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Nets eliminated from Carmelo chase; Griffin vs. K-Love in L.A.

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Crazy night in the NBA, with overtime finishes, upsets, comebacks, a head-to-head matchup of two of the best players in the League, another head-to-head matchup of two of the most talked-about players in the League, and (maybe) some kind of resolution on the Carmelo Anthony situation … Hours before Nuggets/Thunder tipped off, ‘Melo learned he won’t be playing for the Nets — at least not this season. Remember that scene in The Untouchables when Sean Connery is chasing one of Al Capone‘s guys through an open field and eventually shoots at the guy to make him stop? “Alright,” Connery snarled. “That’s enough of this running s***.” That’s basically what Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov did. His franchise has been chasing Carmelo for months, and finally Prokhorov just put an end to it. And you have to respect him for that. A lot of owners would be so seduced by the prospect of getting a bankable superstar like Carmelo that they wouldn’t notice or care if the constant trade talk brought a negative atmosphere to their current roster … At the end of the day, though, was anybody surprised that Billy King and Denver’s rookie GM couldn’t get a deal worked out? Those negotiations must have been like watching Hamed Haddadi and Aaron Gray play 1-on-1 … Meanwhile, the end of the ‘Melo ordeal (for now) seemed to liberate Chauncey Billups. He’s been playing at less than an All-Star level as the trade rumors swirled, but last night he was back to being “Mr. Big Shot.” In the final three minutes Chauncey (16 pts, 6 asts) dimed Carmelo (35 pts) on a bucket, hit a long two-pointer and a short jumper of his own, then set Nene up for the and-one that pretty much sealed the win … Kevin Durant struggled to keep up in his head-to-head with Carmelo, shooting 6-for-18 and finishing with 22 points … Don’t feel bad if you blinked and missed the part when Clippers/Wolves became a must-watch game. For a while it looked like Blake Griffin was going to dominate the matchup with Kevin Love, as Blake scored 14 in the first quarter and K-Love found himself on the bench in foul trouble. Love actually finished the first half with ZERO rebounds, which is like Lil Wayne walking past a tattoo shop and not getting any ink … In the second half it was more competitive, although the Clippers won the actual game convincingly. Griffin finished with 29 points and 8 rebounds, while Love had 26 points and 11 boards. Blake’s signature highlight? Probably the one where he was stuck in a scrum of defenders in the paint, tossed the ball to himself off the backboard and dunked it with two hands … The Pistons were only up by four on the Celtics with three minutes left in the fourth quarter, but for some reason it just seemed Detroit had the W in hand. Greg Monroe (13 pts, 9 rebs) was giving Boston’s front line problems with his athleticism, T-Mac (7 asts) was quietly yet efficiently running the offense, and three of the Celtics’ Big Five had been relatively quiet. And then the Pistons didn’t score the rest of the way … Kevin Garnett scored, Paul Pierce (22 pts) hit a pull-up J going to his right, and with a lid firmly placed on Detroit’s basket, Ray Allen hit the go-ahead shot with 24 seconds left. Garnett added a free throw, and the Pistons couldn’t even make the token layup when they tried to score quick and foul … Funny moment after Ray’s big shot: The Celtics broadcast was going to commercial, so the camera focused on a cute girl in the crowd for the standard “honey shot.” Right when it moved to a guy sitting in front of the girl who seemed like he might do something crazy, we found out the girl also had a nice rack, and on cue the camera moved back to her. But then it seemed the cameraman realized that looked kinda pervy, so for a few seconds he hovered in no-man’s land between the two fans until mercifully they finally went to commercial …Read More>>

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  • pipdaddyy

    Good for Prokhorov. Now if he could only scare Brook Lopez enough to cure his allergy against rebounding, they could get decent enough to attract some other big name for Brooklyn.

  • sh!tfaced

    A center who can’t rebound, a point guard who shoots too much, a GM who can’t close a deal, a control freak for a coach.

    New ownership, same old shitty Nets.

    …should have let Sasha Vujacic negotiate the Melo deal – we all know he’s good at closing deals. lol

  • http://cosbysweater.com chicagorilla

    Everytime i see Denver i cant help but notice how they look like the same ole Nuggets and there is no chemistry problems. Yet the media insist on making it a story. Not only that, but those of u on this site who are ganging up on Melo and bashing him and his game or leadership are looking awfully stupid right about now. Not only did Melo pull his team together and have a meeting telling them to ignore the media and play ball. All the while putting up numbers and balling like the beast he is. Just remember u all hated hard on DRose cuz it was the cool thing to do this summer. U hated hard on Blake Griffin for being hurt and hyped. U hated very hard on KLove and said MIN never shoulda traded Mayo for him. Its like u dont mind looking like idiots when these players prove u wrong.

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball

    Click my name (2nd post) to see Monta Ellis’ game winning shot … now that’s something to say “first” about.


    Dime dont be hating on the camera guy every guy loves a good rack lmao

  • http://Dimemag.com Chrisballz

    What was tyreke Evans stat line?

