NBA / Jan 10, 2011 / 3:00 pm

Rajon Rondo Steals the Spotlight for Boston

Rajon Rondo (photo. Gary Land)

Since Rajon Rondo returned from his ankle injury, he has been a problem for opposing teams, with his monster 12-point, 10-rebound, 22-assist, 6-steal ripping of the Spurs last Wednesday serving as Exhibit A. Just in terms of steals, Rondo has 13 in his last three games alone.

During his 5-steal barrage against Chicago over the weekend, Rondo blew past the 60-steal mark for the season. That’s significant because it marks the next milestone in the great Boston’s Got Wings program that is being spearheaded by Rondo and Red Bull and directly benefiting the basketball playing community of Boston.

The program works like this: for every steal that Rondo gets this season, Red Bull has pledged to donate $500 to the city of Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department. Every single dollar raised will go to refurbishing basketball courts in and around the city. Once Rajon hit the 30-steal milestone, it was announced that famed Malcolm X Playground in Roxbury was going to receive the first infusion of funds. After that, the program unveiled a voting system where anyone can vote on what court should receive the next round of funding. The playground with the most votes at the time of Rondo’s 60th steal was Smith Playground in the Allston/Brighton neighborhood, where the donations will go to colorsealing the court and fixing the park’s backboards.

The program is going to a ton of good for the city – you can GO HERE to vote on which court should receive the next round of funds and check out our coverage of the program HERE.

And be on the lookout for another announcement this week that will tell you how you can help out the program by doing more than casting your vote….

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  • KentuckyFriedPippen

    Pretty soon we’ll be hearing Rondo claim he can average 5 steals per game if he wanted to… which isn’t as crazy to imagine as 20 assists per game.

  • Miner 9er

    They should bring this ish to the t dot..

  • Diego

    Damn, another article to trigger 30 comments on the merits or non-merits of Rondo. Bottom line he is a great point guard for a team like Boston: Lots of other scorers to pass the rock to. Rondo should get at least 3 assists a game purely on passing to an open Ray for 3s (one reason I think the assist stat is as shitty a stat in hoops as the save stat is to baseball–hell, sometimes it is quite the judgement call whether to even award an assist on a given play). If Rondo were with Orlando, imagine that, he’d look even better, feeding Dwight the rock. But put him with a bottom-feeder in the league, and he’d be struggling to get any playing time at this stage in his career (if he even then still were in the league). Just like real estate: Location, location, location is what has made Rondo.

  • Rafa23

    @ Diego
    LOl @ Rondo not getting playingtime or being out of the league. I’m no Rondo lover(he is a top point guard, but there are a few better than him plus he seems to be a moron), but that statement is so fucking retarded. even the biggest haters call him one of the better points in the league. hell if he is average he would play on awful teams. and don’t tell me he needs guys like Ray and KG to get playing time. of course it’s easier with them and he would never average near the the apg without them. but come on now. please tell me you meant something different.
    that’s probably the first time I have read that an Allstar wouldn’t be in the league if he had to try and play for a bad team. just WOW

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.brogden MR. BROGDEN




  • ME

    didn’t i read this article yesterday? I mean the exact same article?

  • srb

    Yeah this same post was included in the weekend smack. But the benefits of the thing are worth mentioning, so I guess I’ll look the other way as Dime squeezes another post out of this.

  • Diego

    He is a point guard that can’t shoot. If his teammates aren’t worth much and they can’t shoot, where does that leave Rondo? (He’d end up producing like he did at KY: Not much.)

  • karizmatic

    Yeah this was the same article…and I’ll say the same thing I said in that article…

    Rondo is the best point guard in the league this year, he’d likely average 10 assists on any team this year.

  • Carl