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LeBron plays with House money to beat Detroit; Durant drops 40

LeBron James

LeBron James

The Big Three was down to the Chosen One for last night’s Heat/Pistons game, which naturally meant for LeBron James that the role of fourth-quarter hero would fall into the hands of — Eddie House? … With five minutes left in the fourth, the Pistons were up three before House tied it with a corner trey. A few possessions later, House hit an off-balance jumper from the wing. Then after Austin Daye‘s triple with one minute left put Detroit up by one, House ended up with the ball in his hands with the final seconds ticking down. When the opportunity wasn’t there for a quick J, you figured House would pass it back to LeBron, but he was really feeling his Arizona State swag and decided to go to the rim, drawing a foul on Ben Gordon. House (15 pts) stepped to the foul line and hit the go-ahead free throws … We get on John Kuester‘s case for mismanaging his lineup and always finding new ways to alienate his team, but give the Pistons coach credit for drawing up a gorgeous play on their last possession. Daye ended up getting wide open for a lob at the rim, which Tayshaun Prince placed perfectly but Daye couldn’t finish … Tracy McGrady deserves some love, too. He was the best player on the floor for the Pistons, recording 14 points, 8 boards, 10 dimes and 4 blocks. In crunch time he was the go-to guy, scoring in the post and on hard cuts when he wasn’t finding open shooters. As one Miami announcer put it, “McGrady has put his footprint, his handprint, every print on this ballgame.” … Oh, and about LeBron (39 pts, 8 rebs, 9 asts): He dominated the game from beginning to end, carrying a squad that didn’t have Dwyane Wade (wrist) or Chris Bosh (ankle) and whose shooters couldn’t shoot. Mike Miller, James Jones and Mario Chalmers went 2-for-16 beyond the arc. It was like watching Barry Sanders work magic with Rodney Peete at quarterback and a crappy O-line … One time LeBron ran a pick-and-roll with Joel Anthony, but when ‘Bron threw an alley-oop guided by the eyes in the back of his head, Anthony never went for it because he was never looking for it. “He thought it was a shot,” said one announcer. “He’s not used to the ball.” … Kevin Durant didn’t have to worry about carrying the Thunder by himself — he had Russell Westbrook‘ 35 points, 13 boards and 13 assists helping him out — but KD did it anyway during the key stretches of a double-OT win over the Wizards. Durant (40 pts) scored five of the team’s seven points in the first overtime, then after OKC fell behind in the second extra frame, Durant went off: He skated past Trevor Booker for a layup and-one, hit a three, and iced two more jumpers to help the Thunder pull away … It probably wouldn’t have gone that far anyway if Thabo Sefolosha (knee) had played. James Harden tried his best to contain Nick Young (32 pts), but he learned that Young collects buckets like 50 Cent collects checks. When Harden fouled out, Scott Brooks dusted off Daequan Cook, who promptly gave Young a wide-open three before Westbrook was switched onto him …Read More>>

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    Lunar New year is this Thursday! year of the Rabbit!

  • gilford

    Brook Lopez 1 rebound???

  • brk


    Marcin Gortat 19pts 17reb. Is he allstar?

    Polish Hammer just “owned”, KG, Perkins and Shaq. “Mid-level” guy just “owned” them!!!

    It`s time to pay attention for this guy. In last 5 games he did 4 times Double-dobule.

  • dung

    hows channing frye act all hurt then get right up like nothing lol. well kg did sucker punch his nuts softly

  • Rafa23

    lol @ Nick Young. you guys really need to look at the shooting more. he shot 13 of 33!!! I’m sure Harden didn’t mind that.

  • yoda

    damn, whats wrong with lakers :S they can’t afford to lose to teams like sac-twon in tough western conference

  • lester

    No mention how the Warriors choked and lost a 8 point lead in the last minute?

  • That’s What’s Up

    it’s hard not to smile when the kings pick up their 5th road win at the lakers expense

  • That’s What’s Up

    …and props to cleveland.
    19 straight is no easy feat

  • Chaos

    Marcin Gortat should be starting for the Suns, because Robin lopez just wast finishing and he was the starting center. Eddie House is always good for some late game heroics at least twice a year.

  • CasualFan

    Only one line to describe the incredible effort my Bulls put up at home against the Magic… I guess D Rose crossing over the entire Magic team and Luol Deng putting Hedo in a hurt locker isn’t worth more than one line. With two whole pages of SMACK can we get some love?