    What’s goin on wit lance Stephenson? The talk was he was gonna be a point guard but I havnt even seem him play yet.

  • Rafa23

    Stephenson hasn’t played a game yet, which is very strange since he woulda been an NBA star 3 years ago. LMFAO Dime

  • pipdaddyy

    Chicagorilla: normally I respect your opinion, but Carmelo has been terrible these last few weeks (save for yesterday), hope he gets it back together. No real problems in Denver, but they ain’t winning anything with a fading Billups and Harrington, an injury prone Kenyon and Birdman and a still-knucklehead JR as the key guys. Then again, if a 4-5 seed is good, they can keep rolling for a few more years…

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Umm when you throw your girl down a staircase as a rookie you kinda sign your own death certificate. I mean nigga was a second round pick, no way he recovers from that.

    No way Melo has been a good role model, he was openly encouraging these trade rumors and by not squashing them telling his team that he wants to bounce.

    Nuggets had ONE shot (the 08-09 year) due to injuries to other teams, that was it, they should have beat LA but couldn’t. Now? Don’t see them passing the 2nd round, maybe even a first round exit depending on the matchup. They are the Hawks of the West.

    Melo needs to bounce to the Clippers. Think about it: good market + Baron Davis, EJ, Melo, Blake and DeAndre would totally challenge for a title.

  • http://www.chess.com smoove chips

    I just got mad respect for prokhorov. THAT’S how you tell the world u mean business. he basically said the nets are commited to improving,will do their due diligence on any oportunity and will not be held hostage by drawn out nonsense. nobody wants to go to the nets,jyust say it and be done with it.checkmate;and life still goes on.

    honestly,the only way i can watch fisher play for my lakers is by envisioning him winning that game in boston for us. couldnt have done it without him. watching reg. season fisher is a lesson in pain,and he’s rubbing off on blake.fluck ! good news.Lamar is hella consistent.guess u cant win em all !

  • jzsmoove

    i posted same stuff sometime last week but I gotta push for this. Orlando trades picks to Detroit for Tmac and Big Ben. Otown gets insurance and able bodies to help contend while Deeetroit will get to rebuild. Win-win. And hopefully the move back to orlando revitalizes Tmac and Ben just a tad to help win a chip.

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com CCB

    The Melo talk should be dead. This trade deadline won’t see any significant movement at all. Denver will just allow Melo to walk in the summer and spend the summer trying to replace Billups and Melo. I don’t like Melo with the Knicks, I’m pushing for Marc Gasol to the Knicks and maybe another decent PG to change tempo, Steve Nash maybe? Either way, good night of hoops and my alma mater San Diego State won again. It’s not just Kawhi, DIME should run a feature on Malcolm Thomas. Just sayin
    Chris B

  • http://dynastybball.wordpress.com/ sean.dynastybball


    Since when is TMac able to remain “able-bodied”? 2006? Perhaps everyone ignored the brilliant suggestion you made last week because it’s one of the dumbest ideas they’ve heard in months… Isn’t Wallace hurt right now? I’ll assume you’re joking or you’re wearing a helmet right now.

  • gilford

    No mention of JRich’s 4 point play to force OT?

  • abpin

    No article or even a mention about the Spurs? These guys are ridiculous! How many games is it now that they’re down in the first half/third quarter and then end up winning the game? Any one of them can have a big night. Pop’s doing an amazing job with this “new” and “exciting” strategy, not to mention the organization for developing their players so well. San Antonio should run some NBA camps for rookies & get some of these past draft picks to produce something/anything. Go Spurs!

  • WinDelRoj

    I earned some respect for the Nets with the owners speech. Not only that but I agreed with Jon Barry that this could actually make the trade more likely to happen. In either case I think Melo is coming at too high a price and wouldnt have helped them as much as the cap room and picks would

  • Claw

    Love in the 3rd quarter was getting it, nearly 10 boards and was scoring on Griff with some solid post up moves. Clips were just stroking that 3 when Minny cut it to single digits two 3s and the game was back near 15.

    Does Beasley ALWAYS look to shoot it?

  • marcus the great


    if my memory serves me correct, spurs played the raptors last night. aka who cares. “they were who we thought they were.”

    spurs supposed to win that one lol

  • K Dizzle

    @ abpin – they beat the Raptors…..

    Props to Prokhorov for takin control. Nets were gettin screwed in this deal anyways. Like 6 players AND picks?Melo gotta be delirious. How the phuck you tell your team to trade you, then only give em one option(NYK) THEN have the audacity to tell em that you STILL want the 3 year extension. Melo’s destroyed that team’s chemistry and anybody who thinks otherwise needs to put down the pipe. Dude plays on a squad that could really challenge for a chip. They got a top 5 starting 5 in the l, they got a stacked bench, number 1 ranked offense in the league and got everybody back healthy. They got their coach back, and then all of a sudden, the franchise guy wants to go to……New York so his woman can get her tv career off. That ain’t about winnin.

