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NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo and Chauncey to New Jersey, three different scenarios

For whatever reason, Jan. 10 has become the day it seems Carmelo Anthony HAS to be traded. As a result, the rumors are coming out of Denver faster than J.R. Smith can get “Peace Out ‘Melo” tattooed on the three inches of space he has left on his collarbone.

While the particulars vary from report to report, almost everyone is saying there is a three-team deal between the Nuggets, Nets and Pistons that is close to being confirmed by all sides. That would send ‘Melo to New Jersey along with Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton, with Devin Harris (Nuggets) and Derrick Favors (Nuggets) among the others prominently involved. The only differences lie in the details involving other players and picks

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the latest Carmelo trade being discussed looks like this:

Nets get: ‘Melo, Billups, Hamilton, Anthony Carter, Shelden Williams.
Nuggets get: Harris, Favors, Anthony Morrow, Ben Uzoh, Stephen Graham, two 1st-round picks from New Jersey.
Pistons get: Troy Murphy, Johan Petro.

The deal was close enough to finished that the Nets and Pistons were reportedly surprised that Denver allowed ‘Melo, Billups, Carter and Williams to play in last night’s loss to New Orleans.

Meanwhile, Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated says the proposed trade looks slightly different:

Nets get: ‘Melo, Billups, Hamilton, Carter.
Nuggets get: Harris, Favors, Morrow, Uzoh, Graham, 1st-round pick from New Jersey.
Pistons get: Murphy, Petro, 1st-round pick from New Jersey.

That deal reportedly stalled because Denver tried to include Al Harrington, and New Jersey doesn’t want him (or his contract).

But then ESPN’s Chris Broussard reports the trade looking like this:

Nets get: ‘Melo, Billups, Hamilton.
Nuggets: Harris, Favors, Morrow, Uzoh, Graham, Quinton Ross, two 1st-round picks.
Pistons: Murphy, Petro.

Obviously something is close to going down — only nobody knows exactly what. There are rumors of Billups demanding a buyout or a contract extension if he ends up in New Jersey, and others of Harris never suiting up for Denver and being immediately traded to Dallas or Portland. The only certainty, it seems, is that Carmelo will be sent to the Nets. But then again, no one is certain he’ll agree to sign a contract extension with them, which could cause the whole thing to fall apart.

What do you think will happen? Of the proposed deals, which one looks the best to you?

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  • NYK

    i like this on paper for the nets, this also reunites rip and chauncey with a superstar in melo.

    but the problem is melo won’t commit to new jersey in this sad state (no favors, no harris, no real bench to speak of), and the fact that chauncey doesn’t want to play in newark will mean there’s a glaring hole in the PG position (farmar is not a starter) in the new team, and that equals to even more incentive for melo to NOT go through with this.

  • Soul Jax

    I want my mouse back. Seriously this is getting pretty bad.

  • bobby stew

    This would be a disgusting trade in all scenarios. Putting Chauncey and RIP together again would be like watching a new LETHAL WEAPON movie. I think the chemistry and attitude in Jersey would be bad. Not a good mix.

  • NTstateOFmind

    really? you guys went so low as to put an Ad on the mouse icon?!

    i didn’t think that Dime’s print-media revenue was doing that bad

  • Dagger

    The mouse ad is a new low, Dime: it turns the site into a joke.

  • rban

    Joe D please unload Rip for Murphy please!

  • karizmatic

    The mouse ad is bothersome. But about the deal. I don’t know it looks like the 3rd scenario is the best one. But I could definitely see Billups asking to be bought out. He’s kind of content in Denver and would probably want to go right back even for less money. As far as the Nets getting Shelden Williams and Anthony Carter I could see them simply waiving both of them. So that’s one reason I think the last scenario is the best. In my opinion, looking at the Nets, trading Drew Harris should be a deal breaker. Finally, for Melo if I were him there is no way I’d look at what my roster would be, especially when the Nets are giving up TWO first round draft picks and think this is somewhere I could sign an extension.

