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Lil Wayne Has Beef With LeBron James & Dwyane Wade

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

In the new issue of Rolling Stone which hits newsstands this week, cover guy Lil Wayne gives his first interview following his eight-month stint in prison. In addition to talking about playing countless games of Uno with his cellmates, reading Vince Lombardi‘s biography and spending his final month in solitary, Wayne had harsh words to say about LeBron James and Dwyane Wade after they never came over to talk to him while sitting courtside at a Heat/Hornets game this season.

“Them n***** never speak to a n****,” says Lil Wayne. “They don’t chuck me the deuce or nothing. N**** spent all that money on them fucking tickets … Come holla at me. We sit right by them little bitch-ass n*****. At least come ask me why I’m not rooting for you.”

As you may already know, the reason Lil Wayne was probably not rooting for the Heat is because he’s good friends with Hornets point guard Chris Paul and a native of New Orleans.

What do you think?

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  • http://treyningday.blogspot.com tdouble_u

    He’s basically complaining about why two grown’ahh men aren’t checkin’ for him? Must be two sides…

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com CCB

    I know it’s cliche, but they didn’t know whether to dap you, or read you, “dirty looking ass n—–.” Boondocks Season 3.
    Chris B.

  • tysteady

    Middle school problems LOL

  • Shot In Ya Face

    What do I think?

    Lil Bitch is everything wrong with music today. Fucking music is garbage.

  • http://x diego

    co sign shot in the face, he and kanye west ruined the hip hop

  • ENEW

    7th grade boy (with watery eyes): “Why didn’t you ask me if I wanted a piece of cake?”

    Big Brother: “What do five fingers say to the face?”

  • George W Kush Sr

    Wayne sounds like a lil bitch in this article

  • joeproblems

    saying “n*gga” 4 times in 5 sentences doesn’t make you sound like less of a whiny bitch.

  • Brown

    Weezy needs to STFU. Nothing he does or says contributes anything worthwhile to society.

    Maybe Lebron and D-Wade actually have good taste and don’t care for his music. If it was me, I wouldn’t show any kind of love or recognition for any celebrity I didn’t like, no matter how famous they are.

  • iLL MAGO

    Just another case of someone who is too high up in his ivory tower sippin’ on lemonade. What Next? Giving Obama the finger cause he didn’t acknowledge you in one of his speeches? Maybe people are just scared of him. I mean, has he ever really looked at himself in the mirror or listened to some of the lyrics he’s released in albums? Maybe D-Wade & Lebron don’t want to associate themselves with a convict? Do I blame them? No. Is LiL Bitch’s response predictable? Yes.

  • control

    iLL MAGO

    Who would be scared of lil’ wayne? The guy is all of 5foot nothing, weighs less than an asian massage parlor bitch, and you can’t understand a god damn thing he says, ever. This guy is fucking crazy if he’s going to get mad that a couple of grown ass men didn’t “acknowledge his greatness”. Fuck lil wayne, only deuce I’d give him is one fresh out the bowl.

  • JBaller

    That’s just hilarious! Not because he’s right, just because.

  • http://www.remixcomic.com Nodizzel

    Yawn his music is trash! This is how it went down.

    LeBron: Aww shit there’s Lil Wayne…
    D-Wade: Damn! If we stay still he won’t see us.
    Bosh: Why yall standing still?
    LeBron: Dammit Chris now he can see us!

  • LakeShow84


    “at least come ask me why im not rooting for u”


    Weezy is funny tho.. I dont think he really cared..

  • karizmatic

    He’s dumb.

  • TIP

    errr…anyone else notice he looks like a damn fool in that picture? smh.

  • John Bosco

    I think weezy needs to go for rehab,so as to recover fully from the prison mentality,cos I basically see no reason why he should beef his home boys for their refusal to greet him.bullsht

  • JAY

    Uhhh… nobody can sense the sarcasm? Nobody in here jokes around with their boys?

    Cosign…. he’s a black leprechaun.

  • http://cosbysweater.com chicagorilla

    Not only should they not have acknowledged him, they prolly shouldve paid for security to remove him from his retarded ass from being so close to the court. Maybe even have him taken out back and shot. And im so serious. What did he expect, for them to french kiss him like he does with Baby?

  • top_gun

    A lot of people say he’s trash but then artists like Eminem put him on their album, not cause he sells but because he does have great quotes here and there. Kanye is just a modern day Mase, but he’s not so hip hop anymore.

    Looking at it from another perspective, i’m pretty sure Lebron and Wadae didn’t want to acknowledge him because of the song he made about Kobe winning another ring.

  • LeBrick Shames

    I think LeQuit and D Wade are planny mad that Weezy made a song about Kobe being the Greatest and not them.

    That’s why LeQuit and D Wade like Jay Z.

  • Claw

    What? What? What? Okay!

  • 92021SpurMD

    Thank you JAY.. apparently no one can see that this is clearly sarcasm. Wayne was probably laughing through that whole rant, and rolling stone decided to type it out as if he was serious. S/N: you all are CRAZY if you think his lyrics are wack… he might degrade women, etc, but dude has flow, you can’t take that from him.