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    Also no mention of one of the Top 5 dunks of the year… http://wp.me/p10wgs-ux

  • First & Foremost

    @ Gilford… If anyone asks why New Jersey couldn’t land Carmelo. Point out that Brook Lopez is the same 7-foot Center from the movie The 6th Man.
    You can get a rebound just by being near the basket.
    “But at least I’m seven foot”

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    The Polish Hammer isn’t an all star (obviously) but he should be starting for the Suns soon. The dude has been getting stats lately and is only owned in in 58% of fantasy leagues right now. I’m gonna add him in any league where he’s still available.

  • Claw

    Gortat is getting better at finishing, he’s been frustrating to watch as Nash has been setting him up and continued to miss shots. I do like when he comes in the game they play “Hammer Time”.

    What a joke to the ending of that Heat game, Daye was fouled with all the officials watching. James Jones got all elbow.

  • the truth

    big cuz destroying the lake show front line

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    If you haven’t seen Garnett’s dirty play last night you can see a clip by clicking my name.

    Dude smacked Channing Frye in the balls. What a dirty dirty bastard!

  • sadeye2507

    Everybody’s 2nd favourite MVP Amare got 3 rebounds

  • control

    Garnett is too funny, gives the crazy eyes to another guy smaller than him (but at least he was over 6’5) and when the other guy didn’t back down, Garnett backs off and puts his hands up. He’s probably the worst guy in the league for shoving someone, elbowing someone, tiny punching someone and then putting his hands up in the air like “look, my hands are in the air!”. Those technicals were bullshit though, the NBA really has to cut down on that bullshit, it just makes the game soooo pussyish. Also, it was hilarious that Nate Robinson was in the scrum between Frye and KG, but you couldn’t see him because the cameras were at KG’s head height, and Nate is a midget running inbetween their ankles.

    Anyone hear JVG (I think it was him) saying Phoenix should put GORTAT on Rondo and just guard him at the foul line? How can a guy be a top 3 point guard in the league when nobody really cares to guard him unless he happens to stroll in the paint? Well, at least he can hit his free throws…er…yeah (congrats on 5-6 though!).

  • jdizzle

    @CasualFan yeah and no mention of Carlos Boozer’s 16 & 16 either but it’s cool. And BTW was last night Buckets Fest 2011? It seemed like EVERYBODY was on their shit like it was Opening Night or something!

  • hooper5013

    Y’all are way over reacting to this KG shit. Son lightly stomach tapped Frye as he was shooting. And it definitely doesn’t look like he was trying to make him twist his ankle what the hell is wrong with everyone.

    KG is hella physical and dirty at times but its not to make people get injured its usually a nasty elbow or something like that.Channing Frye doesn’t stand a chance against KG nor does Peitrus. Unless you’re Goku from Dragon Ball Z/anthony peerler then let that man play how he wants. All he does is get in the other teams head and they want to fight. Then they get techs and get rattled and they worry about him all game. While he is orchestrating the D getting buckets boards and dimes

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    I agree completely, KG was a lil bitch on that play. Undercutting is one thing,but then hitting the guys balls as well? Yeah got no defense for that.

    Rondo has been on some foul smelling shit for the past 2 games, they have finally learned to just crowd the goddamn paint and play off him for the pass. Rondo needs to come out against LA and fucking attack Fisher/Kobe cuz this shit is ridiculous, he’s playing like he’s afraid of shooting.

    But hey positives, he was 5/6 from the line XD

  • bookkwormmaster

    Shout out to my Hawks getting a quality win against a tough never say die Knicks team. JJ was on his all-star shit last night with a terrific all around line and has been tearing it up in the month of January. The J-Smoove that played last night is the guy I wish could play like that every single game. Surprised he didn’t get a tech for that graphic taunt after he hit that huge three. Big Al was on his game too knocking down that automatic mid-range J and straight good defense on the other end. Very proud of my team. However, what the hell was up with Marvin? He looked like he wanted to KILL Shawne Williams. I didn’t see anything that could have provoked such an bloodlusting reaction like that and on the tailend of a game that had pretty much already wrapped up. Very disappointed in how he handled that

  • Promoman


    I don’t know about that regarding KG, Pietrus,& Gortat. Bitch-ass dudes like KG size up people and test ‘em when they think the target’s got a long fuse before they want to beat that ass or when they think they’re soft. KG didn’t do shit when Jose Calderon threw the ball right in his face after KG tried him. Then we can’t forget about the PR campaign his pussy ass went on after the cancer thing a few months ago. If you’re that hard, then stand by your word. That fucking queer tries to explain himself on Twitter and then tries to pull some baby-kissing type PR by talking to George Karl before and after the game about cancer. I respect KG’s game for the most part but he’s bitchmade.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    From what I can see Marvin started that shit, they went down the court and Marvin pushed his back, Shawne turned around some words were said and Shawne clocked Marvin with a leftie that even though it didn;t connect knocked Marvin down, if not for Fields supporting him that might nave turned ugly.