    One more thing, I was watchin my Lakers get shot down by JKidd and I came to the conclusion that the loss was ok and I made my peace wit it cuz if the Mavs need JKidd to hit 3s at that clip, he won’t do it for 4 games in the playoff series and Odom can make Dirk work for his so we’ll see if it gets to that.
    How the heck does Dallas get Pavlovic off the waiver wire when dude can legitimately play and there’s teams that needed a wing even before Butler went down? NBA gms just slippin right now…

  • s.bucketz

    props to prokhorov???this was all a lil scheme and u dumb shits are fallin for it…i seen on some other site where they likened it to george costanza and the preemptive break up…he knew there was no chance at gettin melo and wit melo sayin i dont wanna meet wit u and this and that he didnt wanna make it seem like he came all the way to the states to get shut down by melo..he really came all the way over here to make an announcement he cooda made back in siberia??gtfoh..i still think a trade is possible to the nets and they are going to keep working on it..there jus not gunna put it all out there in the public anymore..the only reason they did that was to make melo look like a shit head to 2 franchises (as well as indifferent fans around the L) instead of just 1..melo wasn’t puttin himself in a JeBron Lames situation where hes bein all ambiguous about it(to an extent) but the Nets are adding fuel to the fire and u clowns are soakin it all up

  • s.bucketz

    ooh yea and co-sign CCB…i woould kill for marc gasol wit the knicks(or anybody that could grab a fuckin board)..i doubt memphis is stupid enough to let him go…hopefully they are cheap enough but they pretty much gotta decide between him and zbo and i think its gunna b gasol (if not, they prove they are stupid enough)
    i dunno so much bout nash..he jus signed a pretty big 3 year extension didn’t he??but the way he outran the whole knicks team down the court in crunch time i have no doubt that he could still keep up his play for another couple years.

  • LakeShow84

    Can someone please tell me

    Why the fuck Dallas been owning us these past 2-3 years..

    Even when we were a shitty rebuilding team they couldnt stop us for shit.. Kobe with 62 in 3 quarters and them basically being the only elite team we could beat even with Kwame..


    They fuckin rip us damn near everytime we play lol wack

    Bigups to the Russian for putting his poker face on.. I got mad respect for that.. And YEAH the asking price was WAY too much and hes smart as fuck for not being a skirt chasin schmuck lol

    Even if he does it now i like the bluff

  • QQ

    Things I learned today:

    1. Net’s GM comments about Melo was the most obvious bluff since celebrities with no business playing card games tried playing poker. This basically assures that Melo WILL be traded.

    2. Melo is a bitchass, and I dont understand shitheads who still tries to defend him.

    3. Blake Griffin is a monster, the Godzilla kind that everyone sees while he’s destroying a city. Kevin Love is a monster, the virus kind that no one notices while it’s destroying people in the city. POWER FORWARDS OF THE NBA…. YALL GONNA GET KILLED.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow – it’s all good cuz come playoff time, they never make it to face us anyways. Dallas’ big issue is they kill teams in the regular season, then get matched up against squads that own em on every matchup and fizzle. Watch!

    @ s. buckets – so, everybody proppin the owner for sayin enough is enough (bluff or not) is a clown? Tell me there’s something more in yo life to actually be mad about…
    Don’t nobody give a shit about whether he bluffin or not or where he had his press conference, we just tired of hearin about it.

  • LakeShow84

    @ KDizzle

    I know.. cuz i was sweatin it out last year lol i didnt want to face them..

    They always get the Spurs and Suns in the playoffs lol

  • s.bucketz

    no1 seemed to think on this site it was a bluff b4 i straightened u all out..so yes..all clowns..and now sheep as well

  • mo.B.bad

    co-sign gilford @ 14, where’s the love for J-Rich? that was an ICE COLD shot to force OT. he’s been doing quite a bit of that since he hit his stride in a Magic jersey – along with Amar’e he’s proving that there is life after Nash, eh?

    props to the Nets for hardballin’ it. Melo wasn’t gonna solve their problems anyway. they’ll remain useless until they can move to Brooklyn.

  • S.A.C.


    Great line about Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, a famous Japanese Monster and being Killed!!!

  • S.A.C.


    Bad call on the J Rich 3 pointer on Iguodala, I think. Then Phila did it again with Redick.

    Oh well. Philly still had their chances at the end.

  • Claw

    @QQ – That was solid observations, I think NJ has the most to offer and they said screw you find something better. If Denver doesn’t they might be going back to NJ, I don’t think they are truly out of it.

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com CCB

    s. bucketz just said that the Griz aren’t dumb enough to let Marc Gasol go… I automatically was like, they did it with Pau, so one more stupid trade has to be lingering somewhere in the Grizzlies organization and I’m sure they would take Anthony and Bill Walker, but not Shawne Williams since his weed habit began in Bunker Hill, South Memphis. But I’m optimistic. I don’t know if Melo is the solution to the Knicks reaching the Finals over Boston, Miami and Orlando.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    That J-Rich shit was epic, but pretty goddamn weak. Love how Philly couldn’t close out Orlando missing TWICE for gamewinning opportunities, weak. Thought Iggy was clutch?