  • WinDelRoj

    “We sit right by them little bitch-ass n*****. At least come ask me why I’m not rooting for you.”

    Surprised noone mentioned him calling someone “little” or “bitch-ass”. He couldnt say that to Lebrons belly button much less his face.

    Just picture Kat Williams’ bit on being friends with Shaq…

  • boomshakalaka

    They never shoulda gave that n**** money

  • http://wewantmelo.com WE WANT MELO

    The Knicks would dominate on offense inside the paint (Stoudamire) and from inside out (Melo). We also know who the most valuable player would be to keep on the team, but we don’t mention names. WE WANT MELO


  • WARCHIEF3000

    Mannnn, cats is goin in on ole Weezy Wee… lmao.. personally, I’m a big Weezy fan… I’m hip hop to my heart an I don’t think him or ‘Ye ruined hip hop or hurt it in anyway… I think both of’em is dumb hot… Both spit bars… I understand like any genre of music hip hop can’t stay the same… Biggie an Pac didn’t sound like LL or Run DMC and they didn’t sound like Wu an or Nas… You gotta try to enjoy all types of hip hop … I’m mid 30’s an I love that old east coast shit from Big to Beenie to Hov… But I’ll bang Gucci, I’ll bang Snoop, if it’s hot I don’t care where u from I’m with it… As far as Lebron an Wade, I’m band wagon hoppin with them right now… I just wanna see’em do well… I think at the end of the day… They shoulda acknowledge Weezy or vice versa… Whoever, whatever, whenever…. To me… They all got paper so it shoulda been all luv… Cats is grown, they shoulda been tryna get at some chicks together somewhere after the game… If I had paper like them dudes I wouldn’t have time to “Beef” wit anybody… I’d be too busy gettin in the mix with the baddest chicks the world has to offer… OUT!!!!


    So one egomaniac is mad that two egomaniacs didn’t come say “Hi”? I would say Lil Wayne lost some G points on this one, but he didn’t have any to begin with. That’s some bitch shit but on the other hand when Jay-Z is at the game everyone down to the refs show love! Stay in your lane LIL MAN!

  • SoulOriginal

    Weezy r u serious famlee. Cum on man. I know you’re not bee n cuzz they didn’t speak 2 you. U feelin ur self too much. Get off what eva ur on and know ur fame. Thoroughbreeds would’ve laughed @ the situation. U were in their court but one day they’ll be in urs and then u just return the favor or show them just how thorough you are but damn to be a bitch azz nigga for not speaking…I got a lot of people to apologize to…This reminds me when Peedi Crack complained Juelz Santana didn’t speak to him in the club…SO WHAT

  • http://cosbysweater.com chicagorilla

    @WAR, You are the type of fool that has sadly and mistakenly labled yourself as a hip hop head. Nicca big and pac aint the only hip hop artist. If thats what you think of as old school hip hop that explains the BS you spewing. Pac and BIG basically became mainstream music which eventually turned into pop music. U my friend are a lover of pop music because u have no real appreciation for the art of lyrics or music in general if u listening to anything Gucci or Weezy is on. Stop trying to blend in with the masses and listen to some real hip hop. Go on itunes or you tube and check some Curren$y, Wale, Slaughter House, JCole, Young Chris or Big KRIT out. U want old school then get some Rakim, KRS 1, BDP, Ras Kas, Black Star, Redman, Wutang, Big L, Big Pun, Scareface and countless others that werent POP MUSIC.

  • Big T

    Sounds like some black on black crime… just in time for MLK day.

  • Big T

    By the way, I love how the Lil Wayne quote has “fucking” spelled out, but has asterisks in place of “nigga”, lol. What a joke.


    @chicagorilla I’m mad at you FOR acknowledging WARCHIEF3000’s dumbass! Anyone who openly kills babies and slaps Nuns aka Listens to Gucci Mane aren’t worth the words Fam! lol

  • cavi

    Kanye ruined hip hop? Are you fucking serious? Everybody from Nas, Jay-z Rakim and Krs One have worked with Ye. All hip hop doesn’t have to be some kind of hardcore boom bap music. Open up your minds and quit limiting yourselves

  • LakeShow84

    Yeah Weezy’s MAINSTREAM music aint shit but dude has serious talent.. Pays the guitar, rights his own shit and so on..

    Too many rappers out there have ghost writers and that shit is weak..

    Now Kanye??

    You may be able to call him an ass and hate his egocentric shit but be real..

    Kanye is one of the closest talents to REAL hip hop we have.. Rightin about different shit.. making SICK beats and basically working with EVERYONE and making them up they game..

    ask anyone in the industry who they want to work with and its usually Kanye..

    So YES modern Hip Hop is ridiculous.. but u cant lump everyone into that and say EVERYONE is as well..

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    This is easy

    Mixtape Weezy: amazing talent, sick rhymes, creativity adn flow off the charts

    Mainstream Weezy: Responsible for Lollipop, IMO the worst thing to happen to him hop this deacde

  • LakeShow84

    Man i fuckin HATED Lollipop lmao

    And what was that shit he came out with Bobby V?? Ms Officer or whatever?? DAMN that shit was painful cuz they put it on the radio damn near every other song..

