NBA / Jan 3, 2011 / 12:00 pm

LeBron’s Birthday Cake Is Kind Of Ridiculous

If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t get the invite to LeBron‘s 26th birthday party last Thursday night either. You know, the private dinner at STK in Miami followed by a late-night party at Coco Deville next door. But I know what you’re thinking: What kind of cake did ‘Bron, Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, Spike Lee and Drake, amongst others, get to chow down on…

Thankfully, James tweeted us a picture:

LeBron's Birthday Cake Is Kind Of Ridiculous

What do you think?

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  • Mike “Yahoo! Exclusive” Mihalow

    What kind of prick would need a cake like that to satisfy his ego?

  • http://www.remixcomics.com Nodizzel

    Chill it’s just cake… If you feel like you have to lash out and insult someone about a cake that’s a you problem buddy.

  • dan

    Im assuming its not ice cream cake.

  • jimbo


  • control


    Mikey is just asking what type of prick LeBron is…with LeBron’s recent actions over the last few months, it is really hard to distinguish what type of prick he is, exactly. He has been spreading himself over several different prick and douche categories, from the “sunglasses inside dark club wearing” douchebag, to “out of touch with reality egotistical” prick, to the “I’m too good to sign autographs for fans because I’m the best though I ain’t won shit” douchebag, and the ever wonderful “hometown hero, but only when it suits me” (which I don’t blame him for, fuck Cleveland) asshole. LeBron’s been all over his douchebaggary game this last year…

    It’s sad that LeBron has worked on his prick/douchebag game more in the offseason than his low post game…

  • http://www.mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    gotta say that is one ugly fucking cake.
    he should have hit duff over at ace of cakes up.

  • @Mtx

    The cake represents Lebron perfectly: A crown, some bling but no ring.

  • http://dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Mike — Pretty sure LeBron didn’t design the cake himself. Usually it’s your fam/friends/girl who does that for you as a surprise, unless it’s a wedding cake.

  • Phileus

    Haha, great post control.

    I think that cake is ridiculous, but when I was looking at the STK menu I realized that these NBA players really are something. A lot of them started at the bottom of the barrel, the poorest of the poor in the USA, and through their hard work they got up to the point where they can eat these ridiculously nice restaurants, take care of themselves and their families, and order absurdly decorated cakes. They fulfilled the American dream, and I want to be where they are. I guess I just need to keep working.

    So I’ll lay off the hate for one day. Happy birthday, LBJ, and cheers to your unquestionable success.

  • http://oneness287.com joe

    thats kinda cool , def not as nice as the cake i had for my b day . HAHAH

  • NYK

    cavs color, lakers L

    whoever designed the cake would be off’ed by the king soon.

    and yeah, pretty sad.

  • Ape

    That cake is even taller than Eddie House with a pair of heels on.

  • Susanaf

    This has to be the NICEST cake I have ever see! Damn had crystals and everything, I imagine it cost alot of money but he well deserves this and more. All of you are just jealous he is with the Miami heat. Let the men celebrate with the cake he wants, he isn’t just a regular guy. He is Lebron James,” the king”. I didn’t expect anything less than this stunning cake.

  • Mike “Yahoo! Exclusive” Mihalow

    I didn’t directly insult LeBron. Learning to read, “that’s a you problem buddy”

    You summed it up perfectly with “It’s sad that LeBron has worked on his prick/douchebag game more in the offseason than his low post game…”.
    I wish he cared more about improving his game, and working with his team/coach then his social life.

    “Usually” is the keyword here. lol
    When you make tens of millions of dollars and still need people to donate half a million each to buy you something this ridiculously unnecessary, I tend to think a cake of this magnitude was somewhat premeditated.
    It kind of reminds me of all those “Sweet 16″ shows my g/f made me watch on MTV, where the stuck-up girls plan their birthday parties (as if it were their weddings).

    And BTW, this isn’t some serious anti-LeBron, hate I’m directing. I’m more trying to be witty and less somber.

  • Rainman

    expected from the egomaniac of egomaniacs

  • Stephen Jackson

    I second Mike “Yahoo! Exclusive” Mihalow

  • top_gun

    What a deformed crown. For the amount of money they spent on the cake, they could’ve gotten much better. The cake just looks nice cause it’s stacked so high, but other than that, nothing really stands out.

  • control

    I’m surprised Bron didn’t do a bake-off “decision” type show on the food network to raise some money for charity…sort of like one of those cake baking contests that are on there all the time…

  • Marcus

    God damn…if this guy gets a cake like that I wonder what MJ would have had if he balled today…

    They’d have to build a caks castle for Air Jordan…

    Too bad no Cav fans jumped out and shot LBJ…jus kiddin ;)

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Well I the money gotten from charging guests half a mil needs to spent somewhere?

  • sh!tfaced

    always want to have his cake and eat it…

  • Pugz

    what a fucking tool…

  • the truth

    y’all need to chill out. just jealous that’s not your cake

  • Claw

    @Truth – jealous its not my cake? What am I 5? Seriously that is a gay (not that there is anything wrong wtih that) comment.

    Delonte West needed to jump outta that cake with his mom

  • ab40

    I never knew larry johnson like red and blue cakes. good for lebron to make a cake for the former all star

  • JAY

    Let’s be real here guys, the cake is huge. A dude like LBJ, a star amongst stars, deserves to have a gigantic cake. On the flip side though,, that cake is ugly as shit. I’m not trying to put my hater hat on. If someone bought that cake for me on my birthday I’d think the exact same thing…. ” Damn it’s huge but who the fuck designed that ugly piece of shit?”

  • Ian

    i bed he picked this shit out himself.

  • Dre

    Thamk you Austin… these people are idiots. Like you said… I’m pretty sure his family and friends designed the cake not him. Yet hater and idiots still want to blame him.

  • Dre

    Don’t worry Austin the only idiot blamming Lebron for this cake is the idiot that would buy his own birthday cake. He is not smart enough to know that other people buy your birthday cake not you… damn buy a clue and stop the hate. I know y’all are really hating on Miami smashing through the league now. You guys are pathetic!