    The Nets should have kept Terence Williams just for this trade. I don’t think Melo or the Nets will come out ahead in this deal and it would seem to me Denver comes out a big winner if they can keep Harris, turn the NJ first pick into something, and keep Favors. If they are able to move Kenyon it might work out very well for them. Detroit wins just because they get rid of Hamilton’s contract. But overall this trade is just too complex and the league should just shoot it down.

  • jryu

    seriously, wtf is this stupid mouse icon.. who in your office thought it was a good idea?

  • mouseadsucks

    wtf is with the mouse ad, one of the worst things i’ve ever seen on any site. didnt read a thing due 2 the disgusting mouse button. GET RID OF IT! or file for bankruptsy if ur short on cash flow

  • Like A Bosh

    If you guys don’t like the mouse ad, you can e-mail Dime and ask for a refund … Oh wait, you get their content for FREE.

  • IGP

    Seriously an ad on the mouse curser? Is it only about money nowadays?

  • Shot In Ya Face

    mouse thing is annoying, like many of your articles

  • thestradiosmiles

    So many people whining about a mouse icon that has literally no effect on anything you do, but the million other ads all over the internet are all of the sudden OK?

  • JBaller

    Gotta agree, this cursor advertisement is killing me. Will Dime lose more than it gains with this move? Could be.

    I’m out!

  • Detroit Dave

    How come Melo force a trade to Orlando. I’m pretty sure that Orlando will give up anybody not name Dwight Howard and this would give him the best chance at a Ring? But this is the NBA and obviously Melo don’t give a damn about a ring if he plans on signing with the NETS.

  • QQ

    Like a Bosh is Austin Burton. Damn. All the Bron ass kissing antics and ALWAYS defending Dime. Why the fuck would I be suspicious?

    Why does this trade seem to be SO favorable to the Nets, while the other teams get shit?

    And Detroit…. Damn, even I feel bad about yall.

  • Fabian

    Mouse ad thing really is way annoying… plus it does not want me to buy CP3′s shoes anymore (if that’s what it is trying to advertise) ..

  • Like A Bosh

    I’m not defending Dime, but damn it’s annoying when people complain about something that isn’t costing them ANYTHING.

    “Like A Bosh.” Read between the lines. Miami Heat fan here. Of course I’m gonna defend LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh and the rest of my guys.


    Its all about dumbing contracts and gearing up for next year.

  • Notorious

    You all want to put some dumb gimmick in place of the mouse icon, your site so your call. But could you at least have someone over the age of 10 design and implement it? Christ on a bike, who did the black and white screen grab and pasted that in place? What time challenged (and design challenged) intern invested 1 minute into this feature? Fire him/her now…

  • QQ

    A Miami fan? Sp it means a bandwagon fan, right?

    Isn’t ‘Miami fan’ synonymous with ‘bandwagon’ and ‘front-runner’ these days?

    PS: Drop the cover, Burton.

  • KCL

    I really cant believe detriot cant get a better offer for rip then troy murphy and they’d be getting burned only to help the nets out? what tools for sure. not bad for the nuggets tho I’d be hyped if Harris would be traded to Portland but they’d have to give up Batum for sure and don’t know if the Blazers are down for that quite yet esp with how he played against LeBron last nite. Hope more news comes out soon. and the mouse thing is annoying hope they realize the error of their ways esp with all the hate being delivered on this comment section haha but it is about money and we get this for free so I’m not gonna join the hate

  • zooyorker

    I think it is a good deal for the nets but only if billups stays. even if they can get melo the murphy deal should be a go plus they should be try to get a offer for villanuva he has a big contract and no production. But Melo will enjoy being in a bigger market. The other thing i dont understand why denver would put Al Harrington in the deal they would be giving away all their scoring I think if they do that they should try to get Prince from Detroit. I think Detroit needs to think about their future new ownership and losing do always mix.

  • Ben

    Get and ad-blocker guys :P And stop fucking whining.

  • jace

    sounds like any of those are a good deal for their respective teams..

    butttt… melo is better off staying in denver if he wants to be competitive. plus they can ultimately offer him more money than anyone else.

    but if the deal doesn’t go.. detroit should get rid of rip hamilton anyway.. hes a veteran who still who can be very useful to another veteran team.