking better with Melo and K-Mart in the line up. They are officailly dangerous

  • mo.B.bad

    I love the contrast in the Florida teams.

    Miami is built around two superstar wings, with a third wheel “big” occasionally chipping in. these guys score basically all the points and make all the plays. if one of them has an off-night the Heat are screwed because none of their role players will be able to come up big for them.

    Orlando is built around one big, but with several players being big scoring candidates so they’re not reliant on one guy producing every single night. that’s the beauty of the system – anyone can go off if need be. of course the flaw here is that it all hinges on Dwight’s presence in the paint – which is why they MUST find him a backup.

  • karizmatic

    It seems T-Mac has found a second life in Detroit as a 6’8 point guard. Who would have known T-Mac without his athletic ability is actually Hedo Turkoglu?

  • mo.B.bad

    also: the fact that Wade and LeBron can only play well together by taking turns at ball-hogging and playing one-man-army is just so very pathetic. a sad indictment of the weaknesses of both their game and their personalities.

    they’re *astounding* talents but such shitty players (LeBron moreso than Wade) and LeBron is right, neither are in the running for MVP. you can’t pick one over the other, they both contribute equally.

  • DNice

    Love will not be an All-Star. There I said it.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Actually DNice, you wrote it

  • That’s What’s Up

    ..or maybe typed it.

  • QQ

    @ 14:

    I put Chicago in that spot. I feel that they have the greater stability, as they didn’t run through a roster swap in the middle of the season, but I give them props, cause they played through games without their PF and C. And because Rose is the best PG in the freaking L right now.

    Wow, nice to see someone type my name and remind me the Magic are better than what I thought they are. haha. I thought everyone who calls me here is either a hater… or Sporty J, who I refuse to acknowledge as a human being.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Honestly K-Love should make the All-star team, but then again so should Blake Griffin, but there is only one spot for over achieving PFs on bad teams. I think Blake edges him out for it.

    The Magic and Heat are rolling now, which is interesting. I’m liking this Orlando, and if today was a sign that J-Rich is finally on point, well this year is gonna be hella interesting.

    And goddamn, I missed Rondo shiit.

  • control

    Blake Griffin better make the All Star game, even if it’s at KLove’s expense. Griffin is just a BEAST and might end up being one of the top 5 players in the league in 2-3 years…He might be the new KG (stat wise) and pull down 25-12-5 easily.


    Showtime was talking to your impostor…I agree w/ your statement about spunkeaterJ though, haha.

  • Claw

    @control – Blake has been a beast but man KLove did a 30/30, first time in nearly 40 years! Doesn’t matter what team you are on, those rebounding stats are huge, we haven’t seen those in a generation. He can score and don’t forget best outlet passer, TD is the consistent pick but he’s not playing even 30 minutes/game. PF is loaded in the West.

    Bosh is lucky the East is different and KG went down. I don’t think Bosh is over Amare or KG or even Josh Smith.

  • Claw

    Also take Boozer over Bosh, even though he’s missed most of the beginning of the season. He already has more 30 points games than Bosh.

  • Showtime

    I agree Rose is an absolute beast but I’m not feeling the rest of the roster. As a Laker fan I’ve seen plenty of Boozer in the last few years and I gurantee he’s nowhere to be found come playoff time so scratch Chicago from that spot. Rose is nice but Booz, Deng and a few guys that can’t make open jumpers won’t take you anywhere in the postseason

  • the truth

    @ mo.bad

    That’s plain dumb and you either don’t watch basketball or are just an idiot

  • NYK

    what year is this? T-mac almost a triple double? holy hell…

  • Bostonguy

    Great, witty comments today, by so many people (Dwight Howard on Golden State becomes Orlando; If Wade, Lebron or Bosh have a bad night and of the other doesn’t over compensate, the Heat are screwed; Tmac sans athletic ability is Hedo Turkolu, etc). Great comments! Lol.

    Kudos to the board.

    I don’t agree with Mo.B.Bad’s assessment of the Heat/Lebron and Wade though. Come on Mo, if they (Lebron & Dwade doing they thing and making it work. What’s the problem? Were you a Clevlandd or (are a) Orlando fan or previous Lebron hater?


    Boston will see you a Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo (previously), a Delonte West and Kendrick Perkins to your Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem on Miami. C’mon John!!


    I think that good Western Conference power forward on bad team quota you mentioned will be a tough one. But maybe neither one of those guys will make it, due to the glut of Power forwards in the west. Who knows?

    Their both deserving, so maybe neither one should make it. I’m kinda leaning toward Love, because of the fact that he played very well last year and just didn’t get the minutes. I absolutely love Blake and have watched most Clipper games; but they’re so many great power forwards out west and both these guys are on bad teams that knows how to blow games.

    Yeah. Rondo appears to be getting more healthy (little by little). But I guess they’ll really find out against San Antonio on Weds? Lol. In case you care. Celtics record with Rondo 19-3; with out 7-4.