  • Anasi

    Nat Rob is a monster. He came from no where and smacked Gortat then stood there getting KGs back. My 7 year old daughter watched that and said “that little guy is fierce.

  • control


    Your post in yesterday’s smack is almost exactly the same as what I have been saying about Rondo for damn near a year now. The guy is a PG built by the system, and I’m not saying he isn’t a decent PG, I’ve watched at least a dozen Celtics games (hoping they lose of course) just so I can make sure I was educated on what I was saying and not talking out of my ass. People saying he was an MVP of the league, or the best point guard…they were just blinded by media hype and jockers. He’s not, and right now Rose, Nash, Williams (over last few games, guy had a minor bad run), Paul, Westbrook and maybe even some hot streaks by guys like Felton and Baron, mean he’s barely top 10 and you might be able to argue him out of the top 10.

    It’s also funny seeing the media ripping up guys like Blake and Dwight for shooting 55-65% from the ft line, saying that makes them a liability and it’s the biggest flaw of their game, etc etc…yet out the other side of their mouth will say Rondo is amazing…but he’s even worse (less than 50% this year). Guy can’t even be on the floor near the end of tight games because other teams will just foul him. Not to mention he’s leading the league in turnovers.

    Yeah, Rondo is leading Nash in assists this year…by 1, with like 5-6 minutes more a game. Look who Nash is passing to, compared to Rondo.

    This season is proving exactly what I was saying. If you’ve been watching the games you’ve been seeing how he gets covered, and even announcers are talking about it now as well.

    I hate posting on the weekend…but I don’t mind hating me some Rondo :P

  • the truth

    ^ kind of agree, and kevin garnett is the biggest bitch in the NBA and he keeps proving it

  • bookkwormmaster

    @ Stunnaboy2K11

    I did see that and it did look like he started it but just the way he REACTED makes me wanna believe that it started way before he started getting physical downcourt. I mean Marvin was like a raging pitbull the way he was trying to get at Shawne Wiliams. Even some of the Nba’s past fights didn’t feature guys going that berserk. He was even shoving and pushing the assistant coaches while on the court and as they were escorting him down the tunnel

  • http://www.sactownroyalty.com Willis

    RUN DMC!!! DeMonstrous Cousins

  • johnny kilroy

    @control, i see ur point…rondo’s being exposed lately

    the team is built to his strengths like making hustle plays and steals on defense. then he has his slash and kick game going with all the shooters on the floor.

    but damn i’ve never seen that much sagging defense when he’s around. we need to call him out for that shot of his – it’s just fugly.

    jason kidd improved his j. westbrook and d-rose did the same.

  • First & Foremost

    On the topic of Rondo. His confidence/arrogance are holding him back. He knows he can make that pass to find the open shooter, so he does… all the time. Sometimes he misses horribly and other times you wish you paid attention in geometry.

    Before I sided with those saying he was near the top at his position but now if I were to build a team. I’d want the pg that could create their own shot as well as make the perfect pass to other players. Which is why CP/Deron/Nash are a cut above everyone else.

    Until Rondo improves his jumper to the point we don’t laugh at his pump fake, he should be considered a middle of the pack point guard.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball


    You are and have been one of my favorite poster on Dime for a while now (regardless of what my screen name was at the time). I remember you calling Garnett out around this time last year (atleast I believe it was you). Dude is living off of his rep as a younger guy and now is just a dirty 80s era Piston. Smack a guy’s balls and IMMEDIATELY turn to the ref with the “I didn’t do anything hands”. Anytime a player does that, it means that they DID do something.


    You probably ought to stop going down on the shamrock… you can’t even be honest about what the tape shows?!?

  • http://www.bidonhotels.net Wilton Murphree

    Yo…I Don’t Think Cleveland Has Won A Game Since LeBron Was On The Team

  • http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/files/you_re_a_homo_767.jpg JAY

    @ First & Foremost: “Until Rondo improves his jumper to the point we don’t laugh at his pump fake, he should be considered a middle of the pack point guard.”

    Yeah. Then we could also say, until Westbrook’s and D-Rose’s court vision is up to par with Rondo’s, they should be at the same level as Rondo.
    Let’s throw those 3 guys in the middle-of-the-pack point guard tier with guys like Jose Calderon and Brandon Jennings.