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Mighty Monta fights off the Abominable Blake Griffin

Monta Ellis (photo. Bethany Gilbert)

Monta Ellis (photo. Bethany Gilbert)

Not to take a dump on ESPN’s Friday doubleheader featuring Spurs vs. Mavs and Blazers vs. Suns, but was there really any doubt that last night’s true must-see matchup was Warriors vs. Clippers? Forget the win-loss records: Blake Griffin and Monta Ellis might actually hail from planets other than ours, Stephen Curry and Eric Gordon are walking clinics on the art of deadly buckets, and the Golden State crowd is always fun, especially on a night where they’d be welcoming back Baron Davis The Warriors led by eight going into the fourth quarter and opted to rest Monta and Steph for a few minutes while Reggie Williams and Acie Law ran the show. (Do you think Jacob Pullen is watching Acie Law and fearing that might be his future?) Gordon quickly sparked an L.A. run to tie it up, bringing the starters back on the floor with eight minutes to go … Baron was feeling it back in his old gym. One time he hit a nasty high-arcing fadeaway from the left baseline, and on his way back raised his eyebrows like, “I don’t even know how I made that.” … It was still tied with three and a half minutes left before Vlad Radmanovic hit a go-ahead three for the Warriors, then a Monta steal where he tiptoed the sideline led to another Vlad trey. “He is the Serbian secret weapon,” one G-State announcer laughed. The Clips never got any closer, as Monta put it to bed when he spun away from Baron and put his knee in Blake’s chest on a finger roll, then casually dropped a pull-up jumper to make it a double-digit margin … Earlier in the fourth, Monta (30 pts, 6 asts) made the defensive play of the night. Baron and Blake (28 pts, 13 rebs) had made eye contact and tried a 50-foot alley-oop that Blake was going to catch backwards for highlight of the year, but Monta got his Darrelle Revis on and batted the ball away at the rim before Griffin could grab it … If you didn’t know, Blake was home-schooled growing up. The announcers said it’s helped make him grounded, but what about the impact on his game? Since he didn’t go to school with other kids, maybe he just never learned that you’re not supposed to put your junk in another guy’s face while you’re stealing his pride … One time after DeAndre Jordan airballed the first of two free throws, the play-by-play guy deadpanned, “Be ready to box out,” as Jordan took his second shot … The Suns/Blazers finish was good, too. Phoenix took a four-point lead with two minutes left after Vince Carter schooled Nic Batum for a three-point play, but Andre Miller nailed a three in Grant Hill‘s eye — his first successful trey in 20 attempts — that left Hill frozen with the “You ate ass” face … A few possessions later, Steve Nash (23 pts, 13 asts) broke a tie when he buried a triple. Down the stretch, when Portland needed Phoenix to miss free throws, they couldn’t keep the ball away from Nash and he wouldn’t oblige. Throw in one of Portland’s now-typical frantic late possessions where they obviously need Brandon Roy, and that was enough to end the intrigue …Read More>>

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  • k to the mart


  • k to the mart


  • McSimon

    No mention on another one of Blake’s murder attempt?

  • Andre78

    B.Griffin = DunkPorn… you just want to see it, lol

  • First & Foremost

    If your team doesn’t blowout the Cavs, is that considered a moral loss?

  • DNice

    Great Smack today

  • Arno

    Speaking about Griffin, is he sometimes pretending to defend ? Mostly, he doesn’t seem that concerned…

  • That’s What’s Up

    so, some douchebag posts first and says first. then the douchebag gets douchier and posts second, but says first. what in the fuck is the purpose of that shit?

    Spurs looked bored last night. Sunday’s game ought to be great because Denver can score a lot and poses matchups problems. It will be a nice test for the Spurs

  • Tbest

    Does anyone know the record for a rookie with consecutive double digit rebound games, or double double’s? Griffin has 25 consecutive double digit rebound games. (That goes back to Nov. 20!) I looked at modern players (1980 on) and couldn’t find anyone even close. Let alone the fact that all 25 games have been double double’s. This kid is incredible.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    Dump away on ESPN… that channel deserves it.

  • QQ

    Does this prove that Nowitzki is indeed the number 1 contender for the MVP right now?

    He went down, and the Mavs suddenly decided they were tired of winning.

  • Big Island


    Not really a huge fan of posting links, but I figured why not with this one.

  • Big Island


    Agreed, but I think he’s just plain old porn. He just f***s people, usually pretty hard. If Magette is bad porn, Griffin is like a collection of money shots.

  • Mtx

    wow no love for the 76-years old kurt thomas getting 18 rebounds?

  • sh!tfaced

    wow no love for 86-years old ‘the big flashback’ shaq getting 23-5-5 blocks?

  • jzsmoove

    i’m liking TMac’s groove right now. I actually saw some of the Pistons- Lakers game a few games back, and there is absolutely no way Orlando cannot bring back Mcgrady and Big Ben from detroit for a couple of draft picks. Its a win-win, Detroit would love picks to build with. Orlando gets extra bodies they need to contend better in the East. Yo Otis Smith, bring em back with one more go around.

  • http://dimemag.com chicagorilla

    LMFAO@Big Island, that would be a great nickname for Griff. Money shots. Who doesnt love them. Bulls/Pacers game was boring. I hate the way Indy plays. They dont seem to care about winning, only how many shots can they get up. For a state like IN that has to be torture. No wonder they were chanting MvP for Rose when he went to the line. I wonder how that makes Granger feel. Also Boozer made the play of the game IMO when after Jeff Foster made an hard foul on Rose that Rose took exception to. Boozer came over and checked Foster for the hard foul. Which hasnt happened on the bulls since Antonio Davis was here. Kurt and Booz are like body guards for Rose.

  • Tiredof thefakers

    The people who post on this blog are closeted homosexuals. What’s with all the gay sex references? Just another reason slamonline>dimemag.com

  • http://dimemag.com chicagorilla

    Oh and s/o to the Bolingbrook HS girls team who’s starting PG A.Massengale (Tennesee) starting forwards Morgan(a Jr. committed to UConn) and Taylor (U of ILL) Tuck are taking on the number 3 team in the state who has commits for Notre Dame and UNC. DIME, you guys should show them love, when Wayne Ellington and Gerald Henderson played together then committed to rivals UNC and Duke it was a big deal. Same can be said for these girls who played ball together since 4th grade.

  • That’s What’s Up

    @ post 18

    not too sure slamonline isn’t also a gay sex reference sweety

  • http://dimemag.com chicagorilla

    say it with you chest lil ass nicca! Monsta game from DRose and DWade. They simply took over. @18, Dude chillax with that ish. I have nearly 100 slam mags in my crib yet i prefer DIMEMAG.COM. Now close ya mouth be4 somebody come put a dyck in it. ON DA YARD!

  • ReddiRed

    @ chicagorilla: LMAO @ “say it with you chest lil ass nicca!” Kevin Hart is funny as hell, esp after a blil.