    I love how Dime mentioned Lebron James December, but failed to mention that both he and Dwayne Wade were Eastern Conference Players of The Month for December. Spoelstra was Coach Of The Month.

  • Bostonguy


    Even Rose himself is turnover prone at the worst moments, is at best a ok defender and he’s shooting 45% now in the regular season. What’s he gonna shoot in the playoffs?

    Yeah. The Jury’s still out on all of Chicago. I agree.

  • QQ

    @ 24:

    Damn it, I knew it! BURN THE IMPOSTOR!!!!!

    LOL. Nothing wrong with laughing at myself. Life aint that serious. haha

  • JBaller

    I Agree with Claw…Boozer looks like a legit all-star and Bosh looks like a good, but not great PF. He looked a lot better before he had to play third banana. No way he is an all-star PF with Amar’e and Boozer playing so well so far.

  • mo.B.bad

    I am an Orlando fan, but I’m not a LeBron hater. I suppose the best way to describe me is a LeBron fan who is disappointed in him. at first I was annoyed that he went to Miami instead of NY, coz I wanted him to be THA BOSS, but then I figured he could rock it as a pseudo point guard which would be pretty damn awesome. but he’s not changed at all and is just taking turns doing his normal thing with Wade, which is just lame.

    I’m a huge fan of team chemistry and balance. I’ve got loads of time for Boston for that very reason. all their players fit together so perfectly. Miami has just doubled up on Wade, and that’s lame. Spoelstra’s a good coach, and originally tried to get them to work together. but when that didn’t work out he resorted to just running them in alternate turns, so I put it on the players. I could just be being harsh, but I don’t think so.

  • Ian

    “Laker Fan Panic Mode? Probably about a 5 outta 10″

  • Get off the dizic

    Dime you guys are real Lequit dizik riders…Man lebron for MVP? On a team that stacked with superstars…give me a break…Part of the reason peeps hate on LEBRON is the out of control media hype…We know ball too! Leave the Man-crush on the editing room floor…there are other great players in the game..beating a undermanned Bobcat team is nothing more then a stats game…analyze it as such!!!

  • rell

    So dime why did you consider Lebron a top 3 mvp candidate and not Wade? There number in December is almost the same.

    Wade # in December: 27.9pts 1.7steals 0.9blocks 6.9rebs 4.1 assist .543fg pct.

    Bron # in December: 25.2pts 1.1steals 0.3blocks 7.9rebs 6.8assist .511fg pct

    Beside assist and 1 more rebound per game Wade stats are better than Bron.

  • QQ

    Dime will do anything to hype Bron… even at the expense of his teammates. They are zombies on Bron’s payroll.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    In DIME’s defense, Bron Bron has been playing out of his mind lately, but top 3 MVPs no doubt are Rose/STAT/Dirk in any order you want. Shit, I don’t even think Bron/Wade (whoever you think is the better of the 2) are top 5, if you haven’t noticed Durantula has been killing shit recently and firmly stamped his name on the name. He’s more MVP worthy than both of them.

    Got to love Bron’s reverse psychology pimpin of him and Wade though. That was actually a well thought out move for once LeBron good job.

  • QQ

    I have them in this order:


  • JAY

    Rule of thumb… if anyone can legitimately argue that Player A isn’t the best player on his team, then Player A cannot be MVP of the entire league. That makes no sense.

    Fans can make a valid argument that Wade is the best player on that team. There’s no way LBJ can win MVP. If he does, then Wade HAS to be co-MVP and I’m pretty sure 2 teammates will never share that distinction. Move on Dime. Get over it.

  • nizzio

    T-Mac messed around and ALMOST got a triple double

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @JAY — You have potentially four decades of evidence disproving your rule of thumb:

    * In 2000, Kobe was arguably the best basketball player on the Lakers, yet Shaq won league MVP.

    * You could have made a legit argument that John Stockton was the best player on the Jazz in the 1990s, yet Karl Malone won MVP twice.

    * In 1983, you could have argued Julius Erving (who had won league MVP two years earlier) was the best player on the Sixers, yet Moses Malone won league MVP.

    * In 1980, you could have argued Magic was the best player on the Lakers, yet Kareem won league MVP.

    * In 1973, Jon Havlicek led the Celtics in scoring and assists, yet Dave Cowens won league MVP.

    * In 1970, you could have argued Clyde Frazier was the best player on the Knicks, yet Willis Reed won league MVP.

  • rob g

    @Bostonballer Rose has upped his production both years in the playoffs so I dont think he will be the problem for the Bulls. They need a starting two guard that can spread the floor, if they can get someone by the trade deadline they will be scary come playoff time

  • Ian

    austin nice
    i would take out the kobe one but the rest are legit. kobe wasnt the best player on the lakers and thats easy to say.
    now on the bron thing only the super haters can actually make a case for wade being the best player on the team. lebron is the best player in the nba period. i hate the douche btw kobe isnt in this argument anymore.

    if the two best players in the league are on the same team then yeah one of them can win the mvp take austins 00 example kobe was the 3rd best player in the league and shaq was either 1 or 2.