    The I am not a human being album is sick though.. the title track too..

  • tdubb

    I wonder if bron jacked him in his eye if he would still want him to say hey man why don’t you root for us.

  • tdubb

    And I like lilwaynes stuff, but this story shows me why he is still doing bitz

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    I dunno about his recent shit, honestly he should drop auto tune all together, not a good look for me. I mean we know you can rap, you don’t need to sing.

    People hatin on ‘Ye need to calm down, in this current age nigga is one of the dopest ones we got. His recent album was amazing, I’m still bumpin So Appalled now.

    Had a friend who said Lollipop was his fav Lil Wayne song, lets just say we aint friends no more ;)

    The thing is I think rappers are in a bind, like jay said “would you rather be underpaid or overrated?” Notice how Lollipop is Wayne’s mega hit, and maybe his shittiest song. SO hey if the public wants shit why not give em it?

  • SWAT

    @ chica…big pun not pop music? “Dont wanna be a player feat Joe” Thats about as pop as you can get. Wale does spit but isnt he on some trash song w/ wacka flacka? My point is everybody is looking for tht radio hit and pop does stand for popular-once you go mainstream thats where the money is. I feel ya on the artform of hip hop and what it used to be but its like tryin to compare todays NBA to NBA (pre and during jordan) days-2 totally different animals.
    And as far as Mr West…STOP HATIN. tht dude is a genius and is one the of the few, since 3000 left, that experiments and pours his heart on whtever he does. who are you to tell him otherwise?

  • WARCHIEF3000

    To my dudes Chico an Coney Island dude… I aint mad at yall for ur responses… I know hip hop… One of my favorite all time artist is Rakim… I just think it’s people like you 2 cats that “think” yall know hip hop so much that if someone else’s opinion is different from urs they wack or stupid… Music crosses all boundaries fam… I was on Weezy since he was a hot boy… If u pop in the dedication, the drought, the leak, even his Albums especially the Carter 2 you wouldn’t be able to deny his talent… Ye is just one of the dopest I’ve ever heard period… Both them cats is just crazy wit the lyrics… Although I won’t shoot back an insult yall for having ur own opinion I will say I have never purchased a Gucci album but I have younger cousins that listen to him an a slew of other southern artist an obviously the lyricism is a stepdown but hip hop aint always about just lyrics… It’s a feeling u get… Every body should open there minds an kinda do they own thing… But continue to do yall…. Internet thuggin is worse than “bad hip hop” …. Grown men can agree to disagree

  • Knicksfan84

    I’m a proud 26 year old black man from Queens, NY. I didn’t understand a WORD he said.

    SMH…. MLK where are you when we need you!


    Who’s “Internet thuggin”? SMH *PRESSES MUTE BUTTON ON WARCHIEF* NEXT!

  • Tiredof thefakers

    Warcheif3000 is one of the many reasons slamonline>dimemag. This (allegedly) grown ass man is asking why two other grown ass men don’t want to “hang out” with a grown ass man who is whining about two men not giving him attention. Seriously dude, you sound like a 16 year old groupie. Lie all you want, but there is no way in hell you’re in you 30’s. I don’t even believe you’re in your 20’s. Who cares if some drug addicted, man kissing, tea cup of a rapper has money? That means they somehow have an obligation to aknowledge him? What about every other courtside spectator? Do they have to kick it with them too? Hang out and chase girls with them? WTF are you even talking about? They’re grown men, jackass. Not teenage boys. And please explain to me how there is “beef” simply because they don’t feel he’s important enough to have to speak to. He’s just another rapper. His sense of self-importance is unwarranted. I wouldn’t aknowledge his ass if I saw him in the streets today just on the strength that he’s JUST A RAPPER!! Quit being a male groupie and grow up. You sound really stupid!

  • That’s What’s Up

    I think Sisqo and this dude would make a cute couple

  • Mdolla

    Weezy sounds real girly with that noise. You mean to tell me if he was doing his concert he would stop in the middle of his song and shot out Lebron and D Wade just because they were in the building. I doubt it. Must be use to all that “male” attention he was getting when he was locked up.

  • jdizzle

    This is some girl shit! He is officially bitch-made now! The only Wayne shit I listen to is The Dedication 1 and The Carter 1 and now I dont even know if I can do THAT anymore! And what the fuck is up wit those Billie Jean ass pants he got on!?
    @Chicagorilla JETS FOOL!

  • Dre

    Chicagorilla, I agree with most of your post but calling Big and Pac pop is totally and utterly ridiculous. Just because they were able to have successful radio track does not make them pop and hip hop can be pretty broad. There B-side stuff was straight raw hip hop and their A-side stuff was radio friendly hip hop which is totally different from pop.

  • egypt

    people don’t understand sarcasm these days…. he shares floors with wade in miami…

  • who

    Who gives a *bleep* about Lil Wayne – seriously?