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Thanks Rell I was going to look those stats up because the last time Dime posted how LBJ was carrying that team DWade’s stats were better.

    Jay – 100% agree, if I can argue you’re not the best on your team you probably aren’t the most valuable player in the league.


    First of all, is that 4 decades of examples? Or is it 6 examples of the rule of thumb not working in 40 years? I think 6 examples of the rule not working in 40 years, so if the rule worked 34 out of 40 then that is probably about what you can expect from a rule of thumb.

    Secondly, I think everyone can agree that the MVP award goes to the wrong guy at least once a decade.

  • Claw

    @ Austin – Disproving?

    In 2000 Shaq was dominant, Kobe was an AS but not at Shaq level and Shaq was also Finals MVP.

    Magic was solid his rookie year at 18-8-7 but compared to Kareem, he was 25-11 with 5 assists. The Captain was still killing it over the rook.

    Stockton was solid but not putting up huge numbers like Malone who was averaging near 30 and 10 plus 4 assists. Stockton in his BEST year was 17 points and 14 assists with 3 boards, again an All Star guard but not MVP when compared to Malone.

    Don’t remember FO, FO, FO, Malone averaged 25 and 15, Erving was solid but at 22 and 7 and on the “slight” backside of his career. Mo got them to the promised land.

    Lebron gave up the right when going to Miami, it’s Wade’s team and he’s #2 – literally.

    My MVPs:

  • dlight


  • Bostonguy


    What games are you watching?

    Do you really watch the HEAT play and can make that statement unequivocally. Wow! I can’t!!

    Wade has been playing out of his mind and seems to get better month by month.


    Yeah. That was cold blooded what Bron did to Wade. He was trying to play Wade and save Lebron grief (if WAde had won the MVP). I peeped that to.


    Good points and comparisons with the “best two players on teams”. I like that. You actually provided some good retorts and evidence. But then I noticed CLAW had some good points and finer details on that evidence you presented. So maybe it’s not as clear as you say in all examples.

    Nonetheless, I’d still have to say that an argument can be made that Wade is the best player on the team (I said “an argument” not that he is), cause the Heat really started winning when Wade started playing out of his mind.

    You did notice that the NBA named them both December players of the month?

    I think Dirk, Amare, Deron, Rose and Rondo to a lesser degree (Celtics 19-3 when he’s in the line up vs 7-4 when he’s out), Dwight and WAde (cause Bron has won it already).

    Of course all these choices are highly liquid and subject to change, and I may of forgot some people.

  • JAY

    @AB I will retort each one of these one by one…

    * In 2000, Kobe was arguably the best basketball player on the Lakers, yet Shaq won league MVP.
    – Best player on that team?? That’s arguable. Regardless, that offense ran through Shaq.

    * You could have made a legit argument that John Stockton was the best player on the Jazz in the 1990s, yet Karl Malone won MVP twice.
    – If you look at the numbers, you have to give it to Malone over Stockton. Are you comparing Wade and Lebron’s stats being almost identical to Stock and Malone’s??? Gimme a break. One of those trophy’s was MJ’s anyway and you know it.

    * In 1983, you could have argued Julius Erving (who had won league MVP two years earlier) was the best player on the Sixers, yet Moses Malone won league MVP.
    Who cares if Dr. J won 2 prior MVPs. Compare their numbers and tell me Malone didn’t deserve that MVP. He swallowed up every board that year.

    * In 1980, you could have argued Magic was the best player on the Lakers, yet Kareem won league MVP.
    – Who could have argued that?? Lol! That was Kareem’s team bud. Everyone knew it, including Magic himself. Stop reaching.

    * In 1973, Jon Havlicek led the Celtics in scoring and assists, yet Dave Cowens won league MVP.
    – 20+ pts and 16+rebs isn’t anything to sneeze at. His 16rbs was 3rd in the league. Havlicek wasn’t even top 5 in assists.

    * In 1970, you could have argued Clyde Frazier was the best player on the Knicks, yet Willis Reed won league MVP.
    – I concede this one. They were equally as valuable to that Knicks team…. HOWEVER… we can also argue that Jerry West should have won the award because he led his Lakers after Wilt got injured. He proved he was the glue to that team. IMO, the award went to a Knick player because the had the best record.

    Arguments aside, as Claw mentioned in his post, I said it was the RULE OF THUMB, not an absolute truth. You mentioning just 6 examples in 40 years actually backs my claim up. Assuming all 6 or your examples are valid, that’s 85% accuracy. That’s like needing to intentionally foul at the end of the game and Ray Allen has the ball…. more than likely Ray-Ray will drain them.